Chapter 1051 - The Power of the Blazing Orb

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Chapter 1051: The Power of the Blazing Orb

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At the Land of Inheritance, the magnificent battle was playing on a large screen between the buildings.

Some people might say that allowing the public to see such a high-end battle was not conducive to the current stable situation.

However, if the people did not see this, they would never truly understand how much sacrifice was needed to maintain such stability.

Ever since they retreated to the Land of Inheritance, many people have gotten intolerant as to why they had to live in such a small place.

The many measures that have been implemented such as daily cultivation and different treatments according to one’s cultivation progress were heavily criticized by the people as well.

After all, humans indulged in comfort and despised labor, so they would always hold themselves high above others before they hit a wall.

Therefore, when such a shocking battle scene was being broadcast worldwide, many of the backlash and dissatisfaction had disappeared right away.

Both dragons fought against each other endlessly.

The Red Dragon which had expanded as the situation spiraled out of control swiped its tail over the middle part of the American Andes Mountain, and everyone paled immediately as the enormous gap caused came to sight.

If they were still living outside at the moment, they would have been the most unfortunate ones in this powerhouse showdown!

“Turns out there’s a silver lining in being forced to migrate,” some of the stubborn liberals finally admitted with their heads hung low.

After such a drastic secondary disaster, Green Azure Dragon gave up battling and flew into space.

On the other hand, the Red Dragon did not care much about it and continued to ravage the Earth by spurting flames everywhere and moving the mountains and filling the seas, plunging the people into misery and suffering.

“Damn it,?they’re both dragons but why are they so different?”

“Seems like that move just now was deliberate,” someone commented with a hint of fear and anger.

Amidst the buildings, the crowd watching the battle of the two dragons were deep in discussion.

At this moment, the gigantic Green Dragon in the screen let out a loud bellow once more.

“I’ve already let you have your way countless times yet you still don’t don’t acknowledge my kindness, so don’t blame me for being ruthless now!”

“Hmph, you’re only battling a demon lord’s reincarnation and you’re already so worked up, so how dare you still brag about yourself so shamelessly? I haven’t even used much of my strength too, otherwise, this planet would’ve shattered to pieces already!” the Red Dragon sneered in the screen.

“So stubborn. In that case, I’ll have to let you truly understand that in this new world, you people aren’t the only one high above everyone else! It doesn’t matter if you’re god, immortal, spirit, or dragon, you can’t shut out the heavens with just your palm!”

At that moment, the screen suddenly turned black.

Then, a peculiar atmosphere settled between Heaven and Earth!

“It’s a solar eclipse!” someone cried out sharply.

That person was not mistaken at all. At the corner of the big screen where the sun was displayed, two black spots were visible on the surface of the sun!

A huge blue halo appeared around the black spots, blocking the sunlight out entirely.

“Seems like it’s the power of the Heavenly Axiom…” Some who knew the ropes around reincarnation seized the opportunity to show their powerful knowledge to the surrounding audience.

Most people were aware of the existence of the Heavenly Axiom regardless of whether they have cultivated to that step, the cultural enlightenment of the Earth, or the characteristics of frequent communication.

There were some who have self-cultivated and were less qualified but were recognized as treasures by those of higher strength.

They had even released various lists on the internet.

In a sense, it was even a hundred times stronger than the crudely made Divine List.

“If the Heavenly Axiom has decided to make a move, we’ll win this fight for sure, right?” someone asked tentatively.

“It’s hard to say. This is an Upper Realm True Dragon after all! What kind of occasion has he not seen? He should’ve already expected the Heavenly Axiom to show up and help,” another said while shaking his head.

The facts have proven that this kind of prophecy that was based on basic logic was still true.

Soon enough, the Red Dragon’s jeering laughter sounded from the screen once again.

“Hehe, that’s ridiculously funny. You’re using this realm’s Heavenly Axiom’s powers so soon? It’s really stupid too. Is it thinking of suppressing my cultivation base limit?”

“Ignorant brat, you’re still a True Dragon cultivated from a mortal. You don’t even know that as a True Dragon, one is obligated to maintain the order of Heaven and Earth, and so one is immune to inferior powers as this Heavenly Axiom!”

The Red Dragon had suddenly exposed a huge tip-off that made the crowd listen with worry.

The reality beneath the Earth’s surface in comparison with those old brand powerhouses was still too big of a difference.

At least this piece of information was something not known in the past, something even the Heavenly Axiom itself did not know. Otherwise, it would not waste its power to do useless work.

Right this moment, Azure Dragon seemed to have given up using the Heavenly Axiom’s powers and used his old trick—transforming into the Heavenly Sword and shooting down with a single blow.

A sound of collision rang through the air, but the Red Dragon seems to be safe and sound, which made the crowd feel sorry and pitiful.

This time, however, it stopped wreaking havoc and picked up its spirits, then followed Green Dragon up into space who left after attacking with a single blow.

The battlefield had been switched to the outer space, and the crowd in front of the screen immediately let out a breath of relief.

Nobody wanted to see Earth destroyed by a battle between those two mighty beings.

Besides eating and lodging which were provided by the Land of Inheritance provided, the people still relied on Earth for the other daily necessities such as clothes and cultivation supplies.

Without Earth, the Land of Inheritance would just be a rootless wood or a passive stream.

“The Great Venerable Dragon God’s still looking out for us.”

“Yes, we’ll know who has a bottom line and who is more responsible at a critical time like this.”

“The Great Venerable Dragon God gave up the advantage he had to have Earth as their battlefield and continued the battle in space. This heart of justice is a great example of a powerhouse!”

Facts spoke louder than words, so even if many despicable people were always defaming the dragon god behind his back, they were utterly speechless this moment.

At the same time, an emergency wartime meeting was happening in System Space.

“Hey, Mr. Rich Man, it’s quite hard to take care of this fellow. He’s pretty tough,” Sir System said.

“Well, it’s indeed a tough situation, but just like a pot of half-cooked rice, you can’t do much about it but swallow it down still!” Fang Ning encouraged.

“Is there anything else you can do besides encouraging them?” Sir System was not satisfied with Fang Ning’s response.

“It’s not like you don’t know this. I’ve seen the two gods just recently, but they’re not saying anything. You should know why though, shouldn’t you?” Fang Ning refuted angrily.

“Yes, these two grandsons are just a bunch of useless gods. They don’t even dare to offend an old dragon! They’re too timid!” Sir System exclaimed furiously.

“Well, you can’t say that. After all, this is a dispute within the dragon clan so it’s best if they don’t interfere. Otherwise, they might just end up not being a god on both sides,” Fang Ning, on the other hand, remained quite calm.

How could the lingering souls of two gods possibly compare with a True Dragon that was in the prime of its days?

Those two gods still had to make a living in the future.

If they were to be found out that they had once helped to kill a True Dragon, they did not have to even think about having their status restored.

Those two gods were wise and farsighted beings, so surely, they knew it themselves too. Even if they stayed silent this time, Sir System would not do anything to them either in the future.

With that, staying silent was the best policy.

“Stop spurting nonsense and start saying something helpful.” Sir System was upset that Fang Ning was justifying the actions of the two gods.

“Let me think about it, and I still don’t believe it. Why am I still unable to crack this hard nut?” When Fang Ning thought of the Red Dragon’s arrogance, he could not help but recall the rude customers he used to encounter at work, and his shameless boss. He immediately empathized with it.

“That’s right. I’ve finally understood that when a situation becomes critical, Mr. Rich Man, you and I will finally agree on the same things,” Sir System added quickly.

“That’s more like it,” Fang Ning said with satisfaction. This grandson of his was just that realistic. All of a sudden, he thought of something. “Do you remember that clean reward that Fire Dragon gave us back then, the Blazing Orb?”

“Uh, you fooled someone into simply giving that to you though. Is it useful?” Sir System asked doubtfully but still searched around the System Storage Area to find that gigantic Blazing Orb.

The orb was almost two meters high, much bigger than Fang Ning, so he looked just like a miniature giant in front of it.

“It’ll surely be useful. Since the Guardian Dragons have acknowledged us, we must give them some tokens of appreciation to suppress those arrogant and unconventional forces of theirs. This orb is perfect as a token!” Fang Ning decided. “They’re Guardian Dragons after all, and every move they make is not simply random or by chance!”

“You clearly said that they just made a mistake back then.” Sir System immediately groaned. “Now you’re saying they have a deeper meaning in their actions. I’ve finally understood that no matter what the problem is, the right solution and best explanation is always yours.”

“Stop talking nonsense. Take it out to use it. I assure you it’ll be effective,” Fang Ning said impatiently. He was once again speechless towards Sir System and felt frustrated.

“Hold up, let me add the system protection first.” Sir System did not need Fang Ning to remind it about taking precautions.

“Wow, even a fool may sometimes sound wise.” Fang Ning was impressed since the thought of doing so did not occur to him.

“I’ve already done it many times…” Sir System responded angrily. “In your heart, I’ll always be a fool though.”

“Hey, the battle’s our priority now.” Fang Ning wanted to change of topic.

With that, the Azure Dragon who failed his previous two attacks re-appeared in space and faced the Red Dragon which was trailing behind it.

“Hmph, it seems like you’re running out of tricks to play. Just show me whatever tricks you still have up in your sleeves! If you don’t use up all your tricks, you’ll never understand the gap between us!” the Red Dragon sneered.

“Is that so? I wanted to let you save face just now, but it looks like I don’t have to care about that anymore!” The Azure Dragon stretched out its five claws and pulled out the huge blazing orb as he spoke.

“This is ridiculous. It’s just a talisman of the fire series, and so what if it’s a revered talisman? Stupid idiot, do you not know…” Before the Red Dragon could finish its sentence, it suddenly felt a tremor in its blood.

“No, this is impossible! How can the Guardian Dragon’s Blazing Orb be in your hands?” The Red Dragon finally recognized the true power of the Blazing Orb and began to panic.

“Hmph, every single opposing boss who is nearing their end would leave those three words for me as their last words!”

Without wasting another second, the Azure Dragon straightened the Blazing Orb that Sir System had just bound up and smashed it at the dragon!

“Bang!” A soundless tremor vibrated through space.

The Red Dragon who was just acting like a tyrant seconds ago could do nothing to defend himself. There was nowhere for it to hide too!

After just one blow, it fell directly onto the ground on Earth!

The power of the Blazing Orb was that terrifying!

The Upper Realm True Dragon that was originally swollen with arrogance could not even resist one single blow!

“Ah, this is great!” The crowd in front of the screen began to cheer.

“Who knew that the Great Venerable Dragon God still came through in the end! The Great Venerable Dragon God is ever-victorious and will triumph in every battle. The Red Dragon still lost in the end!” Everyone who knew it truly understood the true powers.

This was indeed a true dragon of the Upper Realm, unlike that insincere bastard!