Chapter 1052 - That’s Strange

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Chapter 1052: That’s Strange

Right when the Azure Dragon was about to seize the opportunity and continue his pursuit, the three dragons who had been watching on the side moved immediately.

One dragon flew to the rescue while the other two quickly stepped in, attempting to dissuade him.

“Brother Dragon God, please have mercy.” the White Dragon flew forward and pleaded humbly. “We are family, after all, please spare Long Lie’s life. I trust that he won’t dare to act recklessly anymore.”

However, his pleas fell on deaf ears to the Azure Dragon who only recalled his orbs and continued to attack.

“Yes, oh Supreme Venerable Dragon God, please go easy on him. Elder Long Lie is certainly at fault, but his crime does not warrant a death sentence. There are already so few of us in the True Dragon Clan in the first place. Losing any one of us would mean the loss of an important Draconic Power source!” the Third Son of Dragon Clan persuaded, batting his big eyes.

The Azure Dragon finally stopped when it heard his words.

Meanwhile, the Purple Dragon had already picked up the barely breathing Red Dragon.

“Hey, why didn’t you just kill him? We could’ve possibly gotten a trillion experience points, you know?” Fang Ning asked, puzzled.

“Long San is right. It’d be a waste to kill him just like that! You forget that our ambergris is supplied by Long San. We should have this fella supply us with the ambergris as well in the future along with a monthly free supply of dragon blood, dragon beard, and whatnot. Those are bound to be worth a lot. It beats a ‘once-and-for-all’ deal, doesn’t it?” Sir System said in stride.

Fang Ning, however, shook his head as he berated him, “There you go again, ignoring righteousness in the face of measly profits. Hand over my body right now.”

“What? You’re going to put up an act again?” Sir System quipped unhappily. “It took a lot of effort to defeat him. Don’t you dare try and come steal the fruits of my glory.”

“Nonsense, how could you have won if not for me?” Fang Ning argued. “Cut the crap. Give me back my body, or do you not want my help next time?”

System Notification: [The System has suspended the seize.]

Controlling the Azure Dragon, Fang Ning flew to the front of the Purple Dragon who had been rescued by the Red Dragon. The other subconsciously backed away, leaving a distance between them.

If they, the three Law-enforcing True Dragons, had held any contemptuous thoughts towards this newly joined True Dragon before, these thoughts had been completely wiped clean after the battle just now!

On one hand, their opponent was clearly superior in combat power which could be observed from the two dragons’ fight earlier. Although Long Lie had lived for a long time, he was unable to hold any advantages from skills alone.

It was clear at one glance whose potential was higher between the two of them. There was a good saying that went like this: bully the old rather than the young. This saying could be applied universally.

Both the White and Purple Dragons were most aware of this fact.

“Long Lie has abused his authority and committed assault, he must not be let off easily!” Fang Ning spoke with a voice of justice, “Earlier, he had caused tremendous destruction and afflicted those living above the surface greatly. Copious plants and beasts have been devastated by his horrendous actions! He may be powerful, but that is no excuse to escape punishment. I, by Heaven’s will, will not let such injustice ensue before my very eyes! A Sprite with a powerful backing may have been let off easy in the myth, but that will not happen under my watch!”

“Well said!” Tears brimmed in the eyes of countless people in front o.

This Great Venerable Azure Dragon had spoken the words that many would otherwise never have been able to in the public sphere!

Moreover, the key here was that the other party had the power to actually put action into his words, unlike them who could only grumble and mutter complaints that would be left unbothered.

The Purple Dragon was momentarily rendered speechless as he realized that it was just as the Third Son of the Dragon Clan had said—the other party’s Three Views differed were completely from theirs.

In a place like the Upper Realm, the True Dragon Clan, except for a few dragons who had risen to power and joined them later on, had also been considerate of the people’s struggles and sufferings and possessed some degree of empathy.

Most of the other innate dragons wallowed with the other gods. It was only due to their assigned duties and missions that they did not dare to make a move reckless enough to destroy the heavens and earth, but when it came to their attitudes towards the common living creatures, they were even more arrogant than the gods.

After all, they were endowed with strong, congenital powers without the need for the prayers and beliefs of mortals.

However, to this less advanced dragon before them, this was something unacceptable in his eyes.

He looked at the White Dragon beside him helplessly.

Why could the other not share the same views of the Dragon Clan?

Why could he not stand on the side of the stronger ones? Would it not be good for them to all just torment the weaklings together merrily?

Incidentally, creating a set of aristocratic rules internally to moderate the conflict and battles among those God-leveled and above creatures would have been even better.

The deities should not have to join any battle themselves so as to prevent tearing up the heavens and earth, seeing as repair work could be so tedious. Those who were above God-level should not have to face the risk of demotion. After all, everyone had worked hard to reach this level, and they should not have to fall back to their original state.

There was a time where there was such a golden age in the Upper Realm which lasted for over billions of years. Unfortunately, due to the intense consumption of Atmospheric Vitality, the Saints had no choice but to resort to kill and sacrifice other Gods as offerings to the heavens and earth, which caused the Gods to lose their faces and all of their dignity.

Did that not sound wonderful if everyone just bore the lesson in mind, restrained each other, sign a covenant of gods to reduce the absorption of vitality in the new world, and live on happily for tens of billions of years or so?

After all, this new world still had vast, boundless potential as it was still expanding, and still had a long life expectancy ahead of it.

This was what the majority of the True Dragons had in mind when they learned that the Dragon Clan was going to establish a new order.

The Red Dragon just happened to be the perfect candidate to carry out the will of the clan.

Otherwise, how could he have been sent down from above?

Though it was not like there were not any benign, amiable dragons. There was Long Da, Long Er, and the clan leader, Long Wu, who had only held the position for no more than millions of years.

The White Dragon shook his head as he communicated silently through telepathy.

“Looks like Long San was right, the other had come from the world of humans, while he is destined for greatness, he has also been deeply influenced by the human civilization in this world, to the extent that it has become his path of cultivation, so there is no way that he would give in.”

“Are we then supposed to just let it kill Long Lie? You must know that even though Long Lie could be reincarnated, it’s done for in this life,” the Purple Dragon balked. “Is a noble dragon’s life supposed to be buried along with those low-lying demons?”

“Let me think,” the White Dragon said with a shake of his head. “First, let me find out what exactly does he want?”

The White Dragon then flew forward and asked in a revered tone, “What would you like us to do in order for your grace to spare Long Lie’s life?”

“Hmph, its life is still a life, but others’ lives were lives too, weren’t they?” Fang Ning stated coldly. “Unless he can bring back the lives of those he had killed, only then can he live! His life is in the hands of those victims!”

The people watching before the screen all applauded as they heard this.

Yes, that was right. If the murderer wished for a lenient sentence, then they must resurrect the victims. Otherwise, no one but the victims themselves had the right to forgive them!

“Alright, we accept this condition. All the deaths of the creatures caused by Long Lie will be resurrected. Is that acceptable?” The White Dragon saw the chance to make things right and immediately agreed.

Hearing this, the crowd in front of the screen was once again stunned.

Something that was inscrutable to any of them could be seen as such an easy task in the eyes of these True Dragons?

Once again, the crowd realized the true distance between them and the dragons.

Then again, such a result was perhaps good enough. After all, they were already much too fortunate compared to those myths.

In those myths, how many monsters and demons who had gobbled up humans had actually suffered any punishment at all?

There was an apt saying for it: ‘Those without any back up were beaten to death, and those who had had them had already been saved.’

“Even so, it must be punished. Otherwise, it won’t be able to set an example for future generations,” Fang Ning insisted firmly.

“Whatever else there is, just make your demands…” the White Dragon said somewhat impatiently, feeling that the other was slightly pushing his luck.

However, what they did not know was Fang Ning would have been considered kind if they were to compare this to what he had done to someone else.

System Notification: [The System has seized the host’s body by force.]

“What? Can’t you see that my prestige meter was practically soaring? Did you not see that my Morality Points shot up earlier?” Fang Ning said petulantly. He had finally managed to retaliate but was suddenly forced to stop by Sir System. How disappointing was that?

“I know, you’ve accomplished your task. Leave the rest to me,” Sir System, in a rare instance, attempted to placate him. “I won’t forget your share of the profits.”

At this moment, the White Dragon and Purple Dragon felt a cold breeze swept past them.

“For him to compensate for the damage he caused earlier, ten liters of dragon blood will be drawn from him every month along with three pounds of the dragon meat cut. It’ll have a hundred dragon scales plucked from him for a consecutive hundred years.” the Azure Dragon demanded bluntly.

“How would be that be possible? He would never submit to such indignity.” The Purple Dragon shook his head at once.

“Indignity? No, this is to make it learn how to respect and treat others fairly. This is a warning to everyone else that everyone must pay for their sins! This is to make him repent and reflect upon himself in his pain and misery, and make him learn that those who dominate others with their power will one day find themselves in the same position and subjugated to the same treatment! Human history repeats itself repeatedly, but there will always be those who simply don’t learn from their mistakes. They think they are above others and can, therefore, trample upon them as they please, but they’ve never thought that they would see the day where their positions would be reversed!” the Azure Dragon exclaimed in a loud and just voice.

“Alright, we agree to your terms for the time being. Now, would you please let us treat him?” The White Dragon promised as he did not wish to drag this out.

Any longer and it was likely that even if they were to manage to rescue the Red Dragon, he would likely end up a cripple for life.

Only then did the Azure Dragon finally gave way, glaring cooly at the Red Dragon who was on its last legs.

In his current state, how could the other party possibly still hold onto the same overbearing attitude he had on previously?

“Good riddance!”The hearts of the people thumped before the big screen.

“It’s a pity he didn’t kill that dragon.” Someone still felt that it was not enough.

“Learn to be content. They’ve already managed to get the other party to pay out so much, isn’t that enough? Hehe…” someone sneered. “If it was you instead, would you have been able to do that?”

“That’s true. In the end, we’re not strong enough. If we were to really kill that dragon, how would the Earth be able to endure it when the other retaliates?”

“That’s right, the Great Venerable Dragon God is doing this for the sake of the greater good. Like that Spirit Lord avatar, if it hadn’t been for us holding him back, he would have killed him off just like that, wouldn’t he?”

“We must become stronger until we’re strong enough to stand on equal footing with these top tier beings!”

“That’s right, I’ll start training immediately when I go back. There’s no time to waste!”

Clearly, the live broadcast of this battle had perfectly achieved its desired effect.

Although some wondered what if the end result of the broadcast had shown the defeat of Great Venerable Dragon God instead…

Where did that confidence come from for those higher-ups?