Chapter 1053 - Hierarchy

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Chapter 1053: Hierarchy

At the Cultivators Assembly venue inside the Land of Heritage.

The strongest among the humans were all gathered to observe the unprecedented battle of the century between the two dragons.

When the dust settled and all was over, the people were relieved.

“Looks like we made the right bet again this times,” said someone casually.

“If the Dragon God should fail, we can only bear the responsibility and blame in silence. But before we grin and bear it, we must let the people understand the unmistakable truth,” added another.

“Indeed, now is not the same as before, the harder we try to shut down information, the harder it will be to appease the crowds.”

It turned out that these cultivators of the highest rank had already prepared a backup plan.

“If that’s the case, should we not revisit the contract between human and gods that was signed a few years ago to see if there are any loopholes, and tear it up?” Someone went a step further and suggested.

“Yeah, even a True Dragon is no match for the Great Venerable Dragon God. The other gods too must not be able to defeat him so their stalling tactic should come to an end now.”

“The contract between humans and gods is a shackle around our heads. We should take this opportunity and propose to the Great Venerable Dragon God to get rid of it once and for all.”

For a moment, a wave of commotion and excitement overcame all the powerful cultivators in the assembly.

After all, the previous contract between humans and gods had been signed under duress. Not only were they coerced by the Gods, but the humans were also forced to give up Earth which was essentially the same as conceding their territory.

Now that the opportunity to destroy the contract had been presented, then the many figures present would go down in history.

Destroying the contract between humans and gods was, after all, an auspicious matter for the humans, the fate and destiny of the human race were sure to favor them.

After several twists and turns, those who were able to remain in the Cultivators Assembly regardless of their origins were at least on the same side of the humans.

The black conference host motioned for the crowd to be silent.

“If we wish to have a discussion pertaining to the contract between humans and gods, we will need someone to propose a suitable motion and put it to a vote.”

In the Era of Mystery, work efficiency had improved even further. After all, those mysterious events did not wait for anyone.

Once the host had finished, three people immediately came together and tabled a motion which was swiftly put to the vote.

Unfortunately, the letdown of the anonymous voting process was the victory of the third option—to temporarily maintain the contract between humans and gods until the human race was as strong and powerful as the Great Venerable Dragon God…

There had been a total of three options—to uphold the contract forever, to act immediately, and to wait for the future.

“Haha, despite what everyone has said, their hearts remain honest…” Someone shook his head and sighed.

“Haha…” A group of people laughed along.

These people had little to no concerns about all those talks about tearing up the contract and whatnot.

There was a saying for this—a contract that was signed was meant to be broken.

The contract was nothing more than a dead thing with signatures, but the parties who signed it were alive and constantly changing; the minute one of the party’s power changes, the current state of the contract would no longer be maintained.

As for relying on the moral integrity of the two parties, one might as well had hoped that the Heavenly Axiom would not tell lies…

That was right; all these people were highly astute and intelligent beings. Already, they had realized that the Heavenly Axiom that existed now and the mysterious, highly regarded “Heavenly Axiom” in mythology were not the same; the latter was an idealistic existence, but the former was very much real.

After finalizing their decision regarding the contract between humans and gods, the Cultivators Assembly also made arrangements for a few other matters such as the migration plan to Devil Planet and the training of ten billion new humans.

These new humans were more than a year old now based on calculations, and a third of them had already instinctively begun cultivating after being exposed to the edifying influence for long periods.

They were almost akin to the legendary phrase, “cultivation begins in the womb.”

Moreover, it was clear that these young ones were still incapable of looking after their own benefits. A majority of the labor of their cultivation which was the magical energy they had accumulated every day were collected as fostering fees, and only small portions of it were used to quench their own bodies.

In other words, a third of these young ones were actually raising themselves… This could be labeled as one of the distinctive features of the Era of Shenyuan.

Then again, the magical energy production of the entire human race has also increased drastically in the same vein. After all, compared to the old humans, the Cultivation Proficiency of the new humans born from the River of Blood started from at least double C.

Therefore, the Magical Energy Bank had a sufficient reserve of magical energy for the first time. They had also begun increasing their efforts in providing loans to those who were qualified and had good reputations.

In some senses, this had also furthered the disparity among the cultivators; the strong were getting stronger and the weak were getting weaker.

However, there was one huge advantage of the Era of Shenyuan, that being everyone was a producer and was born with the means of production. For the first time, the unemployment rate had gone down to zero.

As long as their intelligence was orderly and they could cultivate every day, all of the magical energy produced would definitely be acquired by the Magical Energy Bank.

After all, as compared to the resources needed for cultivation, living necessities required by ordinary people were incredibly cheap. Of course, this was under the premise that they did not spend extravagantly or excessively.

The Cultivators Assembly soon came to an end and everyone left one after another.

The battle of the two dragons had brought about significant impact.

They were once again reassured of the Great Venerable Dragon God’s stance, and that was “justice”.

This was something extremely precious and valuable as those mighty beings in the Upper Realm who shared his stance were few and far in between.

His persistence had also clarified some of the doubts that had existed among the humans. Whether they should go down the path of dualism or carry on the torch of developing the previous civilization, the choice was clear.

Somewhere in the high mountains on Earth.

The Third Son of the Dragon Clan together with the White and Purple Dragons stood by the side of Long Lie, the Red Dragon who had just undergone treatment.

“It would appear that this Supreme Venerable Dragon God has indeed received recognition from the Guardian Dragons. Even the primordial blazing orb had been given to him for protection. It is capable of restraining all Fire Dragons, Long Lie just happened to hit a stroke of bad luck,” said the White Dragon with a sigh.

“It’s not just him alone. Even we wouldn’t stand to leave unscathed if we had encountered it. After all, there is the matter of the congenital bloodlines in play here. It seems that the ancestors really favor this guy,” said the Purple Dragon unwillingly.

To this, Long San gloated inwardly because the other party had simply brought it upon themselves. They arrogantly thought that they would be able to take down the other but had clearly not expected the other to have had a trump card up their sleeves.

This was why they said not to pick on the young dragon!

“This can’t go on,” White Dragon exclaimed harshly. “We can’t possibly let all our years of hard training and our noble blood heritage fall on the same level as those insects upon descending to the Lower Realm.”

“It’s no wonder some of our old friends had joined forces with the Gods in hopes of saving the Upper Realm. It looks like the Lower Realm really isn’t a pleasant place to be,” said the Purple Dragon with a shake of his head.

“Indeed, if it weren’t for you and me today, Long Lie would’ve died in the hands of that guy. He wouldn’t even have made it past the first inexorable doom. It’s no wonder those Gods would only send forth their avatars for investigation. The Clan has made a mistake this time, they thought that the Venerable Dragon God would build a strong foundation for us but that could not be farther away from reality,” spat the White Dragon.

“What should we do? If we’re supposed to fight him, wouldn’t that be counterproductive and self-damaging instead?” The Purple Dragon felt somewhat helpless as in the face of the Azure Dragon, all his past tactics could not be used.

“Hmph, since he insists on his stubborn ways without any regards for the clan’s position, then we’ll just observe by the side and see how far that will take him. He has chosen to stand against all of the powerful ones and regardless of his powers, how many inexorable dooms would he be able to endure?” said the White Dragon scornfully.

At this time, Long San could not help but persuade the two. “Fellow Elders, what the Great Venerable Dragon had said was not radical. Some True Buddhas have also long preached that all lives were equal and we should have a compassionate heart. Even if we were to admit this, it would not harm us, the True Dragon Clan. After all, we’ve rarely made appearances before all beings in the past and only led peaceful lives most of the time.”

The White Dragon looked askance at him and berated him, “What did you say? All beings are equal? The hierarchy of the lower beings obeying the higher-ups has its order and system. According to the information provided by you, even that was only just all talk among the humans in this world, but when it comes to execution, how could there be true equality? A small and powerful person can give orders and those who disobeyed would be suppressed or exiled, this is fact. We just want to implement this into an order that would remain forever unchanged bluntly and openly. That way, the heavens and the earth would be stabilized and the same mistakes would not be repeated.”

“Uh, please forgive me for being unable to comprehend your reasoning, but even if a hierarchy was to put in place, how would that guarantee that the same mistakes would not be repeated?” Long San asked skeptically.

“It’s simple. Since there is a fixed hierarchy, we will be able to control the amount of vitality being absorbed and consumed by each class. Those who violate the rule will be persecuted. That way, what happened in the Upper Realm, whereby the turmoil caused by some bigshot absorbing vast quantities of vitality will not happen again.” The White Dragon said matter-of-factly.

Long San immediately realized that the other intended to cut off the path for all newcomers once and for all…