Chapter 1054 - Resolute

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Chapter 1054: Resolute

“Yes,” Hearing this, the Purple Dragon on the side chimed in, “If all living beings were equal, then how will we decide who gets to use more vitality and who has to use less? We would only return to the old days in the Upper Realm where everyone competed against each other for power using any and all means they could, including things like the vitality accumulating array, entrapment technique… all sorts of means, until they’ve swallowed up so much of the essence of vitality that they’ve created a hole that could not be rectified. We’re not doing this out of selfishness but for the good of the heavens and earth.”

The Third Son of the Dragon Clan was at a loss for words as the other’s words carried reason.

However, from the perspective of the Three Views of the human civilization in this world, this line of thought was entirely wrong as everyone had the right to equal opportunities for development.

In the end, this was all due to the presence of the new variable, vitality.

If everyone were to be given the same opportunities to cultivate, and with newcomers constantly advancing levels, then it would inevitably end up exactly as what Purple Dragon had said.

With the order unstable — the former cultivators unwilling to slow down their pace and the newcomers desperately chasing after them, it would only become an endless loop whereby the supply of vitality would never suffice the demands, and the same mistakes would be repeated.

“If that was the case, then why did the fellow Elders not explain this properly with the Great Venerable Dragon God but resorted to violence instead?” the Third Son of the Dragon Clan said helplessly.

“Well, I have to admit that Long Lie did go overboard.” White Dragon finally shook his head and said, “It still hasn’t accepted this newly joined dragon as an equal member of the Dragon Clan…”

The Third Son of the Dragon Clan nodded.

Sure enough, this was the same situation as the adults who could not be bothered to reason with children; the minute they disobeyed, they would instinctively give them a slap.

The other party did not understand that although children often made mistakes, there were also times when adults made mistakes. By simply relying on violence without reason, it was no wonder that there were so many rebellious teenagers.

So he said, “If this is the case, then I will go and relay the intentions of the two Elders to the Great Venerable Dragon God.”

“Then go and find out what he has to say.” White Dragon waved its claws and motioned for the other to leave.

After the Third Son of the Dragon Clan had left, White Dragon and Purple Dragon exchanged glances and shook their heads at the same time.

“I did not intend for us to reveal our true intentions so early on, but now it seems that without first gaining the approval of this Dragon God, it will be difficult to carry out the rest of our plans.”

“Yes, back in the Upper Realm, we were too softhearted as we had treated those newcomers equally and fairly. This has resulted in incessant fighting and struggles within the Upper Realm. By creating a resolute order, only then will we be able to completely resolve the problem of the collapse of vitality.”

“Yes, we must be firm this time. Once all the Gods have returned, we will have to create an order of hierarchy between the weak and the strong. We will order them to arrange themselves according to their positions. All those who dare to alter it shall be eliminated!”

“But to do this, we must have the ultimate power. It seems like we still do not have enough power now. We’ve got our hands tied by a primordial blazing orb alone, what else should we do?”

“Yes, that is not enough. Looks like we’ll first need to elect a Dragon Saint.”

“Yes, then let’s begin.”

As the two dragons conversed in an inscrutable language, it soon descended into silence.

In the Dragon’s Nest, Qi City.

After having listened to Long San’s account only did Fang Ning come to realize that the seemingly arrogant Red Dragon Long Lie did, in fact, had more profound reasonings and its own proposition in mind.

That was more like it. After all, the other party was a good person who had undergone god knows how many years of cultivation. How could he possibly be the same as those common, figurant demons?

This was except for the fact that the other’s proposition appeared simply too unjust in his eyes.

The Fire Dragon shook its head. “Long San, what the two law-enforcing True Dragons had proposed to handle the change was to keep things the way they are right now. In the end, it would just be another utopia.”

“Utopia? Are you referring to the concept of a perfect society, utopia proposed by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato? With golden rulers, silver guardians, and iron and bronze laborers?” Long San asked curiously.

“Yes, Plato was an idealist. He advocated that the world could be governed by an ever-constant, resolute hierarchy. However, this was destined to fail, and so would that idea of the two law-enforcing True Dragons. They intend to use the limited resources to take on the infinite, constant changes in the world but how can this be done?” Fang Ning shook his head.

It was for this exact purpose of dealing with these changes that he had advocated gathering heroes from all the races and clans in order to become dragons.

However, the other party had intended to rely on the enforcement of a stable hierarchical order which had long been proven unreliable in human history.

Even if they were now in the Era of Mystery, there were a lot of changes and shifts in this Era of Mystery. If the saints were incapable of predicting everything, then regardless of how mighty a True Dragon was, how long would they be able to keep up?

“That is not true, the body is the bodhi tree, the mind is like a clear mirror. At all times, we must strive to polish it and we must not let the dust collect,” the White Dragon said as it suddenly appeared before the two dragons.

“I don’t get it, Richie, is this guy trying to pick a fight?” Sir System said drearily.

“Sh*t, don’t say useless things. We’re in the middle of a discussion of profound, philosophical issues.” Fang Ning shooed Sir System away.

“What you’re trying to say is that so long as one is diligent enough, then all of the variables can be eliminated in time. Is that right?” Fang Ning said levelly to White Dragon.

“Exactly. You live in a materialistic world, and you are influenced by its shallow way of thinking. This is why you instinctively believe that change is endless and resources are limited. But you do not know that the strength of the heart, too, is constantly changing. By pitting constant change against itself, you will be able to make things happen,” the White Dragon replied calmly.

“Then exactly how much power is needed to face this endless, constant change and maintain an order that will last forever? Perhaps after tens of thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens of disasters later, in tens of thousands, thousands, hundreds and tens of little worlds, there will be a Sun Wukong, a Xiao Yan and others. What will you do then?” Fang Ning shook his head.

“Oh, that is exactly what we plan to do. As long as we’re able to produce a saint, everything will be solved. If you are amicable to our order, then it would not be impossible for you to become a Saint of the Dragon Clan.” White Dragon threw out a huge bait.

However, Fang Ning responded cooly, “There are saints in the Upper Realm too, but why weren’t they spared from the disastrous ending?”

“Hmph, them? They only got the position of a saint through deceptive, opportunistic means and shortcuts by wagging their tails at the Heavenly Axiom. In a serious situation, they could only go along with the heavens. So how could they deal with the change that even the Heavenly Axiom could not?” the White Dragon said disdainfully.

At the end of the day, they were True Dragons after all; sounding awfully full of themselves as even a saint amounted to little in their eyes.

Having thought about it, it made sense that they would set their eyes on the highest goal, seeing as the blood of the Creator Dragon coursed through their veins.

“What you’re saying is that as long as one became a true saint in this world, a saint can even control the Heavenly Axiom. Then, they would be able to eliminate all destroyers of the order and maintain a steadfast situation?” Fang Ning said thoughtfully.

“That’s right, this was the real intention behind the role of the True Dragons as the Protagonists of the Heavens and Earth,” the White Dragon quickly said, “as long as we fix the rules of the share of vitality that could be enjoyed by the Gods, mortals and the cultivators class annually. Only when a former one has passed away, leaving a position open could it then be replaced by another. In that way, we won’t have to worry about uncontrolled vitality consumption. This is what I call Planned Vitality Consumption.”

“Hey Master, isn’t this the Master of the Universe plan I had proposed to you before?” Heavenly Book baby said excitedly. “As long as you become the Master of the Universe, you can decide how others absorb and consume vitality.”

“Indeed, great minds think alike, but is this truly the only solution?” Fang Ning sunk into deep thought. “But is this justice?”

“What justice is there to speak of?” his baby chipped in. “We’re different from those people, we just have to make sure that there won’t be a hierarchy dictated by one’s level of power.”

“Hey, this is the first time that a ratty book like you has given some decent advice. Then it’s settled; we’ll use their powers and make ourselves the strongest powerhouse in the universe first, then we’ll decide on justice,” Sir System exclaimed with excitement.

“Hey, you two, you’re essentially making me ask a dragon for its skin1?” Fang Ning lamented tiredly as he still felt uneasy, “Anyway, the path proposed by White Dragon is still a no-go. We can’t possibly demand that the newcomers be stripped of their chances to advance? Then they’d have no choice but to wait until the previous ones to die. That is simply too unfair. I still stand by that line, we must let the heroic ones rise and the evil ones fall, and if the heroic turn to evil, then they will lose their powers.”

“Yeah, you’re right, Richie. Don’t worry, I remember your words, I won’t forget my principles just because my status has changed,” Sir System said determinedly.

“That’s more like it. If that’s the case, then I’ll play along with this guy for a bit,” Fang Ning said decisively.

Then, the Fire Dragon spoke, “If you can make me the Dragon Saint and maintain the order of the heavens and earth, then I can consider doing things your way. Except the hierarchy must go, the core focus should be placed on the matter of controlling the consumption of vitality, reducing unnecessary struggles, and maintaining a reasonable channel of advancement and demotion. Only then will we be able to alleviate the conflicts, stabilize the heavens and earth, and ensure that the world will be long-lived.”

“Oh, that’s fine. After all, us old dragons don’t have any intentions of playing a tyrant. Besides, there isn’t much meaning in putting up an act in front of ants either. Long Lie only wanted to establish its dominance, but it had indeed gone a little overboard and he got what he deserved.” White Dragon was overjoyed at his words and immediately agreed.

“Then that’s settled, except I wonder what shall be the first step to take for the Dragon Saint?” Fang Ning took the opportunity and asked.

“You don’t have to worry about that yet. Let me talk it through with my clan. We’ll come up with a statute, and we’ll work out the kinks together. Rest assured, with the support of my entire True Dragon Clan, your wish will certainly be granted,” the White Dragon said with a face of seriousness.

“Yes, I believe in the True Dragon’s honor,” Fang Ning replied seriously as well.

‘Hmph, as if I’ll believe you guys.’

‘Hehe, how gullible.’

The two dragons met eyes and simultaneously laughed. Suddenly, an air of joy and bliss-filled the Dragon’s Cave.

This a corrupted form of the Chinese idiom ‘to ask a fox for its hide’ which means to request a person to act against their interests, and therefore a waste of time.