Chapter 1055 - God-level System

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Chapter 1055: God-level System

Somewhere in the mountains on Earth.

The Fire Dragon, Long Lie had disappeared and its whereabouts were unknown.

The only ones left in place were White Dragon and Purple Dragon.

“We’ve appeased that guy, for now. On principle, at least he has agreed with our decision to maintain the order — to assign ranks and limit the amount of magical energy consumption in order to prevent disorderly conflict,” the White Dragon said, slightly pleased with itself.

“That’s good.” Purple Dragon was satisfied with the outcome of the negotiation. “As for the matter of hierarchy, well, that doesn’t matter. After all, we can live for countless lifetimes; the mortals live only decades, so there’s no need for us to fuss over that. We can’t be bothered with their offerings either as even the slightest things that we produce are valuable resources.”

“That’s right.” White Dragon nodded, but later shook its head. “However, that Dragon God is easy to deceive. After all, he is still inexperienced and it looks like he really did think that we were going to make him the Dragon Saint…”

“Haha, he’s still a young dragon after all,” Purple Dragon scoffed. “How was he to know, that if the Dragon Clan had not been hoodwinked by those saints would we have never placed our faiths in a saint?”

“Yeah, let the guy do the work for us so we don’t have to waste our energy.” White Dragon smiled sardonically.

“Hehehe…the world is cruel.”

“Hehehe… that’s how it is.”

The two dragons’ eyes met, and they laughed at the same time.

Only this time, their laughter was filled with delight.

After the Law-enforcing True Dragons had descended to Earth and the battle of the two dragons had ended, the days returned to a rare state of tranquility.

The major forces had progressed rapidly in an orderly manner, without causing any significant disturbances.

After all, the resources had to be there in the first place before any trouble could be caused, and such resources had to come from hard labor.

The only difference was that some depended on their efforts, and some forced others to work for them.

Time passed by swiftly, and within the blink of an eye came the end of the sixth year of Shenyuan.

One day, Sir System suddenly gave Fang Ning a heads-up.

“I’ve made the preparations to breakthrough God-level System status. Only this time, I may have to go into isolation for three, or maybe five hundred years. You need to be prepared.”

“What? Three, five hundred years? That, that’s quite long,” Fang Ning exclaimed.

“What sort of attitude is that?” Sir System exclaimed even louder. “You think five hundred years to become a God is long? You must’ve read too many novels where those characters become kings in a year and emperors in three. Within less than half a year in the timeline, they’ve already gone from a peasant to someone who could beat up the Gods. Is this realistic?”

“You were about the same, weren’t you? In five years, you’ve defeated a True Dragon that was one level higher than a God, yet you need five hundred years to turn into one. That time span doesn’t make sense.” Fang Ning appeared skeptical. “Also, the timeline in novels cannot be regarded as time. Readers take into account the duration and the events occurred to interpret how much time has passed. It is not to be taken as the same as real-time. Many big events have occurred since the time of your creation. I think that a year of cultivation in isolation is more than enough for you to become a God.”

“You’re guilty of making an idealistic mistake. You’ve made a brash, unrealistic judgment,” Sir System said plausibly. “I said that it would take five hundred years based on considerations for existing power levels which is founded on solid ground. While I may be able to defeat a True Dragon, it doesn’t mean that my powers have reached the level of a God. I had relied on external forces, just like a child who shot an adult with a gun. Now, would you say that his intelligence and strength exceeded that of an adult? It would still take him 18 years before he would be able to surpass an adult.”

“You can’t. What’ll happen if I get bullied while you’re gone?” Fang Ning found himself at a loss.

“There has never been a savior nor a System, and you have to learn to stand on your own feet. I’ve already taken care of you for over five years,” Sir System advised earnestly.

“Uh, what if an enemy shows up while you’re in isolation? It might be better for you to leave a combat thread to act as Sir System No.2?” Fang Ning was persistent.

“I understand your concerns, and I would never let myself fall in danger. During my time of isolation, I will deposit you and your body into an absolutely secured safe place. There won’t be any dangers,” Sir System said confidently.

“F*ck…” Fang Ning bristled, “so I’m supposed to be imprisoned while you’re in isolation?”

“That is the truth. You want safety, then that’s the only way. Don’t worry, the place I’ve found is definitely secure. Also, in order to keep you from getting bored, I’ve prepared millions of books, both ancient and modern, from China and abroad alike, and tons of games. You’ll definitely enjoy yourself,” Sir System reassured him.

“Then, I’ll give it a go?” Fang Ning found himself slightly swayed. It would not be so bad if he could spend five hundred years playing and enjoying himself.

“Mhm, give it a go. I guarantee you’ll be satisfied,” Sir System quickly replied.

“Wait, if you’re going to be in isolation for five hundred years, then what about the assets in the outside world? We’ll be screwed if someone comes stirring up trouble, wouldn’t we? Heavenly Book baby does not have the same level of powers as you to stop them.” Fang Ning immediately thought of more pressing issues.

Back when he was reading novels, he sometimes wondered why the powerful ones wanted to create factions and sects even when they were already so powerful — would they not have been better off going solo?

Now, Fang Ning could understand the feeling. One may be happy alone, but things would get troublesome when they needed to seek help from others.

For instance, in a time like this when they inevitably had to enter cultivation in isolation, he would need someone to manage his assets out there.

Five hundred years worth of development time could not be wasted either

Even Gods needed reliable allies, and these allies would have to be those with powers on par with their own.

This way, they would be able to resolve the issue when crises arose.

As for relying on an avatar, an avatar’s power was limited and it could not be a substitute for the main body.

“Sigh, this is really troublesome. We don’t have a reliable combatant to depend on right now. We’ve always tackled monsters above our levels, no? It’s tough finding someone to rely on,” Sir System said gloomily.

“I say, son of a b*tch, you should just do what you’ve always done and breakthrough separately through threads,” Fang Ning advised.

“Impossible. This time, I want to level up everything all together. Those online games you’ve played, you’ve always had to shut down everything when it was time for an upgrade, haven’t you? They don’t let you play while the game is being upgraded, do they?” Sir System said convincingly.

“Sigh, this is a tough problem,” Fang Ning said with concern.

“Look at you. You don’t even work hard to improve yourself. If you had the same level of power and combat skills as I do, then things wouldn’t be so hard right now. We could take turns going into isolation.” Sir System took the opportunity to pull his leg.

“You’re a System, alright? I wouldn’t be able to catch up with you no matter how hard I try,” Fang Ning said sullenly. “I’m no superman with a strong-willed mind who could become a God in a year and a half. I’m just a regular human.”

“Hmm, that’s true. Then will you be able to become a God in five hundred years?” Sir System humored.

“If I had five hundred years then maybe there might still be hope for me. After all, you’ve given me a pretty solid foundation,” Fang Ning answered subconsciously. “The body and soul of a dragon, along with the two golden opportunities given by the Guardian Dragons, both of which has allowed me to quench my soul and my vitality endowment has gone as high as the top of the world. Plus, there are so many combat recordings.”

“Right, since you’re confident that you’ll be able to do it then I hereby give you a mission. You are to become a God within five hundred years,” Sir System quickly said.

“Uh…” Fang Ning suddenly came to a realization and said evenly, “I get it now. You’ve been whisking your words; your goal was to get to me go into training in isolation for five hundred years to become a God.”

“Sigh, you’re pretty clever, aren’t you? It’s a pity you didn’t fall for it,” Sir System lamented. “Then again, what difference does it make even if you realize it? If you don’t train for five hundred years to become a God, I’ll lock you up in this System Space and never let you out.”

“Son of a b*tch, why are you doing this? Haven’t we gotten along so well before? We’re friends,” Fang Ning bemoaned.

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“Sigh, you’ve forgotten what they say, people from different classes can’t be friends forever,” Sir System said mysteriously.

“Damn it. A wise sage once said that one should not forget their friends when one becomes rich. You, on the other hand, is about to become a God-level System with my help, yet here you are looking down on me, your veteran supporter. This is what they call ungrateful, burning bridges after you’ve crossed it,” Fang Ning retorted.

“I haven’t forgotten about you now, and I’ve given you the chance to become a God. Starting from today, you’ll be given five hundred years to become a God. If you can’t do it then we won’t be friends, we’ll just get along differently,” Sir System said as if wronged.

“What other way is there?” Fang Ning said with a sliver of hope in his voice.

“You’ll be a slave, and I’ll be the master. It’s as simple as that. Only Gods are equal, and maybe those beneath God-level, but it’s almost unheard of for a mortal to give orders and point fingers at a God,” Sir System gloated.

“Very well, you wait and see. I’ll show you when I become God,” Fang Ning said through gritted teeth.

Although Sir System’s words were unpleasant to the ears, it was the truth.

If Fang Ning himself could not become a God, then in the future, it would be difficult for him to comprehend the way of those who were above God-level. Then, he would not be able to control the situation and as such, he would not be able to control Sir System.

“I’ll wait. By the time you become a God, I probably wouldn’t be far off from becoming a Saint System,” Sir System gloated.

“Enough nonsense, when exactly will you become a God-level System?” Fang Ning asked with clenched teeth.

“Should be some time within these few days.” Sir System casually threw out.

“…” Fang Ning felt ashamed. Why was the distance between a human and a System so vast?