Chapter 1056 - When There’s So Much Debt, One Stops Worrying

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Chapter 1056: When There’s So Much Debt, One Stops Worrying

After a while of dialogue between the human and the machine, Fang Ning made a painstaking decision and decided that he would go surf the net…

Once he started up the computer, a notification popped up. System Notification: [Network connection had been interrupted.]

“I’ll connect spiritually,” Fang Ning said disbelievingly.

He closed his eyes, System Notification: [Spiritual connection has failed.]

“Damn it, I’ll just do single-player mode, alright?” Fang Ning said frustratingly.

“Pang!” Smoke came out from the computer and bursts of flame appeared.

“Let me out!” Fang Ning screamed.

“You’re not coming out of there until you become a God,” Sir System stated with conviction. “I can see right through you, if I don’t take some drastic measures, you won’t even last three months with your strive.”

“It’s not that bad, back then I couldn’t even last three days.” Fang Ning let out a pitiful howl.

“There’s nothing you can say that will change my mind. To prevent you from becoming a weakness of mine, I have to do this. So don’t blame me for being ruthless.” Sir System tried to console him.

“You are ruthless, cruel and unreasonable!” Fang Ning yelled angrily.

System Notification: [The System has terminated communication with the Host.]

“F*ck.” Fang Ning paced around in the System Space; his hands were tied by Sir System’s doing.

The first day passed.

Fang Ning had no other choice but to pass his days by training.

The second day passed.

Apart from a “ding”, he had heard no other sounds or movement.

Then, the third day passed…

“Son of a b*tch, you’ve changed.”

Fang Ning could not even visit the other buildings inside the System Space.

Finally, he calmed down and thought it over seriously.

He then came to a realization, that Sir System had told him the truth.

If he, the Host did not become a God, then Sir System, the tenant was destined to have an Achilles heel.

While that may seem insignificant now, but if they were to encounter an even stronger opponent, that would be a fatal weak point.

“Alright, I guess I just have to resign myself to fate.”

If there was one good thing about Fang Ning, it would be that when he had to do something and that something was for his own good, he would understand and he would give it his all.

Like that time before his college entrance exams, when he was scolded by his teacher, he worked extremely hard for more than a year before finally scoring 211.

Thus, he began his forced journey of cultivation.

With the core cultivation skill naturally being the “Dragonization Ability”, Sir System had already reached the top of the Mythical Level. Soon, it would reach Ancient Level and become a God-level System, whereas he had yet to even reach the Master-level.

No, that second rate good should already be a God-level System by now…

After all, he had mentioned that he would be able to reach it within these few days.

Time passed by painfully slow, and Fang Ning could only idle away his time by cultivating.

His cultivation lasted over a hundred days, and it was now the seventh year of Shenyuan.

“Ding dong, your System has come online.” Sir System suddenly popped up.

“Ugh, B*tchy System, what do you want now?”

Fang Ning closed his eyes as he muttered incantations. By the side of his right hand was a large pot of various Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pills.

With his entire body was enshrouded in a purple aura, it was clear that he had entered a prime state of cultivation.

“We’ve not seen each other for a couple of months, can’t you say something nicer?” Sir System said unhappily.

“No way, you son of a B*tch. You were cruel and heartless, so I can’t be nice to you either,” Fang Ning said unsympathetically.

“Look, the thing is,” Sir System ignored him and carried on, “that White Dragon who came to us a few months ago, he’s back again and wants to ask about the Soul Array Computer technique. Who knows what he’s up to?”

“Aren’t you a God-level System? Can’t even handle such a small matter, Godly System?” Fang Ning sneered.

“Look at what you’re saying. Even if I’m a God-level System, it doesn’t mean that I have God-level intelligence. When it comes to scheming, I still need to rely on you,” Sir System said bluntly.

“I understand now, you have God-level thick skin.” Fang Ning was speechless.

“When it comes to thick skin, I’ve long since entered the highest realm of ‘nonexistent’, so you don’t have to worry about that. Now, quick, answer my question; this is a serious issue concerning greater situation!” Sir System said seriously.

“…” Fang Ning was utterly speechless as the fellow had actually learned how to do unto others what they did to him.

Nonetheless, it was not his intention to torment Sir System. After all, the other had forced him into cultivation in isolation for his good, albeit forceful.

Would he not have listened if he had told him nicely?

Yes, he probably would not have.

Thus, Fang Ning wallowed sullenly for a while before he slowly retracted from his state of cultivation and pondered for a while before finally saying, “I can’t say anything before doing research. All this while I’ve been isolated from the world, let me go through the data first.”

“Come out, Sh*tty Book,” Sir System said unceremoniously.

At that moment, before Fang Ning’s eyes, his precious Heavenly Book baby appeared in all it’s glittery, shining gold.

The Heavenly Booked jumped right into Fang Ning’s embrace the moment it appeared.

“Master, this Sh*tty System is horrid for isolating us and keeping us apart. It clearly has ill-intentions, Master, you must be careful.” The Heavenly Book immediately talked bad about the System.

“Oh, I know that, baby. Now let me take a look at what’s been going on lately.” Fang Ning comforted it.

Not that he had high regard for the System, but the System had yet to possess such intelligence and capability of harboring ill intents…

It was only a few days of isolation, was it not? It was not that different from the first time.

Then, Fang Ning began flipping through the pages of the Heavenly Book.

He discovered that within these three months, the Seven Lunar Mansions of the Azure Dragon had been functioning particularly well.

Sir System had once again demonstrated its prowess — a God-level System was clearly on a different level than others.

As for the Heaven Mending Cauldron that was stored in the Land of Heritage, the ancient bronze cauldron that required an enormous amount of magical energy to seal and used by the World of Spirits and Souls as a medium to absorb vitality from the Lower Realm was found to be lost one morning…

The bone that had been stuck in the throats of the humans had vanished without a trace, just like that.

“The old Dragon God is softhearted, he couldn’t bear to see us suffer for long…”

“Yeah, apart from that old man, who else would take away this huge cauldron?”

Seeing this, Fang Ning suddenly exclaimed in surprise, “Son of a B*tch, where did you hide that bronze cauldron? Why did I not see it?”

“Look at you, without becoming a God, you wouldn’t have understood the mysterious and profoundness of Gods,” Sir System gloated. “You wouldn’t understand even if I explained it to you.”

Fang Ning had no words to say and he secretly fumed.

After that, he continued to flip through the Heavenly Book.

The remaining parts showed the information regarding the two dragons.

White Dragon had sought out the Bodhisattva Spirit King and asked the other for some high-quality spirits.

Purple Dragon had entered the universe space and discovered a perfect planet.

The condition of the planet was a hundred times better than the Earth’s, and its location was also better as it was situated near the center of the Milky Way.

It was unlike the Earth, which was located by the edges of the borders of the Milky Way.

The salamander had already deduced a set of universal dragon repair methods, but it was found by White dragon before it was promoted.

The Fire Lizard had already deduced a Dragon Cultivation Technique that was suitable for all, but before it could be popularized and disseminated, it was discovered by White Dragon.

Under the pressure of Sir System’s Dragon Force, not only had the other conceded but it had also taken the initiative to help improve it.

Now, it had already been placed onto the AJO platform, available to everyone for exchange and with the Dragon Carp as the instructor.

The cost to redeem was a million Justice Points.

The Dragon Carp was in a favorable position and it was the first one to begin cultivation.

Recently, it had just reached Sea-level and regained not only its full powers from its time in the Upper Realm but also went a step further and had begun to show the true bearings of a dragon.

Fang Ning paid little attention to the other trivial matters.

As he put down the Heavenly Book, Fang Ning closed his eyes and entered into deep thought.

“You’ve already seen it, now hurry up and give me an idea. If this guy wants some Soul Array Computer thing, why not go to Black Robe. Why is he coming to us?” Sir System asked curtly.

“Be patient, I’m thinking.”

Fang Ning said calmly.

After who knows how long, Fang Ning opened his eyes with his brows furrowed.

“Have you thought of something?”

“The information is insufficient, a judgment cannot be made,” Fang Ning said coldly.

“What use are you, get back to cultivating!” Sir System exclaimed angrily.

“However, I can tell you what to do. Just go along with him for now; send the Black Dog to follow him and let’s find out exactly what it is that they’re up to?” Fang Ning said seriously.

“Have the Black Dog trail after a True Dragon? Are you crazy?” Sir System exclaimed.

“What’s there to be afraid of? Make sure the Black Dog’s following them brazenly. With these True Dragons’ pride and arrogance, they couldn’t possibly make things difficult for a dog, could they?” Fang Ning said confidently.

“Alright, if anything goes wrong, I’m coming after you.”

“When there’s so much debt, one stops worrying.” Fang Ning had nothing to worry about as he returned to the break room and continued his training.