Chapter 1057 - Transfer of Skill

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Chapter 1057: Transfer of Skill

At this moment, beneath the blue skies and white clouds, a White Dragon waited outside the Dragon’s Cave.

Before long, Azure Dragon popped its head out, and a faint, mysterious Dragon Force appeared.

“Head to the Land of Heritage. There you’ll find the Soul Array Computer technique that you require,” the Azure Dragon said levelly.

“Uh.” White Dragon wavered slightly before it shook its head. “I heard that there is a Horn of the Azure Dragon who serves under the Great Venerable Dragon God who also manages a similar Array Computer technique. I wonder if it could be provided for reference purposes?

“…” The Azure Dragon said nothing.

Inside the System Space.

“Richie, what should we do now?” Sir System hurriedly asked.

“Of course we’re saying no, do you even need to ask? Are you really a God-level System, or was it the greater the power, the lower the intelligence?” Fang Ning asked puzzledly.

System Notification: [The System has hanged.]

“Son of a b*tch, I was right, wasn’t I?” Fang Ning gasped in surprise.

“No, that’s impossible. I’ve fully advanced, so how could my intelligence deteriorate as my powers grew? It might just be that the relative proportion assigned to the part responsible for decision making is slightly lower…” Sir System’s voice grew softer and softer.

“To explain is to cover the truth,” Fang Ning said mercilessly. “It’s not the System itself that determines the limit of the System’s intelligence, but the one who created the System. That is to say, you are but a small part of my intelligence. Because you, the person who wrote the System for the game has never attached any AI to it.”

“Cut the crap, why are you rejecting him?”

“If we don’t reject him, do you want him to find out about the secrets of you and the Heavenly Book? I get what they’re trying to do now. Their ulterior motive is to find out about your secrets and make preparations to use them to take you down,” Fang Ning said coolly.

“Damn it, aren’t we all part of the Dragon Clan? Why are we scheming against each other, why can’t we unite and work together to fight off our enemy?” Sir System moaned.

“Your intelligence has regressed. Both of our interests are at odds with each other, let alone the Dragon Clan? A single dragon to rule the party, how could everyone’s interests possibly be aligned?” Fang Ning scorned. “This is the real world.”

“Sh*t, I’m too naive. I really did think that they would turn over a new leaf,” Sir System sullenly said.

“I don’t feel like talking to an idiot. I’m going to train; the sooner I finish my training, the sooner I get out of here.” Fang Ning closed his eyes.

Meanwhile, outside the Dragon’s Cave.

Azure Dragon spoke up once more, “That will not be possible, you should head back. That Array Computer technique of mine is too complex, you can’t afford the fee for the transfer of skill.”

“Uh, skill transfer fee? We’re all brothers of the Dragon Clan who’re working together for the future of the Dragon Clan. Why must you be so particular about this little thing?” the White Dragon replied with a shocked expression.

“…” Azure Dragon gave the other a glance with its big, round eyes. Then, wordlessly, he returned inside the Dragon’s Cave with its tail left facing outside.

White Dragon was stunned. After a while of waiting and receiving no response, it finally flew away silently.

In space, White Dragon and Purple Dragon flew towards a certain planet.

Their way of flight was distinctive as they disappeared and reappeared from time to time.

They would span a long distance between the time in which they disappeared and reappeared.

The two dragons flew alongside each other as they conversed.

“It seems like although that dragon had yet to be born for a long time, he’s still quite intelligent. He didn’t fall for it,” the White Dragon said with a shake of its head.

“Yeah, I had originally thought that he was the same as those young dragons who would get all hyped up at the mention of brotherhood. What a shame, what a shame,” the Purple Dragon said in a tone of deep regret.

“Nevermind, I guess we’ll just have to resort to plan B and acquire the technique from Monk Zhi Nan instead,” the White Dragon said calmly.

“Yeah, I doubt he’d dare to deny us,” the Purple Dragon said arrogantly.

“Hmph, he’s just an avatar of the Great Demon Saint, who is he to deny us?”

Before long, the two dragons arrived at the planet where Zhi Nan resided, located 600 light-years away from Earth, near the planet newly colonized by humans.

After a brief exchange of courtesies, White Dragon brought up the purpose of their visit to Zhi Nan.

After listening, Monk Zhi Nan shook his head and said, “That way of rule was founded by the previous Devil. It was an unbearable sight to behold and it violates the will of heaven and ethics. I would advise the two Saint Dragons to not follow in his footsteps.”

“…” White Dragon and Purple Dragon exchanged glances as silence suddenly encased the room.

After a while, White Dragon finally spoke up, “We’ll take caution. You need only give it to us.”

However, Monk Zhi Nan shook his head. “I’m afraid I won’t be able to comply.”

“You!” White Dragon staggered slightly at his words before it pointed at him. “Very well. It looks like time has changed now. It seems that nowadays, no one listens to the words of old guys like us.”

“The Venerable Dragon should not make things difficult for a little monk like me,” Monk Zhi Nan said with a pained face.

White Dragon was about to react when Purple Dragon shook his head.

“Hmph…” The two dragons left after one another.

In space, the two dragons flew towards the center of the Milky Way.

“The reason you stopped me earlier, was it because of that dragon?” the White Dragon asked outright.

“Yes, that’s right. I didn’t expect for that dragon to grow so fast. The last time I saw him, he still had a way to go before reaching God-level. Yet now, he’s far above the level of an ordinary God. It would seem that he had immediately reached the level of a supreme deity when he advanced to God-level. How terrifying.” Purple Dragon sighed.

“Looks like we can’t avoid him in our mission. Although it looks like there might be something up with his wits, he tends to be a bit slow.” White Dragon made a sharp observation.

“It’s probably an issue that came up during the merging with the human soul. This should be his greatest weakness. They say that the heavens cannot tolerate a perfect creation, so he must have exemplified that,” the Purple Dragon said calmly.

“Yes, we’ll leave this matter for another time. Now, about that Monk Zhi Nan, did he think that we needed his transfer of skill? That’s just a mere soul fusion technique, I could tell at first sight. Nonetheless, we did manage to find out his true stance. He really is on the same side as that dragon,” the White Dragon said coldly.

“When the time comes, we’ll definitely demote him to the class of a common cultivator who only gets to receive little vitality. Then, he’ll realize the consequences of offending us.” Purple Dragon gave a sardonic smile.

Amid the silence of the galaxy, the two dragons soon flew off, laughing along their way.

Another month passed by.

In the blink of an eye, it was the seventh year and third month of Shenyuan. Spring had arrived once again.

Fang Ning awakened from his hibernated state of cultivation.

He looked around and found that nothing much had changed as the walls were still green.

Occasionally, the sound of iron smithing passed by his ears, as well as the sounds of the burning flames of alchemy and the sounds of magic weapons being forged.

“Son of a b*tch, come out,” Fang Ning said evenly.

There was no response for a long while.

“Sir System, you’re not dead, are you?” Fang Ning gasped.

“I won’t be dead even if you died, what is it now?” Sir System said annoyedly.

“I feel like I’ve been enlightened lately, I want to go out and train.”

“You’re not trying to find an excuse to escape, are you?” Sir System asked skeptically.

“Since you don’t believe me, why don’t you take a look at this?”

With that, Fang Ning’s entire body suddenly vibrated and a faint Dragon Force manifested.

“Oh, based on my calculations, your “Dragonization Ability” really is at the brink of reaching Master-level. Alright, where do you want to go train?” Sir System exclaimed in surprise.

“Where are you right now?”

“Just look outside, I’ll activate the System View for you.”

Fang Ning looked outward through the System View.

When he did, he was met with a gloomy scene of dim skies and from time to time, a grayish tinge flowed.

It felt somewhat familiar.

“Are we in the World of Spirits and Souls?” It suddenly occurred to Fang Ning.

“Sigh, you guessed right. Some time ago, I had the Divine Monument open up the passage to the World of Spirits and Souls. Since then, I’ve been on a mass killing spree and have already gotten rid of a lot of malevolent spirits,” Sir System said, awfully proud of himself.

“Gasp, why didn’t you discuss this with me?” Fang Ning exclaimed.

“What is there to discuss? Those Spirit Lords are terrified of me, they don’t even dare to come out. I’ve killed thousands of malevolent spirits, and none of them have shown up.” Sir System boasted.

“F*ck, what you’re doing is ruining the balance, there’s bound to be consequences.” Fang Ning turned pensive and suddenly, he felt a sense of unease.

“Why? What’s the problem with me killing a few malevolent spirits?” Sir System said petulantly.

“Think about it, if every God prided themselves on their powers, entered the other worlds and abused it, this world would have long collapsed, would it not? Seeing as the Upper Realm could still be maintained until now, it means that there’s definitely a corresponding coping mechanism in place.” Fang Ning tried to remonstrate with him.

He certainly did not expect that during his forced cultivation for a little over a year, Sir System had once again caused trouble.

“Uh, then I best head back immediately.” Sir System immediately caved.

“Caving in so quickly, and you call yourself a God-level System? You can’t just run back like this,” Fang Ning sneered.

“You’re the one who said I shouldn’t kill or run, what sort of logic is that? I just don’t understand,” Sir System said petulantly.

“What I’m saying is, if you run away immediately, then you’ll expose your cowardice. This is no way to retreat, what you should do is…” Fang Ning explained to him the procedure.

“So that’s how it is,” Sir System exclaimed excitedly. “Looks like I can’t leave you after all.”

“Cut the chitchat. When we get out, find me a place with picturesque scenery. Oh, and it must have a net…”