Chapter 1058 - The Rise of The Heroes

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Chapter 1058: The Rise of The Heroes

In the World of Spirits and Souls, a cavern somewhere.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze — the Three Masked Men were concentrating on the continuously changing images in front of their eyes in silence.

Among the images, the Azure Dragon was seen slaughtering in the Malevolent Spirits Camp. The fight had resulted in rivers of blood as spirits’ head was seen rolling about before it vanished like smoke into thin air…

“Unbelievable, he’s able to surpass the Spirit Lords in such a short amount of cultivation time,” the Silver-masked Man said as he took a long sigh after a good while.

“Hmm, I think it’s quite mediocre. According to the legend, in the beginning, before the Upper Realm split apart the heaven and Earth, golden immortals were everywhere. The strong and powerful were innumerable. You’d turn into a demon simply by swallowing a Vitality Solution, and you’d turn into a God simply by eating an Immortality Herb. Even though Vitality had been weakened in the Lower Realm, inevitably there’s still some that the Heavenly Axiom is fond of…” the Gold-masked Man explained reluctantly, as he had found his explanation hard to believe.

“Damn it, his strength is rising too fast and most of our stratagems are practically useless! Even the Heaven Mending Cauldron that we have been crafting for an exhausting amount of time has been stolen by him so easily, what should we do?” the violent-tempered Bronze-masked Man said in utter annoyance.

“Presently, all we can do is hold it in,” the Gold-masked Man said while he shook his head.

“Can’t we just let the Spirit Lords step forth and beat him to death? He is currently in the World of Spirits and Souls,” the Silver-masked Man said as he refused to give up.

“Haha, if that happens, the World of Spirits and Souls would probably be buried along with him. How would the Spirit Lords ever accept this ending? Seeing that the Lords hadn’t shown up until now, it only further proves what their genuine notions are,” the Silver-masked Man said dimly.

“The Spirit Lords are probably just letting him vent his anger on smaller spirits and ceremoniously send him off from the world afterward,” the Gold-masked Man said with a sigh.

“Such a disgrace, aren’t they the reputable Five Great Spirit Lords? They’re acting as if they’re just kings in an ordinary kingdom, forced to relinquish the land!” the Bronze-masked Man said in disdain.

“The season has arrived for heaven and earth to combine their strength, but the lost heroes are not free. This is the situation we’re talking about. The Spirit Lords are probably furious as well, but they’ll never let their emotions control them,” the Gold-masked Man said faintly.

At this moment, the images started to change.

That Azure Dragon was seen to have stopped his massacre against the malevolent spirits. After a while, a gigantic spirit of great height appeared.

The head of the spirit seemed as if it was touching the ceiling of the sky, while the lower half of its body was still on Earth.

“Finally, Vigorous Spirit Lord couldn’t take it anymore, and he’s the strongest in terms of strength among the five Spirit Lords. Previously, one of his important transformations has been killed by the Dragon God, and now it’s probably the time for revenge,” the Copper-masked Man said in excitement.

“Dragon Lord, you’ve fought, you’ve killed, have you yet to reach your heart’s content?” the gigantic spirit of great height said coldly.

“Hmph, you all went down to the Lower Realm without permission and bullied human beings. I merely came back to teach you all a lesson,” the Azure Dragon said, hardly showing any weakness.

“You’ve killed approximately one thousand and eight of my malevolent spirit guards, isn’t that enough?” the gigantic spirit of great height said, seemingly having an intention to concede.

“If only all of you had stayed within your bound and abide by the law peacefully, I wouldn’t have had to eradicate you,” the Azure Dragon replied.

“Fine, we won’t extract from the humans anymore. But, we’ll establish an additional planet to absorb vitality from. Would this be fine then?” the gigantic spirit of great height said while it tried to yield!

“Haha, just as Big Brother said, the Spirit Lord has conceded,” the Copper-masked Man said in a ridiculing tone and continued, “but I’m afraid the Spirit Lord doesn’t know that this Azure Dragon has probably claimed the Lower Realm to be his territory. If so, why would he agree to let him absorb power? They’ll surely go for another round.”

“We’ll see,” the Silver-masked Man said in disagreement.

At this moment, the Azure Dragon seemed to have heard what was said and was distracted for a while before it continued its reply.

“Since won’t extract from the humans and will instead generate one with your own effort, then it’s fine. The Underworld’s currently doing the same thing anyway, you won’t be the only one doing so,” the Azure Dragon said.

“Weird, why would he reply in such a manner? Is he not worried that the next planet would be absorbed until it’s dried up?” the Bronze-masked Man said in astonishment.

The Gold-masked Man nodded his head while he frowned and said, “It must be some sort of scheme. Since this Dragon Lord has successfully become a God, could it be that he doesn’t have territorial consciousness? Why would he allow his world to get exploited by others?”

“You’re right, it just doesn’t make sense,” the Silver-masked Man said while shaking his head.

“Hm, maybe he’s just taking advantage of the current situation.” The Bronze-masked Man laughed grimly. “Maybe he knows our efforts are futile and we’re just wasting our time, so he’s letting us be.”

“Ay, that’s probably the only explanation. It’s difficult to disobey the Will of the Heavens. The Heaven Mending Cauldron that we’d been crafting for a long time is gone, just like that. The planets created by the Demon Lords doesn’t seem to bring out good endings,” the Golden-masked Man said dimly.

“Eh, I have an idea. You two probably would’ve seen the history of humans from the Lower Realm. Judging by the large numbers of transformations of Great Demon Saint during the time, it doesn’t seem like it’s a suzerainty relationship…” The Silver-masked Man suddenly thought of something.

“Hiss…” The two other Metal-masked Man immediately glanced at each other and simultaneously understood what was said to some extent.

“That’s it, no wonder this guy would allow the Spirit Lord to open up another planet. He’s waiting to accept their construction investment!” the Silver-masked Man said as he tried to figure out the secret of it all.

“That’s right! Since a Great Demon Saint transformation has betrayed us before, why wouldn’t there be another one? There are empty spaces in the Lower Realm, and there are currently very few numbers of civilized races that had been discovered. None of which could travel through space and they can’t even build a light-speed spaceship, as their technology’s not even on that level yet. It’s all due to the Mysterious Energy that we’re able to navigate through the universe.” The Golden-masked Man nodded his head continuously.

“Haih, it’s great to have such strong powers. After hitting the Spirit Lord’s face from the left, now the Spirit Lord’s just letting the right side of his face to get hit as well,” the Silver-masked Man said while he let out a sigh.

The other two then nodded their heads as these are just common words. However, when it is said at a time like this, it just makes people feel unsatisfied.

All they were able to do was sit there and watch the rise of another strong opponent, was that it?

Should they get involved in this mess and gain some benefit from it?

After all these thoughts, the Gold-masked Man said dimly, “It seems like the Spirit Lords have no use to us anymore. My brothers, why don’t we go to the Lower Realm as well and find ourselves a planet. We could make use of our current skills, farm and raise people, or give our faith to a God, or even cultivate and reach illumination. It’s not necessarily a bad plan.”

“Yeah, big brother has a point. If we’re talking about knowledge and strength, we’re better off than many other people. Last time, in the Upper Realm, there was no chance for us to have power. But, in the Lower Realm, as it’s still empty, we’d be able to be outstanding heroes,” the Bronze-masked Man said in agreement.

“But to free ourselves, first we must have a plan. We need to avoid displeasing the Spirit Lords; we’re not the fearless Dragon God,” the Silver-masked Man said steadily.

The Azure Dragon left the World of Spirits and Souls and flew back home while it shook its tail.

“Mr. Rich Boss, why won’t you allow me to stop the Spirit Lords and Great Demon Saints from absorbing the energy of new planets from our world?” Sir said while unsatisfied.

“You know nothing; the moment they finish their construction and agitate those planet’s living being, we’d be able to use the slogan of Anti Colonialism to engage them. Then, we’d take back their infrastructure. Wouldn’t this be more righteous and substantial?” Fang Ning said logically and continued, “As for those absorbed vitalities, won’t we get them back once we’ve captured and killed those meatheads anyway?”

“Uh, Mr. Rich Boss’s so wise, I’m an inferior compared to you,” Sir said in satisfaction.

“Hahaha, that little intelligence of yours is akin to a water bucket. Meanwhile, mine’s like millions of stars that shine like the luminous moon. The differences between us are akin to a small river and the big sea — simply incomparable,” Fang Ning said proudly.

“D*mn it, why do I feel like my intelligence has dropped even though I’ve upgraded my system to God level? I don’t understand,” Sir said hatefully.

“Haha, this could be your setting’s rules — the higher your strength, the lower your intelligence. It’s like humans and dinosaurs. Dinosaurs had great strength, hence they had no use of evolutions involving intelligence. Meanwhile, humans needed to extend their intelligence in order to survive,” Fang Ning said in sorrow and continued, “Take me as an example under this situation. I’ve survived under your pressure. From a rigid young citizen, I had no choice but to open up my horizons and take control of the situation. Then, I was able to train myself to become a Great Emperor.”

“…” Sir was startled for a while. Then, it continued, “You don’t have the manner of an emperor, but you sure have trained your head to be bigger than it used to be.”

“F*ck off, it’s time for me to train. Don’t disturb me if nothing is going on. If anything else happens, you could discuss it with the Grand Secretariat, unless the issue involves the possibility of exposing the secret of the system,” Fang Ning ordered.

“Alright, you f*ck off too,” Sir said with no trace of politeness.