Chapter 1059 - Four Great Inventions

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Chapter 1059: Four Great Inventions

The seventh year and seventh month of Shenyuan.

In the Andromeda Galaxy, God’s Missionaries’ migration land.

Old man Maxwell was standing on a big tree, overlooking the barbarian tribe who was conducting their sacrificial ceremony…

It was at the edge of a desert; the weather was utterly dry, with no greens on the land.

In the desert, feverish faced barbarians were all covered with a turf skirt. They were dancing hysterically while encircling beneath a stone.

On top of the stone, a young man was sitting upright. Steams were coming out from the top of his head.

Those vapors that hung in the air disappeared after a short amount of time.

After a while, the young man opened his eyes.

“God said, with sincere devotion and belief in Him, He will grant us food!”

Afterward, bags of food covered with plastic bags appeared out of nowhere. There was not much, but just enough for these people to consume.

The dancing barbarians started to cheer wildly, and some women then brought children along to collect the food.

Maxwell saw the scene before he proceeded to gaze towards a distant place.

He saw a vast expanse of white fog that covered the barbarian tribe. Looking down from the sky, it looked just like a fog island.

“Sigh… If powers can’t be constraint by anyone, all kinds of fantasy with frightful scenes such as these would appear.”

Maxwell sighed before he flew away from the big tree.

He passed through the fog, then arrived at a new place.

It was a big land with high humidity. There was sunlight as well, and the sunshine felt quite comfortable.

On the vast land, it was filled with modern-looking factories.

Old Maxwell knew that these factories were all food factories that were imitations of factories that were passed on from other realms.

The difference with the original version was that the workers who walked in and out had a similar expression — utter dullness and lifelessness.

Maxwell knew that these workers were all Vitality Slaves.

Their spirits and wills were controlled by a guy named ‘Wang Jinghong’. This person was now known as the ‘Forefather of the Vitality Slaves’. He is currently the one responsible for commanding these Vitality Slaves.

As for his real name, nobody cared to know about that.

The food that was granted for the barbarians awhile ago were produced in these food factories.

The production in this land would be enough for the consumption of billions of people.

This was the power of black technology in the food industry.

The distribution of food was arranged based on the numbers of Vitality Cultivators in the tribe.

The situation that these barbarian tribes were in was similar to feeding pigs in pig factories.

There was no need for them to cultivate their land and consequently, they would not be faced by natural disasters as well. All they needed to do was offer sacrifices of their cultivated magical energy on a schedule, and they would be granted food and clothes.

Once they have achieved a fixed level of population number, the excess would be sent to a new fog island.

Maxwell could easily confirm this. With this kind of society and ecology, even after millions of years, evolution would never take place.

Human civilization did not happen naturally but in fact, it was the opposite. It had to undergo several difficult fights and struggles, and as it accumulated little by little, science and technology were cultivated eventually.

Under this condition where the barbarians were provided food, they had no need and probably would never have the need to develop their civilization.

All they had to do was train a few more youngins that would be able to sacrifice their magical energy. Then, they would be able to obtain food and clothes for the whole tribe.

At first, Maxwell found it hard to understand why the migrants used such an inefficient strategy, but after he gave it a lot more thought, he then understood.

Efficient strategies would lead to new civilizations; new civilizations would then lead to rebelling, and the Gods were not a fan of rebels.

As for being inefficient, there was no need to worry so long as the quantity quota was met.

The lack of quality could be made up by the quantities.

The Gods would never wish for another Earth with human civilizations to be cultivated.

They only needed slaves to cultivate vitalities for them.

After he saw these scenes, Maxwell started to go on to the Alliance of Justice and Order’s platform to pass on this new investigation report.

“The migrants had spent a year in this stellar system, and they’re developing fast. There’s an infinite amount of barbarians on this planet in which they’re developing. They can collect magical energy on a daily basis, approximately thirty million Dan unit and above. During the recent summit meeting, they wanted to use the saved-up magical energy to travel to the nearest stellar system to start a new colony…”

The old man had faithfully completed his mission.

“There’s not much time left for us. They’ve got no need to discuss, nor the need to argue. The effectiveness of their expansion is similar to Zerg1, as long as there’s sunlight, water, and land, it is enough to rapidly grow a new population.”

“The Vitality Transformation Equipment, the all-purpose bacteria, the ‘Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique’, and the shuttle technique provided by the Gods — these four great inventions constituted and became the base of the new universe colonies.”

“In these barbarian tribes, they would only be awarded the first three transformations of the ‘Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique’, and the rest is up to themselves. Unless a genius among geniuses shows up or if they were to receive Heavenly Edict, only then they would be able to learn the rest of the technique. This is the only way these barbarians would be able to evolve.”

Maxwell gave it a serious conclusion.

He was clear that in the future, this new civilization would certainly bring conflicts to the human race.

In the past, he probably would not have paid attention to these issues. After all, in the past, he could not have lived past a hundred years old. Hence, he need not worry about the things that would happen a thousand years later.

However, he now had to worry about it because he had put his faith in the alliance’s platform. He continuously made breakthroughs, and consequently, his life expectancy continued to increase as well. In this case, It would probably not be an issue for him to live for thousands of years, so long as there were no accidents involved. Even if accidents occurred, as long as his soul was not destroyed, he would still be able to reincarnate into various other forms.

As for the price for such long life expectancy, he had to watch all kinds of sad scenario and all of them happened right in front of his eyes.

“If we were to stop them, it would probably require the same God.”

After Maxwell’s information was sent back to Earth, the alliance’s platform immediately relayed the valuable message to the related members.

In the Land of Heritage.

During the Cultivators Assembly.

The big screen displayed the migrants’ development history… It was like a movie of a new civilization breaking new grounds.

Ren Ruofeng frowned and said, “Looks like we have to increase our speed on colonizing other planets because our developments are way slower if compared to these migrants. With my calculations, approximately a hundred years later will we be left behind by a vast difference.”

“Like the saying ‘bad money drives out good money’2, this is it. Their production cost is so low that they only need just a little bit of food. Meanwhile, we have to provide clothing, food, transports, and accommodations, along with many types of education and entertainment. From time to time, we’re even faced with problems in the social order…” a person complained.

“But we do have higher efficiency, and we have the ability to train up stronger cultivators,” another person said disagreement.

“Not necessarily; there was a rebel a few days ago, he was jealous that someone else could cultivate faster than him and so, he started a fight. He was a Pond-level master and wasn’t injected with a Management Chip. Luckily, he was locked into place by the Nets Above Snares Below on time. Even so, one level in the building was almost destroyed by him and he injured thousands of people. The stronger someone’s strength is, the harder it is for them to be contained. These migrants are so smart. Moreover, they don’t have to bear the burden of ethics,” someone said while pointing out the problem.

“Yes, if we’re only talking about increasing the production capability of magic energies, we can allow the normal citizens to cultivate up to the third transformation of ‘Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique’ and then efficiency would be at its highest. The strength wouldn’t exceed Mug-level, so it’s unlikely for them to have a huge force and the strength wouldn’t be enough for them to face an ordinary gun. Plus, the resources needed in the early stages are not much. At least not until they’ve cultivated to a higher level, where self-consumption of magical energy would be more. It’s just like raising pigs, there’s no need to raise them till they’re old. Then, the quality-price ratio would be lowered by a margin,” someone else said in complete agreement.

“Hey, you’re discriminating against these people. You’re not seeing them as humans, are you saying that we’re raising pigs here? We need to consider the number of mouths we would need to feed and the amount of meat we’ll produce?” The meeting place started to cause a ruckus.

Different viewpoints flew across the room, at the same time, and nobody was convinced by one another.

When all is said and done, do we maintain our current equal opportunity tactics or do we consider the price-quality ratio, and rigorously use the market’s pattern to produce magical energy?

Both of the tactics had supporters, and it caused a huge dispute.

The meeting host started to knock his hammer. “Quiet, everyone please pay attention to order.”

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“About this new issue, everyone please go back and discuss further. Think of a way on how we could handle this kind of competition to maintain our Earth’s human race’s superiority in civilization. Although they are in the Andromeda Galaxy and the distance between us is quite far apart, but in this mysterious era, distance isn’t a problem; even time’s not a problem,” the host said in a serious tone.

The strong ones quieted down and walked out of the meeting one at a time. Then, they started to gather a party together so they could discuss the long-term issues of their tactics.

They all knew that even though the problem would not occur in the near future. However, if they were indifferent about it now, the history would repeat itself.

If they did not build an advantage for their strategy now, it would be too late when the issues arrived.

This was like the opening section in a game of chess. If during the early stages of the opening appeared to have a fatal issue, they would be powerless in reversing it at a later stage.

A race in the game StarCraft, it’s a terrifying and ruthless amalgamation of biologically advanced, arthropodal aliens.

In economics, ‘bad money drives out good money’ is a Gresham’s law under the monetary principle. For example, if there are two forms of commodity money in circulation, which are accepted by law as having a similar face value, the more valuable commodity will gradually disappear from circulation.