Chapter 1060 - The Rules of God-level

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Chapter 1060: The Rules of God-level

In the Land of Heritage, inside the Truth Department Building.

Once Ren Ruofeng presented the current situation, few of the powerhouses immediately frowned.

Elder Xu then probed a question, “For a long time now, magic energy has only been produced by manpower. Could we not try to mechanize it for larger productions?”

“Haha…” Ren Ruofeng was speechless.

“Elder Xu, the words you just said was similar to telling a primitive man that their hunting efficiency is too low and they should just buy the meat in a market instead.” Elder Hai sighed while shaking his head.

“Eh, our mysterious technique now is on the same level as a primitive man, but the Upper Realm has been developing for a billion years. Do we have no other option but to use this inefficient human-production of magical energy?” Elder Xu said as he pointed at the information in front of him, unwilling to reconcile.

“Yes, Elder Xu asked a good question. At this stage, it’s probably time for us to consider the path of industrial production. These are the advantages of human civilization,” Ren Ruofeng said as he nodded his head.

“Elder Xu has a point. The gods in the Upper Realm are not fools. Why had they not given these things a thought? Or was it because this plan is impossible to accomplish?” Elder Hai said as he nodded his head.

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“The gods can’t help as they start to decay over time, and they’ll put various kinds of suppression on the mortals just to maintain their system. Similar to the Qing Dynasty, if not due to external power, it probably would’ve stayed the same for a few hundred thousands of years,” Ren Ruofeng said in disdain and continued, “No matter, we should set up our programs in advance, and assemble a team of mechanics to do some research. Carefully analyze the human magical energy cultivation process, and examine whether or not machines can replace humans.”

“Yes, we can’t easily speak of failure before attempting anything, let’s do that first.”

The powerhouses then nodded their heads in agreement.

“Wait a minute, as the production of the magical energy increases, we’ll start running out of magical energy crystals for storage soon. We can’t keep counting on the Great Venerable Dragon God to produce them, we’ll have to think of a way to solve this on our own.” Ren Ruofeng raised another issue on hand.

“Haih, this would be difficult as well; this kind of talisman’s requirement is quite high. You could say that it’s far beyond our technological capabilities.” Elder Xu, the institute’s elder, sighed while he shook his head.

He was very clear about the difficulty level of the technique required for these kinds of talisman and was afraid that only a god could do it. It would be really hard to accomplish with only human technology.

“From this point of view, I feel like, in this Era of Mystery, most things could only be accomplished through handwork as it seems like it’s restricted by some kind of rules. We’re unsure of the whys, but the work of a machine just can’t achieve such results,” Elder Xu said in a serious tone

“Let’s just try it out first, then we’ll see. As the saying goes, human wisdom prevails over nature. That’s the advantage of human civilization, which is innovation and the will to forge ahead. If we’re a stick-in-the-mud, it will only lead to a dead-end,” Ren Ruofeng said in perseverance.

“Alright, let’s launch this project together.”

Three days later, in the System Space.

The Heavenly Book baby flew out as it paced back and forth outside the lounge.

“Broken system, I need to see the master.”

“What’s the matter?” Sir asked before it immediately felt dissatisfied and continued, “You little rude b*stard, you can’t even call me father now? How dare you call me a broken system?”

“Cheh, all I have now is master. I have no father.” Heavenly Book baby then started to flash out a golden light — a futile attempt in trying to blind the system’s d*mn eyes.

“D*mn it, I see that you’re trying to rebel now. Your master’s been forcefully shut down by me. Today, I’m going to make you realize who the real master in this house is!” Sir said furiously.

“What are you going to do? I’m telling you, master has his own way to mess you up,” Heavenly Book baby replied stubbornly.”

“I am a God-level system now!” Sir said proudly, “Do you know why the frogs and parrots are afraid when they hear the sound of my voice?”

“Cheh, you’re just a violent system, they’re afraid of you because you beat them up. But I’m different from them and I have my own master, do you dare to lay a finger on me?” Heavenly Book baby said fearlessly, knowing he had a back-up.

“Let’s have a go at it!” Sir replied in utter dissatisfaction.

The golden light all over Heavenly Book baby disappeared, then reappeared in a single flash.

System Notification: [The System attempted to attack a Master-level Deterrence book, the attack has been prohibited by force. The Master-level Deterrence book was a talisman belonging to the host, the System is not allowed to attack without cause.]

“Hahaha!” Heavenly Book laughed as it flashed the pages of the book. Then, it continued proudly, “Do you understand now, broken system?”

“D*mn it, this is impossible!” Sir System said resentfully, “Am I not allowed to teach my own created-son a lesson? What kind of broken system’s rule is this?”

“You’re wrong. A wise man once said, the son is not a parent’s accessories, they possess their own independent dignity,” Heavenly Book said with a tone of justice.

“Nurture really does determine a person’s character. You and that loser host have been hanging out together for too long. You’re getting infected by his defective ways!” Sir said as he could only attack with his words.

“Heh, you’re talking bad about him behind his back. Does this even comply with the Hero Path?” Heavenly Book baby countered back.

System Notification: [The System was talking maliciously and attacked the innocent host. The System will now be muted for ten minutes.]

“Hahaha…” Heavenly Book baby laughed in complacent.

Ten minutes later, Sir System said dejectedly, “This is not supposed to happen, why are these rules making my life difficult for me?”

“Uh, regarding this problem, only the master can answer you. Right, I have things to do, so quickly release the master,” Heavenly Book said urgently.

After a while, Fang Ning came out of the lounge.

“What happened? Broken bucket, are you looking for me?” Fang Ning’s body was filled with a magical aura that floated about. After a period of isolated cultivation, it had increased much of his appearance traits.

“I’m not the one looking for you, it’s that broken book,” Sir said resentfully, “but I do have something to ask you later.”

“Baby, are you looking for me?” Fang Ning reached his hands out and the Heavenly Book immediately threw itself into his arms, allowing Fang Ning to gently pet it for a short while.

Other people pet their dogs or cats, while he petted his books. How elegant of him…

“Master, firstly, the magic energy crystals are running out. We need that broken system to increase production. Another thing is about the Whitestone people; the Lunaette Land don’t have enough space for them anymore and we would need to find a new planet.”

“It has only been more than a year or so, the reproduction of the Whitestone people is that fast?” Fang Ning asked in surprise.

According to the calculation of time, the current second generation of the stone people should not have the ability to grow stones yet?

“Oh, master, look at these diagrams.” Heavenly Book then opened up the book pages and pointed at the picture before it continued, “Some of the stone people have occurred some sort of mutation that increased their speed of growth. It also quickens their reproduction speed such that two to three months after birth would be enough for them to produce another offspring.”

“Haih, the rich depend on the help of technology, while the poor depend on mutation. Originally, there were only two hundred of these Whitestone people. In only a year, they’re spread across the whole Lunaette. This makes me feel doomed,” Fang Ning said in disbelief.

After a short while, he calmed down, knowing this was one of the scary parts of the Era of Mystery.

By mixing in some mysterious elements, many things could not be explained normally anymore.

“These mutated stone people won’t be the same as the first generation. They can’t control their reproduction for the next generation unless they’ve cultivated at the standard of a pond-level. However, once they’ve absorbed a certain level of vitality, they’ll automatically start reproduction for new stone people. This means they’ll never reach pond-level. Utterly stubborn, big stones, dry stones, bald old man, and the spirit of the space — all these managers can’t even do anything about this,” Heavenly Book explained from the beginning.

“F*ck, this has gone too far.” Fang Ning panicked. The magic aura surrounding him suddenly disappeared, and he then began pacing up and down. “No wonder you wanted to see me, this is a really difficult issue.”

“What’s so hard about it? Just throw those uncontrollable stone people into a place where there’s no vitality. This broken book is so paranoid and it didn’t want to consult me first,” Sir said in disdain.

“Wouldn’t they die?” Fang Ning said in despise.

“Cheh, I am a God-level system. I can build an isolated little world and set for these stone people such that they’re only allowed to absorb enough vitality to survive,” Sir said proudly.

“Impressive,” Fang Ning said as he looked up to Sir System. Was this what they called when the distance was too close between two people, there was no feeling of reverence?

In actual fact, Sir System was a God-level system and they had not realized how impressive that was.

This was also because Fang Ning and the Heavenly Book were not afraid of Sir.

“If you feel this way towards me then have that broken book be more respectful towards me,” Sir said in dissatisfaction.

“Alright, why do you have to argue with this kid? Baby is so adorable, which part of him made you feel so uneasy? You must’ve been the one who started it all,” Fang Ning arbitrarily asserted.

“D*mn it, he was the one who cursed at me first this time,” Sir replied in dissatisfaction.

“That was what you have been known as before anyway, correct?”

“Cut the b*llshit, just take a look at these system notifications, what is up with these? Why do I feel like after I’ve achieved God-level system that there are so many limitations?” Sir said resentfully.

In a blink of an eye, Fang Ning had taken a look at the notifications. He pondered for a bit and he immediately understood.

“Great, this is so great! This rule self-completed itself!” Fang Ning said excitedly, “Previously, I had to remind you what you can or cannot do. But now the rules have automatically installed something like a firewall in you — this is so so great.”

“What’s so good about it? I feel like I don’t have freedom at all. What kind of God-level system can’t even teach his son manners?” Sir said while being depressed.

“You’re wrong, you dog,” Fang Ning said in a serious tone. “This is the same as you climbing the stairs to Heaven, and the stairs provided fences around you, aren’t you satisfied? Other strong people are craving for these fences, so they have to reflect on themselves from time to time, to prevent themselves from taking the wrong step. This is the advantage in the rules of God-level.”

“Looks like this is a good thing then, my bad.” Sir said as he immediately cheered up.

“Yep, indeed it is.” Fang Ning nodded his head.