Chapter 1061 - Don’t Be Greedy

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Chapter 1061: Don’t Be Greedy

After managing to appease Sir System, Fang Ning was secretly delighted. It seemed like after this b*tchy System had leveled up to God-level, it was bound by more limitations that he did not need to worry if it would go astray.

It could never be an evil System, not in this life.

Then, he said, “Oh right, son of a b*tch, baby also mentioned the thing about magical energy crystals just now, you have to work harder.”

“Damn it, I’m already a God-level System, do I still have to do all these labor-intensive jobs?” Sir System said resentfully, “Is there a god as cool as this?”

Fang Ning bit back, “This isn’t up to you. A promise is worth a thousand ounces of gold; you will be the one supplying magical energy crystals and that was the deal. It was exactly due to the high production cost of this stuff that only producers above God-level could produce it and that we hold a market monopoly. Other gods wouldn’t provide mass supply to the market for no reason because they don’t have the mood and time to do it, nor would they position themselves just above the producers.”

“And I would have the mood to do it?” Sir System said, disgruntled.

“Of course, your threads must’ve increased quite a lot after being promoted to god, right? Fang Ning pressed. “Also, you didn’t even release an announcement regarding your level-up to a God-level System so I’m feeling really unhappy and insecure about that.”

“I was too foolish before and allowed you to see right through me. But now, I will not be tricked by you. I shall never let you know the abilities of a God-level System,” Sir System said proudly.

“Damn it, son of a b*tch, you’ve changed. Your IQ has dropped and you’ve become more paranoid. This isn’t good,” Fang Ning said somberly.

“It’s got nothing to do with that. Now, I can only tell you that I currently own 99 threads, so let’s pick out 3 threads to forge magical energy crystals. This way its efficiency can be doubled,” Sir System said seriously.

“Mm, that’s more like it. Oh yeah, baby, what’s the current utility rate of these magical energy crystals?” Fang Ning asked, interested.

“Why are you asking this? It’s not your concern.” Sir System cut off Fang Ning’s words.

“I want to break through so I need some magical energy as backing.” Fang Ning was firm.

“Oh, Master, the current rate is three percent and this will be calculated by year — three percent of the magical energy deposited in magical energy crystals will be deducted automatically as per the utility fees. The magical energy stored in both the Magical Provenance and Magical Energy Bank currently would add up to 2.32 billion Dan units…” Heavenly Book baby gave out a number.

“Shut the h*ll up! Stupid book!” Sir System was flustered with rage.

System Notification: [The System made vicious remarks to abuse an innocent sapient tool, the System will be silenced for 10 minutes.]

“Hahahaha…” Fang Ning broke into surprised laughter.

“Hehehe…” His baby followed suit.

After ten minutes of being laughed at by Fang Ning and the Heavenly Book, Sir System finally learned his lesson.

“How much magical energy do you need for support?” Sir System asked genuinely.

“I’ll go with thirty million first.” Fang Ning was cautious. After all, collecting magical energy was not easy.

Previously, Sir System would not even loan ten billion Dan units, but now he had a surplus that exceeded 2 billion which was obviously an effect brought by the dramatic increase in human magical energy production over the past year.

The effects of the Ten Billion New Human Plan was apparent.

Sure enough, the solution to all problems was to increase productivity.

In the past, Fang Ning only knew this theory from books, but now, he could truly comprehend its truth.

Only with the expansion of production and increase in aggregate wealth could problems be fundamentally solved, or else, they would be going around in circles.

“Thirty million, that’s plausible. I see you still know your limits. I thought you would ask for everything,” Sir System said, relieved.

“Can I afford to be like you? I’d still need to save some face so that I can have a backup for emergencies. Man or system alike, one mustn’t be too greedy. Greed will blind you and cause you to fall into an abyss where you can never bounce back up. Thirty million Dan unit of magical energy will be enough for my cultivation to the next level,” Fang Ning spoke solemnly.

“Uh, it looks like you have had quite a spiritual growth after training in isolation huh?” Sir System asked curiously.

Fang Ning sighed. “It’s not much. I have overcome an Inner Devil from before and that brought me to some realizations.”

“Hahahaha, look at me, pure-hearted and innocent all the way as I leveled up and there hasn’t been any Inner Devil at all,” Sir System said smugly.

System Notification: [The System spoke words that are partly untruthful to the Host, this does not conform to Chivalry Rules and the System will be silenced for 5 minutes.]

Fang Ning did not laugh at this. Rather, he was stunned as he frowned and said, “Uh, I still can’t make sense of this — so can you lie or not?”

Five minutes later, Sir System spat distastefully, “D*mn it, why do I feel like I’m caught in my own trap? If I knew this was going to happen, I’d rather not level up! The rules are already so harsh now, what would happen if I reach the 100th level? Will I become a paralyzed System then?”

“Stop that nonsense and answer the question. I’ve told you before, strict rules are for your own good. Parents who are lax with their children don’t actually love their children,” Fang Ning said soberly.

“Oh well, the definition of lying is to subjectively deceive someone with intention and is used specifically by intellectual beings like you. So my words can only be categorized as true or false, they can’t be defined as lies,” Sir System replied honestly.

“Ah, I finally understand it now. So all this while I have been cheated by you. Luckily, now that you’ve become a God-level System, you’re forced to live by higher standards of moral integrity.” Fang Ning sighed.

“You should be glad. Now that I’ve fallen into such a ditch, I only hope that money could’ve bought me some form of caution…” Sir System said surly.

“Alright, alright, you should be fine after getting used to it. Remember to do things like a proper hero in the future and you should have no more trouble,” Fang Ning quickly consoled to save this son of a b*tch.

“Ah, those good old days are really gone with the wind. Why was I so dumb and so rash then? I should really think if there are any loopholes to this,” Sir System said seriously.

System Notification: [The System was attempting to resort to vain unscrupulous tactics, the System will be silenced for 5 minutes. If the System does not repent, it will be isolated for 24 hours.]

Fang Ning and Heavenly Book baby looked at each other, speechless.

“This is change, the only unchanging truth in the world itself,” Fang Ning said calmly.

“Yeah, master. As System Daddy’s power grows, the greater the control on it gets. I guess this is destiny…” His darling gave a final blow.

“It certainly seems so. Although we don’t have advantages as it does, at least we aren’t ruled by any System Maxim,” Fang Ning said gratefully.

Sir System came out again and spoke softly, “Mr. Rich Boss, Heavenly Book baby, is there anything else? If not, I’m heading out to serve justice.”

“Didn’t you say that hunting down small monsters is inefficient?” Fang Ning asked, though he could already guess Sir System’s true intentions.

Visibly upset, Sir System said, “What can I do? I have no choice, I have to slowly get accustomed to the new rules. Mm, you know that thing, that thing we just talked about? Help me handle that.”

“What do you mean? I don’t understand.” Fang Ning feigned ignorance.

“You should understand.”

“My isolating you and forcing you to become a god before this was for your own good.” Sir System begged pitifully, “We’ve been friends for a good few years, you can’t do this to me!”

“I vaguely recall someone saying this to me; if I can’t become a god, I can only be a slave…” Fang Ning muttered.

“That’s impossible, how could a System as na?ve — oh, no, as rule-abiding as I force someone to be a slave? We have always been friends,” Sir System insisted.

“Alright then, I’ll see what I can do.”

“Yup, I’ll leave everything to you, Mr. Rich Boss. Let me know if there’s anything,” Sir System said, feeling hopeful.

“Don’t be greedy, I’m not all-powerful,” Fang Ning reminded.

“I know, I know, I’ll give you all the information you want,” Sir System added hurriedly.

“Okay, first, send all relevant data after you became a God-level System to my mailbox. I’ll look it through when I wake up.” Fang Ning nodded.

“Yup, rest well Mr. Rich Boss. Would you care for some music?”

“No need for that and tone down your flattery, that’s not a heroic act either.”

“Yes, yes, your humble System will take its leave.”