Chapter 1062 - We are Friends

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Chapter 1062: We are Friends

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Three days later, System Space.

Fang Ning slept without a care in the world, but as he woke from his dreams, he suddenly snapped, “This person is truly despicable. He’ll always take his chances and assume that he won’t fall into the same mistakes again if he isn’t taught a lesson.”

“Master, are you alright?” Heavenly Book baby quickly went up to console him at the sight of this.

“Uh, don’t be afraid, my Book baby, your master’s fine.” Fang Ning calmed himself down and said, “It’s nothing, I suddenly remembered what happened previously and felt like I shouldn’t be helping that second rate good find loopholes in the Maxim. If not, things will just fall back into the same track and he’ll use those loopholes against me — he’ll even treat me as a slave. After all, that fella has no integrity.”

“You’re right, master. That should be the way.” His Heavenly Book baby agreed as it flapped its pages in relief.

“Tsk… Mr. Rich Boss, Heavenly Book baby, how could you do this to me? We had a deal before you went to bed, you can’t go back on your words.” Sir System suddenly appeared and whined in lament.

“I’m not a hero, I’m just a normal person and normal human beings are fickle like that. Why would people say that a promise is worth a thousand ounces of gold if it wasn’t too difficult to keep promises?” Fang Ning said righteously.

“Ugh, Richie, don’t do this. Do you have no faith in my reputation after so many years of friendship?” Sir System moaned.

“Haha…” Fang Ning laughed coldly.

“Tell me, what do you want?” Sir System asked sullenly.

“Okay, we can talk after you upgrade Baby to Ancient-level, but I won’t hand you anything on a silver platter anymore.” Fang Ning made a hefty demand.

Having heard this, Heavenly Book baby shone golden beams. It was deeply moved by the request.

Sir System quickly dismissed it, “Tsk… It can only level up to Mythical-level because I can’t afford to pay for Ancient Level. Do you even know how much experience points I have now?”

“How much? You’re always so secretive and defensive, I don’t even know how much money you have,” Fang Ning retorted spitefully.

“4363 billion experience points in total. After defeating that Law-Enforcing True Dragon last time, I was awarded 2000 billion experience points but it took 3000 billion for my Dragonization Ability to be leveled up to Ancient-level,” Sir System murmured.

“Eh, then wouldn’t it be enough if you defeat it a few more times?” Fang Ning had a flash of wit.

“Ugh, no, no, it might’ve worked in the past but with more sophisticated rules now, I won’t be awarded experience points if I repeatedly defeat my opponent without it improving in power,” Sir System quickly explained.

“Ah, what a pity.” Fang Ning sighed.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m counting on you, Mr. Rich Boss.” Sir System immediately cajoled.

“Cut out your nonsense. When Heavenly Sword was upgraded to Ancient-level last time, you only spent 1000 billion experience points. How is it insufficient now when you have 4000 billion?” Fang Ning got back on the topic at the sudden thought of the Ancient-Level Heavenly Sword of character.

“It’s different; the function of that stupid sword was simple, but your precious game book is all-encompassing. It’s the Horn of the Azure Dragon and the Senior Grand Secretary, so it would cost at least ten trillion experience points for me to upgrade it to Ancient-level,” Sir System said dejectedly.

“Forget it, we’ll only level up to Mythical-level then.” Fang Ning decided to let this second rate good go and secure the bag first.

System Notification: [The System has consumed 50 billion experience points to upgrade the Master-level game book to Legendary-level.

The System has consumed 700 billion experience points to upgrade Master-level game book to Mythical-level.

The game book was equipped with an overall function enhancement and a newly acquired Mythical-level function — Game World, which will automatically absorb the souls of the game book’s contractors into Game World after their death. Game World’s function is open for editing.]

“Oh, I’ve gotten my money’s worth with this function alone.” Fang Ning said, pleasantly surprised. He felt himself getting excited.

“Is that so? Are you happy now?” Sir System quickly took the opportunity to say.

“It’s alright. Oh yeah, how are things going with the mutated Whitestone people in the past few days that I’ve been asleep? Didn’t you say that they’d be placed in a small enclosed world?” Fang Ning quickly asked.

“Don’t worry, Richie, I wouldn’t dare to put off your orders. I’ve built a formation on Lunaette for the past two days called the Vitality-Sealing Major Formation of Enlightenment and Afflictions, where the mutated Whitestone people who can’t control their reproduction can seek refuge and live normally without absorbing external vitality,” Sir System said confidently.

“That’s more like it. I see you’re quite efficient in handling work.” Fang Ning was glad.

“Of course! Heavenly Book baby, quick, show your Master the location,” Sir System urged.

At that moment, the shining golden Heavenly Book flipped its pages to a segment regarding clans and stopped on the column about “Whitestone people”.

Fang Ning watched as the golden pages started to reveal a scene.

Once the deadly still, deserted Lunaette was now adorned with hints of greens and white.

Clusters of white, tiny flowers grew on the greyish-white surface of stones while stalks of green vines crept atop rocks.

From time to time, there would be a few white, squarish Whitestone people who would approach the rocks to pick flowers to eat. After that, they would lie down and sleep once they had found a sweet spot for that.

“Eh, weren’t Whitestone People supposed to be hardworking? Why are they living like pigs now?” Fang Ning was shocked at the sight of this.

Heavenly Book baby explained hurriedly, “Oh, Master, about that, it was ordered by Clan Leader Shi Gan who said that Whitestone people have been reproducing too much, so their vitality consumption must be reduced to prevent overconsumption. He made sure everyone started by working on themselves and had stop comparing their Proficiency and Cultivation Base among one another. This is why other than Whitestone people who can transform magical energy, all the other dimwits had to reduce their vitality consumption by sleeping more.”

“Ah, what a bunch of honest stones.”

Upon hearing this, Fang Ning could not help thinking about some truly kind and upright people.

For example, there were some colleagues in his old company who did not just stay when the company had financial issues, they even offered to have their salaries reduced to help out…

Although these stone people had a strong reproductive ability, there were only over 200 of them left when they were in the Upper Realm. However, it was apparent that they were trying to save the world by cutting down their consumption for a great mansion on the point of collapse, their efforts were futile.

Contrastingly, Spirit Lords who consumed huge amounts of vitality were not even concerned about whether the difference was apparent.

“Tell them, the amount that they’re saving won’t make a difference. So, they should work harder on their Cultivation Base and focus on increasing the production of magical energy instead. Somebody else can worry about big issues like that.”

“Understood, master.” Heavenly Book baby quickly noted Fang Ning’s orders.

Following that, images flashed quickly before the scenery on Lunaette was projected.

Fang Ning quickly saw an enormous ring-shaped valley that was shrouded by fog.

Under the heavy mist, one could vaguely see the Whitestone people who were stacked to form layers. With black spots on their bodies, it was easy to differentiate them from normal Whitestone people.

“Uh, beneath that is the Vitality-Sealing Formation in which System Daddy made and within that are the mutated Whitestone people sitting on top of one another. They are barely getting by.”

Remembering the Whitestone people’s kindness earlier, Fang Ning softened and said, “This is tragic, can’t you spare some space for them to sleep? Can’t you just expand the area of the formation, Sir System? Make this small world a little bigger, because it’s a real low blow if this is what you mean by small world.”

“I can’t call it a small world if I make it bigger,” Sir System muttered.

“What did you say? Speak up, I can’t hear you,” Fang Ning said humorlessly.

“Oh, I’ll enlarge it right away. I’ll guarantee at least 7 square meters of living space per person.” Sir System gave in immediately.

“Mmm, that’s more like it, it’s not like I was trying to force an impossible task on you. We should help kind people like these more often in the future. After all, there are many deceitful opportunists out there and they are not kind at all. It’s rare to be able to meet kind and honest people, so we shouldn’t let them get the short end of the stick,” Fang Ning advised earnestly.

“Mmhm, you are right in reprimanding me, Richie. Only with your guidance can this humble System move forward without going astray,” Sir System said obediently.

System Notification: [The System made the correct decision with the Host’s guidance and obtained a 24-hour God-level buff, the number of experience points gained will be increased by fifty percent.]

“Not bad, there are still some benefits to this God-level Maxim,” Fang Ning said, satisfied.

“I shall go and get busy then, Mr. Rich Boss. Please do keep that thing in mind,” Sir System reminded.

“I know, I know, just leave already,” Fang Ning said as he went to the System Cyber Café.

Once he sat down, he saw that the computer that was previously on fire had been fixed. There was a smooth Internet connection and none of the data was lost.

On the desktop was a PDF file titled Information regarding God-level System, formatted in huge, bolded red font.

Fang Ning opened the file and started to read.

In the document were descriptions of all the functional changes that had occurred after Sir System leveled up to a God-level System.

“The System consumed 3000 billion experience points to prepare for an upgrade for Dragonization Ability to Ancient Level, checking prerequisites…”

“Examining physical strength…Pass.”

“Examining soul strength… Pass.”

“Examining battle skills… Pass.”