Chapter 1063 - The Real Loophole in the Maxim

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Chapter 1063: The Real Loophole in the Maxim

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As Fang Ning continued to read, he found the core of the God-level System.

“Dragonization Ability has leveled up to Ancient Level and its newly-gained functions are as below:

The formidable power of all Dragon Series abilities was increased by 100%.

All attributional abilities from the Dragon Series were unlocked, there are currently: fire, water, wind, thunder, mental, wood, light and dark, nine series of Dragonization Abilities.

The cultivation of Dragon Series abilities had increased by 100%. Current cultivated Dragon Series abilities — fire, water, wind, thunder and metal series abilities will be rewarded a bonus of thirty percent formidable power and once the cultivation of the other four series has been completed, a similar bonus will be rewarded.

A new skill — Ancient Dragon Force was gained. For those with bloodline below Ancient True Dragon and those with power below God-level will suffer from immense restrictions.

The System’s physical strength was enhanced tremendously and magical energy storage’s upper limit was greatly increased.

Health points/vital energy: 12.3 million/ 52 million

Current Power Level: Star-level, the peak of God-level.”

Fang Ning mumbled, “No wonder this Son of a Bitch is so arrogant now. His health bar alone is so long while that glutton, Daqing only have over 300 thousand — which was relatively a lot since that kid has never bothered to upgrade his power and would probably still be a Lake-level weak insect.”

“You are right, master,” Heavenly Book baby said as it hovered beside Fang Ning, fanning him.

By now, it was no longer beaming with golden light from top to bottom. Rather, it had dimmed down to a glow that was tinged with rustic colors — an obvious sign of an upgrade from gold equipment to dark gold equipment.

Clearly, it had benefitted a lot from the level-up to Mythical-level just now.

When he was done reading on Power Level, Fang Ning went on to thumb through the back and found information on the Maxim.

As he saw the first sentence, everything made sense to Fang Ning.

“Manage time reasonably, enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Resist the evils of society and promote a righteous life.”

“Hahahaha, no wonder this Son of a B*tch is so strictly controlled. Detraction pursues the great, so the core Maxim would get affected after it has leveled up to a God-level System.” How could a veteran player and an old fox like Fang Ning not know this already?

It was evident that Sir System’s WuXia Game System had interfered with some of the cruces of the core after it had upgraded to God-level.

Fang Ning hit the brakes as he read up to this point.

This was because he already knew how to fulfill Sir System’s demands. The only loophole to the Maxim was to always hold high the banner of love and justice.

“Are you there, Son of a B*tch?” he called coldly.

“I’m here. Is there anything, Mr. Rich Boss?” Sir System answered goofily.

“Kid, you should restrain yourself more in the future and stop finding ways around the Maxim. I’ll tell you something, in whatever you do, consider whether it meets the requirements of love and justice, whether it enables you to be in a fair and just position… With this, you will be ever successful.”

“…” Sir System was utterly confused. After a while, he tested, “Is this the method that you’re going to teach me?”

“Yes, only then can you advance further. Don’t please the eye and plague the heart. History has shown, time and again that those who are penny-wise, are pound foolish; those who take the easy way will one day fall into a pit on that path,” Fang Ning spoke earnestly.

“So what you’re saying is, you don’t have a specific solution and you were just bamboozling me earlier?” Sir System suddenly got mad.

“Do you even hear yourself? What I told you just now was a summary, a theoretical direction. Without a correct theory as guidance, anything can end up failing,” Fang Ning said with conviction while winking furiously.

“Damn it, I was tricked again. Just you wait, I’ll make you spit out the 750 billion experience points and thirty million magic points you scammed from me!” Sir System clearly could not decipher his superb winking techniques as frustration filled his tone while his agitation turned into this boiling rage that filled the sky.

System Notification: [The System did not accept the Host’s righteous teaching on love and justice and will have a debuff as punishment, Blood Energy’s upper limit will be temporarily reduced by ten percent for 24 hours.]

“Uh, Richie, I was wrong, please forgive me,” Sir System said seriously.

“Yup, I forgive you. Remember, you must always uphold the standpoint of love and justice,” Fang Ning replied solemnly.

“Yes, your humble System understands.”

System Notification: [The System corrected its mistakes and repented, debuff canceled. The System obtained buff that increases its attack power by 10% for 24 hours.]

After seeing this, Sir System finally realized, “So, this is it?”

“Yup, this is it,” Fang Ning confirmed.

“Uh, you’re brilliant, Mr. Rich Boss, this System is truly impressed this time,” Sir System said with conviction; it seemed like it finally understood.

“Yup, I’ve wasted so many brain cells this time, so make it up to me with some good food and be sure to return my body.”

“Got it, Richie, go ahead and rest first. I’ll return your body once I’m done with cooking,” Sir System said in a smarmy way.

“Eh, not bad. See this, Baby? Those who toil with their minds make others work for them while those who toil with their hands work for others and serve those who use their minds. It doesn’t matter how physically strong you are, if you can’t put your brain to good use, you’ll only end up being a hitter for someone else,” Fang Ning told Heavenly Book baby.

“You are right, master, I’ll keep it in mind.” Heavenly Book baby quickly recorded those words on a page.

After a short browse on the Internet, Fang Ning heard a System Notification.

[The System paused its control of the Host.]

Fang Ning opened his eyes and found himself back in the farm villa.

As there was a formation sheltering it, the farm villa remained spotless despite being unoccupied for so long.

He looked at his body and was surprised to find Vigilante A’s body.

It seemed like Sir System was willing to turn back to human form to accommodate his preferences but in fact, there was no need to worry about anybody finding out because this fellow had surveillance around the area.

He twitched his nose and smelled wafts of aroma as well as a voice coming from the dining room.

“Delicious, the Great Azure Dragon’s cooking is really good.”

“…” Fang Ning took quick steps towards the kitchen and found the great green insect sprawled all over the dining table, stuffing its face.

“Uh, when did you arrive, Daqing?” Fang Ning asked while he sat himself down.

Although the dishes were tasty and Fang Ning would want to eat them too, Sir System would not make them every day.

Fang Ning took a bite off a piece of red braised pork and it was tender with a crispy crust. There was substantial fat but it wasn’t too greasy. It tasted amazing.

“Oh, I came immediately after you had finished cooking. You don’t have to entertain me, I don’t mind,” Chong Daqing said carelessly.

“Uh, this new skill of yours isn’t bad, you’ll probably never starve again,” Fang Ning praised.

Chong Daqing took out three to four pieces of white pearls from her jade bracelet on her front leg. “Oh yeah, this is my payment for the food. My elder sisters gave them to me the last time I was at Dragon World and said that they were newly-developed treasures by the Celestial Clan which can be used to ward off calamities.”

Fang Ning took it, nodded and started some small talk. “How many family members do you have, Daqing? Did they mention when would they like to come down? This is so that we can make some preparations beforehand.”

“Oh, there isn’t too little or too many of us, maybe a few hundred… Everybody’s nice and polite,” the great green insect said simply.

“Uh, a few hundred? Who’s the strongest among the Celestial Clan then?” Fang Ning continued inquiring as he chewed on a rib.

“No doubt, my good old dad would be the strongest. Before I was kicked down, his power was comparable to that of the most powerful gods. He kept telling me to keep a low-profile because the Celestial Clan consisted of human, not gods,” the great green insect said ignorantly.

“How’s your dad like normally? And how did he govern the territories under his rule?” Fang Ning continued to ask.

The great green insect did not answer as it was focused on clearing out the plate that was before it.

After a while, it finally replied, “Besides on being a cheapskate, my dad’s generally fine. About the Celestial Clan’s territories, my elder sisters told me this when I was back in Dragon World that my dad has already stopped their supply of vitality materials since mortals didn’t need Atmospheric Vitality. Although magic no longer magic guaranteed good weather for the crops, I heard that they had managed to adapt during the past two years and seemed to be living good lives since. Daddy also helped them to pick a few great leaders to repay them for their offerings. These leaders are really wise, they have been leading reforms one after another with seriously ruthless tactics.”

Fang Ning nodded. He was not Mother Mary and so matters of the Upper Realm should naturally be handled by Gods of the Upper Realm. After all, they had indulged in so many offerings from mortals. If they were to turn a blind eye, then they would just be digging their graves as they have no one other than themselves to blame.

In this case, the clan leader of the Celestial Clan knew how to finish what he started and in the end, those mortals were accounted for.

Although the Upper Realm was going to fall through soon, the time it would take for that to happen would be extremely long for mortals.

It would take at least ten thousand or even millions of years before the Upper Realm was truly exanimate.

Just like the death of the sun, it would only be in the last stages when Earth would no longer be habitable. Even then, there would still be a few hundred million years left.

Such a long period would be sufficient for mortals to draw a close to their civilization.

In contrast to those conscious gods, the disappearing of Vitality would probably mean a more comfortable life for the normal human — being the majority among the mortals living in the Upper Realm.

This was because gods would no longer interfere with mortals’ lives or fool around in the mortal world for no reason. Instead, they would just stay cowering within their dimension.

Perhaps they could still develop some black technology. After all, the boom of human technology took place within two hundred years, and only with a few million years’ worths of experience accumulated preceding it.

However, if the gods were to completely relinquish the oppression on the mortals of the Upper Realm who had accumulated a few billion years before them, it was possible for them to break out in a real big bang.

This was truly black humor.