Chapter 1064 - Be Kind

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Chapter 1064: Be Kind

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After Fang Ning finished his meal, he dove straight back to the System Space without a care for the dirty dishes.

After some thought, he went back to continue cultivating. Just like how he scolded Sir System earlier, there was no highway to this; he needed to properly elevate his soul to God-level before planning his next step.

If not so, that B*tchy System might just start pulling out new tricks. Peace and compromise were only temporary because war and conflict were eternal.

Over an hour later, Fang Ning started entering a blissful state of cultivation.

His whole body felt light but in a daze, he entered Kenja Mode—the B*tchy System was looking for trouble again.

“This is bad, Mr. Rich Boss, our money is gone.” Sir System said hurriedly.

“Calm down, as a God-level System, you must always stay calm. Money’s a bastard, we can earn it back if we lose it but we must never lose our composure.”

“Oh, Richie, I couldn’t withdraw the thirty million Dan units of magical energy that I was supposed to pay you for your cultivation.” Sir System said slowly.

“F*ck, who stole my money?” Fang Ning lost his cool immediately.

“Calm down, as a God-level soul, you must always stay calm. Money’s a bastard, we can earn it back if we lose it but we must never lose our composure.” Sir System cooed.

“…” Fang Ning was speechless.

Such were the facts, it was easy to persuade others but hard to persuade oneself, it would not hurt until the wound was on yourself and you would not know when to learn your lesson.

He had no choice but to swallow it down, “What happened, tell me everything.”

“Here’s the deal, I went to the Magical Energy Bank and the bank’s person-in-charge, David Robert told me something problematic, before the migrants fled a year ago, they used many things as collateral to loan a huge amount of magical energy. As they each had high endowments, they were able to borrow around eight hundred million which was naturally left unpaid. This bad debt has always been kept under covers. But now, many people have met bottleneck in their cultivation and are prepared to withdraw their capital and interest magical energy that they saved to breakthrough. That’s why there’s a — what you call ‘bank run’ now?” Sir System said confusedly, “Anyway, I just know that we won’t be able to get thirty million Dan units from them. On top of that, for the magical energy crystal utility fees we’ve accumulated throughout the years, that’s around 500 million, it’s also not clear when would it be possible for them to pay us back…”

“F*ck…” Fang Ning could not help letting out a curse.

They were surely the greatest deadbeats in history, they even fled the Milky Way!

The capital market was so robust that even the Era of Mystery could not escape the invasion of an economic black hole!

“You seem to understand what’s happening, Richie, how amazing.” Sir System sounded

Fang Ning wanted to cry but had no tears, “Amazing my *ss. This is the most basic financial knowledge. In theory, if a large number of depositors withdraw their savings at the same time, it’s almost certain that a bank will not be able to meet those demands, causing the most simple ‘bank run’. In real life, things are more complicated, in this case, it was a bad debt and the Magical Energy Bank seems to be en route to bankruptcy.”

“What should we do then? We still have so many magical energy crystals in their hands.” Sir System asked worriedly.

Fang Ning replied calmly, “You don’t have to worry about that, weren’t the magical energy crystals System Bound? And for the core assets we won’t lose much, they’ll just get reorganized at worse.”

“Oh, reorganized? What does that mean?” Sir System fell into another round of bewilderment.

“It means, the bank would have to resort to bankruptcy and liquidation, stop paying out and then creditors will have to admit defeat, as they’ll only be able to get what they can.” Fang Ning explained impatiently.

“So my hard-earned 500 million Dan units of magical energy will go down the drain just like that? I’ll go from 2 billion to 1.5 billion instantly? Don’t they have any conscience?”

“Well, what else can you do?” Fang Ning said dejectedly.

[The System is evaluating…]

Sir System then said somberly, “I’ll go check out the Magical Provenance that Shi Gan Clan Leader is in charge of, it should be fine there so I’ll withdraw your thirty million first and you can go ahead cultivating. As for the other matters, I might have some plans.”

“Oh, you better not violate the main principle I mentioned earlier.” Fang Ning warned.

“Be rest assured, I will definitely use love and justice to tell those fellas to be kind!”

The Land of Heritage.

On the hotspot first floor of many buildings, there were long queues in front of a commercial organization with the signboard “Magical Energy Bank”.

“Give my magical energy back, I want to cultivate.”

“You betrayed our trust, Robert.”

These signs were raised high among the crowd.

In contrast to the signs were the people’s anxious expressions and the quiet atmosphere.

Evidently, the Management Chips were working as these people could still maintain order despite feeling distressed.

However, nearby was another commercial organization with the sign “Magical Provenance” where two Whitestone people were watching the queue, their face filled with sympathy.

They had long queues on their side too, but those going in-and-out looked rather peaceful and at a closer look, some even had pleased looks with a trace of smugness.

“Ah, say, why are humans so greedy? Although we don’t give out interest rates here and require 4 Points every year as safe-keeping fees, it’s safe over here and this is a business directly supervised by the Great Venerable Dragon God for goodness sake. We won’t go under, not even after ten thousand years.” The Whitestone person on the left side sighed.

“Well, there’s nothing we can do. The place across doesn’t just provide free service, they even offer 4 Points as annual interest, that’s an 8 Point, two times difference in and out so of course they can’t help but choose the opposite store.” The Whitestone person on the right side seemed more understanding.

While this was happening, every person who walked out from the neighboring Magical Energy Bank’s queue was holding a small magical energy crystal tight in his or her arms as some of them walked into the Magical Provenance next door while some hurried home, it was mostly the latter.

At this moment, an azure dragon suddenly appeared and entered the Magical Provenance after shrinking down.

“Eh, that looks like the Great Venerable Dragon God.” Some cleaned their glasses while some rubbed their eyes as they asked.

“Could it be that the Great Venerable Dragon God found out about what happened?”

“Did the Great Venerable Dragon God have savings in the Magical Provenance too?” Some of them guessed.

“How is that possible, would the Venerable One fancy this little bit of magical energy?”

“Ah, if only the Venerable One would inject liquidity to the Magical Energy Bank.” Some were hopeful.

“What are you thinking? Just suffer the consequences of your own greed and stop hoping for the Venerable One to pick up after you. Would you wish for the Venerable One to tell you personally that the Magical Energy Bank was destined to go bankrupt too?”

Clearly, there were many sensible people, after all, they were able to reach bottleneck while cultivating and maintain a sizable amount in their savings; even if they might not have high EQ, they definitely passed in terms of intelligence.

They obviously knew that they could not expect the Supreme Venerable Dragon God to take over this situation.

They were the ones who chose to save their magical energy into the Magical Energy Bank when there already was the stable Magical Provenance, so it was up to them to take responsibility for this risk.

They were also well-aware that crises like such bank runs would not happen if it was the Magical Provenance.

The Magical Provenance did not just refrain from providing loan services to offer only deposit and withdrawal services, they also employed Whitestone people who were reputable for their honesty as management. Every Dan unit of magical energy was traceable and would match to the actual amount.

It was has been over four years since it was founded and there was never an instance of an unbalanced sheet.

The total amount of magical energy could be checked through the Hall Crystal in real-time and was basically kept consistent with the total deposit. Any missing amount was deducted as safekeeping fees.

The Azure Dragon entered and left the “Magical Provenance” in a rush.

The bubble of hope that grew amidst the long queue quickly popped.

“Can’t the Cultivators Assembly provide support? No matter how you look at it, that magical energy was earned with our blood, sweat, and tears.” A glimmer of hope sparked within some.

“How would that be possible? The Cultivators Assembly’s magical energy are all saved in the Magical Provenance as a strategic reserve, it won’t be withdrawn to help a commercial organization. What if a war broke out? This isn’t money, they must first guarantee the basic needs of the people.” Someone else burst the new bubble of hope heartlessly.

“Then what should we do?”

“There’s nothing to do, unless Robert could bring back those deadbeats who fled the Milky Way; there was no way to solve this issue otherwise, who else who choose to deposit their magical energy in his Magical Energy Bank?” A person uttered hopelessly.

“Yeah, I reckon the crystals in his Magical Energy Bank are already empty.”

“I say, no wonder they didn’t dare to publish their total amount of magical energy every day in real-time like their neighbor.”

“Stop talking and calm down. The worst-case scenario is we all slow down our cultivation, it’s not like we really lost hundreds of thousands.” Someone stepped up to console.

“I can still stay calm if I really lost a few hundred thousand. However, I’m 43 years old this year and a hair’s breadth away from entering Pond-level, I’m in urgent need of magical energy to break through this bottleneck. If I miss this critical time and age a few more years, it would be harder to get into Pond-level and I’ll have 50 years less to live, tell me, how can I not be anxious?” Someone suddenly broke into a fit of rage.

An electronic voice reminded, “Code 889324, please remain calm, death is not the end but a new beginning. You can learn about the affairs of reincarnation beforehand, you can choose to become mechanical beings like Drider Laborers and mechs while for those who are kind-hearted, they can become intelligent beings with bodies like bees and butterflies to continue enjoying senses from their previous lives.”

The person who had an outburst was stunned at those words and fell silent.

“What a f*cking black comedy.” A faint voice said.