Chapter 1065 - Cooperation Agreement

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Chapter 1065: Cooperation Agreement

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The Andromeda Galaxy.

As Old Man Maxwell looked at the Azure Dragon that appeared before him, the first thought that came to mind was that of gratitude.

“I can’t believe that the alliance’s platform didn’t forget me, though I’m over 2 million lightyears away from Earth, they still remember me and the Great Venerable Dragon God actually thought to visit this old man personally.”

However, this thought, like a soap bubble of hope, also burst in no time.

“Do you know where the leader of the migrants is?” The Azure Dragon said lightly.

“Uh, they’re carrying out some development at a galaxy nearby, you need a Portal to reach that place.” Maxwell gave a forthright answer.

“You can run, but you cannot hide. This estate of theirs should be enough as collateral.” The Azure Dragon spoke words that did not make sense to Maxwell.

“Mortgage? May I ask why are you seeking out the leaders, Great Venerable Dragon God?” Maxwell tested.

He could not expose himself here, not through his tone of speech, even though the Venerable Azure Dragon already knew.

“Hmph, these people took out a loan of magical energy from the Magical Energy Bank with malicious intent and fled without paying it back. To pay back what you owe is one of the most basic forms of righteousness in the world, normal humans may not be able to do anything about it but I can’t turn a blind eye to this injustice.” The Azure Dragon said with an air of righteousness.

“Uh…” Maxwell was at a loss for words for what he just heard.

From what he saw, every single one of those migrants was an elite and probably too smart for their own good that they would even want to take advantage of things like this.

After all, during the past year, even savage tribes scattered across the planet were able to produce large amounts of magical energy monthly.

This was probably an inherent weakness of mankind — to think that it would be a waste to not rake in free cultivating resources using their endowment before they fled.

They probably thought that what harm was there to take out a loan on the house since they were fleeing anyway and there was no need to repay the amount.

It was just that they probably did not expect someone to travel two million lightyears to personally collect their debts…

Clever people might become victims of their own cleverness, served them right!

Maxwell completely understood the torment that weighed on the commoners who had to deal with these deadbeats.

After all, magical energy was cultivated bit by bit, so in a sense, it was more difficult than earning money.

When it came down to it, one could goof around and still get paid his or her salary, but there was no messing around to cultivate magical energy—not even a bit.

Beginner Cultivators needed to cultivate 8 hours a day in exchange for one Dan unit, it was truly hard-earned magical energy.

Shortly after, under the Azure Dragon’s intimidation, Maxwell naturally brought the dragon to the planet’s Portal.

This was located somewhere on the highest peak of the planet and was completely shrouded by fog. Needless to say, no mortals, not even Pond-level Cultivators could enter this place.

The Portal was a pitch-black black hole, just like the universe’ backdrop.

Nevertheless, both the Azure Dragon and Maxwell had no fear as they stepped into it side by side.

A neighboring galaxy, on a certain planet.

There was a vast ocean and nearby was a barren desert.

It was clear that the environment here was still far from that of a planet.

On the other hand, a planet that has water and was able to retain it was already a place good enough for humans.

With water and light from stars, primitive life forms could be cultivated. Oxygen was not a necessity, as there were quite a lot of anaerobic organisms too.

“Wang Jinghong”, the migrant who was named after the eunuch voyager, started carrying out the evolution of life according to standard procedure.

As he jumped into the ocean, a voice shook him back to land.

“Pay back what you owe, come with me, you’ve caused some problems.”

After that, an overwhelmingly strong wave of Ancient Dragon Force came down on the entire planet.

In a moment of astonishment, Wang Jinghong unconsciously lifted his head to look at the Azure Dragon above him.

He could only see a ginormous head and body of a dragon as the bottom rest of the dragon’s body extended into space, probably tens of millions of miles away where the tail was completely unseen — truly, one could see the head of a heavenly dragon, but not its tail 1.

Amidst such amazement, it took him some effort to recall the incident and at once, he directed a murderous look towards the four people beside him.

He remembered that it was they who brought up the idea before they fled together.

“Since we’re leaving, why not take out a loan before that to have some funds to get us started.”

“Hehe, we don’t even know where we’re heading to, so we won’t have to worry about being dunned for our debt.”

“That’s right, those losers can go ahead and cry, we’ll just leave with the loan.”

“That’s right, that’s right, why should we return the money we borrowed with our abilities? We’ll see if they’re actually capable of finding us.”

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

Blast it, what did they know? These folks actually activated an interstellar debt collecting team and for good reason!

What could they do, pray for the gods to descend and chase away this debt-collecting dragon?

If the gods knew this, the gods would probably kill them instead…

Would the gods be happy that they brought so many problems upon themselves and affected the development of their great cause due to a brief moment of greed?

However, at this time, their leader, “Zheng He”, a young man who looked like a college student asked faintly, “What exactly is happening? Who owes who money, Old Wang?”

“Wang Jinghong” sweated nervously and then retold the whole story through telepathy.

“How stupid, I’m truly disappointed in you people. Absolutely despicable, you human beings to be so driven by greed for petty gains.

The Azure Dragon watched coldly and remained silent as he hovered above.

At this moment, four to five of them — including Wang Jinghong — kneeled immediately.

After a year of spending time together, they could already roughly guess that under his human fa?ade, this “Zheng He” was probably an avatar of a god — perhaps more.

“Sorry, leader, we were too greedy, we’ll pay back the magical energy loan right away.”

“It’s not enough to just return the capital, there’s also a penalty interest for malicious evasion.” The Azure Dragon said coldly.

“Yes, yes, we’ll pay it all at once.” Wang Jinghong quickly nodded.

After a day, the Azure Dragon left Andromeda Galaxy while bobbing its head and wagging its tail.

Zheng He and the rest had mixed emotions as they watched the other party leave.

Amid amazement, there were fear, awe, hatred, jealousy, and dissatisfaction entangled in a flurry of emotions.

“I can’t believe that this Supreme Venerable Dragon God could gain power comparable to that of the gods so quickly. Even a distance of two million lightyears couldn’t stop him.” One of the debtors said, disgruntled.

“Yeah, the River God of the Sky River had spent over half a year when he wanted to travel past 600 lightyears, so even if the Azure Dragon has become a god, how could he be so much stronger than someone of equal rank?” Another shared his confusion.

“Hmph, this is probably the true power of the gods in full bloom. The River God of the Sky River was lacking in his Divine Power, in his heyday, it would probably be easier for him. Just as China was revered by all in its most prosperous period, even a country of the size of palm could force it into an unequal treaty in its weakness.” Another one sighed while shaking his head.

“Are you done talking? If you’re done, then get back to work.” Zheng He was the first to turn around, he then walked away after hurling some words out.

“Alright, let’s get back to work. Damn it, this Dragon God has no conscience, said it was penalty interest, but we were charged a few times higher than its capital. The magical energy we produced during the past year was only enough to pay the penalty interest; when I come to think of it, we have been working for him this whole time.” There was still one that was dissatisfied.

“What can you do? He’s so strong, if there were some justifiable reason, perhaps we could’ve cut a deal; but it was debt evasion, what was there to talk about?” Some chose to accept their fate.

Only with power, would there be reason, this was reality.

Three days later, the Land of Heritage.

In front of the Magical Energy Bank was an enormous billboard with a long azure dragon, a space backdrop and a spiral galaxy on it.

“Thanks to the Great Venerable Dragon God, from this day onwards, our bank will no longer limit the redeemable amount and will operate according to standard commercial procedures. However, as a gentle reminder, there will be some losses by redeeming in advance.”

“At the same time, our bank would like to issue a stern warning to certain malicious debtors who like to try their luck, do not assume that you can evade debts from our bank just because you are advanced in your cultivation, has high power and is skilled in fleeing. We have signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the Great Venerable Dragon God… There is no way to flee even if you travel to the ends of the earth or the edge of the universe.”

“This is wonderful!” All the Cultivators who were in long queues cheered.

“As expected, we still had to look to the Dragon God to save the day!”

“Ah, the Dragon God is truly merciful, it couldn’t stand watching us suffer.”

In an instant, a sense of gratitude welled up in the hearts of those in the queue.

Such gratitude was not inferior to that of a life-saving grace.

All those who had suffered from a repudiated debt would always be able to empathize with the feeling of having the money they saved with toil and moil being cheated away by others.

A pun on a Chinese idiom that means to be swift and secretive with one’s movement since one could be seen for a second and also nowhere to be found the next