Chapter 1066 - Moving Back

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Chapter 1066: Moving Back

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The Land of Heritage.

The Cultivators Assembly.

“Everyone, the bank run which happened recently at the Magical Energy Bank is today’s topic of discussion.” The meeting’s host addressed the crowd of powerhouses.

“Sigh, if the Great Venerable Dragon God doesn’t intervene this time, there’s going to be a huge problem.” Someone commented.

“Yeah, the other party wants us to provide loans at the last minute. However, under such circumstances, how are we supposed to offer loans to them? All magical energy stored in Magical Provenance has been budgeted.” Another person shook his head.

“Alright everyone, let’s stop lamenting and begin the discussion. We’ll now welcome the formerly American cultivator and famous economist, Mr. Edward to share with us his newfound economics theory on the World of Cultivation.” The host banged the wooden hammer on the table again.

A zestful white man in his early 40s who wore black spectacles stood up and bowed slightly towards the crowd. Then, he sat down again, picked up his script and began to read.

“Under the Era of Shenyuan, commercial activities related to the World of Cultivation have displayed varying characteristics. Based on this, I hereby summarize three economic principles.

“Two, those involved in commercial activities must have a powerhouse who matches the scale of their commercial activities to back them up, or else they would face difficulties in withstanding various kinds of risks that appear in commercial activities.”

“Three, arguments often accompany economic activities in the World of Cultivation and the bottom threshold is often lower than regular commercial activities.”

After he finished speaking, the crowd was silent at first, then a hubbub ensued.

“He’s spewing nonsense, isn’t he? And this is known as the New World of Cultivation Economics Theory?” Someone attacked the economist’s ideas.

“Eh, that wasn’t total nonsense. What he said did have some truth in it.” Someone nodded.

“Silence, does anyone else want to speak?” The host banged his hammer again.

This time, Ren Ruofeng raised his hand.

“Please allow the powerhouse from China to speak.”

The crowd started to pay attention to him. Everybody knew that the biggest economic entity in the World of Cultivation is the Truth Department. They had people, money and land. The venue where everybody was at right now was the Truth Department’s property and a rental fee had to be paid annually.

Times prior to this had been dangerous but the matter was not brought up. After the completion of the Ten Billion Population Plan, procedures which had to be done and profits which had to be acquired were not neglected by the Truth Department.

After all, history proved to them that showing kindness towards matters on an international platform instead of focusing on profits did not lead to positive outcomes.

“Everyone, I thought that the current economic activities of the World of Cultivation must undergo a planning system. Our Nets Above Snares Below plan can be the central core of this type of economic activity. In a short amount of time, it can count the main changes in supply and demand.” Ren Ruofeng addressed the crowd.

Some people nodded while some shook their heads.

Edward, the person who spoke earlier, furrowed his brows. “Mr. Ren, everyone knows that the planning system lacks vigor and it’s incapable of activating each economic entity’s productivity, leading to low efficiency. This isn’t good for our World of Cultivation’s development.”

“Hehe, but it’s good for gathering cultivation resources to perform great things and good for maintaining the stability of humanity. As for the economic entity’s productivity, we can focus on supporting major enterprises while relaxing control on smaller ones to undergo a flexible adjustment.” Ren Ruofeng proposed confidently. After all, he had decades of experience in dealing with this.

“Oh, does this mean that our World of Cultivation has to form a planning committee that oversees all humans?”

“I happen to have such an idea…” Ren Ruofeng uttered slowly.

The important figures within the system were busy discussing complex topics that were hard to grasp. Naturally, Fang Ning would not care about them. He only knew that Sir System successfully returned to demand payment for a debt and it had increased its demands.

“Fine, you son of a b*tch. You’re a haughty fellow.” Fang Ning was in the System Space and saw everything clearly. “I thought they wanted to stage a violent protest to resist the debt, but it didn’t happen.”

“Yeah, I’m so disappointed. There’s no challenge at all.” Sir System sighed.

“Be grateful. You’re a God-level System. Most likely, none of these fellows had ever thought of inter-galactic debt collection. Right, how did you manage to travel 2 million light-years anyway?” Fang Ning inquired out of curiosity.

“Oh, that’s an Esoteric Skill of a Brontosaurus called ‘Speed of Light’. Each activation allows me to travel ten thousand light years. I only need to activate it 200 times.” Sir System explained.

“You can still do that? Looks like there are a lot of these God-level Esoteric Secrets, but what Maxims have you grasped? I heard from them that it’s essential to master the Maxims in order to become a god.” Fang Ning continued asking.

“I’m made from Maxims, so what other Maxims do I need to master?” Sir System replied. “I’ll become a god once my powers reach a certain point.”

“You didn’t say so last time.” Fang Ning retorted.

“Then I said it wrong. Whatever I say now takes precedence.” Sir System asserted.

“You son of a b*tch, you’re being egoistic again.” Fang Ning sneered.

“Sorry, Mr. Rich Boss, I’m wrong.” Sir System hastily apologized.

A moment passed yet no System Notification appeared.

“That’s not right, I learn from my mistakes and change. Why no reward this time?” Sir System felt disappointed.

“Dream on, do you really think it’s that easy to farm rewards like this repeatedly? Better lie low and continue working.” Fang Ning jeered.

“Alright, I’ll go work while you go cultivate. Let’s not be lazy.” Sir System gave in.

Fang Ning returned to the lounge, climbed onto his bed and continued to cultivate.

Land of Culinary, Greater Rat Kingdom.

The bank run issue that occurred at the human’s Magical Energy Bank spread to this area as well.

Bai Shixin was discussing this matter with his ministers in the newly-built palace.

“Everyone, the present economic policy of our Greater Rat Kingdom must also keep up with the times. The Computer Management System which was previously established has to be further deepened to be used under the new economic environment.” Bai Shixin, who was seated on the throne, said calmly.

Some people began to whisper among themselves.

“The Computer Management System was left behind by the First King, right?”

“Yes, it was a project led by two humans at that time. Now, ever since we moved into this arcane realm, energy supply has become a problem. Without the geothermal power station providing an endless supply of energy, the Computer Management System which uses up a lot of power has to be shut down after a few hours of work.” Someone said.

No doubt, they were not like the humans who had a complete industrial system. The entire Greater Rat Kingdom’s industry depended upon the humans’ industrial system.

It was easier in the outer world. Back then, they could obtain the relevant components to maintain the geothermal power station through smuggling or public trading.

With the presence of the geothermal power station, energy supply was not a problem.

In order to avoid persecution from the spirits and monsters, the Greater Rat Clan moved into the Land of Culinary. However, energy supply became a problem again.

The arcane realm did not have any magma or geothermal energy. The current energy could only be generated by imported petroleum and coal.

This situation was challenging. In the outer world, humans could still rely on spiritually-controlled mechs to work at factories outside, whereas they could only send their members who were left behind to work.

Bai Shixin furrowed his brows. He had not begun the discussion on the current subject and their present problems had already been brought up. He was, of course, unhappy. This was obviously not a person who did things.

He lifted a finger and pointed towards somebody. “Kong Liang, tell me, what should we do?”

Kong Liang brandished a fan. He spoke confidently as he waved the fan. “Your Highness, according to the latest news, we’d better move back.”

“Eh…” Everyone glanced at each other. This was a fine idea. If they moved back now, all of their current problems would no longer exist.

Furthermore, if they were lucky, they could pick up some junk along the way.

It had been two years since the humans abandoned their cities, so the things there were not heavily weathered…

The objects in the city might not be of use to the humans, but they were useful to the Greater Rat Clan. Particularly, those factories in the suburbs had complete sets of equipment. They could be reused once they were thoroughly cleaned.