Chapter 1068 - Conflict

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Chapter 1068: Conflict

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Sir System was upset. “How could you do this? You can’t do this with the Maxim and you can’t use someone’s speech against him. Isn’t this the most basic rule?”

Fang Ning focused on cultivating and ignored that idiot.

Sir System realized it was being ignored and disappeared.

After a while, the Heavenly Book baby rushed out excitedly.

It noticed that Fang Ning was still busy cultivating and refused to disturb him. Instead, it spoke to the empty System Space.

“System Daddy, good news.”

“What good news? I know there’s no good news when you call me Daddy.” Sir System responded grumpily. “Are you short of money again?”

“Listen to yourself, am I that kind of book? Some people in the Morality City have proposed that since the Dragon God has become a god, he should take over Earth and make it his own Kingdom of God.” The Heavenly Book replied, feeling wronged.

“Eh, I’ve wrongly accused you.” Sir System felt embarrassed. “This is good news. Let me calculate how much money I can really earn if I take over Earth…”

“When that time comes, money is just a number. If you manage to take over Earth, you’ll acquire all kinds of resources every year and you can even receive protection fee, no, offerings from the tens of thousands of clans on Earth.” The Heavenly Book baby explained.

“Eh, no, no, this defies my principles as a righteous System. How can I accept protection fees from other people? Besides, Earth doesn’t belong to me and I can’t forcefully claim it as my Kingdom of God, or else I’ll become an evil landlord.” Sir System was about to agree to this proposal and hastily declined.

“Eh, you have been properly educated by the Maxim.” The Heavenly Book baby chuckled.

“Can’t help it, someone else has leverage over me, just like how a mouse has entered an elephant’s trunk. What other choice do I have? I feel helpless, too.” Sir System felt dejected.

It could not obtain the goodies right in front of it. To the System, it was like stabbing its Host in the chest. Despite the absence of pain, it was still unpleasant.

“What a pity. Although the Master and I are weaker than you, at least we are free.” The Heavenly Book baby dealt another blow to the System.

“Lemme think, I can’t accept this protection fee, but if they sign a security agreement with me and I provide them with complete protection, there won’t be any problems. A Hero still has to eat…” An idea sprung to Sir System’s mind.

The Heavenly Book kept quiet for a moment after listening to the System.

“Hey, why aren’t you answering?” Sir System felt puzzled.

“Erm, this method is feasible.” The Heavenly Book finally replied.

“What are you doing?” Sir System was confounded.

“I’m waiting for the Maxim Notification to see whether it wants to lock you up again. Since there’s no such notification, it means your method is workable.” The Heavenly Book baby said firmly.

“Dammit, you lousy, no… Heavenly Book baby, you’re clever and adorable indeed.” Sir System remarked through clenched teeth.

“But of course, the Master brought me up to be this way.” The Heavenly Book baby reacted proudly.

“You’ll be in charge of this matter. If I’m required to show myself, I’ll do it.” Sir System instructed.

Three days later, above the still waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Butler Zheng, who represented the Dragon God signed an egalitarian security agreement with the humans, demons and other clan leaders on Earth.

The agreement contained three main points.

“One, every clan on Earth shall receive the Great Venerable Dragon God’s Dragon Force protection and pay a certain amount of wealth each year as a protection fee.”

“Two, if a clan encounters an invasion from a strong enemy, the Great Venerable Dragon God can provide resistance services at a cost.”

“Three, any sentient living being on Earth, regardless of how weak or strong or how long they have lived, shall enjoy an equal right to life. Such a right to life will be acknowledged by the Great Venerable Dragon God. As consideration for the Earth’s ecosystem, the population of every clan on Earth shall be restricted and colonization of extraterrestrial planets shall be encouraged.”

This new agreement was named as the “Dragon-Human Agreement”.

Once it came out, it was widely reported by all media outlets and this boosted the morale of the people.

In the past, most people’s relationship with the Dragon God was vague. The latter protected humans and other sentient clans to a certain degree based on his stance on justice.

Nevertheless, to many people, this was obviously unreliable.

With these three conditions, everybody finally felt that they actually had somebody to rely on in this Era of Mystery.

“Hehe, Brother Zheng, we’re brothers from now on and we have to rely on the Great Venerable Dragon God to feed ourselves.” Ren Ruofeng said obligingly.

“Eh, you’re too kind. I’m just an assistant. How can I be your brother? This isn’t appropriate.” Old Man Zheng replied sheepishly.

In fact, Oldman Ren was pushing 80. How could Old Man Zheng become his brother?

“Hey, it’s one’s will and determination that counts and not his age. Throughout these years, it’s all thanks to your devotion to the Great Venerable Dragon God that the latter can live harmoniously with us humans. Your great service shall never be forgotten for generations to come.” Ren Ruofeng expressed this from the bottom of his heart.

“Sigh, I’m not worthy of such praise. What I’ve received from the Great Venerable Dragon God is much greater than what I have contributed.” Butler Zheng sighed.

“He knows about this, yet he doesn’t become my brother immediately?” Sir System grumbled, hidden in a corner.

“Didn’t the Master say so? The followers’ ultimate wishes have to be fulfilled first.”

“What other ultimate wish does Old Man Zheng have? He has food to eat and a wife, what else is he unsatisfied of? Also, the Yellow Dog already has a litter of puppies, isn’t he satisfied yet? The Black Dog’s situation is still understandable since it’s still single and works overtime every day…” Sir System was displeased.

“I think we’d better discuss this again once the Master has finished cultivating in isolation. I don’t know what to do even if you ask me.” The Heavenly Book baby declined.

“That’s his only use.” Sir System said disdainfully.

Once the Dragon-Human Agreement was signed, the hustle and bustle of the past resumed on Earth.

After more than two years of refuge and the Dragon God’s ascension to a god, the humans got to move out of the Land of Heritage at last.

However, the new systems that had been put into place by force would certainly not dissolve and it was impossible for the humans to live like they once did in the past.

Anyway, this current opportunity could be used to realize an actual global economic integration.

Those who moved out were labor forces of suitable age. The rest of the people were still living in the Land of Heritage.

These labor forces were used to revive the crucial industrial areas.

As for the agricultural areas, mechs would be used to develop land on a large-scale basis.

However, a new problem arose.

“No, you humans are terrified of spirits and monsters and you all run away. The barren land that you left behind has been reclaimed by us and we can’t return it to you.”

This type of issue was common, especially in the Americas. The demon clan leaders were firm in their stance.

No problems were met during the restoration of most industrial areas and mines. After all, the demons were still incapable of handling modern industries and they only entered such areas to collect junk.

Yet, a traditional industry like the agricultural industry was not that complicated.

This type of argument was certainly endless.

In the past, a large-scale, bloody conflict would definitely ensue.

Now, on the other hand, humans who now set their sights on something higher no longer dealt with such problems carelessly.

Once again, they brought up the concept of “demon-human integration”… The did so before, but due to the swift changes in circumstances, there was simply no time to integrate the demons.

This current situation happened to use this concept to bridge the differences between two parties and attempted to unite both sides.

The humans were now short of labor forces, especially ones which were suited to develop extraterrestrial planets.

The demon clans were ever-changing. If they were influenced by human civilization, it was easy to select adaptive species such as the Whitestone people.

“It isn’t enough to rely on mechs to colonize extraterrestrial planets. Absorbing the demons’ strong points and enhancing new human beings are the ways to expand the humans’ potential. Humans aren’t naturally perfect beings, they become perfect through the process of integration and improvement.”

A similar view began to grow in popularity.