Chapter 1069 - ntegration

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Chapter 1069: Integration

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The Land of Heritage, a gene laboratory in a particular building.

A group of powerhouses in the World of Cultivation were performing an inspection in the laboratory.

“What’s the progress of the research on the genetic integration between humans and demons, Dr. Xiao?” An elderly Lake-level powerhouse, who looked like he was in his sixties, asked wryly.

“Oh, everything’s going well. First, we selected a few demon species which are closest to humans and obtained some genetic samples to begin experiments on integration. The current progress is positive.” A bespectacled, middle-aged man with a squarish face in a large white coat replied firmly.

His reply piqued the Lake-level powerhouse’s interest and he inquired. “Which demons, if I may ask?”

“Pigs, monkeys, orcas…” Dr. Xiao adjusted his spectacles and answered him.

“Eh, what’s the point for a pig to be the first in place?” The Lake-level senior turned towards the others and laughed.

“Hehe, Old Man Gu, you’re so ignorant. Don’t you know that a pig’s organs are the most similar to a human’s? Pigs’ organs are often used in medical transplants.” A young man jeered haughtily.

“Erm, Mister, until today, there hasn’t been any actual case where a pig’s organs are transplanted to a human’s body.” Dr. Xiao clarified earnestly. “With the arrival of the Era of Mystery, much medical research had been halted as most of the research funding had been allocated towards the research of the mysterious side.”

“Hmph, empty vessels make the most noise. There’s nothing special about a young’un like you. Better listen to the expert.” The senior cultivation powerhouse retorted.

The young man’s face darkened and he glared at Dr. Xiao as if he were about to stir up trouble.

“What are you trying to do? Lil Wen, don’t be so conceited and just admit that you were wrong. Why are you so egoistic?” A leader reprimanded him.

“I’m sorry, Captain Zhao, I was wrong.” The young man whose surname was Wen quietened down. Although he looked down upon the powerless researchers, he dared not challenge his own leader.

The latter’s authority was gained through numerous battles.

“Mm, I’m sorry, Dr. Xiao. My guidance was inefficient and I have startled you.” The leader apologized sincerely.

“It’s alright, I’m used to it. It’s a new era after all and people like us are in charge of logistics and other general matters. We no longer have statuses like in the old days.” Dr. Xiao replied and complained at the same time. Then, he added. “Now, I’ll show everyone the results of a few types of integration.”

“Thank you, Dr. Xiao. You go first.”

“Let’s have a look together.”

The group of people headed next door and saw a person with a pig’s head and a human’s body. It was curled up in a clean glass enclosure and sleeping soundly.

“This is Experiment No. 1. He was originally a volunteer who was integrated with the genes of a powerful pig demon. Now, he can ingest lots of things and even sustain itself with soil under extreme conditions. In this case, the interstellar settlers of the future will become even more adaptive towards their surroundings. If they can’t tolerate their hunger for much longer, they can chew on rocks and eat soil.” Dr. Xiao explained seriously.

“Phew…” The group of cultivators glanced at each other.

“Isn’t this too cruel for all of you? Can humans still be called humans?” Old Man Gu could not bear to look at that creature.

“Hey, it’s actually not a bad idea. Next time, when payday comes, money can be saved. Everybody gets one kilogram of soil.” Someone laughed.

Dr. Xiao’s expression shifted subtly as he heard this but he kept quiet.

A young female researcher beside him could not contain herself and snapped back. “Do you really think this is what we want to research on? Wasn’t this a research requirement set by you all?”

“Mm, Lil Xu, don’t talk like that to the investors, since they’re also correct.” Dr. Xiao shook his head. “However, it’s the truth. Researchers like us can’t decide on the research direction on our own.”

Meanwhile, someone asked a serious question. “Soil and rocks don’t contain energy. Even if they can be digested, they can’t provide the human body with the required energy, can it?”

Everyone turned to look at the inquirer.

He was tall and lanky and looked smart in his suit. He looked like an intelligent businessman of the past.

Some people actually thought of this!

“Hehe, this will definitely not work in the past, but isn’t it the Era of Vitality now? Soil and rocks are also infused with Vitality. Once they are consumed, they will be transformed into energy via the pig demon’s unique genes. Haven’t we realize the transformation between natural energy and Vitality by now? Thus, theoretically, it can be realized.” Dr. Xiao still maintained his serious tone.

“You’ve got a point, this Vitality is like air. It’s priceless and useful, but it has no exchange value, meaning which it can be used without spending money.” The smart businessman nodded in agreement. “In this respect, the cost of human labor can be largely reduced. This research is really good.”

“Hmph, it’s twisted and diabolical.” Old Man Gu was not amused.

This man should be having a proper meal. However, this mysterious technique turned humans into creatures that consumed rocks and soil. No matter how he looked at it, it was perverse.

Yet, he was incapable of coming up with more rebuttals. There was no lack of solar energy when it came to developing a new planet in the universe. In other words, there was no shortage of Vitality, but it was not possible to plant crops at every location.

“Hey, I have another question. Once this food issue is settled, what about oxygen? Lots of places don’t have oxygen.” Someone continued asking.

“Oh, we’re still conducting research on this. There’s a multitude of anaerobic bacteria on Earth. It’s just that there are too little anaerobic bacteria that become demons, but there’s a way to go about this. I heard that the all-purpose bacteria in a foodstuff factory nearby has displayed signs of sentience. If it becomes a demon, we can communicate with it and integrate part of its genes with a human. Then, it’ll be likely to transform different types of gas into oxygen for human absorption. It’s also possible for humans to achieve a plant-like state and produce organic matter on their own.” Dr. Xiao carried on with his analysis.

“Enough!” Suddenly, Old Man Gu became very agitated. “What sort of balderdash is this?! If this goes on, humans are no longer humans and they will be replaced by humanoid demons in the future!” 1

The geezer might be old, but as a Lake-level powerhouse, his loud voice boomed and echoed across the entire laboratory, causing some apparatuses to fall and shatter on the floor.

“Brother Gu, why do you have to behave this way? This is a serious scientific discussion and not the time for you to throw a fit!” The leader walked forward and pointed a finger towards him to quieten down everyone.

“Hmph, go have your discussion then. I’m gonna seek justice from the Great Venerable Dragon God!” Old Man Gu shook his head and left.

“People become more narrow-minded as they age, what’s the difference between him and a child?” Someone remarked as he gazed at Old Man Gu’s back. “Plus, as long as the humans don’t go overboard with their internal affairs, the Dragon God won’t intervene at all. What can he do even if he meets the Dragon God?”

“Hehe, we must also be open towards opposing ideas.” The leader shook his head. “Dr. Xiao, did these test subjects really participate in this experiment on a voluntary basis?”

“Of course, we promised to provide them with cultivation resources and signed an Accidental Death Protection Agreement. Although we’re unable to pay one billion magical energy points should they undergo perfect reincarnation, reincarnating as butterflies or ants is still easy, or they end up as mechs. In the new era, people are less fearful of death and it’s easier to recruit volunteers. By just taking a chance, we can get a great return on investment.” Dr. Xiao replied humorously.

“That’s great, your efforts are effective. Although not many people will understand and accept it for now, it’s exactly like how lots of new technologies were demonized when they first came out. In the end, people will still acknowledge them.” The leader encouraged him.

The Dragon’s Cave in Qi City.

Old Man Gu departed from the arcane realm and flew towards his destination.

From his perspective, the Dragon God with his aura of justice was the only figure who could stop this madness!

When he arrived at the Dragon Cave and relayed his purpose of visit to Butler Zheng, he then sat on a green rock, fuming with anger.

“Tell me, what kind of nonsense is this? Conducting research on this sort of blasphemous technology goes against human ethics! We humans have undergone evolution for millions of years and ultimately, we end up as pigs and dogs. Can we still be known as humans?!”

Butler Zheng felt helpless. “Mister, please don’t be mad. You can’t tell whether something is good or bad in matters like this. It’s just a technology roadmap and they’re also doing so for the quicker development of humanity. Appearance isn’t important in the face of survival.”

“But, but, we haven’t reached that point yet, have we?” Old Man Gu tried to contain his fury. “When I saw that pig-headed man, I wanted to punch it to death. It’s so shameful. I don’t want my descendants to become a bunch of bastards!”

“Cool down, I’ll go inform Venerable One.” Butler Zheng comforted him.

“Fine, fine, go at once.” Old Man Gu waved his arm and urged the butler.

The author used a pun here. In this context, 人妖 literally means “humanoid demons”, referring to the human-demon hybrid created by Dr. Xiao. However, in the Chinese language, 人妖 is a slang that refers to transgender people.