Chapter 1070 - The Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below Project

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Chapter 1070: The Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below Project

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Soon, the Azure Dragon poked his head out.

Old Man Gu saw the giant dragon head and a chill ran down his spine. Still, he maintained his composure and bowed respectfully.

“Mm, you have something you wish to bring up. Old Man Zheng has told me about it.” The Azure Dragon said wanly. “Be more open-minded. Actually, humans were evolved from animals, and turning back to animals now will fulfill the natural order of “returning to one’s roots”. Every single action that we do is dictated by fate.”

“…” Old Man Gu listened and his jaw dropped. After a few seconds, he refused to give in and pressed on. “But, this is a detour. Since when do we take detours?”

“Hehe, the path of history is laid out in a manner that spirals upwards. You think you’re taking a detour when, in fact, you’re actually going up.” The Azure Dragon shook his head and waved its claws. “Go, go, this is the path chosen by the humans and I respect your free will. Of course, I also respect your right to oppose this decision. As long as no one is being forced, I won’t intervene.”

Old Man Gu lowered his head. The Azure Dragon had already disappeared. Old Man Zheng eyed Old Man Gu sympathetically.

It was indeed hard for an elderly person like him to accept this type of new trend.

He was furious enough that his son at home looked like some parrot after dying his hair rainbow, let alone turning into a bastardized version of a human or demon.

He stood in front of the Dragon Cave for a while. All of a sudden, he slapped his palm on his scalp and told Butler Zheng. “Ah, I was so caught up in getting here that I forgot to offer a gift to the Great Venerable Dragon God!”

When he finished speaking, he removed a bag of fruits from his interspatial bangle and placed it on the green rock. Lastly, he gave a fisted salute and flew away without waiting for a reply from Old Man Zheng.

Old Man Zheng shook his head. Things were starting to pile up again.

The bag of fruits vanished.

“B*tch System, you handled this problem rather well. Looks like you have improved under my care.” Fang Ning had just completed a small stage of his cultivation process. He witnessed the whole incident just now and praised the System.

“Eh, that’s not right. You scold me every day but why aren’t you silenced?” Sir System ignored Fang Ning’s praise and felt suspicious.

“Rubbish, my life, my choice, unlike you who’s controlled by a Maxim system. If you work for someone else, you have to listen to that person.” Fang Ning sneered.

“No, your life, my choice.” Sir System asserted.

“…” Fang Ning was speechless.

System Notification: [The System has seized the Host’s body.]

“Since you’ve finally come out, tell me, what should I do next? I can’t simply let this body of the Dragon God go to waste.” Sir System goaded Fang Ning.

“Help the Whitestone people to develop more plots of land and planets. These Stone people are intrinsically honest. They’re good to manage as long as you’re direct to them.” Fang Ning gave the System an idea about their future strategic plans.

“Yeah, the Whitestone people are useful. You can manipulate them but they can’t manipulate you. To you, of course they’re easy to manage; With your IQ, you can suppress me. If I get a cultivation expert, I can suppress you.” Sir System snorted.

Maxim Notification: [The System has spoken its mind and has been rewarded the buff “Sincerity”. In 30 days, its credibility will be increased by 50%.]

“Cut the crap.” Fang Ning was annoyed. “I worked like a dog for you for six to seven years, and I only got this lousy comment in return?”

“It’s the truth.” Sir System grinned smugly. “Even the Maxim admits that I’m telling the truth. Look at you, how many of the followers you have recruited are humans? This completely proves your guilt.”

“Fine, take your Maxim and scram! Master Fang is going to cultivate. I’ve seen everything clearly. One of your characteristics is kicking away the ladder and you don’t even care about friendships.” Fang Ning scrambled back into the lounge.

“How could this be? I’ve always been an honest System who cares about friendships…” Sir System asserted.

Maxim Notification: [The System has uttered something that goes against the truth. The rewarded buff “Sincerity” has been revoked.]

“Dammit, I shouldn’t have been so careless.”

Just when the System was throwing a tantrum, a Divine Monument that had not shown up for a long time — the green frog, hopped towards it.

“Master, Master, bad news, the Heavenly Axiom issued an order just now.”

Fang Ning had just laid down in the lounge and was about to fall asleep. When he heard the green frog’s cries, he was extremely reluctant to get up.

“What’s the matter? Calm down, you’re also an old frog. Mind yourself and don’t holler about.”

Fang Ning walked out of the lounge lazily and reprimanded the green frog.

“It’s like this. Just now, Axiom Daddy said that you currently have the power to fulfill a great wish and it’s time for you to do so.” The green frog said sincerely.

“What kind of great wish?” Fang Ning asked the frog back instinctively. Then, he recalled something. “You mean the Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below.”

“Yes, Master, earlier you left the Milky Way and advanced two million light years ahead. Axiom Daddy knows about this matter, so he ordered me to push you to fulfill the wish you’ve made earlier. If you don’t fulfill it and purposely delay it, there’ll be severe implications.” The green frog told him nervously.

“Mm, yes, yes, I must finish what I’ve started.” Fang Ning remarked seriously. “Therefore, Sir, you must obey the Heavenly Axiom’s order and complete this Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below.”

“…” Sir System did not respond for some time. A panicky Fang Ning thought he got stuck again.

“I understand it all. My job is to take care of your crap ever since the day I was born…” Sir System scoffed.

Maxim Notification: [The System has understood its roots and acquired the Natural Trait “Revelation of the True Self”. It can see through all falsehoods and will not be trapped by illusions.]

“Sigh, I’m so sorry, looks this is really the truth.” Fang Ning remarked cheekily.

“No, a long time ago, I’ve recorded a video from Oldman Ren and made you learn. You can’t let this skill go to waste and this matter still has to be handled by you.” Sir System declined.

“Oh, if I do it, when can I become a god via cultivation? Lemme tell you, the Milky Way is a hundred thousand light-years long. Finding a suitable planet within the Milky Way, becoming a lunar mansion in mythologies and then setting up hub nodes based on these factors are no easy tasks.” Fang Ning pushed the responsibility away at once.

“You have so many excuses. You’re lazy and your cultivation progress is slow, yet you blame me? You’d better work overtime then. A 24 x 24 work shift where you take a day off every 24 days. You cultivate 12 hours a day and spend the remaining 12 hours to set up the Nets Above Snares Below. You won’t be slower than others.” Sir System decided swiftly.

“You’re worse than my previous boss.” Fang Ning exclaimed in agony.

“It’s good enough that I didn’t let you eat soil! Didn’t you hear Old Man Gu just now? Humans in the future have to learn to eat soil to live, and they even have to achieve a plant-like state.” Sir System replied

Despite Fang Ning’s complaints, the Nets Above Snares Below project had to commence earlier.

Previously, he made a great wish. After assisting the Heavenly Axiom with establishing the Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below, he initially thought that after a few hundred years later, once the “Divine-level” boasted by Sir System had been achieved, he could set up the thing as he wished.

However, he forgot that the Heavenly Axiom would not wait for him. It was just like owing money from a bank. Other people would not forget about you.

Nonetheless, Fang Ning did not want to run around in outer space. Imagine how inefficient that would be! If he was not careful, he would end up working a 24 x 24 shift and tire himself to death.

Hence, he provided the System with an idea. Whoever benefited from this matter would have to do the work.

“Mm, your words make sense, Mr. Rich Boss.” Sir System expressed its agreement. “We must let Oldman Ren and his gang get involved as they will benefit the most from this project. If something bad does happen on Earth, we can run away anytime, but they can’t.”

“Yeah, we have to find more people. Since you’re the fastest, Sir, just send those people to their respective planets and let them be in charge of the formation’s construction work. Parallel and multi-thread processes can enhance efficiency.” Fang Ning suggested.

“Mm, looks like Oldman Ren’s plans are doomed to fail. Once our project has begun, there’ll surely be a lot of non-humans, or else, they won’t be able to work on those planets.” Sir System affirmed.

“Sigh, survival is key.” Fang Ning exhaled a pent-up breath.