Chapter 1071 - Big Guy

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Chapter 1071: Big Guy

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The boundless Milky Way was actually a massive maelstrom. Earth was situated on its third spiral arm.

At the same time, a giant dragon departed from this area and headed towards somewhere within the Milky Way.

“Mr. Rich Boss, don’t you think it’s weird that in this core that formed the Nets Above Snares Below, the Twenty-Eight Mansions in the sky happened to be located in the Milky Way.” Sir System asked, feeling suspicious.

“Look at you, are you insane? Lemme ask you, where did these Twenty-Eight Mansions 1 come from?” Fang Ning scoffed.

“Of course they came from your Chinese mythology.” Sir System asserted.

“Wrong. Legend says that they were passed down from our ancestors. When our ancestors observed the celestial events, in order to separate the stars in the sky, they decided to come up with star mansions. The observation skills of our ancestors were low, so it was natural that the closer the stars were, the better they could observe them. Stars that could be seen by the naked eye were located within the Milky Way. Whereas, stars from other galaxies could not be seen at all…” Fang Ning explained.

“Oh, in this case, this Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below does sound rather profound. It has an ancient flavor to it.” Sir System mused.

As they chatted, they have arrived at their first destination — the First Mansion of the Horn.

The Mansion of the Horn, one of the mansions of the Twenty-Eight Mansions, was made up of two stars, the First Mansion of the Horn and the Second Mansion of the Horn which represented the Azure Dragon’s right horn and left horn respectively.

The First Mansion of the Horn was located 249.74 light-years away from Earth and it was a magnitude 1 star. It was the seventeenth brightest star and exceptionally luminous.

On the other hand, the Second Mansion of the Horn was located 73 light-years away from Earth and it was a magnitude 3 star. It was not as bright compared to its elder brother.

To Fang Ning, this was the reason why it was numbered as the second mansion by his ancestors. Although it was nearer to Earth, it was useless for it was not bright enough.

Thus, he behaved in a tacky manner and followed the order. Anyway, to the present System, the distance of a few hundred light-years was something that it could easily cover.

When he saw the giant sun in front of him, Fang Ning let out a sigh and remembered the method of setting up the Nets Above Snares Below which he learned earlier.

Each star mansion was a star.

In order to let a star fully become a star mansion, it was be provided with offerings of incense.

Earth was so far away. Even if there were offerings of incense, by the time they reached their destination their value would be only a quarter of its original. At most, it would make this star slightly different from the other stars.

It was only with sufficient incense that it could let this ancient star undergo sublimation and a mysterious transformation in order for it to live up to the name of a star mansion. Then, it could proceed to work with the Nets Above Snares Below Formation and become one of the transformation hubs in the Formation.

Or else, everything would be baseless.

Fang Ning pondered for a while and said to Sir System, “Dumb System, take a look with my Khorium Ore Spirit Gaze. How does the First Mansion of the Horn differ from the other nearby stars?”

System Notification: [The System has activated the Esoteric Skill “Spirit Gaze” and is observing the stars ahead.]

“Eh…” Fang Ning noticed the appearance of a bright, radiant white light before his eyes. A long horn vaguely materialized within the white light.

“Fascinating.” Fang Ning witnessed the unfolding of this scene and felt that there was still hope in establishing this Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below.

Although it was shallow, this star shared a deep and profound relationship with Earth. One could see from the horn just now that it had the qualifications to become the right horn of the Azure Dragon.

On the contrary, other stars only displayed normal celestial events instead of such bizarre occurrences.

“Alright, Sir System, let’s go have a look and see whether there is a more appropriate planet.” Fang Ning instructed.

The Azure Dragon swayed its body and was about to depart from this star.

All of a sudden, light began to pulse and dazzle within the star of the First Mansion of the Horn.

Fang Ning heard a strange song of the dragon.

After that, darkness embraced him and the nearby star burned to a cinder within the blink of an eye.

Despite the darkness in outer space, the Azure Dragon was not far from the star, which was the original source of bright light.

“What the f*ck, what’s the meaning of this?!” Fang Ning exclaimed and scrambled back into the System Space at the same time. He entered the System Hotel.

Meanwhile, the two gods were having tea in the hotel.

Naturally, their tea was unusual. The tea leaves were plucked from the tea trees specially planted by the System. Long-term consumption provided soul strengthening properties.

They were not even available on the market, so people could not buy them even if they had the money.

Of course, they did not receive this special treatment for free. This tea tree planting method was taught by the Culinary God.

Most of the time, Fang Ning was too lazy and he did not have the attention span to manage so many matters. He would not waste Sir System’s 99 Threads.

Death’s evil aura was too oppressive and his abilities were comprised of killing tactics, which differed greatly from the personality of a Hero, so it was unwise to start with him.

However, it was different with the Culinary God. Many of his methods could increase production in the Era of Mystery.

He knew how to cook and how to plant and rear things. He was capable of picking up new skills quickly since he was a god. He mastered every path that he came into contact with.

Obviously, Fang Ning was not interested in all of these. Drinking tea was not as fun as reading novels and playing computer games.

“Our two gods, what happened on the outside?” Fang Ning asked them urgently.

People feared the unknown. If one understood the cause of fear, that fear would be reduced.

“Oh, most likely something paranormal has taken shape within some primordial being. It wants to swallow you.” Death shook his head.

“Gasp…” Fang Ning held his breath. Initially, he assumed that setting up the Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below was just a strenuous activity, but he did not expect it to be a fatal activity too!

“Mm, judging by its current situation, I think this form of the Azure Dragon triggered some paranormal trait within this star mansion. Its instinct tells it that if it swallows the Azure Dragon, it’ll ascend to be a Primordial Divine. It’s just like how the sun, moon and stars were formed after the Upper Realm created the world.” Death asserted.

“I wonder how dangerous it is?” Fang Ning asked.

He did not take Sir System’s status as a God-level System for granted. Ultimately, its quintessence was too shallow and it was technically a Child System that was about six years old. How could it possibly compete with the sun that was billions of years old?

“Sigh, it doesn’t look good.” Death shook his head and rubbed his fingers together.

“Forget it then.” Fang Ning understood it all. Sir System would not bother about its own safety until it actually got hurt.

“Mm, then just wait and see. I can tell you that this star is a force to be reckoned with.”

Surely, without warning, the gigantic star hurled itself against them in the midst of the darkness!

If Fang Ning had not kept his Khorium Ore Spirit Gaze activated, he would not have seen it clearly.

Nevertheless, a simple move like that could not do anything to harm the Azure Dragon.

The Azure Dragon evaded the blow and struck the star with its tail.

The tail seemed insignificant as compared to the star’s size.

Still, at the following moment, the Azure Dragon who avoided the attack stretched its body and its size increased infinitely.

Its head grew from tens of thousands of li to hundreds of thousands of li and eventually to millions of li.

The sun’s diameter was only 1.39 million kilometers long and it could be rounded off to two million kilometers.

The Azure Dragon’s length exceeded that of the star in front of it.

However, it continued to grow until one of its claws was able to grab the entire star!

“Gasp…” Fang Ning felt aghast.

Earlier, he joined forces with the Heavenly Book baby to suppress the System while being assisted by the Maxim. Right now, he realized how powerful this fellow whom he twisted around his little finger was!

This was the true ability of Gods and Devils!

He asked warily. “Sir, what’s the purpose of you becoming so big?”

“Hmph, this toy had just developed its innate consciousness. It’s only by being bigger and stronger than it that it’ll be afraid of you.” Sir System grinned proudly.

True to the System’s words, the star that was shaking violently earlier began to simmer down and resumed revolving around its orbit. It dared not to hurl itself around recklessly again.

“Good to know. If it were a person, I wouldn’t have known what to do.” Fang Ning heaved a sigh of relief.