Chapter 1072 - Colonization Of Extraterrestrial Planets

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Chapter 1072: Colonization Of Extraterrestrial Planets

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Meanwhile, Death was evidently unhappy as he had been proven wrong.

He remarked that the situation was not good, yet the Azure Dragon grew bigger and managed to suppress the star that tried to be funny.

However, he did not show his displeasure. Instead, he commented in a superficial manner. “Every dog has its day. I didn’t expect that mysterious entity had developed powers to suppress the stars so quickly. No wonder, no wonder…”

Halfway through, he did not complete his sentence.

Fang Ning did not mind his remarks. His envy was apparent.

Still, this was normal. Death used to be a god and now, he struggled to survive in the System Hotel.

“Hehe, you’re too kind, but I was just lucky.” Fang Ning gave a fisted salute.

“It wasn’t you who did that. Why are you pretending to be humble?” Sir System queried him.

“How dare you speak to me like that? Be careful, or else I’ll suppress you myself.” Fang Ning replied with a threatening tone.

“Oh, I was wrong, Mr. Rich Boss. This is all due to your might and power.” Sir System immediately switched the subject.

“Fair enough.” Fang Ning felt pleased.

Every single object always had something that could be used against it.

“Sigh, let’s have some tea.” The Culinary God noticed there was nothing interesting going on and remarked as he lifted his teacup.

“Mm, yes, yes.” Death turned himself into his human form and lifted his teacup. His expression was inscrutable as if he was thinking of something.

“This old thing is up to no good…” Fang Ning has just got out of the System Hotel and Sir System reminded him anxiously.

“Duh, you’ve seen it all. Do you think I haven’t seen it? Since when has Death been a docile little bunny? Our relationship is merely based on using each other.” Fang Ning scoffed. “In contrast, the Culinary God still cares about mannerisms and charisma.”

“Then what the heck is he thinking about?” Sir System was perplexed.

“Hmph, what else? What he wants to do the most is to restore his godly status. However, it isn’t easy to do so. Still, I fear that what happened today gave him some ideas.” Fang Ning replied coldly.

“Can you put it in simpler terms? I’ve always been an honest… No, a dumb System. I don’t understand you when you beat around the bush.” Sir System confessed helplessly.

“Hahahaha.” At first, Fang Ning laughed maniacally. He then continued. “Very simple. Have you heard of the saying where the “Northern Bushel Dictates Death”?

“I’ve heard of it before and it’s a legend from your ancestors in China. It’s useless. How is death determined by a few stars?” Sir System was confounded.

“It was the way things worked in the past. Death was a metabolic requirement and a natural phenomenon. Now, however, you just dealt with that star which represented the Azure Dragon’s right horn, and you should be aware of the role of that star in the Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below.” Fang Ning said wryly.

“I’m aware of that. As the Azure Dragon’s left and right horns, they serve as the highest vantage points of the Nets Above Snares Below and they scanned the surrounding areas. Nonetheless, the characteristics of the star mansions in those legends are completely different matters.” Sir System said, feeling confused.

“Of course, after all, that’s based on the viewpoints of our ancestors. Most of their theories are far-fetched and there’re too many inconsistencies, so they can’t be followed exactly. Judging from Death’s perspective, however, he must be intent on becoming the Lord of the Northen Bushel and a dictator of death.” Fang Ning explained.

“Pfft, there’re only seven stars of the Northen Bushel. What can he use them for? The River God of Sky River even wanted to rule the Milky Way. He sounds so shallow.” Sir System commented dismissively.

“Hehe, this is just his first step towards restoring his powers. Since he used to be a mighty god, he would set his sights further. There are so many galaxies in this universe. I fear that his dream is to become the Lord of Death in the superclusters. The Seven Stars of the Northern Bushel is just his starting point.” Fang Ning shook his head. 1

“He can dream on. He can only work for me and it’s impossible for him to go outside.” Sir System did not believe him.

“Yeah, I believe he has thought of this. He must have some way to force you to let him out.” Fang Ning mused.

While the two of them were talking, the Azure Dragon had begun to set up a formation on the First Mansion of the Horn which had quietened down.

The setup of the formation was completed quickly. The First Mansion of the Horn became one of the nodes of the Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below.

After that, the Azure Dragon searched around the star for a while before discovering an extremely cold planet and opened a portal.

Obviously, this planet was not as good as Earth or even Mars. It was located at quite a distance from the First Mansion of the Horn.

Its only advantage was that it was a rocky planet and not a gas giant like Jupiter, or else, the humans had no chance of colonizing extraterrestrial planets.

In the future, humans could utilize this portal to colonize other planets and arrive on this planet to plant crops. Then, they could provide offerings to this planet and allow the latter to contribute its powers earlier.

“Mm, sounds simple enough.” Sir System smiled. “You shall be in charge of the next planet.”

“Sigh, as they say, capable people do more work. As you’re so competent, you should work more. I’m going to cultivate in isolation, so don’t bother me if there’s nothing wrong.” Fang Ning hastily wriggled himself out of this responsibility.

“Damn you, if you’re not gonna do it, I’ll get Oldman Ren and his gang to help.” Sir System had no other choice but to implement the food chain mode where the predator eats the prey.

A few days later, a group of powerhouses and STEM workers arrived on the planet close to the First Mansion of the Horn.

They were the most brilliant bunch on Earth. They felt euphoric when they saw the planet.

“I didn’t expect that the Great Venerable Dragon God to still be able to find us such a huge project. Mr. Ren, how many stars does your China Nets Above Snares Below need?” A white powerhouse inquired.

“Mm, a complete big Net requires one thousand and eight stars whereas a small Net requires only thirty-six stars. The China Nets Above Snares Below that is operating now only uses nine stars.” Naturally, Ren Ruofeng would not reveal every single thing. He merely mentioned part of it.

“Does this mean we can obtain more than a thousand planets to colonize from this Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below project? It’s a jackpot!” The white powerhouse did not even attempt to conceal his hunger for the planets.

“Hmph, this can only happen if we have an equally huge appetite. The Great Venerable Dragon God treats all sentient beings on Earth fairly. If we humans don’t seize this opportunity to develop the mysterious production powers, we can’t digest them in time. He has to reserve a few of the planets for other clans in order to maintain the speed of the project. Of course, the clans which are related to the Venerable One are also eyeing the planets intently.” An elderly black man remarked anxiously.

“True, regarding the few remaining planets, I fear the Venerable One has to consider equal measures.” Ren Ruofeng agreed.

The hardware on the planet they were currently standing on was not really good, but at least, the basic traffic conditions were met.

Based on human technology, could humans travel light years ahead only after a few thousand years had passed?

Currently, by relying on the Land of Sanguinity as a transit point, only ten or so minutes were required.

“Alright, we shall observe carefully and pinpoint every aspect to improve the lives of humans. We shall seize this opportunity to make them adapt to this planet’s living conditions as soon as possible in order to proceed with the colonization issue.”

Everybody nodded and spread out to explore this planet.

Undoubtedly, professional astronomy teams accompanied them. These powerhouses served as escorts and bodyguards.

The Second Mansion of the Horn.

This second star mansion was much more modest and allowed the Azure Dragon to manipulate it.

According to Fang Ning, it was seldom worshipped and thus, it was more foolish.

On the other hand, Sir System felt that the massive body of the Azure Dragon had caused this fellow to be frozen in shock.

As usual, a portal was opened on a nearby planet. This time, Fang Ning spoke aloud.

“Let the Whitestone people settle down here. We can’t hand over the entire core area to the humans.”

“Eh, stones are dumber. If we hand this place to them, I bet many of them will starve to death. There’s no Vitality here and we must first set up Vitality Transformation Equipment.”

“Then we shall seek help from the people of the Alliance of Justice and Order. In short, you must understand that humans are complex and inscrutable creatures. There’re very few righteous people. The ones who are genuinely good probably constitute about two percent of the entire human population.” Fang Ning advised.

Fang Ning was a human himself, so he understood the unpredictable nature of humans…

“You’ve got a point.” Sir System complied.

At the following moment, the people who arrived were Shi Da and his family and a few powerhouses from the Alliance of Justice and Order’s platform.

The Seven Stars of the Northern Bushel is a transliteration of the Big Dipper’s Chinese name. I decided to use the former name to give it a Chinese flavor.