Chapter 1075 - Road Construction

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Chapter 1075: Road Construction

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However, how he was supposed to use the ways of civilized people to get in touch with these people and convince them to give up this place to make way for the construction of a hub for the Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below was a difficult problem.

What he had previously encountered on the Magnetic Star was an evil society, which made it easier to deal with those people. Following the rules of the other party, their power level would determine their social rank, so by directly suppressing the Emperor of the Magnetic Men, he was able to free those slaves of the magnetic people.

As for this society that seemed almost as if they were in the Era of Technology of humankind, Fang Ning found it to be a rather tricky matter to have them move away in peace.

Despite it being tricky, he still managed to come up with a solution to the matter as soon as possible…

“Baby, release an Epic-level mission right away on the alliance’s platform.”

“Yes, Master. How should the mission be described?”

“The construction of the Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below. In the area of thirty-fourth node, there’s a civilization that has to be relocated. The process of relocation must uphold the notions of fairness, justice, and free will.”

“Master, why do you insist on relocating them? Won’t it be better to get them to join in our construction work for the Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below?” the Heavenly Book questioned.

Fang Ning shook his head. “If it were any other normal nodes, it would be fine. However, this is one of the eighty-one central nodes, so we must let the Whitestone people create their settlement here if we want to keep our peace of mind. You have to understand how fickle a person’s heart can be. What would never are benefits and interests. It is destined that our interests can never be in agreement with the interests of others forever.”

“Master is wise indeed,” the Heavenly Book baby quickly flattered.

“Has the mission been released?” Fang Ning asked.

“Yes, but no one has accepted it just yet.”

“I suppose the rewards aren’t high enough.” Fang Ning shook his head.

“These people are too greedy. I’ve already offered a reward of one million Justice Points, and they’re still not eager to participate?” The Heavenly Book baby sounded very upset.

“Uh, let me take a look at it.” When Fang Ning heard this, he became puzzled.

Then, he used an administrator’s clearance to enter a few discussion threads.

“The relocation of an entire civilization? Well, this mission seems epic enough, but will we be able to complete it?”

“According to initia ourl estimation, if it’s just us, our mission completion probability is zero. If we need to relocate them, we’ll have to find another planet for them.”

“Yes. Unless we’re able to cultivate our powers up to God-level, there’s no way we can complete the mission.”

Fang Ning finally understood the situation, and quickly instructed, “Baby, hurry up and add a remark saying that they can ask for free assistance from the Great Venerable Dragon God.”

“Okay, got it, but will System Daddy agree to this?” asked the Heavenly Book.

“I refuse to agree. Why should I assist them at no cost?” Sir System quickly interjected.

“Oh, sorry, my only weakness is that I’m too kind-hearted,” Fang Ning said without a choice. “It only occurred to me that we need them to relocate, but I didn’t realize that they’re more in need of our help to relocate. Well, this sounds a bit like a tongue-twister. In reality, their civilization is left with only four hundred years of survival time, and most of their descendants will then become extinct. On the other hand, our situation is not that urgent.”

“That’s right. You should’ve said that after these crab people have been relocated to a new planet, they’ll have to pay me a large sum of remuneration.”

“Uh, the most common form of remuneration would be magical energy points. However, we’ll need to carry out technological diffusion first. Otherwise, they won’t be able to pay the remuneration,” Fang Ning said while frowning.

“Well, do it then. There’s no point worrying about bringing them into the picture when so many other people already know of these technologies,” Sir System said indifferently.

“In that case, how much remuneration will you require?” Fang Ning asked warily.

“We’ll set it at one trillion magical energy points then. I’ll still need to find them a habitable planet, which is very time-consuming,” Sir System said gleefully.

“That’s pretty ruthless of you, but you’ll have to set a payment period as well. It can’t be too short, so let’s have them pay one billion per year. They’ll be able to make the full payment over a thousand years then,” Fang Ning suggested.

“Alright then, I’ll give them a payment period of a thousand years,” Sir System gave in.

After adding the new mission remark and indicating the bill rate for the Great Venerable Dragon God, the Alliance of Justice and Order’s platform livened up in an instant.

“I’ve a nine-star rating on the platform with an average mission completion rate of ninety-three percent. Looking for a team!”

This was an important mission dealing with extraterrestrial beings, and mostly importantly, its risk factors were low. This meant that as long as their powers were above Pond-level, and that they knew some defense spells, they would be considered invincible to the other party.

This was definitely an easier mission compared to the previous ones.

Since there was no risk of dying and having to go through reincarnation, they did not have to worry about any other difficulties.

Fang Ning saw that the number of people accepting the mission had surpassed thirty thousand within a very short period of time.

This was mainly because the mission itself had a default restriction. With this type of mission where its place of execution was in outer space, the participants’ powers were required to be above Pond-level in order to ensure their ability to protect themselves.

In the past two years, the number of Pond-level powerhouses had been increasing rapidly, and they were now in great abundance.

Fang Ning did not bother to watch how these people formed their teams. In any case, he only needed to know that out of the thirty thousand people who had accepted the mission, only eight thousand of them passed the examination at the end, after which they came together to form an interstellar relocation team…

“Okay, now that our business is done here, let’s move on to the next planet,” Sir System urged.

“No way. As a hero of justice, I have to supervision this from beginning to end.” Fang Ning had not even seen anything interesting happen. How could he move on already?

Now that he was finally able to go out on a free adventure, he did not want to waste all his time on work and paving ways for others. He also deserved to enjoy the scenery along the journey from time to time, right?

“You’re just being lazy. After this matter is dealt with, I think I should make you train and cultivate in isolation again,” Sir System said resentfully.

Fang Ning did not respond, and continued to wander around the crab man’s room.

After the other party had gone to bed, he then started to use the person’s computer to go on the internet.

Was he not afraid that the other party would discover any traces of his presence? Well, he was not such a cowardly alien.

The next day, the golden crab man woke up and reached for his phone out of habit to check the news headlines of the day.

“We’re going to be relocated by aliens!”

“This may seem like a huge joke, but this is the truth. Dear readers, please read on patiently and trust us, for we’re a public-spirited media that has persisted through three cycles of civilization.”

“A group of powerful beings who call themselves humans from a planet called Earth has made an announcement to the entire planet at 2 o’clock Valley Standard Time.”

“A highway is being constructed through the Milky Way, and our planet is coincidentally situated within the scope of land acquisition for the highway, so they’re given us the choice of moving out of the Solar System within a limited time frame.”

“There are two parts to the compensation for relocation. The first part is that we’ll be provided with a more habitable and safer stellar system free of charge. The other part is that they’ll transfer to us some technologies that are commonly used at an interstellar level. For the technology transfer fee, we’ll need to transfer two trillion magical energy points to them over the coming one thousand years.”

“These magical energy points are a special type of commodity that they’re urgently in need of, which is the common currency of the Milky Way. We’ll only be able to produce it after we’ve received the relevant technologies.”

When the golden crab man saw this, he became dazed for quite some time before rushing over to his calendar to confirm that today was not April Fools’ Day.

Afterward, he hurried over to the computer and opened all the major official news websites as well as many popular online forums.

Then, he realized that the news had taken over all the websites and forums…

“Aliens really exist!”

“Powerful humans from Earth! How scary!”

“One thing to be grateful for is that they’re still quite civilized. They aren’t like those evil aliens from the thriller and science fiction department, and don’t seem to have snobbish characters.”

“Now, we have to give a response straightaway. I hope the entire planet will come together and protect the interests of all our people in a rational manner. We must not be impulsive.”

“The differences between us and the other party seems to be on a dimensional level. Our technological development has fallen into a bottleneck while they already have the power to travel across the Milky Way. The differences in the strength of both parties are glaringly obvious! Dear decision-makers, you must be very aware of this problem and don’t be foolish like those decision-makers in the films.”

“Right now, we must initiate a referendum on both planets immediately and decide on this issue. In fact, this referendum is not to decide if we should agree to the other party’s request, but to confirm whether their conditions are true and reliable or just a scam.”

“The suspicions of the previous replier are very foolish. Looking at how formidable the other party is, they have no reason to lie to us. It would’ve been much easier for them to destroy us. Such suspicions will only make them detest us more. What we should do now is to accept all of their conditions and show them our friendliness, civilized and orderly nature, as well as our love for peace…”

“The hypocrisy of the previous replier will be actual cause of them detesting us more. We should express ourselves in a genuine way. We’re not a race that’s entirely kind-hearted, but neither are we a completely evil race. We’re just a normal group of people trying to survive in the universe. As long as we can live on in peace and control our own desires, we’re a rational nation and not a bunch of crazy colonizers…”

“In other words, the agenda for this referendum should be to collect the views and opinions of our people toward these humans from Earth, which would later be publicized to the other party to gain their kindness. As for the other party’s conditions, they all seemed very fair and reasonable, so we should absolutely accept them.”

“The previous replier is being too spineless. No matter how powerful those aliens are, we can’t get down on our knees and surrender just yet. We need a better set of conditions.”

“Well, that’s very easy. We can move away while you stay behind.”

The golden crab man quickly posted an inquiry.

“I’d just like to ask, where’s the polling station for this referendum?”