Chapter 1077 - Nine Transformation Morality Golden Core Technique

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Chapter 1077: Nine Transformation Morality Golden Core Technique

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The negotiation process went smoothly, although there were some issues that had arisen as well.

The part that went smoothly was that, just as the mission executioners had expected, the crab people had no objections to the idea of relocating to another stellar system, and neither did they create any drama about the matter.

Clearly, whatever they had seen in the movies belonged in the movies. In reality, when there was already an obviously huge difference in the powers of both parties, any rational being would easily give in to the stronger party as long as the demands of the stronger party were not too unreasonable.

In this case, from the crab people’s perspective, the first part of the other party’s demands was not unreasonable at all, but had actually met a pressing need of their own instead.

The problem was found mainly in the other part.

“Dear respected humans, can you please give us some further clarification on what this technology transfer is all about? What is this notion of magical energy points? What does this two trillion mean?”

Faced with these unexpected questions from the astronauts, the twelve mission executioners started to communicate through telepathy.

“Ah, I keep feeling like we shouldn’t transfer these technologies to them, and should just let them relocate instead. If they got their hands on these, they might turn into another one of our competitors in the future.”

“Hehe, your thoughts are based on the belief that we have already monopolized the Vitality Transformation Technique and the Nine Transformation Technique, but in reality, we already have the Andromeda Galaxy which is destined to be our enemy in the future. Meanwhile, these other rational and intelligent beings in the Milky Way can actually be a potential ally to us. If those from the Andromeda Galaxy ever bring the fight to this place, and if this planet is stuck in their Era of Technology, it’ll be the same as us opening a door for the enemy to enter. These crab people, who are incapable of defending themselves, might soon end up becoming vitality slaves to the other party, turning into a source of power supply for them instead.

“On the other hand, if we transfer our vitality-related technologies to them, even though they may become our competitor, at least they won’t be occupied by the enemy so quickly, which can then buy us some time. At the end of the day, we’re people who place emphasis on justice and equity, so it’s possible for us to coexist peacefully with them. However, between them and those migrants, those two civilizations will never be able to get along well with each other.”

After weighing the pros and cons, the rest of them reluctantly accepted this line of reasoning.

Fang Ning heard the conversation between the mission executioners through the Heavenly Book baby, and noticed a slight problem right away.

After giving it some thought, he asked Sir System, “Can you make some adjustments to your Nine Transformation Technique?”

“It’s already very perfect. Why would I need to adjust it?” Sir System grumbled. Clearly, it had not gotten over its previous losses just yet.

“I meant the version used for foreign trading. The best thing we can do is to combine it with the Morality Technique. The purchased version of the technique, which are the parts after the seventh transformation, should also be combined with the Morality Technique,” Fang Ning said.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand. You know I’ve always been a slow-thinking system,” Sir System said, utterly confused.

“Not to this extent.” Fang Ning was at a loss for words. Then, he put it as plainly as he could. “Basically, I’m saying that it’ll be best if this technique of yours contains some kind of moral guidance, so that only those with Morality can cultivate this technique and slowly master it.”

“Can the Morality of humans and the crab people be the same?” Sir System questioned.

“Of course. The similarity lies in the fact that they don’t use their power to bully others. Among other intelligent and rational beings, they’re open to reasoning and have self-control. Just like the Whitestone people’s case, it’ll be sufficient for us to apply this standard to the crab people,” Fang Ning explained.

“What you said isn’t really true of human nature though. Don’t humans just love to bully those weaker than themselves? When they’re able to use violence to solve something, they’ll never use reason,” Sir System scorned.

“That’s why there’s a lack of humans with Morality, and why we should support and cultivate more of them,” Fang Ning sighed. “What makes humans human is that they’re able to rise above their animalistic instincts, and use their rationality and wisdom to control their own behavior.”

“Argh, where is this saintliness of yours coming from?” Sir System taunted. “What you said is very true, yet you’re only thinking of playing games and having fun all the time. You try combining them together then. Do you know how hard it is to fuse two entirely different techniques like these?”

“…” Fang Ning was so upset that he was left speechless. With great anger, he said, “If you won’t do it, then I will. I also have these two technique books anyway.”

“Go ahead then. If you’re really capable of doing it, then don’t think of getting any external help.” Sir System quickly shut off the loophole.

Fang Ning was planning to release this as a mission, but now that Sir System had cut off that option, he could only stalk back to the Cyber Cafe and open two bulky books, namely the “Atmospheric Morality Technique” and the “Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique”.

He had to figure out a way to prove Sir System wrong and show that he was also capable of theorizing cultivation techniques!

Nonetheless, before theorizing, he quickly gave an instruction to the Heavenly Book baby first. “Inform those people that they can start making preparations for the relocation first. As for the technology transfer, we can talk about more after I’ve theorized the new Nine Transformation Technique.”

“Understood, Master,” his Heavenly Book baby said sympathetically. “Shall I help you theorize it?”

“No, it’s fine. I don’t believe it. With my high IQ and rich cultivation experience, how can it be possible that I can’t even theorize a new technique?” Fang Ning said through gritted teeth.

Nine days later, a new technique book that was three times thicker than the first two books combined was finally completed.

This was the foreign trade version of the Nine Transformation Golden Core Technique. There were seven huge words written on its cover — The Nine Transformation Morality Golden Core Technique.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

“Don’t you think it’s too troublesome to have such a thick technique book?” Sir System remarked disdainfully.

“Who cares? I won’t be the one memorizing it anyway…” Fang Ning said indifferently. “At least it contains all the necessary functions now.”

“Aren’t you afraid that there’ll be any problems with it?”

“This will have to be judged by you, Sir System,” Fang Ning pleaded.

“It’s too much work. Do it yourself,” Sir System refused immediately.

“Well, in that case, if those crab people fail to learn it in the future, your remuneration will be gone as well,” Fang Ning pointed out at once.

“Damn it. Fine, I’ll take a look at it.”

“After some time, Sir System said in amazement, “While this technique of yours is indeed burdensome, they really must have at least a trace of Morality in them to be able to cultivate it. Mr. Rich Boss, I’m seeing you in a different light again this time. How did you manage to do it?”

“Hahaha, by copy-pasting them before adding a bit of explanation?” Fang Ning said proudly.

“You’re really shameless,” Sir System muttered.

“I was just joking. How can it be that simple?” Fang Ning said. “Can’t you see that my hairline is receding again?”

“No, you’ve already transformed into the form of a dragon. How is it possible for you to lose your hair? I’ll never allow that to happen anyway. A dragon’s hair is too valuable,” Sir System said seriously.

Fang Ning decided to ignore this second-rate good that knew no humor, and immediately sent this thicker foreign trade version of the technique to his Heavenly Book baby, making this book the technology to be transferred by the mission executioners.

Meanwhile, in the course of these nine days, both parties had demonstrated very high efficiency with the preparation work, and were already in agreement on many details. The only thing left was for the humans from Earth to carry out the technology transfer.

Within these nine days, Sir System had also found another habitable planet with similar weather, temperature and gravity conditions to the crab people’s Mother Planet, and had already built a portal on the planet.

Once the other party had checked and accepted the Nine Transformation Morality Golden Core Technique, the relocation could begin straight away.

Compared to humans, these crab people were more experienced in terms of interstellar colonization, for at least they had actually colonized another foreign planet before.

As the last of the crab people went through the portal, he turned back for a final glance.

Later on, what he saw in that one glance would become a myth to be passed down through the ages of the crab people’s civilization.

“That day, the claw in the skies above the Malevolent Planet became larger and caught hold of the entire Malevolent Planet in the same way our children play marbles. Then, it threw the planet far, far away.

“At this moment, I was very grateful that our decision-makers were not like the fools in the movies. Otherwise, we would’ve been like a marble, or a piece of garbage, tossed away to a corner of the universe.

“These mighty humans from Earth are very powerful indeed. If it were our civilization, we might have to achieve a god-like technological level in order to have such powers.

“Farewell, dear Mother Planet.”