Chapter 1079 - Going All Out

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Chapter 1079: Going All Out

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Fang Ning heard the notification alert as soon as he announced that the malevolent spirits were ready for harvest.

System Notification: [The System has killed Malevolent Spirit No.1 and gained 10,000,000,000 experience points.

The System has killed Malevolent Spirit No.2 and gained 10,200,000,000 experience points.

The System has killed Malevolent Spirit No.3 and gained 10,100,000,000 experience points.

There were five such notifications, and Fang Ning noticed something odd.

Puzzled, he asked, “I remember back when we killed those malevolent spirits in the World of Spirits and Souls, we always received hundreds of billions of experience points, and there was even one that gave us more than a thousand billion points. Their powers were also at Sea-level, but here you’re only gaining a little more than ten billion points each.”

“What can I do? Livestocks kept in an enclosed space will always have worse quality than those raised in an open space—just like you,” Sir System said with annoyance. “It’s like how home-raised pigs can never be sold at the price of a wild boar.”

“With the way you’re talking, you sound like my pig at home,” Fang Ning said in an equally irked tone.

“Isn’t it true though?” Sir System challenged.

“Whatever. Livestocks raised at home may have a lower price, but they can be delivered to the slaughterhouse at a faster rate.” Then, Fang Ning changed the topic quickly. “Oh right, for their food, can they consume those magical energy points directly aside from the pills to grow better? There are so many cultivators who need to depend on magical energy loans to achieve a higher realm.”

“Impossible. They can’t even cultivate the Nine Transformation Technique. These malevolent spirits are muddle-headed, evil, and have a violent nature. These characteristics will conflict with such a pure and peaceful type of technique. Letting them cultivate this type of technique will be as difficult as getting a pig to read and study.” Sir System rejected the idea.

“Oh, those magical energy points can be used to cultivate alchemists. Right now, the alchemists in Morality City have been in cultivation for over ten years, and quite a number of them have been successfully cultivated. Based on the statistics compiled by the Heavenly Book baby, although the quality of the pills crafted can’t compare to your pills, the amount produced is already surpassing yours. Now, the gross output of the magical energy points is becoming plentiful, so it’s about time for us to increase our magical energy points investment.” Fang Ning finally came up with a solution.

“Okay, I’ll leave this to you then. I hope you can quadruple our pill production by the end of this year,” Sir System said, throwing away the responsibility.

“I’ll get to it straightaway.”

As soon as Fang Ning finished speaking, he immediately took the Heavenly Book baby with him and left the System Space.

“Hey, how come you’re agreeing to this so readily this time?”

“When you open the pigsty, the pig would be running off just as happily.” Fang Ning left these words behind before controlling his fire dragon body double and flying off.

“… Richie, have you fallen to such a state already?”

Fang Ning took only a few minutes to arrive here. Ten years had passed, and this place had already become prosperous.

The city had turned into a concrete jungle while the outskirts of the city looked green and vibrant.

Further away from the city, clouds of greyish-white fog could be seen surging about. That was where the Yin Attribute Herbs Plantations managed by Black Cat Tom was located.

These plantations had taken up almost half of the arcane realm’s land, forming a large circle surrounding the entire city. This combination of white and green that could be seen from a bird’s eye view gave off a rather strange vibe.

When the people heard that the Great Venerable Dragon God was coming for a visit, the city official Bai Ruocang, the Yellow Dog, and many other people immediately came out to welcome it.

The great hall of the municipal building was packed with qualified personnel who were waiting to hear the Dragon God speak.

“Hmm, I have come here today to inform all you city officials that the future development focus of this city will be placed on the alchemy industry. All resources should be tilted toward the alchemy industry. From now on, I’ll invest a large amount of magical energy points and funding to support the alchemists of this city in developing the industry.”

The fire dragon sat on the rostrum table as it addressed the people in the hall with a dignified voice.

Upon hearing this, the Yellow Dog Xue Ba rushed over to show off its accomplishments.

“Master, I’ve studied many recipes throughout these ten years and found a systematic solution to the matter of Yin Attribute Pill cultivation.”

“Very good. You’ve done a great job.” The fire dragon nodded.

The Yellow Dog’s expression grew smug, and the three other dogs behind it also looked around proudly.

Then, the black cat came over to take credit for its work as well.

“Venerable One, the production volume of the plantation have been doubling in its growth every year. Our planting area in the outside world has also been increasing yearly and is expanding incessantly. The Yin Attribute herbs in the market right now have become a major product. Under my leadership, the people are choosing to plant herbs of this attribute to exchange them for the rare cultivation products we offer.”

“You’ve done well too.” The fire dragon nodded again.

The others still had at least some sense of shame unlike these two demons and would not bring themselves to do something as senseless as showing off their achievements in public.

Nonetheless, they were not worried either, since there were statistics and reports for everything, and the Great Venerable Dragon God was most impartial.

“Venerable One, we’ll definitely remember your instructions and adjust the direction of the industries in time,” Bai Ruocang guaranteed. “Alchemy is a complex field in itself. To cultivate an alchemist, the person is not only required to have a power that is above Pond-level—preferably above Lake-level—but also needs to be very knowledgeable and have a great deal of patience. However, we’ll overcome each and every one of these challenges and try to increase our number of alchemists as soon as possible so as to meet your request.”

“Good. All that you’re doing today are not just for my own sake, but also for the sake of the whole world. You’ll understand this when the time comes.” said the fire dragon in an earnest manner.

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“Yes, we’ll always remember the teachings of the Venerable One.”

This was indeed the core domain of Vigilante A after all. Everyone was so ready to respond to his requests while none dared to offend him.

Fang Ning felt very comfortable about this fact and decided not to return to the System Space for the time being.

Anyway, it was pretty safe here.

While Fang Ning and Sir System were directing all their attention toward the all-out development effort, a huge cluster of nebulae was gathering at the giant maelstrom of the Milky Way at the moment.

The Black Dog was lying on its stomach some distance away, watching the two True Dragon within the nebulae cluster.

At present, the two purple and white dragons had revealed the whole of their postures.

The length of their bodies was longer than the diameter of a sun. They were nestled head to tail against each other in the same manner as the pair of Yin Yang fishes of the Tai Chi symbol, chasing each other.

This form of chasing was a very slow one, and if a person did not observe them carefully, their movements would not be perceivable at all.

It was under this peculiar chasing mode that a dragon-shaped shadow gradually began to form around their bodies. Then, the shadow slowly threaded its way into the center of the nebulae.

Meanwhile, from time to time, the cluster of nebulae would emit a ‘peng-peng’ sound that resembled the sound of a heartbeat. It was as if it was pregnant with something.

The Black Dog could not understand what was happening, but that did not stop it from reporting all these things to Master.

Then, Master replied with the instruction to continue observing them.

It thought that the other party should have already noticed its presence, but they had not driven it away, so clearly they were not afraid of being discovered.

‘Should I create some disturbance?’ The thought suddenly came to the Black Dog as it was starting to get bored of watching them, but then it gave up on the idea.

It was more likely to lose its life before it could create any disturbance.

Then, it heard the two dragons in the nebulae cluster speaking to each other.

“How many dragon souls have been merged now?”

“By going one round every year, we’ve merged ten of them.”

“There are 241 True Dragons in total, so we still have 231 more years to go.”

“Let’s take this slow and steady then.”

“It should be fine for us to ignore that black dog outside, right?”

“Just leave it be. Keep in mind who its master is. We can’t give that guy anymore excuses to attack us.”

“I heard he has been promoted to the position of a True God. He’s really being blessed by the Heavens and Earth.”

“Humph, the faster his power increases, the faster he’ll meet his end, and he doesn’t seem to even realize this. When he’s no longer useful, it’ll be his turn to fall. How dare he give us that speech about justice and fairness and being on equal standing with the other clans when we asked him to join the True Dragon Clan and rule this world together? What a fool. He has no idea that these concepts don’t exist in the Heavenly Axiom itself.”

“Indeed. What a pity it is to let such a strong dragon soul like his go to waste. Otherwise, we’ll be able to finish our mission sooner, and he’ll be able to achieve a metamorphosis of spiritual ascension.”

As the Black Dog listened to their conversation, it had a feeling that they were intentionally saying these things for it to hear.

It seemed like they had not given up hope on winning Master over to their side…