Chapter 1081 - Being Honest Or Being Correct

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Chapter 1081: Being Honest Or Being Correct

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Within this endlessly expansive universe, mortals were like specks of dust in it. No, they were not even specks of dust.

An enormous, long dragon could be seen gleaming in the starry sky.

“Will we be arriving at those stellar systems where the devils are yet?” Fang Ning asked impatiently.

“Be patient. It’s still some distance away,” Sir System said hesitantly.

“You’re talking nonsense again. You have the Speed of Light, and the Milky Way only has the diameter of a hundred thousand light-years in total, yet it’s taking you so long to cover that distance,” Fang Ning said in disbelief.

“Sorry, I got lost,” Sir System said in annoyance.

“That’s impossible. How can you get lost?”

“Why can’t I get lost?”

“I’m not sure what’s wrong either. We did reach the designated location just now, but found no sign of them,” Sir System said in frustration.

“Could these devils have found out that we’re coming, so they hid themselves beforehand?” Fang Ning guessed. “They must’ve hidden themselves. Otherwise, how could the Dragon Carp have gotten their population data?”

“Okay, we’ll have to spend some experience points then. Ah, now that we’re becoming more powerful, our expenditure is increasing as well,” Sir System said reluctantly.

Then, the Azure Dragon arrived at another peaceful patch of starry night in a flash.

Here, there were three planets orbiting a sun. The planets looked remote, and there seemed to be no creatures living on them.

System Notification: [The System has consumed thirty million experience points and activated “True God’s Gaze.”]

“Argh, you bunch of stupid pigs. Hurry up and get to work. If the King’s orders get delayed, you may find yourselves torn apart into thin slices!”

“Quick, quick, carry on with the construction work. The King is coming for an inspection tomorrow.”

“Hurry, go and ask the devil mother to lay three million more eggs. We need more of these idiots to work here.”

Noisy waves of Spiritual Fluctuations surged through space and radiated outward. They were eventually captured by the Azure Dragon.

Along with those rowdy noises, the scene on one of the planets became visible in Fang Ning’s eyes.

He saw a bunch of circular, squarish, and triangular creatures. It was a chaotic scene. Some of them were actually working in an orderly fashion on a few construction sites, carrying materials to erect various types of buildings.

Around them, there were also some other creatures made up of more complex graphic shapes that were acting as the supervisors.

Upon closer inspection, Fang Ning realized that a number of factories were being built at those construction sites.

There were three main types of factories. These included factories for producing equipment for the conversion of energy into vitality, factories for producing energy generation equipment, as well as factories for producing other miscellaneous goods.

He discerned this information from the signboards with devilish writings that hung above the buildings.

“I didn’t expect them to be able to derive these from the technological civilization of humans so soon.” Fang Ning was taken aback.

“These are just some nondescript stuff. They’re still a slave society, and these are all some slave factories,” Sir System said indifferently.

“As if those factories built by humans aren’t slave factories as well. In reality, both parties are more or less the same.” Fang Ning shook his head. “The only difference is that one side uses physical torture while the other uses psychological torture. The latter is, nonetheless, slightly more efficient.”

While Fang Ning was observing the scene, a huge, black, and ball-shaped object materialized in front of the Azure Dragon.

“Dragon God, we still can’t escape your notice after all. It seems like you’ve really become a god then. I’m curious. Can you tell me how you managed to gain recognition from this universe? Every god must receive recognition from the Heavens and Earth, so to become a god in this world of yours, you have been acknowledged by this universe and not just by the Heavenly Axiom of the Earth.”

The black object was evidently the Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers whom Master Zhi Nan had previously spoken of. This Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers liked to change its own body into various geometric shapes and also enjoyed transforming its subordinates into geometric-shaped creatures.

However, it did not seem to be in the mood to change its form right now. Perhaps this was to show respect to its opponent.

“Do you think I’ll tell you that just because you’ve asked me to? Aren’t you being a little foolish?” the Azure Dragon said, shaking its head.

“I can also answer your questions as a form of exchange.” The Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers did not show any signs of anger. It seemed like its emotions had been completely wiped out during its endless mathematical explorations.

This roused an idea in Fang Ning’s mind.

“Sir System, this fellow may have a very simplistic nature, so he probably won’t play any crafty plots,” he suggested.

“Oh, I like this type of person. Well then, should I answer his question?”

“Do you have any questions to ask him?”

“I’ll just ask him how I can become the Master of the Universe.”

“Hmm, in that case, we’re actually getting a pretty good bargain.”

When the man and the system had finished their discussion, the Azure Dragon began to speak.

“I can answer your question, but you’ll have to answer mine first. Now, the problem is, how can you guarantee that your answer won’t be made up of lies?” asked the Azure Dragon.

The black-colored, ball-shaped object was silent for a moment.

“This question of yours is quite hard to answer. Trust is the most difficult thing to achieve, especially when it’s between two God-level beings, and since Origin’s Consciousness of this universe has yet been formed, so a truly binding oath doesn’t exist.” the black ball slowly answered.

“Seems like this guy is quite honest,” Fang Ning said, nodding.

“What if, he’s just putting on a facade like you?” Sir System said, growing alert.

“Huh, how come you’re suddenly becoming so smart?” Fang Ning said with mock surprise.

“I’ve been cheated by others so many times that it’s hard for me not to become smart,” Sir System said, upset.

“Wait a minute. I remember now. Let’s bring that Xie Dong here. Isn’t he capable of telling if a person is lying or speaking the truth?” The idea suddenly occurred to Fang Ning.

“Uh, he’s just a lowly Lake-level good-for-nothing. Can he even follow this conversation of ours?”

“Let’s just try and see first if it’ll actually work,” Fang Ning said half-heartedly. “In fact, we can just level him up. Of course, the cost needed to level him up will be covered by this fellow in front of us. He definitely isn’t short on resources.”

Thus, the Azure Dragon conveyed this idea to the other party.

The black ball paused for a moment before saying, “This works too. I can still afford to pay such a price.”

The Azure Dragon disappeared in the next instant.

After a while, the Azure Dragon reappeared. It was carrying a man in its claws.

The man seemed to be in his forties. He appeared to be weighed down with age and had a very high hairline.

“This guy used to only look forty, and now he’s really over forty years old…” Fang Ning sighed.

“Indeed. He’s not as lucky as you to be forever eighteen,” Sir System said in disdain.

“Me, lucky? I’m stuck in senior year forever, alright?” Fang Ning said. “I finally understand now why you said that I’ll be a senior every year. You’re obviously hoping to let me get only five hours of sleep a day like how I did back then… No, it’s worse than that. Now, I’m only getting five hours of sleep a month.”

Xie Dong was cluelessly looking around at his surroundings. Behind him was a long and gigantic dragon.

A giant black ball with a mysterious and eerie vibe stood before him.

‘Where am I? What do they want with me?’

“Hmm. Let’s do a test first then. I say that 1+1 equals 3. Can you tell whether or not I’m lying?”

“You’re not lying,” Xie Dong said automatically.

“Uh, he has passed the test, and it seems like his power doesn’t need to be leveled up,” the black-colored ball said with slight astonishment.

“Is that so? Well then, let me give it a test too,” the Azure Dragon said faintly.

“I’m the most powerful being in the universe.”

“You’re not lying either,” Xie Dong continued to respond.

The black ball shook slightly.

System Notification: [The System spoke words that do not conform to facts and will be silenced for 10 minutes.]

“Uh, this dude is unreliable. You’re clearly saying something false,” Fang Ning grumbled. “Indeed, it’s just as you’ve mentioned before. Others can’t tell if your words are true to your heart because you don’t have a heart. That is unless we can find someone who can tell what is correct and what is not. However, that would be too scary because it’s almost equivalent to being omniscient.”

Yes, Fang Ning and Sir System had already confirmed that Xie Dong only could tell whether a person meant what they said or was intentionally telling lies. This was a very strong ability since it could be used on anyone regardless of his or her power level.

Nonetheless, Xie Dong could not tell if the person’s words correspond to reality itself.

If he were to travel back in time to the Middle Ages and ask any person at all if the Earth was round, the person would say that the Earth was flat, and he would be left with the conclusion that the person was not lying to him even though the answer was clearly wrong.

“Hehe, I have an idea. This fellow will definitely be tricked,” Sir System said excitedly.

The black ball and Xie Dong were both waiting patiently.

“Okay, let’s start then,” the Azure Dragon said.