Chapter 1082 - The Path Toward Illumination

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Chapter 1082: The Path Toward Illumination

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“Well then, please answer my earlier question. How can one receive recognition from this universe to become a god?” said the black-colored, ball-shaped object with a hint of respect.

The Azure Dragon did not speak for some time.

“Mr. Rich Boss, how should we answer this fool?” Sir System asked.

“We can’t just say we don’t know,” Fang Ning muttered, frowning. “Now, this is easy. Just tell him that as long as he persistently stands on the side of love and justice, and commits to upholding the peace of the universe for the rest of his life, he’ll be able to receive its recognition.”

“Mr. Rich Boss, you’re clever indeed.”

“Ah, you can’t put yourself down like that…”

The Azure Dragon quickly recited the answer given.

The huge black ball remained silent for a while.

As Xie Dong affirmed the truth in those words, he felt impressed.

The Great Venerable Dragon God was a reliable person after all. After becoming a god, it was still upholding justice.

Contrastingly, many other people would stand on the side of justice when they were weaker and small, but once they became stronger, they would immediately go crooked and start to use their powers to bully others.

He had seen many such people.

“Okay. Now, it’s my turn to ask a question. Do you know how one can become the master of a world?” said the Azure Dragon calmly.

The giant black ball seemed prepared for this question and replied instantly.

“You wish to be above the Heavenly Axiom of this whole world?”

“Firstly, this world of yours must possess an Origin’s Consciousness. Next, if this Origin’s Consciousness is an entity of absolute rationality and if you’re able to show that you have the greater ability to manage the world by improving it or by solving any apocalyptic crisis, then it will pass this authority to you. If not, no matter how hard you work for it, your efforts will only be in vain. For instance, the Heavenly Axiom of the Upper Realm has become resentful because it has been deceived by the saints, so it’s refusing to give away its authority even in the face of destruction.”

“Oh, that’s so complicated,” the Azure Dragon said with a shake of its head.

“It is that complicated.” The giant black ball suddenly released a sigh.

“Let me ask you another question.”

“Sure, this exchange can go on.”

“What’s the story about the Heavenly Axiom of the Upper Realm being deceived by the saints?” asked the Azure Dragon, sounding very intrigued.

“In the Upper Realm, there are five beings with the authority of a saint. When I speak of a saint, I’m referring to beings who can’t be exterminated by the Heavenly Axiom of that particular world. They’re indestructible so those who don’t have such qualities are considered false saints,” the huge black ball slowly explained.

“Back when those five saints were praying to the Heavenly Axiom to be granted this position, they had all made promises about the things they planned to achieve. However, after they obtained the position, none of them went through with their promises. Thus, the world has no chance of being improved and the Heavenly Axiom became resentful.”

“Oh, but aren’t the saints supposed to be people of great perseverance with great aspirations? Why can’t they persist with their work until the end?”

“Hehe, as long as they have once been mortals, they will naturally have selfish desires. Those with selfish desires may be able to persevere for a hundred thousand years to a million years, but the Heavens and Earth are everlasting and it could be at least a billion years to ten billion years until it meets its end, how are they supposed to persevere for so long?” said the giant black ball, shaking its head.

“Can you give an example of that?”

“Let’s take the ancestral god as an example then. He has changed his path three times, that is, from the path of delivering all living creatures from suffering to the path of exterminating all living creatures, and then to the path of treating everything with indifference. This was also the cause of the Disaster of the Three Great Buddhas in the Upper Realm,” said the giant black ball.

“I see.” The Azure Dragon nodded comprehensively.

“Now, it’s my turn to ask.”

“Are you truly a descendant of the True Dragons from the Upper Realm?”

“Then why have you fallen out with the True Dragon Clan?”

“We’ve not fallen out, we just have different principles. They’re still clinging to the ancient ways of doing things while I’m looking to do what is appropriate according to the circumstances and to use methods that will suit the conditions of this world.”

“Do you truly believe that these ideas of love and justice can bring this world to a higher level?”

“At least it won’t become worse. Anyone who upholds love and justice will have the spirit of dedication and will be more willing to compromise and concede in contention of interests. With that, the world will not move toward any extreme forms of destruction.”

“I suppose you’re right. If the saints also possessed such benevolence, the Upper Realm would not have been pushed to this point.”

This conversation between the dragon and the ball had caused Xie Dong to become utterly baffled.

As someone who relied on magical energy points to cultivate himself into a minor Lake-level player, he had never expected that he would be able to hear about such profound and classified information.

If he had not been brought here by the Great Venerable Dragon God, he would have expected to be silenced after this.

Then, the Azure Dragon emitted another Spiritual Fluctuation. “Okay, I’ve finished my questions. This time, I came to tell you that I plan to hold a population meeting to discuss the population proportion of all existing clans. None of us should continue to reproduce at an uncontrollable rate.”

“There’s no need for that. This meeting will definitely fail and it will only be a waste of time,” the giant black ball advised.

“Unless you possess the ability to know everything that exists in this world and memorize all who lives in it, you’ll just be tying your own hands if you hold this meeting. All those who participate in this meeting will have to limit the growth of their own population while those who are left out will take this opportunity to develop their clans and eventually wipe out the participating parties. With this worry, do you think there will be any participant agreeing to the final plan?” The giant black ball immediately pointed out the contradiction in the idea.

“Uh, Richie, what this dude is saying is the same as your suggestion earlier. You also said that we need to conduct a thorough inspection of all existing beings in the universe first.” Sir System sighed.

“Duh, great minds think alike, and only you wouldn’t think of it.” Fang Ning was not surprised.

“This will be so tiring. No, we’re not doing this anymore. I’m going home to cultivate.” Sir System decided to quit.

“Didn’t we agree on this already? We’ll do a round of inspection first to understand ourselves and our enemies. Anyway, we can just treat this as a tour of the universe, so it won’t be that tiring…” In a moment of carelessness, Fang Ning had exposed his true intentions.

“This is no longer going to happen,” Sir System said faintly.

“Great, time to go home and be a pig,” Fang Ning said dejectedly.

After a while, the Azure Dragon said to the giant black ball, “Well then, the population limitation meeting will be put on hold for now. I’ll come back to it after I’ve become the Master of the Universe.”

“Then I shall convey my best wishes to the Dragon God in advance. May your heart’s desire come true.” The giant black ball left these words behind as it slowly vanished.

“Uh, this fellow is quite polite. He doesn’t seem like a devil at all,” Sir System mused.

“Hehe, that’s because you’re more powerful than him.” Fang Ning hit the nail on the head.

“Hmm, it seems like you know yourself better now, Richie.”

“Stop spouting nonsense. The biggest thing we’ve gained from this trip is that we’ve found out a little more about the path we should follow to make proper progress. As for the rest of our plans, we haven’t accomplished a single thing at all. This won’t work. I still believe that an inspection of the entire universe is necessary,” Fang Ning said seriously.

“Then, go to the alliance’s platform and release a mission — an Explorers mission. Whoever discovers an unknown clan can be given some rewards,” Sir System suggested.

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“This is a pretty good idea. I was thinking of doing this too. Son of a b*tch, we’re having the same idea again,” Fang Ning said, sounding glad.

“D*mn it, I’m way more powerful than you but why haven’t you ever been polite and courteous to me then?”

“Since when does a landlord treat his tenant politely? Unless he isn’t able to rent out his property.”

“Just you wait. Someday, I won’t rent your place anymore.”

“Oh, I was just joking. I won’t call you son of a b*tch anymore from now on.”

“That’s more like it.”