Chapter 1083 - Crossed The Stars To See You

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Chapter 1083: Crossed The Stars To See You

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The Azure Dragon returned empty-handed.

However, Fang Ning was not all too disappointed. At least he had learned of the way to become the Master of the Universe and he knew what were the next steps he had to take.

Soon, the Azure Dragon returned to the Dragon’s Cave on Earth.

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After that, Fang Ning summoned the Black Dog.

The Black Dog quickly returned to Earth through the Interstellar Portal.

After receiving its latest orders from Fang Ning, a troubled expression dawned on its face.

“Master, I was able to track down the two dragons in the center of the Milky Way with the help of your Portal. This time, however, I have to cruise across the entire universe. I don’t possess the ability to travel through space like you; I’m afraid I won’t be able to go far even if I had a year.” The Black Dog laid on the ground as it spoke forlornly, its head and tail hanging low.

“Oh. Sir System, do you have any ideas?” Fang Ning furrowed his brows.

“Nope,” Sir System said decisively.

“Not even if we upgraded Black Dog to a Divine Canine?” Fang Ning suggested.

Black Dog had been with him for many years so its loyalty to him should be sufficient.

“He’s not my System Brother. I can’t let him have that.”

“Oh, so he has to become your System Brother first before you can turn him into a God?” Fang Ning exclaimed.

“Of course. Not a brother, not a God,” Sir System asserted.

“Oh, then let me think. His true wish needs to be granted before he can evolve into a System Brother. So, I’ll have to find out what his wish is,” said Fang Ning, frowning.

He turned to the Black Dog lying candidly in front of him and asked, “Brett, do you desire power?”

Black Dog straightened its ears. With its head hung low, he replied, “I desire a wife.”

“Hiss…” Fang Ning was surprised. “You sure are blunt, is it because you think I’m too nice?”

“Uh, no, Master, I was just being truthful.” Black Dog immediately curled into a ball and replied somewhat fearfully.

In a moment of carelessness, it had revealed its inner desires, it seems that it had been single for too long now.

“Oh well, in that case, that’s understandable. However, marriage depends on oneself; if you can’t find yourself a wife, I can’t do it for you either. Didn’t that Lady White Fox introduce someone from her family to you?” Fang Ning felt a headache coming up.

“Um, she turned her nose up at me,” Black Dog said gloomily.

“Ah, how worrisome. It must’ve been your black face,” Fang Ning deadpanned.

The Black Dog immediately dug its head into the ground.

“Whatever do I do, Sir System, why am I playing matchmaker? I don’t gain anything if all goes well, but if things go wrong, I’ll be blamed,” Fang Ning groaned helplessly.

“Who can you blame since you brought this upon yourself,” Sir System sneered.

“There’s no other way. I’ll go look it up online, see if there’s anything about marriages and stuff…” Fang Ning said helplessly.

With that, he began surfing the Internet in the System Cyber Cafe.

Half an hour later, Fang Ning reappeared with a gloomy expression.

“Did you find a solution?”

“I’ve found it,” Fang Ning said slowly, “Sir System, do you remember those crab people?”

“I do. Do you mean to pair this Black Dog up with a crab person? That’s going a bit far with this cross-species thing isn’t it…” Sir System exclaimed.

“Get out, your imagination is wild.” Fang Ning felt utterly helpless. “I’m talking about the crab people’s mech manufacturing skills which are more advanced than the humans’ by twenty years. We could just order a custom canine mech from them, couldn’t we?”

“Would that work? A canine mech can’t make little puppies,” Sir System said in disbelief.

“Listen to yourself for once. Canine mechs can produce puppies, mechs makings mechs, that’s the most basic function,” Fang Ning said confidently, “Also, from what I’ve found online, it looks like the only one suited for Black Dog would be a canine mech…”

“It’s up to you. As long as he becomes my System Brother, I’ll find a way for him to become God and turn him into a Canine God,” Sir System said seriously.

“Then that’s settled.”

Fang Ning then took out the Heavenly Book and posted a mission into it.

“Interstellar Civilization Technology Exchange Mission. Obtain higher mech manufacturing technology from the crab people and customize a canine mech. Note: must be female…”

Having written to this point, he asked the Black Dog using the body of the Azure Dragon, “Little Black, what do you want your future wife to be like?”

“I want her to be gentle, virtuous, obedient, beautiful and generous.” Hearing the question, the Black Dog immediately pulled its head out from the ground, drooling. “She should also be fair and tender…”

“Uh, this dog is asking for quite a lot. As expected, that is the only way.” Fang Ning was dumbfounded.

“It’s being carried away by wishful thinking. It’s no wonder it’s still single,” Sir System scoffed. “It’s clearly a toad lusting after a swan’s flesh.” (TN: A Chinese idiom referring to someone who desires something they are not worthy of.)

“Don’t say that. Everyone has a right to fantasize,” Fang Ning reasoned. “With that said, if one wished to find their ideal half, then they’d have to do more than just fantasize.”

After that, he added Black Dog’s requests into the mission.

“Note: female, appearance to suit canine aesthetics. Personality must be obedient, generous…”

Shortly after posting the mission, someone accepted it.

Using the body of the Azure Dragon, Fang Ning once again said to the Black Dog, “Alright, I’ve found you another candidate. It should be delivered, no, it should arrive by your side in a few days.”

“Yes, thank you, Master. My gratitude to you cannot be expressed by words alone.” Black Dog wagged its tail as it rolled around excitedly.

“Then you rest nicely now for the next few days and wait patiently,” Fang Ning reassured the Black Dog before dismissing it.

Only then did the Black Dog disappear into the ground.

“You’re even lying to a dog now, have you no shame?” Sir System sneered.

“What do you know? Besides, I read a lot of comments online and I concluded that the chances of him finding the perfect half were just too slim. Based on the current situation, only a customized mech would be able to do this,” Fang Ning said feebly.

“Uh, you have a wife yourself. Don’t you feel ashamed for saying something like this?” Sir System scorned.

“I was fortunate, but others can’t enjoy fortune like mine,” Fang Ning retorted. “Also, aren’t I still being controlled by you?”

“Hmph. Anyway, don’t even think about getting married because how would you work overtime and train after you get married?” Sir System asserted.

Three days later, a big wooden box was delivered by someone to the vicinity of the Dragon’s Cave.

“Black Dog, your wife’s parcel is here.”

Fang Ning issued the mission rewards before dismissing the person. Then, he gave an order on the Heavenly Book.

“Uh, Master, I don’t even have a wife yet, how could there be a parcel for her?” Black Dog exclaimed in astonishment after it enthusiastically ran over.

“Oh, that’s just faulty wording. I said your wife had crossed the stars to come and see you.” Fang Ning pointed to the wooden box.

Black Dog made a circle around the wooden box, sniffing hard with its nose before it suddenly exclaimed, “I can’t smell the scent of my kind.”

“Uh…Heavenly Book baby, remember to leave a bad review for the person who completed the mission for failing in the area of details,” Fang Ning instructed.

At this moment, the wooden box suddenly activated.

Suddenly, a demure, snow-white female canine ran out of the box and stared motionlessly at the Black Dog.

“Target recognition in progress…”

Then, the white canine slowly leaned against the Black Dog.

The Black Dog instantly turned still, looking entirely serious.

Fang Ning could not even bear watching what happened next…

[System Follower “Brett” has completed its final wish. Its loyalty has been maxed out, evolved from “System Follower” to “System Brother”. Another member has been added to the System’s “Brother’s Domain”, current combat power has been increased by twenty percent.]

Sir System suddenly grew excited. “Richie, you sure know how to take advantage of the situation. Something like this was possible too?”

“What do you mean to take advantage, I had no other choice, alright? Besides, this is a solution I found on the internet. Everyone said that marriage would be a voluntary choice in the future. If you can’t find someone suitable, then look for a spouse mech. That way, you won’t have to blame each other for being selfish and not loving the other. Only science and technology will be able to resolve marital issues. It’s just like how in history, China always had to deal with food shortage, which was ultimately solved using modern technology,” Fang Ning asserted confidently. “Moreover, the Black Dog’s body is made of steel and metal now so a canine mech is a perfect match for him.”

[The System is evaluating…]

“Oh, is that so? Then maybe I should get you a wife mech too and have her control you,” said Sir System, suddenly struck by inspiration.

“Get out, I already said that the person has to be willing first. Besides, I have a wife now and I don’t need to find a mech one.” Fang Ning quickly sneaked away.