Chapter 1084 - World Advancement

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Chapter 1084: World Advancement

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Three days later, in front of the Dragon’s Cave.

The Azure Dragon bestowed a thick, plain old book upon the Black Dog.

The Black Dog hurriedly received it with its front legs before putting the book into the jade bracelet around its leg.

“Alright, I’ve completed the deduction of the skill you’re currently mastering, it should be enough for you to cultivate until you reach God-level. Once you’ve gotten used to it, be sure to find time to train constantly.”

“Yes, Master, I understand.” After the Black Dog had put away the book, its mind appeared to have wandered as it replied absentmindedly.

“Then you work hard on cultivating now. Remember, if you can’t become a God in a hundred years, then I’ll have to castrate you so that you’ll be able to clear your mind and focus. You’ll only return to normal after you become a God,” the Azure Dragon said coldly.

“Ah…” The Black Dog shuddered.

“Very well, you may leave.”

The Black Dog lowered its head before disappearing into the ground.

In the System Space, Fang Ning stared openly with his mouth agape in bewilderment.

“Sir System, only now do I know that you’ve been considerably kind to me in the past since you’re actually quite ruthless.”

“This is called the employment of both kindness and severity. I picked it up online, not bad, huh?” Sir System gloated.

“Mhm, at least the Black Dog was terrified.”

“You hurry up and get back to training too. Otherwise, I’ll castrate you too, believe it or not?” Sir System threatened.

It took a good while for Fang Ning to finally react before he swiftly ran back into the break room to continue his cultivation.

Maxim Notification: [The System has used illegal means to intimidate the Host. The System will be confined for 72 hours.]

“Serves you right…” Fang Ning said, still lingering in a state of shock.

Although this time, Fang Ning had a sense of unease that he had left something unattended.

It took him a long while before he finally thought of it.

“Oh, you idiot System. Thanks to your silly intimidation, something important slipped my mind…”

After a long while, the System had yet to respond. Finally, Fang Ning realized that it was because the other had said something offensive and was currently confined by the Maxim.

Oh, what a wondrous occasion…

Fang Ning could only discuss the matter with his Heavenly Book baby.

“Baby, that Great Devil Saint of Large Numbers has pointed us to the path of becoming the Master of the Universe. It’s time for us to begin preparations.”

“Master, what should we do?” His baby said, flapping its pages.

“That guy said a lot but the most important thing was two words—”World Advancement”. We need to figure out what this concept is first,” Fang Ning said thoughtfully.

“That’s easy. We just have to post a mission on the platform,” his baby said in a credit-seeking tone.

“Oh, that’s a good idea.” Fang Ning nodded his head as he continued, “Go put the mission up first, I’ll go ask the ones on the same level as I.”

After that, Fang Ning reclaimed his body.

The Azure Dragon flew out of the Dragon’s Cave.

The first destination—the Spirit Valley on Earth.

“World Advancement?” After hearing these words, the Bodhisattva Spirit King paused in silence.

The Azure Dragon waited patiently.

“Before I answer this question, I would like to know if the Venerable One is familiar with the Consciousness of the Origin?”

“I am. It is a presence similar to that of the Heavenly Axiom, but it controls the entire universe,” the Azure Dragon replied.

“That’ll make things easier. World Advancement refers to the advancement of the Origin’s Consciousness.

“What is advancement? Stronger powers, a longer life, a better state, and raised statuses, these are all advancements. The opposite would be a regression,” the Bodhisattva Spirit King replied solemnly.

“Well, that’s understandable.” The Azure Dragon gave a nod.

“Originally, this world only had the power of science and technology, but science and technology cannot prevent this world from heading towards its end and desolation. Because of the existence of the “Law of Heat Death”, it is destined that no matter how much humans struggle, they will never be able to escape this fate,” Bodhisattva continued.

Fang Ning understood the reason behind the Spirit King Bodhisattva’s knowledge and understanding of science and technology. After all, he had lived several decades on Earth. He had probably long studied and familiarized himself with the scientific and technological information accumulated over two hundred years on Earth.

At this moment, he interjected, “So when Devil Saint Zhi Nan discovered the way to extinguish the stars, he immediately earned the Favor of the Origin of Time and Space.”

“Exactly. With their current level of technology, humans wouldn’t have been able to do this, but it can easily be done with the Mysterious Power. This not only meant that the life span of the world had been expended, it also meant a lower form of advancement,” Bodhisattva admitted frankly.

“Oh, then what is the higher form of advancement?” Fang Ning asked curiously.

“That would, of course, be the ability to allow the entire world to enter a closed-loop cycle, and for it to become self-proliferating, self-circulating, and immortal; yet, how difficult will this be to achieve? If there is an entity that could do this, then the Origin’s Consciousness will allow for them to be on equal footing with itself, perhaps even above it because this is immensely beneficial to it. No matter what, survival always comes first.

“It’s like the ancient thrones, everyone fought and murdered for it, but there always comes a time when the people will actively try to give it away to others, and that is when the dynasty is facing a severe crisis. Of course, this is not always the case. There are cases where people fought even harder during the final years of a dynasty,” Bodhisattva continued evenly.

“I see, so that’s World Advancement. It doesn’t sound too difficult to grasp,” said the Azure Dragon in realization.

“Oh, a lot of things may sound easy but are incredibly difficult to do. It’s just like how the mortals yearn for immortality, yet they’re not aware that it is an immensely difficult feat to achieve even for the Heavens and Earth and the Universe.” Bodhisattva shook his head and sighed.

“If increasing the power is considered one of the ways of World Advancement, then with the addition of the Mysterious Power, does that mean that this world itself is currently in the state of advancement?” Fang Ning asked.

“That’s right. The so-called dimension ascension is the addition of new variables. In this world, the addition of Mysterious Power has produced even more variables and more possibilities for the future. This is a form of World Advancement so whoever can not only better lead the expansion and development of this Mysterious Power, but can also make it even more conducive to the survival of this world, then they will gain the Favor of the Origin of Time and Space,” Bodhisattva explained.

The Azure Dragon was pensive for a while before he spoke, “Thank you for enlightening me, Bodhisattva. I understand now.”

“Haha, no worries, to know is easy, but to do is difficult. I hope the Venerable One will bear that in mind,” Bodhisattva said in a profound tone.

The Azure Dragon nodded its head and finally flew away.

The second destination—outer space, the planet where the Monk Zhi Nan resided.

Ten years had passed since he last saw the place and it was now filled with lush greenery.

Fang Ning could not help but be impressed. The other had strong perseverance since he turned this once desolated planet into a land bursting with life and vitality from scratch.

One should know that in the entire universe, a planet that was filled with vitality like Earth was few and far in between so this was practically a miracle.

After explaining the purpose of his visit, Fang Ning paid close attention to this Venerable One’s explanation.

“The Bodhisattva is generally correct. My predecessor has gone down this path but he had taken even more extreme measures. It was most fortunate that I had awakened on time. Otherwise, it would have been yet another catastrophe,” said Monk Zhi Nan, a tinge of unease lingering in his voice.

“Uh, what sort of extreme measures?”

“My predecessor believed that all forms of life on Earth would harm this world, but their way of thought could produce beneficial things to the world. Thus, their physical bodies must be destroyed and only their souls needed to be taken into a fantasy realm. In this realm, these thoughts and ideas would be tested before those that were chosen would be used in the real world. That way, all detriments and disadvantages can be removed, thus surely leading the world to a higher level.” Zhi Nan shook his head and sighed.

“Oh, that is very much a devil’s way of thought.” Fang Ning was both impressed and terrified.

It was no wonder that during his time on Earth, this guy had treated human lives as dirt and brought many human souls into his arcane realm to live.

It turned out that this was his ultimate goal all along.

It was truly terrifying and further solidified that someone regarded as a Devil Saint was definitely not an entity that could be compared to those low-level existences that knew nothing but to kill and shed blood.