Chapter 1086 - Upper Realm Strategy Devise System

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Chapter 1086: Upper Realm Strategy Devise System

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After exiting the System Hotel, Fang Ning had entered into deep thought and remained in that state for over two days.

Looking at the time, Sir System should probably have come out by now.

“Damn, finally got out of there. Richie, you’ve probably had fun over the last three days without me around supervising you.” Sir System grumbled.

Maxim Notification: [The System has groundlessly besmirched the name of the innocent, severely violating the code of conduct of the path of heroism and will be suspended for 24 hours.]

“…” Heavenly Book baby.

“This time you’re the one who brought it upon yourself.” Fang Ning smirked.

He then returned to mulling in his thoughts, ignoring the second rate good who had walked right into the trap himself.

With that, another day passed.

At that moment, the Heavenly Book baby came forward and reported, “Master, someone has submitted something to the alliance platform.”

“Oh, let me take a look.” Truthfully, Fang Ning held little expectations, seeing as the concept of a “World Advancement” was not something an ordinary cultivator would be able to figure out.

Although, what if a genius had appeared?

The Heavenly Book automatically opened up the page showing relevant information pertaining to the mission and presented it to him.

This was submitted by an ID named “Einstein”.

“The World Advancement is an operation of an upgrade. During this process, we must find another power of dimensionality in order to accomplish it. Now, we already have this power within our possession, the power from the mysterious side, but in order to use this power to induce the Advancement of the World, there are three conditions that need to be met. The first is a strong enough fulcrum, the second is hard-enough leverage, and the third is a force powerful enough…”

As he read until the end, Fang Ning found it to be very interesting. This guy had actually gotten most of the gist and the contents of his description were very similar to what the Spirit King Bodhisattva had said.

Moreover, “Einstein” even proposed a plausible solution to the problem.

“I don’t understand.” Sir System suddenly piped up, his tone blunt and honest.

“It’s right for you not to be able to understand; if you could understand it, then what am I here for?” Fang Ning asked gleefully.

“Have you been busy with the World Advancement thing over the past few days?” Sir System asked hesitatingly.

“Of course, the roads I’ve taken alone would have to be calculated by the unit of ‘ten-thousand light-years’. There is absolutely not a single person in this world who has gone further than me when I go outstation,” Fang Ning said very proudly.

“That sounds really hard, so what’s the conclusion that you arrived at?” Sir System asked curiously.

“Uh, I have it sorted out. For the time being, there are three steps to be taken. The first is to absorb external resources, the second is to reduce internal depletion, and the third is to find a way to become self-sustaining.” Fang Ning listed out thoughtfully.

“Oh, that does sound plausible,” Sir System said in an impressed tone.

“Of course. This is the grand outcome of my work after three days of working overtime.

Alright, I leave the rest to you. I’m going to sleep,” Fang Ning said as he stretched.

“Hey, you can’t do that. Since you already have a plan, you should hurry up and execute it,” Sir System said in a serious manner.

“Should you be the one to execute it?” Fang Ning inquired assuredly.

“This is just an outline, though? Unless you’re giving me the full rein?” Sir System exclaimed in excitement.

“Uh, forget it, let’s carry out the first step first…” Fang Ning said immediately after he recalled the consequences of the times where Sir System was given full rein, “We can only rely on the Divine Monument and the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom. Aside from us, the others’ efficiency tends to be a bit slow and often end up making losses instead. We have to build a more effective new system to replace the old climbing the Divine Gate event.

“How are we supposed to build that?” Sir System asked, bewildered.

“Let me think. I can’t think of anything; let’s post a mission instead.” Fang Ning waved his hand and called for the Heavenly Book baby.

“…This way of working, I can do it too, you know.” Sir System grumbled.

“Don’t talk so much, or do you want to be confined again?” Fang Ning warned.

“Damn it. I am a God-level System. Why is there a Supreme-God level Maxim? Is there a System out there that is as pitiful as I?” Sir System lamented woefully.

“There is,” Fang Ning said assuredly, “There are some Systems that could only become slaves to others. You should be grateful.”

“…” Sir System was rendered speechless.

At this time, Fang Ning had released a new task on the Heavenly Book.

“Upper Realm Strategy Devise System Mission. For the sake of the prosperity of the world, it is vital that we hasten our efforts to rescue the heritage from the Upper Realm that is on the verge of extinction, so as to avoid sharing the same fate. It is necessary to create a new system in order to increase the efficiency of the execution of the task.”

“What heritage rescue, you’re obviously going there to plunder the loot. I’ve finally come to know just how thick-skinned you are, Richie.” Sir System sneered.

“Don’t worry. It’s not as thick as yours,” Fang Ning said unbothered as he began writing down the mission rewards.

“Mission Rewards, 100,000 Justice Points, three Ability Exchange slots.”

Once the mission had been released, people immediately began to fight over it.

This sort of mission which required no hard labor but just a little bit of brainwork and running one’s mouth was one of the most popular missions.

There were no risks and consequences even if one failed and required little time. Of course, it would be vied by everyone.

On this point, the AJO platform truly upheld justice; unlike those platforms run by malevolent gods where one would be killed should they fail to complete the mission.

This was officially recognized by the members of the Alliance.

Fang Ning quickly entered the mission discussion room in a fluid manner and observed the discussion process of those who had accepted the mission.

Fang Ning had been here once before and he was familiar with the process in which a mission would be carried out.

The Heavenly Book will perform a screening process to judge those who had accepted the mission based on who had the highest chance of completing the mission, and the selected candidates would then enter another room where they would be free to discuss whether they would complete the mission together in a group or single-handedly.

The host inside of the room was an ID called the “Archangel Gabriel”.

This meant that the other had the highest chance of completion for this current mission.

At this time, there were twenty-five people in the room, all of them being the challengers who had passed through the screening for the current mission.

Naturally, there would always be a large number of people who would accept the mission but there were very few that were qualified to complete it.

One’s powers, past experience, knowledge reserve, personality, etc… These were all factors that determined one’s chances of mission completion.

The other party had proven this the minute they spoke.

“Archangel Gabriel”, “Everyone, I have traveled across hundreds of different worlds. I am quite experienced when it comes to plundering, no, how to receive the heritage of a foreign world. Thanks to the fairness and reliability of the AJO’s platform, they have given me a 99.5% rate of success to complete this mission.

“…” The peanut gallery was stunned.

“Heavenly Book baby, is this true? Is he supposed to be the protagonist?” Fang Ning exclaimed in shock.

“Uh, Master, all his experience is stated in his archives. He has a superpower, and that is the ability to traverse through different dream worlds and extract others’ spiritual forces, under the pretext in which he has to fulfill other people’s wishes in their dreams…” Heavenly Book baby presented.

At this time, those in the room had engaged in a lively discussion.

“Looks like we’ll be able to win without having to do anything.”

“Lead us to victory boss.”

“Boss, please don’t leave us behind…” One of them realized the problem.

“Archangel Gabriel”, “Oh, I’m not a lone ranger. Whenever I travel to a different world, I definitely bring along my own team. The size of the team varies according to the task. Since everyone has passed the screening, then it is fate that we shall meet, you may all join the team.”

“Boss is all-powerful.”

“The boss is the boss.”

The group of people were all fired up, although the reward for this mission was not particularly much, its real meaning was something far more complex…

Those who were able to enter this room of discussion were definitely not stupid. It was vital for them to understand this “Upper Realm Strategy Devise System” in advance.

When considering China’s economic development, everyone was aware of the amount of wealth that could be acquired by possessing prior knowledge of this information.