Chapter 1087 - Upper Realm Rescue Mission

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Chapter 1087: Upper Realm Rescue Mission

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Looking at the discussion happening in the room, Fang Ning felt that he had been a bit ungrounded over the recent years.

All day long, dealing with Sir System and all kinds of higher existences, he had subconsciously ignored the lower groups and all the potential talents that were seeded there.

If one was unable to become one with the people, then they would not be able to take advantage of their power, and everything they had worked for would have gotten them half the result with twice the effort spent.

He remembered that he had met this “Archangel Gabriel” once before. At the time, the other had partnered with the old man Maxwell who was undercover at the time and completed a rescue mission to save his little online gaming brother.

So, he began to take matters seriously and paid close attention to all the things that were said in the room.

“To effectively receive the heritage of the outside world, a thorough investigation must first be carried out. Among my specialized traverse team, there is a scout position. They are not necessarily the strongest, but they are skilled at camouflaging, multilingual, and capable of adaptability. They are also well-versed in all matters of the human mind and heart. Men and women, humans and beasts, and even those who utilize body language and are capable of integrating with the indigenous people to retrieve information. These are the elites that I have spent a dozen or so worlds to cultivate…”

“That is why, in this new system, there must also be a system in place for cultivating different professions, which will lead the talented to serve different roles and professions. It is vital that we focus not on bigger things, but on small details with precision to achieve effective results that are in line with the direction of the human’s industry development.”

“It can’t be helped; it’s all because of that second rate good Heavenly Axiom that doesn’t know what it’s doing and simply shoved some people in there. There was neither logistical support nor systematic organization, and we can’t be blamed.” Sir System lamented.

Fang Ning nodded and said, “Yeah, the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom is just like a newborn Heavenly Axiom after all, even though it knows a lot, it still lacks experience. Unlike this Archangel Gabriel, although he has only traveled through dream worlds, he has a wealth of practical experience, with a set of effective theoretical guidance.”

“Looks like we’ve found the right person this time,” Sir System said, sounding relieved.

“Then let’s wait and see, all remains to be unknown still.”

Three days later, the discussion that had gone on inside the meeting room had finally produced results and a “First Draft of the Upper Realm Strategy Devise System” had been submitted.

After reading through it, Fang Ning fell into a long pause of silence.

The keywords of the entire plan consisted of these, “high commission, specialization, and assembly line”.

“High commission” meant that from the income of each exploration, the exploration team would receive a share of at least 50% or more, but there was no basic salary, instead of relying on the model of waiting for the rewards released by the platform, the latter was too fixated and bore a risk of loss.

“Specialization” was similar to what was previously discussed, to train and cultivate specialized exploration teams, scouts, fighters and logistics personnel, etc.

“Assembly line” referred to the operation of the entire system as an assembly line, and everyone was an accessory on it, and could be replaced at any given time.

As for the actual execution, there were precise, step-by-step details presented in the plan, all of which could be achieved.

“Not bad. Their efficiency is much higher than yours, Richie. I don’t see any problem with it, let’s carry on with this.” Sir System exclaimed excitedly.

“Uh, aren’t you bothered by the high commission fee? Haven’t you always been a stingy one?” Fang Ning asked in surprise.

“You’re making groundless accusations again; I’ve always been generous…” Sir System said before it suddenly changed its mind, “No, Richie, you really do know me. The meat stays in the pot no matter what (TN: A Chinese idiom meaning that regardless of one’s winnings or losses, it stays all the same inside the pocket of the same person.). No matter how high their commission may be, they still have to spend it at the AJO’s platform; I’ll just put up some cheap skill books and techniques up there in exchange for all the good stuff…”

A man and a System simultaneously laughed before they suddenly changed faces.

Fang Ning then reminded, “Nonetheless, no matter how good this plan is, it still has to be approved by the Heavenly Axiom. Only it has the authority to open up the Divine Gates.”

“Hmph, it’s not the seller’s market now. Even if it doesn’t agree, we’ll just develop a different planet instead. Your Whitestone people have already proliferated hundreds of planets, haven’t they? We’ll shop around to get a good buy, see which one of the planets has developed its consciousness, and have it develop a Heavenly Axiom Treasure too,” Sir System said skillfully.

Fang Ning was impressed, “Oh, you’ve really picked up my old tactics.”

“Of course, I’ve always been a very studious System.”

After a while, Sir System summoned the green-skinned frog and had it deliver the plan to the Heavenly Axiom.

The green-skinned frog soon got a reply.

“Oh, Axiom Daddy says the plan’s fine, and it’s agreed, but it should be named first.”

“That’s easy. We’ll just call it the “Upper Realm Rescue Mission.” Sir System immediately copied.

“Master, what do you think?” The green-skinned frog asked again.

“I don’t really have an opinion,” Fang Ning casually said.

“Alright, but the “Upper Realm Rescue Mission” needs a capable moderator, an ordinary person wouldn’t do; they wouldn’t be able to handle it,” the green-skinned frog said.

“Sir System, pick someone from your 99 threads to become the moderator, and create something as clever, cute and upright as my baby.” Fang Ning suggested.

“No, it’s enough that I have one who is rebellious and doesn’t listen to me, I will not make a second just to spite myself.” Sir System flat-out refused.

“Then you’ll just have to wait and see someone take advantage of this loophole, with most of the perks and benefits of this plan being swept away mercilessly, you must know that human’s abilities to exploit loopholes are unparalleled, even the tiniest loopholes can be magnified by them,” Fang Ning warned.

“Oh, I’ve got it. Frog baby, put your head closer over here, I’ll add some wisdom for you.” Sir System tempted.

“No.” The green-skinned frog immediately jumped behind Fang Ning, its big, innocent eyes filled with terror.

“That’s not for you to decide,” Sir System said definitively.

The green-skinned frog suddenly found itself losing control of its own body and proceeded to be thrown inside the blacksmith’s forge.

After that, Fang Ning heard a series of “clanking” sounds of metal forging.

System Notification: [The System has consumed 100,000,000 experience points and injected a thread into the Heavenly Axiom Treasure — Divine Monument. The Divine Monument has undergone change. Its operative functions have risen sharply; its willpower has risen sharply…]

“Alright, from now onwards, you’ll be taking over in my place and overseeing the “Upper Realm Rescue Mission”. Remember to bring back all the good treasures and herbs for me.” Sir System ordered.

After a while, the green-skinned frog reappeared from the blacksmith’s forge. Its face lifeless and dull as if it had lost itself.

“Poor thing. You’re too cruel. Is it really good for you to force someone against their will?” Fang Ning could not bear to ask.

“I’m doing this for its own good. From today onwards, it answers only to me. The Heavenly Axiom’s control over it will be minimized to the least.” Sir System gloated.

“Nevermind, since things have already become this way, Frog baby, you should look ahead and think positively. This is a good thing for you too after the Upper Realm Rescue Mission is completed, you’ll be able to regain your freedom.” Fang Ning consoled.

“Understood, Master.” Only then did a sparkle glow inside the green-skinned frog’s eyes as it recovered a sliver of hope.

“After the Upper Realm Rescue Mission is complete, there’s the Galaxy Rescue Mission. It seems that there are over a billion galaxies observed outside of the Milky Way alone…” Sir System said thoughtfully.

“Ugh, Master, my life is so difficult.” The green-skinned frog leaned on Fang Ning, its face one of lifelessness.

“Don’t worry, that guy’s pretty easy to hoodwink, just make something up, don’t give yourself too much pressure.” Fang Ning reassured it.

“Okay, thank you, Master, I understand now.” The green-skinned frog felt its heart eased by his words.

“Damn it. You guys will soon find out that I’m definitely not easily hoodwinked,” Sir System said angrily.