Chapter 1088 - The Coffin

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Chapter 1088: The Coffin

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In the Land of Heritage at the Cultivators’ Assembly.

At the center of the conference hall laid a white coffin.

To say that it was a coffin was not entirely accurate as it was still somewhat different from one.

The difference was that there were the words “to regard death as returning to one’s home” written on the side of it.

With “lay one’s life on the battlefield” on the other side.

There was also a horizontal inscription with the words “to press forward with indomitable will”.

After a long pause, someone posed the question. “What is this? Is there an ominous catastrophe that is about to befall us?”

“No, this is a kind of transmission mechanism that the AJO’s platform had requested us to release to the market.” Ren Ruofeng patiently explained.

“What does it do?” Someone came up and wanted to get a feel of the coffin.

“You can’t touch it. It’s currently in an unlocked state and it will automatically designate its user the minute one touches it,” Ren Ruofeng stopped the person as he continued, “Its function is to transfer mortals to the little world in the Upper Realm.”

“Gasp…doesn’t this mean that it’s replaced the function of the Heavenly Axiom?” Someone exclaimed.

“Uh, look closely, there’s another line written,” Ren Ruofeng said smiling

Everyone took a closer look and discovered that on the fourth side of the coffin, the characters “produced by the Heavenly Axiom” were faintly visible.

“So that’s how it is. It’s planning to turn into a large-scale, industrialized path,” someone made a thoughtful comment.

Clever people existed everywhere, but when there were too many of them, they would ruin a nation.

“Interesting, interesting.” Someone praised.

“There must be a hidden agenda behind this. Clearly, someone has to risk their life to do this.” Someone made an assumption.

“Nonsense, it’s agenda is obvious. Those with a weaker Cultivation Proficiency and those who are in the state of near-death and want to take a gamble would definitely be interested in this. Since the remotest times, there were few that did not fear death, but the sum of them is a significant amount,” someone shook their head and said.

“Is there anyone who wants to give it a go?” Someone asked.

For a long while, the question went unanswered. An item that had appeared suddenly out of nowhere such as this, who would dare to try it out?

However, since it was something brought out my Mr. Ren, it could not possibly have been something hazardous.

Just as the conference hall was about to fall into an awkward silence, a 40-year old male staff suddenly spoke up, “I’m willing to give it a try.”

“Oh, you’re a brave one. What is your name?” Someone asked curiously.

A name that carried neither fame nor reputation. It appeared that he was just another nameless character. With his age and the fact that he had yet even to reach Pond-level, it was no wonder that he was willing to take the risk.

“This coffin appears to be dangerous, why are you willing to try it?”

“Because Mr. Ren had said so earlier that this was sent by the Alliance of Justice and Order, I’m sure that there wouldn’t be anything malignant about it,” Zhang Lu replied seriously.

“The Alliance of Justice and Order is unexpectedly famous and reputable in the eyes of these people at the bottom of the chain.” Some of the people glanced at each other and whispered.

“Of course, with the Great Venerable Dragon God as its leader, it’s bound to be remarkably prominent.”

“Alright, you may give it a try. I believe there wouldn’t be too much of a risk,” Ren Ruofeng nodded and said.

He did not bother seeking another’s opinion since it was someone that was able to enter the assembly, it must have been someone that had been tested and screened by the Truth Department.

The middle-aged man named Zhang Lu then entered the center of the hall and carefully climbed into the coffin and lied still.

The moment he had lied down, a translucent lid appeared on the two sides of the walls on the coffin and closed towards the center as it covered the sides of the coffin together.

Then, a red light flashed through as everyone looked through the translucent lid and found that the person had disappeared entirely.

Everyone waited patiently.

Three hours had passed during their wait.

Of course, everyone had their own busy schedules and only the staff had remained to keep watch as the others left to tend to their own matters.

Only when the staff had informed them of that Zhang Lu’s return did they once again gathered together in the hall.

Zhang Lu came out of the coffin with a face of excitement.

He turned towards the many cultivators who had rushed here and said seriously, “Everyone, would it be alright for me to purchase this coffin? No, it should be called ‘The Conservator.”

“Quick, tell us what’s in there?” Someone asked impatiently.

However, the majority of the people had turned to Ren Ruofeng and began discussing something in soft murmurs.

They had, of course, realized that this was just a sales pitch. The Truth Department who had sent over the coffin must have known about its functions all along.

Zhang Lu spoke earnestly, “Its functions are too many. The purpose of this ‘Conservator’ is to enter the Upper Realm to rescue and conserve those endangered world heritage, cultural artifacts, and magical seeds, etc. After I entered, I was sent to a world meant for training. The world would then re-evaluate my talents, explorers, disguisers, fighters, and logistics personnel, etc.…”

As everyone listened on, a glimmer had begun to appear in their eyes.

Behind the Conservator, lied a complete set of cultivation systems.

All this time, the other party had always been a relatively exclusive organization; because those who wished to join must be those with a strong sense of justice, ordinary people had a hard time getting in.

Now, with the release of this system, it was surely a blessing to humans.

“It’s not expensive, 100,000 magical energy points per set, set only at the cost of making the coffin.” Ren Ruofeng spoke up.

“Give me 10,000 sets.”

“I’ll take 100,000 sets.”

The Cultivator’s Assembly soon turned into a sales assembly.

Ren Ruofeng understood the other party’s intentions. This sort of thing was clearly extremely important for the improvement of the power of all the major forces.

There were only so many resources, to be able to acquire them from the outside world naturally meant that they would be able to expand their forces.

The industrial age had originated from accumulating resources from the New World.

Meanwhile, in the Truth Department Headquarters.

Qiao Zishan was carefully entering into the coffin, standing next to him was Qiao Zijiang, Long Fan the Stygian Snake and the Third Son of the Dragon Clan.

“Don’t rush, be careful that you’re being set up.” Long Fan kindly warned him.

“Say something nicer,” Qiao Zijiang said unhappily.

“I’ll just keep quiet alright, there’s a God here who’s familiar with the situation in the Upper Realm, which worlds can be entered and which cannot, you should ask him first,” Long Fan pointed towards the Third Son of the Dragon Clan beside and said.

“Of course you can ask me but you’ll have to give me 30% of your loot after you go inside,” Long San said unabashedly.

“That’s too much; the platform collects half of the loot, I can give you 5% at most,” Qiao Zijiang said in a tone of finality.

“10%, I can’t go any lower, I hate negotiating with women,” Long San said as he soon disappeared.

Qiao Zishan lied inside the coffin. A long series of instructions of use and an agreement button appeared in his mind.

He briefly scanned through it and discovered nothing sketchy; what was included were nothing more than a voluntary life and death, obeying the bottom line, not to kill each other and not to plunder others, among other general rules.

Then he pressed the button to agree.

“It is detected that the user is a first-timer. Please enter the training world. You will learn the relevant tutorials. After you have passed the tutorial, you will officially become the Rescuer of the Upper Realm.”

Qiao Zishan then transmitted these things to the people outside through spiritual telepathy.

Clearly, this coffin had not prohibited the motions of spiritual energy, which was why he was able to get into contact with the others standing outside successfully.

“Oh, it looks like it’ll take some time. Then I’m heading off to sleep first, call me if there’s anything.” The Third Son of the Dragon Clan threw out those words first and disappeared.

Long Fan picked up its phone, lied on a sofa and began playing games.

Only Qiao Zijiang waited patiently by the side, unwilling to let a single motion escape.

In her spiritual senses, the coffin was like a black hole, mysterious and unpredictable.

Before long, a red light flashed across and Qiao Zishan disappeared.

However, ten minutes later, he had successfully reappeared, putting Qiao Zijiang at ease.

“The tutorial is very simple. It’s much easier than the training we’ve gone through before. It’s clearly meant for ordinary people,” Qiao Zishan said effortlessly.

Qiao Zishan nodded and said, “That’s good. It looks like this is a good opportunity for us.”

“Yes, the previous Divine Gate, it’s difficulty was either too high or too low, it always felt unstandardized. This way this ‘Conservator’ is set up; however, appears to be according to standards, everything is well-organized and suited for members with backgrounds like ours to enter.” Qiao Zishan gave a pertinent evaluation.