Chapter 1089 - Test World

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Chapter 1089: Test World

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Fang Ning was sitting on a couch in the System Cyber Café and in front of it was a huge screen that was split into grids, just like a traffic monitoring system where there were images in each corresponding grid.

These images came from those coffins, each coffin was a video recording device that could record both situations of the world it was transmigrated to and of its surroundings in the real world.

This was a considerably high-end product.

“Who designed the appearance of this product? Why was it designed this way, aren’t you afraid of ill-fortune?” Fang Ning asked, surprised.

“I designed it,” Sir System said, pleased with himself.

It then occurred to Fang Ning. “It’s you, no wonder. No one in their right mind would do this.”

“You know nothing, such appearance can raise their guards and increase their focus every time they enter it, otherwise, they might think that they’re playing a virtual reality game… Just like you,” Sir System said with conviction.

“Eh, Heavenly Book baby, enlarge the screen of coordinates (3, 33) to full-screen, I saw an old acquaintance.” Fang Ning could not bother to engage himself in a meaningless banter with this second rate good and started giving out instructions.

The screen was quickly enlarged and within it was a coffin. Qiao Zishan just crawled out from the coffin while his sister and a group of demon pets stood nearby.

There was no other person besides them.

“The human heart is complicated, let’s do it ourselves instead, with your 12 demon pets, there’d be enough of us.” Qiao Zishan sighed.

“The Upper Realm is complicated and unpredictable, we still need a back-up combat power.” Qiao Zijiang was cautious.

“Where do we find this battle force then?” Qiao Zishan asked, perturbed.

“There’s a fella who can definitely do it. Big White, go look for your old friend,” Qiao Zijiang said to the Big Cotton Mount.

The Big Cotton Mount seemed to be quite agreeable as it flew away leisurely.

As he watched until this point, Fang Ning’s interest was piqued, then he reached out and tapped and the words “past records” appeared around Qiao Zishan’s icon.

After opening the records, Fang Ning saw the few worlds Qiao Zishan had been in.

The first was “Training World” where Qiao Zishan showed great performance as he clearly took first place in every aspect.

No matter what it was—combat skills, determination, organizational skills, leadership skills… He beat everyone in all qualities of all aspects.

However, in a “Test World”, he had a serious fallout with the team that he joined.

“However, if we steal this treasure, this village might perish soon, we are the Upper Realm Rescuers, not the Upper Realm Destroyers.” Qiao Zishan refused.

“What a joke, there’s actually someone who believes in this slogan, isn’t salvaging the Upper Realm’s heritage just a harvest? If we sit around and do nothing while the world perishes, won’t the treasures go to waste?” A sinister middle-aged man almost let out a scornful laugh.

“Exactly, if we bring this treasure out, then we can split it into 15 million magical energy points. With ten of us here, each of us can get 1.5 million, which is sufficient to maintain three months of extremely efficient cultivation, it’s like there are 1.5 million people providing for us.” Many agreed in unison.

“Precisely, why care about these people’s lives? We’re earthlings, we should stand on the side of those on earth, why are you concerned about the lives of these strangers?” A white man mocked.

“Still, it was written on the agreement that we must conform to justice and are not allowed to have no boundaries in our actions…” Qiao Zishan argued.

The sinister middle-aged man said loathingly, “Fool, there’s no need to take such agreement seriously, would they not keep the treasure if we bring it back? Those were just big words that they used to put up a show. You don’t look that young, but why are you still so childish? I have no idea how you managed to survive in this chaotic world.”

“That’s right, what a waste of power you accumulated…” The others said in contempt.

“…” Feeling helpless, Qiao Zishan could only walk away dejectedly.

What could he do? Was he to kill off his fellow humans or to stay guard by the village and fend off the hypocrites?

He might have a sense of justice, but he also knew that he had no patience for that.

As he looked at the talisman glow-shrouded village that was struggling to persevere from afar, he could only sigh and leave.

“As expected, we can’t form a team with conflicting views. The stronger his powers are, the bigger of a hindrance will he be to us.” The sinister middle-aged man watched his retreating silhouette coldly.

“Leader, what should we do now?”

“Mmm, execute plan number one, try fooling these Upper Realm villagers first, if it’s unsuccessful, then go with plan number two…”

Needless to say, this group of people was eliminated after Test World—they were unqualified to enter the Upper Realm.

“Indeed, human nature’s complicated, it was fortunate to have this Test World, or else, we would’ve been the subject of many condemnations,” Fang Ning said, relieved.

“What would you do if it was you?” Sir System asked.

“Isn’t it simple? It’ll be settled once both the people and the treasure were moved out. They didn’t consider that men could work as labor force too,” Fang Ning said naturally.

“Who’ll move them?” Sir System could sense that something was off.

“Of course it’ll be you, I wouldn’t know how to do it.” Fang Ning was confident.

“How shameless, of course, it’s easy for you to just stand there and give orders.”

“You’re wrong, from my many years of experience, it’ll be easier to give orders while lying down.”

“…” Sir System was speechless, he was speaking from experience, after all.

Sir System then said sympathetically, “However, with your methods, many will be eliminated in vain. They still have great executive abilities.”

“Oh, I’ll remind Frog baby to give those who were eliminated a chance to redeem themselves and learn to behave, but the worlds they enter will be selected accordingly, we can forget about the ones that are too densely inhabited, they can be saved for archaeology researches later.” Fang Ning quickly suggested.

“That’s more like it, it’ll be more efficient this way,” Sir System said, satisfied.

Not long after that, a white mount of cotton appeared floating in front of the Dragon Cave.

“Uh, it came fast.” Fang Ning saw it through the dragon’s eyes.

Butler Zheng stepped out to greet it.

“May I ask if there’s anything I can do for you?”

The ball of cotton did not speak, it merely popped a small cotton ball out and molded it into the shape of the green insect.

“So the back-up fella Qiao Zijiang was referring to was Daqing, she’s truly smart enough,” Fang Ning said, impressed.

“Now that it’s useless, kick it out of here or it’ll missing my herbs all day,” Sir System said heartily.

“You ungrateful person, I’ll see it off,” Fang Ning said simply.

“You’re just the same, hypocrite.” Sir System replied disgustedly.

Shortly after, the fire dragon double watched as Chong Daqing flew away on Big Cotton Mount.

“Great Azure Dragon, I’ll still come back even if there isn’t any food.” A voice called out from the Cotton Mount.

“Mmm-hmm, don’t worry, there’ll be food.” The fire dragon waved its claws in a farewell.

“It can dream on, I already fortified the space of the Draconic Arcane Realm, it’ll be easy for it to leave but impossible to come back,” Sir System said smugly.

“Such actions do not conform to Chivalry Rules, you must uphold these principles in the things you do, you can’t just throw them away when you don’t need them. After all, you only managed to work through an important obstacle because of them in the past.” Fang Ning advised.

“Oh,” Sir System wanted to retort but suddenly agreed. “You’re right, Mr. Rich Boss, I understand.