Chapter 1090 - Restraining Order

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Chapter 1090: Restraining Order

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“Ah, I have this bad feeling at the sight of this coffin. I feel like I’m being put into place,” Long Fan, the four-clawed black snake said uneasily.

“Alright, depending on how someone looks at it, winning promotions and getting rich, could be a good omen too.” Qiao Zijiang was more relaxed as she took after her brother and laid down in a coffin nearby.

After Qiao Zishan’s first-hand experience and Chong Daqing getting involved as a body shield, she finally decided to get the entire family to enter the battle.

After all, although their uncle had a near-perfect Cultivation Proficiency after his reincarnation, he had to start anew in cultivating his Cultivation Base.

This required a huge amount of resources. Although the Truth Department gave them quite a lot for a head start, they could not let the organization supply everything, their family needed to carry part of the burden as well.

Having to spend only one billion magical energy points was already a privilege envied by many.

As there were fewer producers before, the value of magical energy was much higher unlike now where its value has depreciated significantly with at least ten billion of producers as a baseline.

Though it might be said to have depreciated, it was still a hard currency because unlike cash, there was a use for its value in itself.

Even if it was possible to produce trillions of magical energy points, it would still be insufficient to meet latent demand.

Long Fan found no way out so it called the other demon pets over and made them enter their respective coffins.

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It was only after Qiao Zijiang heard her older brother’s explanation that she remembered that these demon pets had self-awareness and needed to pass the tests too. They could not attempt to cheat on their first time entering, could they?

After finishing a pack of peanuts, Chong Daqing had no objections and entered a coffin with Big Cotton Mount.

As the other demons pets entered their coffins consecutively, Master Long San was the only one left, expressing his disinterest to enter the coffin.

This was why Qiao Zijiang had to look for a back-up—this mister was too unreliable.

However, after Long Fan had whispered a word or two to Long San, his eyes lit up and crawled into the coffin willingly.

One month passed in a flash.

After the commencement of “Operation Save the Upper Realm,” efficiency had increased significantly.

In comparison to climbing the Divine Gate like before, the new organization structure and operations were more scientific and compliant to humanity.

There were all sorts of new treasures appearing and a new race was migrated down every day.

In any case, the universe was not lacking space and Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below was also fixed, so migrators from different races could just move in.

“Amazing, there’s so much good stuff, I should expand my space again or else they wouldn’t fit,” Sir System said excitedly.

System Notification: [The System consumed one billion experience points to expand the System Space to 1000m x1000m x100m.]

[The System consumed one trillion experience points to expand the System Space to 10000m x10000m x1000m.]

“You’re spending so willingly.” Fang Ning was taken aback.

“I have no choice, the size of the treasures are too big,” Sir System said helplessly.

At this moment, Heavenly Book baby suddenly reminded. “Master, the green-skinned frog sent some news saying that a few batches of Rescuers are stuck in the worlds they’re in and couldn’t be sent back.”

Fang Ning was shocked. “What’s going on? Let me look at the situation.”

The big screen in front of him quickly displayed a frame showing a batch of trapped Rescuers.

It was a city that was built with exquisite marble, it was apparent that this was a rich and populous place.

The outskirts of the city were huge plots of farmland, rows of green shades and cascading flows of people.

The moving people though unlike the obese crowds on Earth, had flushed cheeks and while simply clothed, were at least not in rags.

It seemed like the mortals were still living well, having ample food and clothing in this eternally immutable Upper Realm could already be considered a good life.

At the city center, there was a tall white jade fortress that was incredibly eye-catching as it shone beams under the sunlight.

The group of Rescuers was inside the white-jade fortress talking to four political leaders.

Out of the four prominent figures, three of them were old men and there was one young man.

They were clad in delicate, top-notch silk and were accessorized with many artifacts, one would know that they were not from an ordinary background at one look.

They all bore gloomy looks and were in a bad mood.

“Don’t worry, city magistrates, although there are restrictions from supreme deities, we too have support from a major god and we will be able to send your whole city back.” A sage-like old man consoled the helpless men in front of him.

“Ah actually, as well-informed people, we do have a vague idea regarding seeking refuge in the Lower Realm. After all, we do worship ancestral gods in our clans, it’s just that the supreme deities have issued a restraining order that bans us from descending without permission, so what can we do?” An old man sighed, shaking his head.

“It’s truly despicable when you mention it. We’ve always offered many sacrifices to these gods but at this critical point between life and death, we are not even allowed to find our own way out? I’m so fed up with this.”

“Hmph, we’re different from the others, we each have secret techniques from our clans and can stay alive for over ten thousand years but those mortals, they’ll just die after several decades. If we don’t hurry up, descend with these immortals, and re-establish our family business, are we just going to wait until we grow old and die like mortals?”

After having heard these words, the three old men nodded in unison and discarded their fear of the gods in an instant.

They were older and it was time to use their clan’s secret techniques.

Following the regression of vitality, many magic spells have been rendered useless and many secret techniques that had failed in the Upper Realm.

The mortals had no care for these things as they had no chance at immortality anyway.

However, for these prominent figures, such an ending was unacceptable. The thing about immortality was that before having it, it was still bearable; having it taken away after owning it, on the other hand, was intolerable.

They could keep their head down with other losses, but when it came to losing this benefit, they had to put up a fight, because even if the gods were angered, the worst could only be death.

These handpicked Rescuers were skilled in conflict management and were able to detect the main conflict in this situation—the conflict between the gods from the higher class and the lower-middle-class, the Extraordinaires.

The lower-middle-class Extraordinaires that were directly controlling the people, as well as most of the lower class’ assets, had suffered the biggest losses.

They were helpless against the great changes of nature unless they were willing to be reduced to being mortals.

“As soon as you gather all your clan members and pack up all your assets, we will contact the Venerable One to send you back.” The old man assured.

“Mmm, I’ve made my decision, I’ll start mobilizing as soon as I get back home and gather everyone in the city after three days. We’ll move the entire city to the Lower Realm,” the young man said with resolve.

With no words of objection, it was clear that the three old men were in agreement with the plan.

“Very well, let’s start as soon as possible, we shall carry out our own parts.” The sage-like old man decided.

Thus, these Rescuers parted with the four leaders.

After that, the Rescuers found a spot to discuss among themselves.

“Teacher Hong, is this really feasible? We can’t even escape ourselves, should we still bring along so many with us?” A Rescuer asked the old man.

“Haha, you don’t understand this, how else can we gain the attention of the Venerable Dragon God unless we gather this many people? You should know that the Venerable Dragon God is behind this group of Upper Realm Rescuers. The true owner of the Divine Monument is him too. He is the most merciful, but if there’s only us, then it would probably take a long time. However, if we bring along a few million households, how could he ignore us and let us get massacred by the supreme gods?” The old man said perceptively.

“I see, you are brilliant, Teacher Hong.” The group complimented as they relaxed.

At this point, Fang Ning had figured things out.

These Rescuers were truly carefully selected prodigies, once they realized that they could not return, they did not just give up on searching for ways to break the seal, they even kidnapped more people so that Fang Ning had no choice but to step in.

“Damn it, these fellas really know how to create problems for me,” Sir System said resentfully.

“Yet, can you ignore them?” Fang Ning asked.

“I know I can’t, how can I just watch them die? Anyhow, we still need to solve this problem, or else, how can we rake in—no, save the Upper Realm’s heritage?” Sir System sighed.

“Exactly and these fellas knew this too—they definitely did this to make their rescue a priority,” Fang Ning said shaking his head.

Little people had their own ways, and in desperate situations of life and death, there was no means too unscrupulous.