Chapter 1091 - Descend Again

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Chapter 1091: Descend Again

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Though it was a must to save them, the way to go about it was something that required much thought.

Plus, they could not be doing everything themselves, how tiring would that be…

Master Fang wanted a carefree life as a landlord where he could enjoy the admiring looks of the people, he wanted to have great power and not do evil things. Perhaps do some good deeds occasionally but he definitely would not be a superman-like firefighter.

Superman was like a nanny who had to take care of everything for the Earth but still had things going awry for him; he had to face all sorts of interrogations for having great power and took the blame if things went wrong…

They were spoiled, just like how parents who were overindulgent with their children would never be reciprocated with equal love and respect; similarly, some people would never respect a strong person like Superman.

“Let’s go, let’s go over to Frog baby to investigate on the spot.” Fang Ning instructed.

This time, Sir System obeyed and the Azure Dragon quickly crawled out of the Dragon Cave and flew towards the Divine Monument.

Atop the highest rock on Mount Everest stood erect a monument that was over ten meters tall, it was shining golden rays that illuminated its surroundings.

Land within a hundred-mile radius of it became forbidden grounds that mortals could hardly approach.

The point of having it settled here was to put the powers of the Heavenly Axiom to better use. After all, Sir System would not waste his powers in teleporting back and forth to communicate with the Upper Realm.

Of course, the Azure Dragon had no problem entering the area as it quickly landed in front of the Divine Monument.

In the Divine Monument, the silhouette of a frog appeared briefly then its shadow cast down—then it disappeared.

The green-skinned frog saw Fang Ning again.

“They used to be able to teleport without any issues, how were those people trapped? Why did the teleportation not work?” Fang Ning asked.

The green-skinned frog blanked out for a while before explaining. “Master, it’s not so for all the small worlds, it’s only happening in the more important worlds where gods reside.”

“I see.” Fang Ning thought for a while and then it struck him. “I got it, that Purple Dragon and White Dragon can’t take advantage of us for free, so let’s pass a message to those deities with their help and say that we’ll temporarily retreat, we won’t harvest the small worlds they inhabit but in return, release our people back to us.”

This was the reason why Fang Ning relented—he wanted to save his people in time and avoid a direct confrontation with the gods.

Sir System, however, said with disdain, “Hmph, you’re such a softie, you always resort to compromise when there are problems, are you still a man with a System? Can’t you be firmer?”

Fang Ning replied helplessly, “From what you’re saying, we don’t have any way to solve this then? There are over ten lives on the line and handpicked talents at that, we can’t just stand by and do nothing.”

“Ugh, anyway my instincts are telling me that you might be disappointed,” Sir System responded seriously.

“Let’s try it out first.” Fang Ning insisted.

The giant maelstrom of the Milky Way.

Having heard the message from the Black Dog, the Purple Dragon and the White Dragon who were working hard on the “Dragon Soul Array Computer” looked at each other and smiled.

The Purple Dragon mocked. “Hmph, hmph, there’s even a day when this fellow would beg us.”

“I guess he still doesn’t understand those deities’ antics,” The White Dragon said apathetically.

“So, should we say yes to this or not?” The Purple Dragon quickly calmed down after venting a little.

“Of course we should agree or else things would get difficult when that fella goes nuts, we are not his opponent after all.” The White Dragon still had some qualms.

“That’s true, it’s not beneficial to cause more trouble at this time. However, we can’t guarantee that he can benefit from this, after all, we can’t keep owing him a favor, we’ll just pass his message on.” The Purple Dragon nodded.

Therefore, the White Dragon turned to the Black Dog who was squatting at a corner and said, “We know what to do about this thing, tell your Master to relax, we’ll pass his message but there’s no guarantee if the gods will actually listen.”

The Black Dog readily agreed and sent the news back.

After getting the memo, Fang Ning let out a breath of relief.

Three days later, the Black Dog sent news saying that the Upper Realm intended to send deities down to further discuss the matter, their descending location would be at the center of the Milky Way with both the Purple Dragon and the White Dragon as witnesses to avoid a fight between both parties.

The time of descension was not set, it was only certain that it would be tomorrow.

Thus, Fang Ning turned to Sir System again to take the trouble to cross over the Galactic River and fly to the center of the Milky Way.

He was in no mood to meet those two dragons again since those two fellows harbored no good intentions and were hard to get along with.

It was by nature that he hated to deal with fellas who loved playing mind games and the reason for that could be summed up in one word, tiring.

Amidst the starry sky, there laid the murky grey sky where small sparks of starlight shone through its darkness.

The Black Dog laid steadily mid-air somewhere.

Fang Ning was bored waiting as he did not even know when the gods would descend, so he started talking to the Black Dog.

“How have you been, Little Black?”

“Thanks for your concern, Master, my wife is going to give birth soon, so she’s resting at home.” The Black Dog had a pleased look.

Fang Ning was stunned for a second, it seemed like the crab people’s technology was truly advanced, they could manage to make robotic dogs give birth to other robotic dogs.

For a dumb dog like Black Dog, it was quite tragic that he could only depend on a robotic dog wife to have children and carry on their family line…

However, he was also a metal dog so they were actually compatible with each other, it was no wonder that he could not differentiate his own species.

“That’s good.” Fang Ning had nothing else to say.

This moment, ripples suddenly appeared at a space in front of them.

“Previously, the gods could only descend through Earth but now, they can descend here; it seems like passages connected to the Upper Realm in the universe have increased greatly in number,” Fang Ning said thoughtfully.

“It doesn’t matter, we’ll kill one when we see one and kill both if there’s two of them,” Sir System said carelessly.

“Calm down, we must be reasonable.” Fang Ning reminded.

“Understood, Mr. Rich Man.”

This time, the ripples disappeared and two figures of black and white came into view.

Fang Ning looked closer and found that they were old acquaintances.

One was the God of Plagues whose avatar had been shattered and the other was the Moon Goddess who fled halfway.

‘What was this, would it be easier to consult with familiar faces? Or was it because the Upper Realm did not want to send more gods to their death?’

Fang Ning thought it was the latter.

“Long time no see, Dragon God, have you been well?” The figure in black spoke first, his tone icy cold.

This was warranted, it was impossible for him to treat them in a kind manner. After all, his pathetic escape was mostly because of Zhi Nan and was partly Fang Ning’s fault too.

“I’m very well, you don’t have to worry, Your Excellency, let’s talk business,” Fang Ning responded coolly.

“Hmph, business, you guys have really grown up now that you want to harvest the Upper Realm, huh? Death won’t even expiate these people’s crimes and you want to bring them back? Impossible.” The God of Plagues bit out fiercely.

“If that’s the case, why did you even come down? Just go back now.” Fang Ning might be soft-hearted, but he knew that in terms of negotiation, one must never give in first, or else, he would get pushed around.

“…” The God of Plagues was speechless for a while.

This was when the figure in white beside him, the Moon Goddess came into play.

“Haha, what’s the point of this, Great Venerable Dragon God? Your cultivation has already borne fruit and you’ve leveled up to become a True Dragon, so you should understand that where the gods dwell, mortals should not intrude. It’s still permissible for those mortals to visit dilapidated worlds, but for perfected worlds, it’s best that they are left undisturbed.” The Moon Goddess spoke with a contrastingly gentle tone.

Fang Ning remained silent.

He knew clearly that the relationship between the two worlds was like that of the Cold War era, each party had their own fears and no one wanted to have a direct confrontation.

After a while, he said, “We were helping you rescue your heritage and survivors out of kindness, so why are you trying to stop us? The destruction of the Upper Realm is already destined, why not join our world and free yourselves earlier?”

The God of Plagues suddenly chuckled coldly. “Hahaha, you’ve upgraded to a True Dragon yet you still know so little, who said that the Upper Realm will perish for sure? The extent of the saints’ power can’t be fully predicted by those old things. You guys got cocky too early.”

Having heard this, a spark of doubt arose within Fang Ning, could there be a mistake in the Ancient Dragon’s judgment?