Chapter 1092 - Old World

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Chapter 1092: Old World

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Fang Ning mulled it over for a while and decided to put it aside, perhaps there was more to it and it was also possible that it was just their empty threat, but regardless, it was nothing they could solve now.

He immediately retorted, “Even if there was a cure for the Upper Realm, it would still require help from our world…”

After hearing that, the Moon Goddess stepped up to smooth over the matter. “Supreme deities, let’s calm down and repatriate the Venerable Dragon’s subordinates for today; if there are similar instances in the future, then we’ll ask the Venerable Dragon to discuss the matter beforehand.”

“So be it but there’s one thing that I must insist on, I will not contend about what happens after this but for those who decided to follow willingly before this, the gods shall not stop them.” Fang Ning’s tone was calm but firm.

“Those who betray the gods shall die!” The God of Plagues said grimly.

Before this, Fang Ning might have been scared by this, after all, the other party was a god. However, now that Sir System was already a God-level System, what was there to fear?

“Hmph, you’re just a figurehead, you’re not even strong enough to protect yourself; you consume the people’s hard-won possessions on a day-to-day basis, yet in the face of an imminent disaster where you can’t protect your people, you want them to sit around and wait for death?” Fang Ning said sarcastically.

As the God of Plague was going to explode, he saw the huge, seemingly endless dragon’s body and swallowed his anger.

He had to put up with it because unlike before, the other party could completely destroy his second incarnation into ashes with just a swipe.

Although he knew that the Azure Dragon was favored by Heaven and Earth and possessed Heavenly Fortune, he still envied the other party for being able to reach such level of power within two decades.

Legend had it that it was so during the Ancient Era where one could be a Buddha in a hundred days and with several years, a saint.

It was a pity that he missed that era and was stuck with this wretched era instead.

He originally had an opportunity to snag a position in this new world, but who knew that he would get screwed up by this Dragon God and that stupid monk, Zhi Nan, have an important avatar of his destroyed and even lose part of his foundation in this world.

He learned from his previous mistakes, so he might be filled with rage and displeasure, but he knew that he had to hold it in.

Nevertheless, he was not willing to lose in this banter. “The moon waxes only to wane, water brims only to overflow. You might rule today but tomorrow, you will fall.”

“Hmph, these words are a perfect portrayal of you gods and deities.” Fang Ning shot back.

It felt great being able to flaunt his authority, Fang Ning was delighted that the opposition could only talk smack but could not raise a hand on him.

This time, the Moon Goddess stepped in to mitigate the situation again.

The Moon Goddess advised warmly, “If that’s the case, then we’ll show some respect to the Venerable Dragon. However, I would like to remind you, Venerable Dragon, you were born with luck and had advanced with fortune, you probably had not faced many troubles on your path to such position and so if you don’t get friendly with more deities, you might just end up being a lone raft amidst an ocean of plights.”

After their final words, both gods disappeared and by the looks of it, they probably would not return to Earth—unless they wanted their doorstep blocked by a Dragon God every day.

“What did the woman mean at the end?” Sir System asked, unsatisfied.

“Oh, she was giving a kind reminder—actually, sowing discord—so that we’re cautious in burning bridges and team up with the gods to oppress the people, deceive the Heavens and stay carefree…” Fang Ning sighed.

“Uh, haven’t you said this before? Great minds think alike.”

“We’ll see how it goes, the most important conflict now seems to be shifting its focus, but it’s not clear yet. Nevertheless, it’s time for us to move out.” Fang Ning seemed to have something in mind.

“Where to?” Sir System was a little excited.

“We’re just moving, is there anything to be happy about?”

“There is, after moving, it’ll be perfectly justifiable for me to mark my territory. Don’t you know that I have a System Domain after I leveled up to God-level?” Sir System said with contempt.

“I only know that you have a fake Brothers’ Domain.” Fang Ning shot back.

Sir System said indifferently, “That’s just part of it, once the System Domain expands, it’ll blow your mind. It’s just that it was not easy for me to spread it out on Earth previously.”

“Then let’s quickly move out, stop dawdling, we’ll move to the Seven Lunar Mansions of the Azure Dragon and then it’ll be true to its name.” Fang Ning urged.

Sir System wondered. “Eh, why aren’t you reluctant to leave? Didn’t you always claim that you’re a sentimental person? I see you’re actually an emotionless person too.”

“Stop accusing the innocent, now that we have the Portal, we can go back anytime, I’m doing this for our safety,” Fang Ning said confidently.

“Alright then, we’ll talk after I pack up.” Sir System mumbled.

In one of Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below’s nodal star system, a group of uninvited guests arrived at an Earth-like planet.

Groups of people poured out of a Portal erect amidst a plain field.

“Is this the new world? It’s definitely different, I can feel a vigorous rush of life.” A young man clad in blue satin robe exclaimed.

“Yeah, City Magistrate Zhang, it seems like our secret techniques can be utilized in this world.” The other three old men congratulated.

“Haha, we need to thank these Rescuers for this. Without them, we might have died from being trapped in that old world.” The young man Hold Fist saluted the Rescuers before him.

“Yes, it’s also time for us to get our treasures out to compensate you and we would still have to trouble you for our settlement after this.” An old man reminded.

The “Rescuers” shared a look, they were all secretly pleased with themselves.

With their mission completed, they would not just gain points with the treasures but also with the population they brought.

These people might face some problems in terms of their knowledge but since they grew up in the Mysterious World, it was only natural that there was something peculiar about them.

Just like those Whitestone people, they would bring more change to this world.

As for whether they were good or bad, they would be filtered later.

It was not their problem anyway.

The thing they were most looking forward to doing right now, was to get the treasures and after that, raid the next small world.

However, once they were done cleaning up everything and were ready to go on their next raid, they received a notification.

“An announcement to Rescuers, due to safety issues, the worlds that you will enter in the near future will be worlds without gods.”

After they heard the announcement, they were slightly baffled but still happy.

However, when they entered the next world, they finally realized.

“So the small worlds without gods were all run-down worlds…”

The group of new Rescuers was completely stunned as they saw skies filled with yellow sand and poor, desolated villages.

“Never mind, this time we’re really here to salvage the treasures.” They shared a look among themselves and started working according to the parts they were assigned to.

Even with half a day’s worth of hard work, they found no treasure except for some heavy stone artifacts, so there was no hope—even in their dreams—to find any rare herbs or priceless jewels.

“I really miss our old days, should we send an application to the Dragon God?” One tried asking.

“Do you have a death wish? It was not easy for us to get rescued, if we were to inconvenience the Great Venerable Dragon God again, do you think we can remain in this rescue mission?”

The risks to this were not small either; in a sense, in a run-down world, there were greater dangers as there was no one to upkeep it.

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Although these people did not dare to show the results, the green-skinned frog quickly used its enhanced calculating abilities it acquired after mutating to provide feedback for Fang Ning to handle.

“What a bother, there’s such a sharp drop now, Mr. Rich Man, you shouldn’t have backed down,” Sir System said resentfully.

“What other ideas do you have? We aren’t robbers, if we aren’t welcomed by the owner, we can’t force our way in and rob them,” Fang Ning replied powerlessly.

“We’re there to rescue those innocent people, how can you call it a robbery? Didn’t you notice how all those who came down called the Upper Realm the old world?” Sir System said with conviction.

“There’s some sense to what you’re saying too but what use is that? Only when you fight your way to the Upper Realm and topple those saints and deities, then can you raid those worlds as you please,” Fang Ning responded helplessly.

“Ugh, I rather not go, I shouldn’t be too self-absorbed as a System.”

“See, didn’t I tell you? At the end of the day, it’s all because you aren’t powerful enough.” Fang Ning blamed.

“It’s obviously because the amount you topped up for me wasn’t enough, you can’t blame me for that.” Sir System rebutted.

“Stop this nonsense and get moving, I want to see how strong this System Domain of yours is.” Fang Ning forced a change of topic. After all, he really was broke.