Chapter 1093 - System Kingdom

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Chapter 1093: System Kingdom

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For the aging Fang Ning, moving had always been a troublesome task because every time his rent increased, he would need to move…

After that was browsing through houses and choosing a place, then packing his belongings and getting a moving truck to transport his stuff.

With the hassle of all these tasks—although he was a bachelor—he would need to spend three to four days to settle down.

However, though they had a huge household now, it was surprisingly easier to move with over a trillion subordinates under his command.

It was because all of their belongings were with Sir System—they would be wherever he went.

That was why he never worried about getting robbed.

After deciding to move out, the only thing needed was to inform Old Man Zheng who was on Earth, then fly directly to where the Seven Lunar Mansions of the Azure Dragons were and everything would be done.

As the nodes for the Milky Way Nets Above Snares Below had fallen into place, it was also easier to fly over and land on a nearer node, then teleport themselves over after.

This was the Milky Way Highway.

“Where should we stay?” Sir System asked.

“At the First Mansion of the Horn, of course, there’s the beginning of everything,” Fang Ning said as a matter-of-factly.

“And I thought there was something more special to it, is it that simple?”

“It’s always been this way.”

As they spoke, the Azure Dragon arrived at the First Mansion of the Horn.

As the long dragon appeared in this empty segment of the Galaxy, starlight had bouts of quivering.

“Eh, that fellow still remembers me?” Sir System stared at the faraway magnitude 1 star, the First Mansion of the Horn and asked.

“Can it not remember you? You became so big and buff at the time, you must’ve left a deep psychological trauma on its little heart,” Fang Ning said, dumbstruck.

“I see, I should grow stronger then.”

As he spoke, the Azure Dragon started growing bigger and longer and went specifically in front of the star and showed off its wings.

As expected, the star started to tremble intensely as if it met its worst enemy.

“No wonder, there are so many saints in the Upper Realm, it’s so easy to fool this newly-born planet consciousness,” Fang Ning said shaking his head.

“Alright, it should submit by now,” Sir System answered smugly.

Then, the Azure Dragon flew to another planet and shrunk its body—but not by a lot.

Its dragon head was at the North Pole and its tail at the South Pole, every degree of latitude was circled by the dragon’s body.

“It’s not been easy, I can finally stretch my body as I please now,” Fang Ning said, satisfied, “Quick, let me see what your System Domain looks like?”

“It’ll be done right away.”

The entirety of the Azure Dragon’s body started to emit rays of bright white light that surrounded the whole unnamed planet.

“It’s done,” Sir System replied.

“This, this is too fast. Are you sure this isn’t a pirated version of the System Domain?” Fang Ning was shocked.

“You’ll know when you head out and take a look.”

Fang Ning floated out of the System Space and was met with a deserted terrain.

The surface of the ground was covered with rocks as a bone-chilling wind kept blowing, it seemed like it was quite a distance from the bright star, the First Mansion of the Horn.

Over the faraway horizon shone a range of mountains—uh, it was his dragon body.

“There isn’t any difference?” Fang Ning said, puzzled as he looked left and right and found nothing special.

“Uh, sorry, I forgot to add a Dog Eyes buff for you.” Sir System apologized.

System Notification: [The System has unveiled “Spirit Gaze” to share its visual effects with the Host.]

Fang Ning was instantly stunned, after that, he looked down at a boulder nearby.

As he reached out and swiped, the boulder became a neat stack of building stones.

“Tsk, it became a world of codes?!” Fang Ning exclaimed in surprise.

The solid entities before him that he originally saw had all become data objects.

As an ex-programmer with ten years of experience, he quickly got familiar with it.

With a mere simple touch of his hand, he managed to change the boulder’s object properties to become building stones.

“Hahaha, this is the extent of my System Domain’s prowess, bet you didn’t expect that huh? Ah, here, this is an exclusive System programming manual, get back here and quickly get familiar with it, I’ll entrust you with the important task of building the System Kingdom,” Sir System said proudly.

A 10m meter thick book then fell to Fang Ning’s feet.

Fang Ning’s face paled.

He said faintly, “This is too sudden, why didn’t you let me know earlier so that I can be mentally prepared for this?”

“Nonsense, if I told you, wouldn’t you have sneakily done some preparations?” Sir System was presumptuous.

Fang Ning had no courage to open the ginormous book, he could not imagine that after going around so long, he still ended up with this impressive job as a programmer!

Truly, what goes around, comes around.

At this moment, Heavenly Book baby in its bright golden glow similarly flew out of the System Space.

As soon as it flew out, it pounced on the enormous book.

A moment later, the huge book disappeared.

Instantly angered, Sir System burst out. “B*stard, you stupid book, you’re causing trouble for me again, that’s my System programming manual! Spit it out right now, you know, five hundred experience points were consumed to compile this…”

“…” Fang Ning was at a loss for words.

At that instant, a System Notification appeared in Fang Ning’s mind.

[Mythical-level gamebook absorbed System Programming Manual, Mythical-level function, Game World has changed.]

After that, the Heavenly Book flew into Fang Ning’s arms.

“It’ll be easier for you now, Master, I repackaged it for you,” Heavenly Book baby said as it flipped open its pages.

Fang Ning was overjoyed, he took a look at it and found a game scene on the open pages.

The scenery in the game corresponded with the view before him.

No longer were there glaring codes and data and in their place was an actual game.

Just like playing a simulation building game, he quickly started to build a house on that page.

Before him, a house appeared simultaneously.

Sir System muttered sulkily. “Damn it, you can’t do this, you’re cheating, you have to program with underlying codes, only then will it be effective, playing with these surface visual programming will just waste away your skills.”

“What do you know? Visual programming is the trend now.”

“Mmm, I’ll build you your System Kingdom right now, what style do you prefer? Gothic, Han and Tang Dynasty-inspired, sci-fi or mystery style?” Fang Ning squatted on a rock while holding Heavenly Book baby closely as he started playing excitedly.

“I was so blind to have actually created a stupid book like you…” Sir System said weakly.

“Stop grumbling over there, isn’t this a way to encourage a happy working experience? I’ll satisfy all your demands, so complain less and work more, are you unhappy to see me relax?” Fang Ning asked distastefully.

“Build me a sci-fi style one then, I want people to be scared half to death when they see it, but it must also conceal my true nature. Star-destroying cannons, black hole weapons, Milky Way maelstroms…” Sir System finally let Fang Ning go and started listing his demands.

“No problem, you sure have a lot of ideas, I’ll do it for you now.” Fang Ning quickly started operating on the game.

As he operated, the deserted ground started changing unceasingly.

Pieces of crystal-shaped materials appeared and then started building their future sci-fi base…