Chapter 1094 - Attempt to Withstand

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Chapter 1094: Attempt to Withstand

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For Fang Ning, moving into Spica and building System of God Kingdom had become a real, large-scale construction simulator game.

After constructing a small land of buildings and playing the construction simulator game for a few days, however, he secretly returned to the system space.

“Weren’t you having a lot of fun playing the game? Why are you back so quickly?” Sir System asked, puzzled.

“Uh, well, one cannot be focusing too much on something. It’s best that we pay attention to the prior situation to achieve the second step of the Three-Step Development Strategy to become the Master of the Universe, and at the same time reduce the wear and tear of the internal department.” Fang Ning said, deliberately avoiding the main point of the question.

“I think you’re getting bored of the game. It’s no surprise, since there’s no real challenge in it. It’s merely putting up building blocks; only kids would have the patience to continue playing.” Sir System said, hitting the nail on the head.

“Why do you have to be so blatant about it? It’s a long term construction project. Take it easy, it isn’t the most important matter now.” Fang Ning changed the topic forcefully, “Since the project to attack the Upper Realm is interfered by the Gods and Deities, it’s best that we slowly attack some damaged worlds first. The system is already placed there anyway, it’ll be fine operating itself. We ought to initiate the second phase.”

“Skipping the first phase this fast?” Sir System said in disdain, “You’re too scared.”

“This is called rational retreat. Aren’t we facing a difficulty now? Even straight-A students skip the difficult questions first.” justified Fang Ning.

“Dunces are similar as well; they will realize in the end that they don’t know how to answer the questions, after skipping the tough ones.” Sir System scorned.

“…” Fang Ning became speechless, because the reality was as such.

“Then what do you think we should do? Do we try and withstand it head-on?” Fang Ning grudgingly said after being silent for a while.

“This is reality, we should try to withstand it. If we don’t obtain adequate advantage from the Upper Realm, how can we show our distinction from the others to the Origin’s Consciousness? How can we succeed if we always get cold feet and aren’t able to advance courageously?” Sir System argued, “Besides, the God of Plagues mentioned that the Upper Realm probably won’t die. We have to venture deep inside and investigate thoroughly, or else how can we control the overall situation?”

Fang Ning was speechless once he heard what Sir System said. As expected, one would be influenced by the people and environment around them. The fellow had learned almost all of his behavioral patterns.

He could not help questioning, “Aren’t you afraid of getting killed when you’re in the gods’ territory?”

Although it had extremely strong fighting strength, it absolutely did not have the guts to say such things.

“They can use their godly incarnations to descend and cause trouble. Now that I’m a god as well, I can also have a System Incarnation. You, however, have to follow it. The IQ the System Incarnation has is upper bound after all; only mine can be lower bound.” Sir System justified.

“Damn it. So I’ll be undertaking the danger entirely while all the benefits will fall on you. If my soul dies and I’m in a vegetative state, will this house be all yours alone?” Fang Ning said, exasperated.

“Calm down, calm down. Don’t you like reading novels about transmigration the most? Relax, you won’t die. You’re the protagonist after all; the Law of the Undying Transmigrator will protect you.” Sir System comforted.

“Impossible,” Fang Ning immediately refused, “It’s too dangerous, I can’t do it. You can’t sway me.”

“Why are you so afraid of dying?” Sir System said, feeling dissatisfied that he failed to meet his expectation, “Can’t you be like others and have some courage?”

“Why would I take the hard path when I can live my life smoothly? Even if I can’t become the Master of the Universe, I can still live for another few million years.” Fang Ning justified.

Sir System fell silent, no longer speaking.

[The System is evaluating…]

Fang Ning panicked for a while; once the fool started pondering about something, a problem would definitely surface.

System Notification: [The System consumed 5 trillion experience points, combined with the Quantum Communication Module, and upgraded to Ultra Spatio-temporal Communication Module which enables communication to be executed across different worlds.]

“Great, you can use spiritual sense to command my System Incarnation from a long distance.” Sir System said angrily, “You can view it as controlling a game character, like “Battle of the Beasts” the game you played in the past.”

“Oh my, this is so embarrassing.” Fang Ning said sheepishly, “Then what are we still waiting for? Hurry up.”

“Shameless! Coward!” Sir System snapped at him in contempt.

“Thank you so much for the compliment.”

Vigilante A appeared again.

At this moment, he was expressionless while lying inside a coffin.

He was currently a game character controlled by Fang Ning.

Fang Ning, on the other hand, was reclining safely in the lounge of the System Space.

To be negligent in such manner could be described as innovative for no one had done this prior, but it was uncertain if anyone would follow such a practice in the future.

“Please choose the world that we went to previously.”

“Primary World.” Fang Ning said firmly.

“The Primary World is very dangerous; those who aren’t of God-level are not allowed to enter. Are you certain that you want to enter?”

As a burst of red light flashed, he disappeared inside the coffin.

When Fang Ning opened his eyes, he realized that he was in a piece of open land.

It was very arid. Looking from afar, it was a barren field.

In the field, some unknown crop was planted. It was somewhat similar to wheat; each of them was wilting in profusion.

He carefully sensed his surroundings, noticing that the vitality in the environment was extremely sparse. Were it not for the God-level incarnation, this occurrence would not be detected at all.

The ordinary Cultivators, meanwhile, were unable to absorb the least bit of vitality for cultivation, even if they were probably gifted.

Thinking about the Earth’s current state, he could not help but to lament. It was indeed constantly changing.

New doubts began budding involuntarily. The Lower Realm already had the Vitality Transformation Equipment at present and it could covert natural energy to vitality. Could it be that the Upper Realm did not promote such equipment?

There could be another reason otherwise.

While he was thinking about this problem, he heard something that sounded similar to the noises made by a Chinese shawm.

As he raised his head and looked up, he saw a crowd with colorful clothing walking on the dirt road of the countryside.

Thanks to the powerful five senses the System Incarnation possessed, he could hear the sound clearly from the wind although he was several kilometers away from the crowd.

“The Dragon King is traveling afar. Idlers, step back.”

“There will be 333mm of precipitation tomorrow at 4.40a.m.”

Donning a Taoist robe with gaudy patterns, an elderly man was shouting in fluctuating modulation.

Everyone standing behind him was filled with anticipation.

While Fang Ning was wondering what was going on, he walked towards them.

Within a few steps, he saw more than ten young, robust men hiding in the barren grove ahead. They were located coincidentally at the road which the group of people would take.

“Eh, are they attempting to rob them?” Fang Ning asked with curiosity.

“Sir System, does the Upper Realm still need chivalry?” He asked subconsciously.

“I’m merely a thread, not the System itself. It is all on you as a Host to decide.” System Incarnation replied rigidly without the slightest emotion in its tone.

“Uh, listening to the way you talk makes me miss that fool a little.”

“The System itself will know everything the Host said once you’ve returned.” reminded System Incarnation.

“Uh, you can delete what I’ve just said.” Fang Ning suggested.

“Oh, I don’t have the authority to do such a thing.” System Incarnation, nevertheless, said stiffly.

Fang Ning no longer cared about the issue, as a drama had already taken place at this moment.

“Beat this group of swindlers to death!”

“Do you guys still plan to deceive more people?”

When the boisterous crowd walked closer towards the grove, the group of young men ambushed them.

Along with rowdy noises, both parties brawled with each other.

“All of you stop! I am the Old Master from the Xing Yun Palace after all. Let’s see if any of you dares to be presumptuous!” The Old Master taking the lead — whose head suffered a few punches — said in exasperation.

“Hmph, you used the title to help us pray for the rain, yet you ran away after taking our grains and performing the ritual. It didn’t rain at all! Now you advance to the neighboring village to deceive them, do you truly think that everyone is an idiot?” Someone among the young men said furiously.

Everyone including the group of people behind him and young men started to stop fighting and looked at the Old Master with a confused gaze.

“What they said seem to be true. I heard from my relatives who have fled from the calamity mentioned that it didn’t rain over there at all. These people do look like they’re from the neighboring village.”

“If so, the Old Master from Xing Yun Palace is indeed a swindler?”

“He probably is the type that profiteers and runs away afterward. Isn’t it true that our several prayers in the past were to no avail?”

“Damn it, he still plots to scam us! Let’s beat him to death!”

The villagers obviously believed the young men from the neighboring village in a heartbeat. They then began to clamor together.