Chapter 1095 - Too Handsome

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Chapter 1095: Too Handsome

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Just as Fang Ning thought he was about to be crushed to death, the situation developed differently than he expected.

Those young, strong fists and sticks landed right behind the old master, and as if they fell onto stones, they burst apart making crashing sounds.

Fang Ning was only slightly surprised, and soon realized that these cultivators who were once high above all might have lost their magic. However, their bodies that have gone through severe training and hammering were still there.

He would not describe them as muscles of steel, but they were at least comparable to woodstone.

Fang Ning understood the reason behind it, but the people were shocked. Each of them jumped away with fear as if they had just seen demons.

The slightly embarrassed old fellow noticed and shivered involuntarily again. Then, he shouted at everyone, “What? Do all of you think that I’ve lost my powers? All of you are just a bunch of fools, how dare you offend an immortal’s force! Damn it!”

Once he finished his sentence, he reached out and grabbed the young fellow who was standing forefront by the neck and propped him up in the air.

To everyone’s surprise, the strong young man was completely defenseless in front of the old master who seemed so frail and fragile. Dangling midair, the powerless young man could only reach out his arms helplessly in an attempt to force himself out of the old master’s grasp.

The old master seemed to be provoked like this for the first time as he seemed to be boiling with rage, his grasp around the man in his arms getting stronger and stronger.

On the other hand, the strangled young man’s face began to turn blue. Unable to speak, he cast a hopeful glance towards the crowd around them, hoping someone would come to his rescue.

However, the villagers who came to start the riot with him seemed to recall that those old Taoist priests used to be very powerful. One by one, each of them backed away slowly, many of them even kneeled on the ground shouting chants like “forgive us, Elder Immortal”!

Naturally, Fang Ning could no longer hold himself in as he witnessed what was happening.

After all, he had always chosen to be an upright and honest party even as he played games.

With that, he appeared in front of the crowd in a flash.

Of course, he knew the world’s language. After all, this was the Primary World of the Upper Realm. Not to say it was all gathered by Anderson, one of the powers of a God-level incarnation would automatically understand all languages of any intelligent creatures. This was also a source of gossips and rumors.

The crowd was stunned as they stared at the man who suddenly appeared in front of them.

The old master cast a glance at Fang Ning. He was shocked for a second and then immediately released the man within his grasp.

“Forgive me, immortal, it wasn’t my intention to hurt anyone, but these unruly people were the ones who started it, making trouble out of nothing,” the old master said as he kneeled to the ground and started to kowtow.

The villagers surrounding them were astonished as well. The old master who seemed completely fearless just seconds ago was suddenly so humbled by a young man. Panic swept through them and many of them followed the old master’s lead and got down on their knees.

Fang Ning was utterly speechless. He had expected the other party to put up a fight and he would have to play along. He did not expect the other party to give in just like that.

“What happened? Did I just happen to grow a sense of overlordship ever since I came to the Upper Realm? Or is this old fellow able to sense my true powers? That’s impossible though. This God-level incarnation can’t possibly be sensed by an old master who has lost his magical powers.” he asked the System’s incarnation in a puzzled tone.

“Hmm, maybe this body’s just too handsome,” the System’s incarnation replied blankly.

“Sure enough, System No.2’s IQ upper limit is Sir System’s lower limit. Sir System’s so thick-faced as usual, being able to respond in such an imposing manner.” Fang Ning was almost speechless at its response.

The System incarnation did not respond this time.

Fang Ning’s doubts had to be pushed aside for now as the current situation before him had to be dealt with. Besides that, he realized that he could use this opportunity to gradually explore the essence of this Primary World.

He waved his hand to signal the crowd to move backward and the villagers instantly cleared up a huge circle.

“Let me ask you, are these villagers speaking the truth? Can you really pray for rain or are you just a liar?” He asked the old master who was kneeling on the ground.

“I…” The old master’s eyes rolled around and took another look at Fang Ning’s blank expression. The next second, he shuddered and responded honestly, “Immortal, I don’t have a choice either. Ever since my powers plundered, there have been lesser and lesser ways to pray for rain. Needless to say, a small family like ours is even incapable to do it, but we still need to keep our jobs…”

“He’s a fraud indeed!” The young man who was strangled just now shouted angrily.

The villagers were close to starting a racket but they turned to stare at Fang Ning in hesitation. Nobody dared to speak up.

“Alright, return however much food you’ve cheated them and this incident will be settled once and for all. However, I still have something to ask you.” Fang Ning was too lazy to even bother about this incident too much.

He was born in the countryside as well, so he understood how difficult it was for the villagers. If he were to get entangled in this incident, he might never get away from it.

He might have to even help those villagers pray for rain. Was once really enough? Of course not, the crops were seasonal after all, so at least a dozen of rain would only suffice.

The old master loosened up after hearing that and quickly replied, “Yes, yes, immortal, I’ll order my people to return whatever we’ve received immediately.”

His arm reached for a yellow piece of incantation paper as he spoke. Although he grimaced in pain, he still managed to tear a piece out. Finally, the piece of paper turned into a golden oriole and flew quickly into the distance.

The villages were still in fear as they witnessed everything before their eyes. It seems that this fellow was not completely useless and it was not just a figure they could simply provoke.

If it was not for this immortal who appeared all of a sudden, perhaps they might have all been killed by this old master.

Instantly, those who were smarter than the others thought of something and immediately got down to their knees to bow down.

“Immortal, please help us pray for rain…”

As their voices fell, they looked up into the sky, but the old master and the immortal had already disappeared into thin air.

At an open space in the middle of a yellow withered forest.

Fang Ning appeared in the open space while grabbing the old master.

“Alright, tell me now. Why did you bow down when you came up? With your current strength, it’s impossible for you to have found out about my true powers,” Fang Ning loosened his grip on the other party and asked the question that had been bothering him eagerly.

“Oh, please forgive me, immortal.” The old master dropped down to his knees once again and answered earnestly, “Your appearance is almost perfect, flawless even, and that’s something only elder immortals who have cultivated thoroughly can do. Cultivators with a lower Cultivation Base will never possess such grace.”

“…” Fang Ning was speechless.

He admitted with admiration. “No.2, you’ve answered correctly. That’s surprising, not bad.”

“I just gave an answer that has the highest probability.” the System incarnation had no conscious for self-praise.

If it was Sir System, it would have been so full of itself.

Now that Fang Ning had solved the confusion in his mind, he asked, “From what you’re saying, do you mean you’ve never seen an elder immortal who has cultivated thoroughly?”

A complex expression appeared on the old master’s face as if he was immersed in old memories far away.

However, he quickly came around and replied respectfully, “I’ve lived for 783 years. The first time I saw an immortal was when I was still a kid. At that time, I would go with the elders to the Xing Yun Palace for offerings and prayers. Back then, I’d act as the flower boy, so sometimes I had the privilege of seeing the elder immortals who descended. Those elder immortals had the same grace as you, perhaps even not as much.”

Turns out an old master who had lost his powers was still able to live over hundreds of years!

Fang Ning could not help but heave a heavy sigh. This was really similar to a mythical demonic world like the Journey To The West and the Investiture Of The Gods where one Taoist devotee who practices Taoism in this world would have longevity.

It was a pity that the Upper Realm’s Degenerate Age had come, and those cultivators who were once high above the others had now been driven into frauds who mingle among the less-advanced villagers to cheat their food for a living.

This was truly depicted as swallows which skimmed by painted eaves in bygone days were now dipping among the humble homes’ doorways.

The old master was still kneeling on the ground without a sense of fighting back.

He knew well that one who was able to display his powers during this disaster whilst the Degeneration was an extraordinary being!

He did not need to try anything in front of the other party. If he was asked to die, he would do it immediately too.

The other party came and went with his own speed, and that was truly magic as only those of the elder generation could do it.

However, only those gods and immortals now could do it.