Chapter 1096 - Technical Resources

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Chapter 1096: Technical Resources

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In the woods that night, Fang Ning asked the old master everything he wanted to know with the excuse of “cultivated in the mountains for a long period so I knew nothing about the changes in today’s world”. He kept questioning the old master until dawn before letting the old man leave.

For some reason when the old master left, an inexplicable fear rose in his heart as he stared into the sun rising from the east.

Fang Ning, on the other hand, did not give the old master another thought anymore. He found a secluded place and sat down, then his spiritual force slowly withdrew from his body.

He went back to sort out his thoughts, then quickly decided what to do next.

Fang Ning got off the bed in the Lounge and opened his eyes.

“Hey, Sir System, are you there?”

“Be quick if you have something to say.”

“Somehow I have a feeling that your incarnation is much smarter than you…” Fang Ning said idly as he continued thinking about the information he had just gotten.

“No way, it just simply guesses everything.” Sir System denied right away.

Fang Ning stopped talking to Sir System and walked right out of the Lounge, deep in thought as he wandered around.

After the long talk with the old master just now, he had learned the status quo of the Upper Realm’s Primary World.

The gods had gone into hiding and immortal powers were unusable. There was nowhere for people to seek refuge and so, some descended to cultivate, some searched for a transformation alternative, and some dug up their savings and just tried to get along to survive.

This was nothing different from all the information he had obtained previously from others.

Some who were more courageous took the risk and ventured through various dimensions to arrive on this planet.

Among ten of those, nearly nine of them were shredded in the dimension space and turned into dust.

For the unlucky ones, each of them was unable to survive.

Therefore, only those who were powerful or those who had extremely good luck would have the opportunity to descend to the Lower Realm and restart their lives.

Most of the cultivators who lacked courage and strength could only remain above and suffer, just like the old master.

It could be seen that the last time the Underworld sent out a large wave of troops to attack Earth had caused deaths and injuries that were more than imaginable.

No wonder they did not have much movement afterward, the previous attack was no joke.

Therefore, unless one was on the verge of death, there would be very little cultivators who were willing to pass through the dimension space and escape to the Lower Realm.

On the contrary, if one was pulled in by Earth’s Heavenly Axiom, one would be protected by the Heavenly Axiom. With danger aside, even a mortal could descend safely.

Just like before, even a city in a small world could come to a certain planet in the universe.

This was the difference between both.

Unfortunately, the lower-level cultivators who had hoped to continue their cultivation could only suffer in the Upper Realm because of the selfish gods.

Perhaps they were still unaware of the situation… If they had known, even if they were unable to instigate a riot, they would still be dissatisfied.

At this thought, Fang Ning came up with an idea.

It was a three-step plan to become the master of the universe. The first step was to extract external resources, and technical knowledge was the most significant resource.

There were a lot of mysterious techniques that had been inherited in the Upper Realm for a very long time. It had been almost ten billion years of samsara, so this was difficult for the Earth to catch up in such a short time.

These technical resources were more precious than those treasures and talisman because the resources were the basis of their start.

Just like scientific knowledge that was introduced earlier on. It was because of that China could only climb back up from the bottom.

He had previously promised the two gods that he would not plunder the people’s talisman where gods existed in the world, but he did not mention anything about not using their cultivation techniques as references…

Human resources were not very important. After all, there were too many means to increase the population nowadays. Furthermore, an honest Whitestone person was good enough to increase approximately a hundred billion people in a short time.

He did not want to make Earth a hodgepodge of Upper Realm’s immigrants. Of course, if he were to encounter those who were fair and righteous, he would still save one or two of them.

At this thought, he got excited all over again, then made his way back to the Lounge once more.

Vigilante A woke up in the woods to a group of Taoist priests kneeling on the ground around him.

“The Xing Yun Palace people have notified that they’re hoping that you’ll help them point the way.” Seeing that he had woken up, the one who was kneeling on the ground in front who seemed to be the leader of the group, a middle-aged Taoist priest who was wearing a feather crown quickly pleaded for help.

“Eh, don’t you all pray to the gods daily? Did they not give you a solution?” Fang Ning responded in confusion.

“Well, I don’t dare to insult the immortals and gods but it’s already been almost a few hundreds of years and no gods have appeared,” the middle-aged Taoist priest replied helplessly.

“Oh, I see. Seems like Heaven has the virtue of cherishing life still. I will help a little then. Go grab your records of techniques over here and let me have a look, I’ll find a new path of cultivation for you,” Fang Ning said as he nodded.

“Uh…” The group of Taoist priests exchanged glances as confusion filled their faces.

“Hmm?” At the sight of it, Fang Ning immediately turned cold, portraying an overbearing manner.

The middle-aged Taoist priest shuddered all over as he almost got shot down to the ground.

Sure enough, he was indeed a true immortal who even had a trace of immortality that protected his body!

The middle-aged Taoist priest thought to himself, ‘Since I can’t get any results from cultivation, it’s better to just be clear-cut about it.’

As for this person standing before him, it was the powerhouse they had all been praying for.

At least this leading Taoist priest could not sense the opposite party’s upper limit strength was no matter what.

At the thought of the report given by the old master who was collecting food rations earlier on, the middle-aged Taoist priest quickly made a decision.

“Immortal, we’ve all lost our powers so it’s too time-consuming to go back and forth, we’re worried we’ll simply waste your time. The records are all kept in the palace, so we’d like to trouble you to come and have a visit, then have a look around yourself.”

“That sounds good too, I’ll go with all of you now then.” Fang Ning was beyond excited. This was just as if someone propped a pillow up for him just when he was about to doze off.

The old master yesterday had told him the location of the Xing Yun Palace exactly as it was.

It was just a hundred miles from the east, right at the mountain peak.

The very next moment, the group of Taoist priests, all taken by Fang Ning, were flying towards that exact mountain.

An ancient palace appeared right before their eyes, the richly ornamented building covering a wide area surface. From what the eyes could see, the building was almost more than ten thousand square meters.

The mountain was cut into a platform by someone using magic powers, and that was why it could accommodate the entire palace.

“An immortal indeed…”

“Yeah, it’s been so long since I’ve experienced the feeling of flying.”

The group of Taoist priests discussed among themselves animatedly.

One only knew how to cherish something when one loses it.

Among the group, many of them were just like the old master. They had gone through the period of immortality, and now they were experiencing the Degeneration where they had to struggle with the catastrophe of losing their powers.

“Immortal, the library at our Xing Yun Palace is right below this mountain. Please follow me,” the middle-aged Taoist priest leader said respectfully.

“Alright, lead the way,” Fang Ning responded in a feigned manner.

These Taoist priests were not good people either, and only villagers who had been deceived by them knew it. That was why Fang Ning had no psychological pressure to take away their books and records.

Of course, Fang Ning was not that extreme, he still had plans of his own.

“No. 2, can you check if there are any good people among those Taoist priests?” Fang Ning asked as he followed the lead of the Taoist priest leader.

“I don’t have this ability, only Sir System can do this. I’m unable to open the System Map here either. I’ve only inherited Sir System’s combat power,” the System incarnation replied.

“Oh, so you’re a defective version of the System,” Fang Ning stated disappointedly.

“In a way, yes, that is true,” the System incarnation responded emotionless.

“Go ahead and see the ancient records first, I’ll go ask your original version and see if it has any ideas,” Fang Ning said as he withdrew his Spiritual Sense once again.

“Sir System, did you hear about the problem just now?” Fang Ning questioned.

“No, I can only hear your conversation when I retract my incarnation. After all, I can’t see what you say in your mind by just looking at the monitor, can I? You weren’t talking bad about me behind my back just now, were you?” Sir System asked curiously.

“Oh, so that’s how it works. It seems like your incarnation is more honest than you.” Fang Ning nodded. “As I was saying just now, I wanted to ask if you can help me identify if there are any good people among the Taoist priests. I have an idea to save them, but I can’t let those liars and useless rubbish get away with everything they’ve done.”

“What idea?” Sir System asked inquisitively.

“You’ll know in a moment, just answer my question first.” Fang Ning urged.

“Oh, how troublesome, I’ll have to waste my experience points again and add some new features to the incarnation,” Sir System said in an upset tone.

“Well, if you want to achieve your goal, you have to pay a price, don’t be so stingy. Once you become the master of the universe, what can’t you do? By then it’ll be a Pay-to-win situation and the GM channel will be opened directly.” Fang Ning persuaded.

“I’ll have to wait till goodness knows when…” Sir System muttered. “Alright, find a way to get it back then, I’ll equip one on it.