Chapter 1098 - The Appearance of the Nine Dragons

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Chapter 1098: The Appearance of the Nine Dragons

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System Notification: [The System consumed three billion experience points and theorized the ability ‘Incense God Transformation Ability’, only those who possessed a sense of righteousness would be able to cultivate this ability.]

“Whether or not this sh*t could be done all rests on you now,” Sir System said seriously.

“Understood, you do know me very well.” Fang Ning took a look around. “Where’s the book?”

“Which book? It’s in the casket within the brain of my system transformation,” Sir System said in disdain, “Save what we can.”

“Impressive, I’m going back now,” Fang Ning said as he saluted, then continued to play the Upper Realm strategy game.

Vigilante A reappeared in the temple of Xing Yun Palace, it was quiet and had no trace of humans. Fang Ning immediately felt uneasy.

“Cr*p, I’m retreating,” Fang Ning announced as he hastily exited spiritual mode.

“You’re back early,” Sir System said in astonishment, “I have a whole new level of respect for you now, how’d you know something’s wrong?”

“Well, how do you know?” Fang Ning questioned as he went on System Cyber Cafe to check on the big screen monitor.

“Obviously because I saw it with my eyes.” System Daddy said eloquently.

“I despise you,” Fang Ning said as he sat down and requested the Heavenly Book baby to switch over the big screen to Vigilante A’s point of view.

At this moment, the screen showed the image of the inside of the palace’s library. A man was seen standing by the door entrance.

“Vigilante A, as the saying goes, you refuse to walk the road to heaven when it’s there, yet you burst into the doorless hell 1.”

The man who stood by the door entrance had green hair. He was emitting whiffs of black miasmic energy from all over his body. Judging by his appearance, he was likely the descended God of Plagues.

“That’s right, with you guys around the Upper Realm was hell anyway. You gods were in the cycle for millions of years and as a result, the common people were left starving,” Vigilante A said coldly.

“Hmmph, those ordinary folk, why does it matter whether they’re dead or alive? You’re only great at flaunting your talking skill as well and this is not your world, just go to hell!” God of Plagues said ruthlessly.

“That’s not for you to decide…” Vigilante A said dimly.

Fang Ning was astounded. “Sir, I realized that this incarnation of yours is way smarter than you.”

“That’s impossible, an incarnation’s intelligence only reaches the lowest limit of the creator’s intelligence,” Sir System said in disagreement.

“It’s quite uncertain as well, in some circumstances an incarnation with a high form of intelligence might emerge.” Fang Ning analyzed seriously as he held his chin.

At this time, the big screen showed a battle had started between the two people.

The miasmic energy on God of Plagues changed its color from black to white, then turned into the color of a rainbow.

This rainbow-colored miasma had an incomparable gorgeousness, however, the smell of it was nauseating. Wherever it passed by, anything including the living or even inanimate objects disintegrated into ashes. The books in such a big library rapidly turned into ashes.

All the rare ancient books completely disappeared.

Vigilante A immediately showed his True Dragon chassis and rushed out of the palace and flew towards the sky.

God of Plagues then subsequently tried to catch up.

At this moment in the Xing Yun Palace, even though there was only a trace of rainbow-colored miasma left behind, it had brought a catastrophic end to the entire place.

The trace of rainbow-colored miasma began to spread rapidly.

The middle-aged priest leader and a bunch of old men, all of them had not managed to escape on time.

Prior to disintegrating into ashes, they had an unbelievable expression on their faces.

Human shaped grey marks appeared on the ground one at a time, it was a strange and frightful scene.

The two young priests that had escaped downhill earlier looked at the scene from far. They could not help but felt anxious.

“Younger brother, luckily we’re smart,” Shui Lai said gladly.

“Yes big brother, now I understand. The palace mistresses were going to give notice to the Gods’ Hall just now. But the supreme deity that came here wasn’t a good being. He doesn’t even care whether we’re dead or alive,” Shui Qu replied with lingering fear.

At this moment, the True Dragon spurted out a breath of raging fire towards the spreading rainbow-colored miasma, burning all of it.

“You’re very soft-hearted it seems, still giving thought to these bunch of idiot’s fate…” God of Plagues taunted as he seized the chance to launch an attack.

Previously in the Lower Realm, the incarnation of the God of Plagues was destroyed by an unforgettable big move that was done by Demon Lord Zhi Nan. He was unable to resist the move even the slightest.

Meanwhile, currently in the Primary World of the Upper Realm, the one that discharged an attack first was himself.

Even though it was not at peaked form, being an old school God and adding on accumulated experience, the only ten-year-old God Vigilante A could not compare to him.

Moreover, it was in his arena. It was no wonder the opponent had so much power and wanted to kill Vigilante A.

The opponent had then disappeared and blended into the rainbow-colored miasma.

The rainbow-colored miasma then turned into a tornado vortex and spun towards the Azure Dragon that was still spurting out flames.

Azure Dragon dodged and spat out a giant blazing orb.

“What the f*ck, Sir, you gave the revered blazing orb that’s able to suppress a True Dragon to the Azure Dragon? You’re really willing to pay this high price,” Fang Ning said in astonishment.

“You wish, that’s only an illusion, the real one is right here.” Sir System said proudly.

Afterward, another blazing orb appeared in front of Fang Ning’s eyes.

Even though it was only the illusion of the blazing orb, but it had the same formidable power. Once it appeared, it was able to resist the incoming rainbow-colored miasma.

This was Fang Ning’s first time ever witnessing the appearance of the Nine Dragons!

After the failed attack of the rainbow-colored miasma, it began to spread rapidly in the sky. It dyed the whole sky into a frightening color.

As it seems, an ultimate devil battle was about to get erupted!

At this moment, golden rays of light emerged from the sky and shrouded over the entire battle area. As the golden rays of light disappeared, everything in the sky disappeared along and left behind a black painted sky…

“F*ck, it was getting interesting and suddenly it became dark…” Fang Ning gloomily said, “Is this how your incarnation dies? That’s so weak.”

“How’s that possible? Let me tune the broadcast signal.” Sir said dimly, “I can still feel its existence, have more confidence in it.”

Fang Ning could only stare at the big black screen helplessly.

After a while, the big screen showed the black-painted sky slowly recovering, and beams of light started to reappear.

It was a man and a woman, the man looked very young, wore a long green robe, and had a long beard; while the woman looked very old, with a face full of wrinkles, and had white hair. judging From the outline of her face, one could still make out that she was an extremely beautiful woman.

“I’d not expected that in this era, we’d still be able to witness this kind of level of a battle. It’s surprisingly able to trigger the Empyrean’s protection,” the young man said in astonishment.

“I’m afraid only the gods are willing to consume the use up their power this way, the question is which gods?” The white-haired woman sighed and shook her head, “If I still had this level of power, I’d use it to maintain my appearance instead of using it to battle with others.”

“Let the past stay in the past, there are still two little priests alive down there, just go and ask them,” the young man answered as he pointed down.

At this moment, Fang Ning became curious. “This is not right, the image paused here, why hadn’t it changed accordingly as your incarnation disappeared.”

“Don’t ask so many questions, you know that I’m stupid, yet you ask anyway,” Sir System said resentfully.

At the current moment, the man and woman had found out the course of the matter from the two little priests.

“Turns out it’s the great God of Plagues, it’s no wonder. I heard after he went to the Lower Realm, he suffered a huge loss. It seems that the True Dragon he’s up against now was his opponent in the Lower Realm,” the young man said thoughtfully.

“Do you think we should descend as well, with the reserves we have now, it seems like the probability that we’d safely descend is about seventy percent,” the old woman replied anxiously.

“Wait, I was constantly waiting for an opportunity. Looks like the opportunity’s come, the Heavenly Oracle told me that our probability of safely descending rests on that True Dragon,” the young man said to dissuade her.

“Hmph, do you think he’d make it out alive after being in battle with the God of Plagues,” the old woman answered worriedly.

The young man frowned and replied, “Since he’s able to make his opponent suffered a huge loss, he’d probably have his own basic strength. We should just wait patiently for a while somewhere nearby.”