Chapter 1099 - Chaotic Space

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Chapter 1099: Chaotic Space

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Fang Ning waited patiently, he was able to figure out the situation early just now and retreated just in time. That was how he avoided the upcoming battle.

After giving it a thought, he actually should not have retreated. Otherwise, he would be watching the live broadcast on-the-spot. He would not have to wait around for the broadcast signal.

After a considerable amount of time, Sir System exclaimed, “It’s done, there’s signal now.”

Fang Ning hurriedly went to take a look at the big screen.

The screen was showing out a peculiar place.

The surroundings were covered by fogs, and there was only a ray of light in the middle of the place.

There were two people currently standing on it.

One of them was Vigilante A, which was the incarnation of Sir System.

The other one was the God of Plagues and he was holding his chest area.

“It’s impossible, why would the Empyreans help you out? This was obviously my arena!”

“Why?!” The God of Plagues cried into the air.

“Too bad, we didn’t get to watch how he won the battle,” Fang Ning said gloomily.

“It’s fine, wait for it to return here and we’ll just replay it,” Sir System said unperturbed, “Besides, there’s nothing extraordinary in winning, if he was battled to death then I’d be happy.”

“I don’t think so, it just seems like something odd just happened,” Fang Ning said in deep thought.

At this moment, Vigilante A spoke faintly, “You bogus gods only knew how to demand things from the heaven and earth and proceeded to tyrannical abuse everyone. You’d never thought about benefitting the human world or the heavens and earth. Why would the Empyrean help you out? Unless they’re blind.”

“D*mn it, I can’t accept this! How could I die just like this? I’m a God that’s been alive for five million years!”

The God of Plagues suddenly disintegrated as he was talking, and large puffs of black presence scattered in all directions. It then disappeared into nothingness.

System Notification: [System No. 2, received the support from the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom and defeated an Upper Realm God, a body double of the God of Plagues.

The System gained one trillion experience points.

The System gained the Heroic Fame Astronomical Figure.

The System gained 1 Mythos point.

The System’s Fame is circulated around the heavens.]

“What the hell, the last time you defeated that True Dragon you’ve gained five trillion points. This round you’ve defeated a bloody God of Plagues’ body double, and only gained one trillion points?” Fang Ning said in disbelief.

“Hmph, I think it’s not that bad,” Sir System replied but felt doubtful as well, “Why is he so powerful? I thought it’d be able to bring him down but to kill his opponent? I’m really amazed.”

“So to speak, your incarnation had become more superior than the master. Then, you’re actually pretty useless right now, right?” Fang Ning muttered, “Not to mention it’s super honest and obey by my words, unlike you with so many cunning plots.”

“Eh, Mr. Rich Boss, you can’t be like this to me. You’re currently abandoning your benefactor after you’ve gotten what you wanted, it’s not very benevolent…” Sir System stated in utter gloom.

“Hahahaha, whatever you’re able to do, I could do them better,” Fang Ning said proudly, “Your primary talent’s probably the incomparable military strength, but it seems even your incarnation has this talent. Why on earth should I suffer your manipulation further? I’m not gonna play with you anymore.”

He then in an instant entered into the casket and spiritually re-matched with the System’s incarnation.

“Cr*p, why do I keep creating things that’ll bring doom to myself?” Sir System said in bewilderment, “Is this the Will of the Heavens?”

Fang Ning excitedly returned to the Primary World in the Upper Realm, not caring about Sir System’s gloominess.

Luckily, there were System Notifications, he knew that the notifications were never wrong and would never intentionally lie to him. If not, he would have thought the opponent was really dead if he had only able to deduce from the God of Plagues’ final words.

Once he became one with the System No. 2’s Vigilante A, he immediately started observing the situations in the surrounding area.

It looked exactly like how the screen had shown. The whole space was foggy with only brightness coming out from the surrounding walls, and no actual land could be seen under the feet. There was no airflow from breathing as well. It seemed like the whole space was a piece of nothingness or a vacuum.

Other than God-level beings, other forms of lives would not be able to survive here.

If he were able to battle to an extent that even the heavens and earth could not contain, naturally he would have the ability to survive in this type of space. He should be a little more honest if he had no such ability.

The problem had occurred now, how were they supposed to go back?

“Do you know how to go back? System No. 2?” Fang Ning asked.

“I don’t know.” The System No. 2 blurted straightforwardly.

Fang Ning started controlling his body and wandered off from this space of nothingness.

The white fogs moved and followed his trace as he moved, it was akin to clearing maps in a game.

“Hmm, that could mean something, could this space be the Upper Realm’s Chaotic Space?” Fang Ning asked in realization.

“No information, unable to confirm.”

“Ai, this is all your creator’s fault. Cutting off connection with you because of its small courage, if not, you’d be able to ask it directly.” Fang Ning sighed.

“You both have the same amount of courage,” the System No. 2 said bluntly.

“Eh, there’s no need to reply to that,” Fang Ning said as he felt speechless.

System No. 2 then turned silent.

Fang Ning had no clue how far he had walked since everything he had seen so far was either fog or nothingness. There were no objects that he could use as a reference, and he could not even feel the flow of time.

If the scene was seen from the big screen, one could still witness the flow of time. Otherwise, the images would have stayed static.

Forget it, Fang Ning was too lazy to ponder over profound questions related to time and space. He had heard that pondering over such questions had turned not a small number of people mad and moronic.

Fang Ning felt that becoming an honest person with a low-level interest was enough.

He walked senselessly, searching for a topic to talk about. “That God of Plagues’ body double just now, did you not find any artifact on him?”

“No, he turned into some sort of black energy and were kind of immediately absorbed into this space,” System No. 2 replied.

“No wonder there’s nothing here, it seems like a warzone for the God-leveled being and above,” Fang Ning said after giving it a thought.

Just at that moment, he suddenly saw a mountain!

“There’s something there!” He exclaimed excitedly and flew towards the mountain that was a distant away.

As he flew closer, he then realized, was it even a mountain? It was clearly an incomparably enormous senior giant!

The senior giant’s whole body was bronze in color, and his height was just incomprehensible. His body was just reclined in this space, almost as if he had lost interest to live.

“Could this be the mighty God that split the heavens and earth apart??Pan Gu?1??” Fang Ning said as he freely gave it a thought.

“Insufficient information, unable to determine.”

“That’s weird, why is he not absorbed by the space?”

“No, he actually is, but it’s by the reduction of size and he’s shrinking quite slowly. He’s shrinking probably about a micron per second.” System No. 2 gave out an accurate answer. Fang Ning stopped asking questions and slowly moved closer. If he had not felt that there was no danger, he would have escaped already.

“Is this giant dead or alive?”

“Still alive,” System No. 2 said in assurance.

“Eh, I’m sure that I couldn’t feel his breathing,” Fang Ning said in astonishment.

“We’re also not breathing,” System No. 2 responded blankly.

At that moment, the bronze-colored giant seemed as if he had opened his mouth.

“Someone else came again? Why can’t you people control yourselves, must you break open the heavens and earth?”

“Eh, the almighty giant God, I’m forced to be here.” Fang Ning replied honestly, “The b*stard called God of Plagues started all of this.”

“Forget it, I couldn’t care less. If you’re looking for a way out, just enter through my mouth and find your way out from my ear,” the giant replied.

Both of them were communicating spiritually and their messages were immediately transmitted to each other. There was no need for a language interpreter, and their innermost thoughts were mutually understood.

Fang Ning heard this and immediately felt warning signs from his heart.

He slowly stepped back a few steps.

“Yi, aren’t you planning to get out? There’s nothing here,” The bronze-colored giant asked curiously.

“Oh, I’m still planning to look around,” Fang Ning said to put on an act.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

‘It must be a joke if I entered through your mouth, isn’t that like feeding you myself?’

‘Do you really think Master Fang is a pure and simple-minded white rabbit?’

If he were really the doorway in this peculiar space, then he would not have been absorbed by the space. System No. 2 would never lie, and as it said, the giant’s body is currently shrinking. Then, there was no need for more words, this b*stard was obviously also suppressed by this space.