Chapter 1100 - Dead God

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Chapter 1100: Dead God

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If the System Notification earlier was given a thought once more, Fang Ning could probably guess that this bronze-colored giant, was formed by the God of Plagues to fool him!

He was glad that he was quick-witted and gave System No. 2 a warning, afterward he withdrew back into the System Space.

“Could you be even more cowardly?” Sir System could not help but ask sarcastically when it saw that Fang Ning had returned.

“You’re no better,” Fang Ning said without care and went in front of the screen to continue watching.

As he expected, not a moment later the bronze-colored giant suddenly disintegrated and became lumps of black air. Afterward, it assembled back together and took the form of the God of Plagues.

“It’s impossible, you’d only succeed to a God for a mere few years. How’d you see through my

Formation Technique?” He asked flustered.

“It was actually not seen through, but that guy’s quite cowardly. Not to mention the words you said were extremely atrocious, it made it quite obvious,” System No. 2 said blankly.

“Sir System, your incarnation’s quite dumb. Why’d he answer everything the enemy’s asking?” Fang Ning said in resentment, “You’d need to improve it to not answer any of the enemy’s questions.”

“You just said it was smarter than me moments ago,” Sir System said sarcastically, “What’d you say again, something about becoming more superior than the master.”

“Oh, that’s because I wasn’t looking at the bigger picture and completely missed out on the big issue,” Fang Ning said, unwilling to back down.

At that very moment, both parties had started another battle.

The Nine Dragons and the rainbow-colored miasma re-appeared.

This time, Fang Ning was able to watch everything clearly.

Just as the System Notification has stated, this time around the Empyrean was still helping out the System 2.0.

The miasmic energy went through countless changes in a form such as vipers, insects, and ant. Directing it towards the Nine Dragons in an extremely malicious way, ready to take away one’s life.

Meanwhile, the surrounding white fogs continuously rushed forth from the distance towards the Nine Dragons’ body. It was almost as if they were replenishing its strength.

“F*ck, why is it like this? If my Plagues Poison were not working so be it, but even these Chaotic Energy is helping you?” Sound of furious vipers, insects, and ants that were innumerable were heard.

“You brought this upon yourself, there’s no escape.” System No. 2 said dimly.

“Sir System, what’s up with those Chaotic Energy?” Fang Ning asked suspiciously.

“The Chaotic Energy’s a primitive Mysterious Power that only the Ancient Gods were able to absorb.” Sir explained.

Fang Ning felt impressed, “How’d you know that?”

“You don’t say, while you’re out playing, I went around and asked the others. Do you think I’m as lazy as you?” Sir said eloquently.

“I don’t think that you’re as lazy as me, but I know that you’re as terrified as me.”

“Too bad, I think I’ve made a huge mistake. I should’ve had more courage and went to the Upper Realm earlier.” Sir System said gloomily.

“Humph humph, now you’re just trying to throw yourself up there when you’ve seen an advantage. How’d you know that it wasn’t a trap set up by others?” Fang Ning said in disdain.

“Eh, even though you’re currently thinking too much into it due to paranoia, but you still make sense. We can’t completely rule out that possibility.” Sir System said honestly.

“That’s correct, Sun Tzu 1 said it well, a victorious army first obtains conditions for victory, then seeks to do battle. A defeated army first seeks to do battle, then obtains conditions for victory 1. Therefore, those skilled in warfare establish positions that make them invincible and do not miss opportunities to attack the enemy 1,” Fang Ning said proudly.

“These words are correct,” Sir System said in assurance.

As the man and System were exchanging words, at this moment it could be seen from the battle scene that the outcome of the battle became all the more distinct.

Both of them were at God-level, one was a new System No. 2, and the other was a final generation of god; one was looked after by the Empyrean, while the other was rejected by the Empyrean…

The victory was just leaning towards the first party mentioned.

The difference was that God of Plagues’ main parts was there and he was obviously familiar with the Chaotic Space, unlike those ordinary opponents that were easily crushed like dried up leaves and twigs.

Once the battle had started, it went on for several hours…

“When’ll the battle be over?”

The moves were repeated over and over again, and at first, it had the feel of a blockbuster movie. But, any blockbuster movie that showed several hours of fighting scenes would tire people out from watching it.

Fang Ning started to lose patience and went to lean against the sofa. He watched as he used his hand to support his head.

“You should be content with what you have. Other hosts each battled while burning in anger, trembling in fear, as if overlooking into an abyss. Your life’s so great, not only you’d be able to watch everything like a movie, you dare to have a snack as well. Is this proper?” Sir System said sarcastically.

At this moment, Fang Ning embarrassedly put aside the Honey-flavored pill that he had just brought out.

He immediately said in a comeback, “You’re the one that should be contented, other Systems are treated like dogs and rags by their hosts. You’re able to be yourself every day, how long hadn’t you used my own body?”

“After hearing this from you so many times, which System actually had such a terrible life?” Sir System said in shock.

“Oh, I think it’s a System from a minor domain,” Fang Ning said as he could not think of any.

“Ai, with such ample explanation, I can’t go overboard as a System,” Sir System said with lingering fear.

“I’m a bit tired. I’m going to take a nap, just wake me up once it’s over,” Fang Ning replied as he lied down on the sofa and fell asleep.

“D*mn, I shouldn’t have let you out.”

After a considerable amount of time, Fang Ning had woken up about three times and the big screen was still showing a battle erupting.

“So slow, does your incarnation not have a one-blow killer move?” Fang Ning asked grudgingly.

“Think again fool, no matter what, the opponent is still an old school God. As a God, everything should be close to perfect and doesn’t have any obvious weaknesses. If not, what’s the difference between them and a normal monster?” Sir System said eloquently.

“Fine then.” Fang Ning finally gave up.

“I was killed by the gods, not the war!” After howling in grief, a cloud of black energy completely burst and dispersed, it then disappeared without a trace.

Moments later, a System Notification’s voice was heard.

System Notification: [System No. 2, received the support from the Upper Realm’s Heavenly Axiom and defeated an Upper Realm God, the God of Plagues.

The System gained one trillion experience points.

The System gained the Heroic Fame Astronomical Figure.

The System gained 100 Mythos points.

The System’s Fame is reputable in the heavens.]

“Is that possible? He was a senior God, is that how he was easily defeated?” Fang Ning asked in shock.

“Stop acting, you’re asking non-stop just now and now you’re giving me this load of cr*p. What are you shocked about?” Sir System asked mockingly.

“Ai, I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed. Last time when you saw the body double of Zhi Nan you were fleeing in fear, now your System body double was actually able to fight to the death with a senior god…” Fang Ning sighed as he shook his head,

“This is precisely an example that attitude decides everything, with great effort anyone can improve oneself,” Sir System said eloquently.

“That’s enough, you’re the luckiest b*stard in Pay-To-Win and you’re still talking cr*p to me? There’s probably no one more hardworking than you are, but there are always people that are almost similar. They’ll probably be able to slaughter the gods and the exterminate the immortals within twenty years,” Fang Ning said in disdain.

“You’re wrong. A lot of guys were able to become gold immortals from an ordinary person within a year.”

“You’re talking about the ancient times.”

“It’s the same, it’s due to my persistence that we’re able to get results today. Unlike you, go fishing for a day and dries your net for the next six days 1. That just shows that you’re a Lake-level good-for-nothing.” Sir System said in disdain.

“Stop talking cr*p, I’m just being realistic. Which normal person would work so hard in the beginning? That’s just unrealistic. I was able to be hardworking in high school because of the environment and atmosphere, and also because of the teacher’s supervision.” Fang Ning defended forcefully.

“That’s because you’re lazy, lazy in nature and lazy right down to your bones. It’s a sickness and you should get that looked up.”

At this moment, the screen changed its image. The mysterious Chaotic Space suddenly disappeared.

The Nine Dragons had vanished and Vigilante A had returned to the ruins of Xing Yun Palace.

“Eh, the supreme deity from the Lower Realm seems to have won the battle,” the young man with the long beard said in shock and envy.

“God of Plagues must’ve reached the end of his journey. Even a newly promoted Lower Realm God was able to defeat him,” the old woman answered as she sighed.

After they had finished their conversation, they flew towards Vigilante A.

Sun Tzu was a Chinese general, military strategist, writer and philosopher who lived in the Eastern Zhou period of ancient China. He’s traditionally credited as the author of The Art of War.

Directly translated from The Art of War’s 是故胜者先胜而后求战,败者先战而后求胜

Directly translated from The Art of War’s 立于不败之地,以待敌之可败.

Direct translation from the Chinese idiom 一天打鱼,六天晒网的行为, stating Fang Ning’s lack of perseverance.