Chapter 1101 - The Final Days of a Dynasty

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Chapter 1101: The Final Days of a Dynasty

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In the System Space, Fang Ning made his way back into the casket speedily and went into spiritual mode inside of System No. 2.

“That scoundrel, whenever there’s a chance for him to be a f*cking poser he’d move the fastest…” Sir System immediately said in resentment upon seeing this.

Fang Ning could not care less about what that fellow said, not that he heard any of it anyway…

Though what Sir System said was actually accurate.

At that moment, the man and woman from distance away had already flown right in front of him and took a deep bow.

“The name’s Feng Yangzi, Taoist devotee from the South Sky Mountain. I’ve met the supreme deity before,” the long-bearded man said respectfully.

“The name’s Shui Qingzi, Taoist devotee from the South Sky Mountain. I’ve met the supreme deity before,” the white-haired woman said respectfully.

“Hehe, you guys sure have acted early according to circumstances,” Fang Ning replied dimly. “Those Taoist devotees from Xing Yun Palace bit the hands that fed them, in any case, were unaware of their fate. This misfortune served them right. What brings you two here?”

System No. 2 and the God of Plagues battled for a few days straight. But, Fang Ning still could not understand how the two found them so quickly, it must have had something to do with those Taoist devotees disclosing information.

He could only laugh grimly in this regard because the thing about biting the hand that fed you was that it was sadly not uncommon. In a situation where one actually paid gratitude in return, did it not deserve to be made public as it was something so uncommon?

If it were a norm there would be no need for it to be advocated. Similar to the Lower Realm nowadays, who would still find it impressive to have just an adequate amount of food and clothes? But if it were decades ago, it would still be an impressive achievement. This was all credited to the development of time.

The long-bearded man trembled as he knew that the other party was asserting his dominance. He then hurriedly put on a respectful appearance.

At this moment upon the sky, an enormous meteor suddenly fell down westward.

That, was that a God falling down?

Feng Yangzi was able to associate from what he had seen, he naturally understood that this fallen God was because of that death.

He could not help but think that this ought to reverse the Yin Yang and translocated the ups and downs of it all.

“Another True God from the Celestial Court has fallen?”

Afterward, a sound was heard from far and they had no clue as to who was talking.

Fang Ning gave no response to the sound and just looked at the pair.

He thought that after killing the God of Plagues he was able to pretend for a bit. The business still had to go on after all. If not, Sir System would have taken him away in a jiffy.

Feng Yangzi shook in fear and retracted all of his previous thoughts. He then bowed and said, “The reason I’m here is to serve the supreme deity, there are no other intentions.”

Fang Ning then replied, “Seeming that you two have such a clear view on things, the Upper Realm’s currently doing everything wrong and caused a turmoil. I’m only trying to combine the knowledge of the world and hoping to find a way out for you.”

“Eh, supreme deity actually has such magnificent goals, little me does not dare to serve and willing to go wherever the supreme deity goes,” Feng Yangzi said in a serious tone.

“That’s good. Do you have some sort of ancient books with you, let this supreme deity take a look,” Fang Ning said with no trace of politeness.

If this type of demand were requested in the previous era, it would have caused a fall out between the two.

The two probably had immortal inheritances judging by the way they were able to fly around. Furthermore, naturally they would not have complied and rather they would have reported straight to their superior master to inquire for responses.

However, the?saddharmavipralopa?1?had already been spread to this day and the superior master had been in seclusion to endure years of bitterness. Why would they spare any time at all to help their underlings?

Oftentimes he felt bewildered as to why the superior masters did not go down to the Lower Realm sooner with their abilities, would it not have been better than suffering in the Upper Realm?

Could it be that for these immortals, the danger of descending to the Lower Realm had surpassed whatever the Lower Realm had to offer?

Even though many things were going through his thoughts, Feng Yangzi made his decision in a matter of seconds. He immediately responded, “Every ancient book I’ve ever learned was always carried around by me. Take this one for the supreme deity to observe.”

He seemed as if he was already prepared to leave the Upper Realm, if he could successfully descend to the Lower Realm then he would be able to establish the monastery main gate.

Fang Ning nodded his head in satisfaction as Feng Yangzi handed over a green-colored jade bracelet with both his hands.

He, of course, understood that the other party would not have handed over their core ability to him, as long as it was an ability.

Fang Ning took the jade bracelets and explored it spiritually. He discovered that the inside was all-inclusive and had no thoughts to even look into it.

He then stealthily ran a background check on these two using the function of the System Map and discovered that they were not guilty of any terrible crimes. They had even done good deeds in the past.

He then decided. “Right, I’m aware of your sincerity now. I currently carry with me a newly theorized ability, you two could take a portion of it and find a place to do experiments.”

After all, he was not like Sir System. He knew the concept that one could not expect a horse to run fast when it was not allowed to graze, and one could not make a horse work without feeding it.

In any case, the ‘Incense God Transformation Ability’ was theorized to pull in those who were righteous from the Upper Realm. These Taoist devotees that took the initiative to ask for help were still polite, unlike those fools from the Xing Yun Palace.

Feng Yangzi and Shui Qingzi glanced at each other and were unable to contain their joy. They never thought that this supreme deity was someone so generous that he knew how to return a favor.

If it were any other gods or even any one of the superior masters, they would have thought that receiving an offering from their underlings were something that was expected. Whether or not they would be conferred back would depend entirely on their frame of mind. There was no such thing as an equal exchange or reciprocity.

Frankly speaking, they were still positively feudal towards this God’s System method.

Yet the reason feudalism had long vitality and had many varieties was due to the fact it corresponded the most with human nature. Which person did not want to be in a higher position just so that they would be able to order about the others? Which person did not want to rely on force to bully others?

It was basically in our biology to oppress others. Only those that had self-control as well as self-cultivation would be able to overcome this biological urge and treated others equally.

At this moment, Fang Ning held his hands out and transferred spiritually into the two’s brain.

Inside the brain of the two immediately appeared a short Cultivation Method.

“I thank the supreme deity for the bestowment.” Feng Yangzi observed roughly and discovered these were wide-ranged and profound. They were far better than his own inherited abilities. If they were thinking about the drawbacks then they were only one. Last time they had to kneel and worship the superior master and the heavens and earth, now they have to kneel and worship the lower people.

So long as they were able to obtain longevity then they would take this chance, and a little hardship was fine. Besides, the mortals would probably not make him kneel altogether.

It was the core of the ‘Incense God Transformation Ability’. The solution to the suffering of people, and a guide for the people. It was a genuine ability to indoctrinate all living things. It was unlike some other Saints that were fooling all living things and made them had no other choice but to live in an uncultured and meager life, unable to explore their knowledge and ability.

“Alright, you two find a place to experiment. I have somewhere else to be. We’ll meet again someday.”

“Yes, we’ll be off now,” The two devotees replied and left immediately.

As he watched the two’s back as they were leaving, Fang Ning nodded, and simply decided on a direction to go to and continued to hang around. It was not easy getting this chance to travel publicly, he, of course, wanted to visit everywhere.

“D*mn, what a waste. I should’ve brought that eating monster Daqing here, it’s so inconvenient to have no tour guide,” Fang Ning said gloomily.

“You could go back now and request for her to be here,” System No. 2 replied.

“Forget it, that’s just troublesome. I’ll just roam about on my own. Plus, I won’t have to worry about her meals.” Fang Ning gave it a thought and decided.

“You humans are fickle-minded,” System No. 2 said seriously.

“Erm, this is the instinct of survival evolution. In order to better adapt to the environment.” Fang Ning explained casually.

Vigilante A was currently flying in the sky and heading eastward.

He read through countless of ancient books in Xing Yun Palace a while ago and knew the geography of the mountains.

Nearby was the boundary of a nation called Da Xing and it was tens of thousands of miles wide. If compared to China on Earth, it was incomparably larger. However, it was not the Earth’s Universe here so it was considered normal.

The Da Xing Nation worshipped Taoism and Taoist temples were everywhere in the past. Now, very few were still open. That Xing Yun Palace was considerably lucky.

Fang Ning left his body for the incarnation to control and looked through the books Feng Yangzi had given him just now. He opened one of the classic novels and started reading.

This World of Cultivation was not similar to the mortal ones. The Taoists had a different type of writing style than the Buddhists.

Among Feng Yangzi’s ancient books, it was recorded using the same writing styles.

As he flew, he heard noises coming from underneath and smokes were soaring to the sky.

“Quick, quickly move all of these away. Is there still anything valuable?”

“Found it, there is a gold and silver storehouse here.”

Fang Ning opened his ears further and heard sounds similar to ransacking.

He put down his book and looked down, the place was indeed plundered.

Underneath there was a green palace seen and everywhere there were people running about. They were either carrying bundles wrapped in cloth or were seen carrying heavy loads and were taking it out of the palace rooms.

“Looks like the final days of a dynasty.” Fang Ning shook his head as he gave no thought to care about such things.

Just as he was about to go back, he heard something else.

“Assh*les, how dare you steal our palace’s property. Just because you have the support of the imperial household’s army, are you not afraid to die?”

Afterward, a horrifying scream was heard, and the smell of blood dashed towards the sky.