Chapter 1103 - Exploiting Loopholes

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Chapter 1103: Exploiting Loopholes

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“Haih, it seems like this turmoil of war’s not for a short period of time and not only in one place. It’s gonna spread to the whole Primary World,” Fang Ning said as he saw the following situation with his own eyes. A bright idea occurred to him suddenly and he exclaimed with the devotion to righteousness. “In order to preserve the Upper Realm’s cultural ancient book from being ruined by these wars, we can’t stand idly anymore.”

“Heh, host you’re such a hypocrite,” System No. 2 said rashly.

“Watch what you’re saying, don’t learn that attitude from Sir System that constantly irks me,” Fang Ning replied as he felt speechless, “I’m only saying these from a chivalrous standpoint, and to maintain the stable existence of the System.”

“Oh, I understand now. I was given a customized warning message before from the creator to admonish that the host had the ability to exploit loopholes and asked me to be vigilant so that you wouldn’t steal the creator’s money,” System No. 2 said in realization, “I’m finally able to correspond to that message.”

“Stop talking cr*p, go down and collect those books, jades and bamboo strips fast,” Fang Ning ordered furiously as he felt humiliated.

Vigilante A quickly disappeared into the palace hall that contained those ancient books and collected bundles of books with ease.

There was no System Space, but there were plenty of storage artifacts. Sir System absolutely would not have used it on this.

Other than going into the Alchemy Labs, the imperial household’s army had a second target and that was the locations where the books were collected.

Previously the rebels were unable to wreck these two locations, it was not because they were restricted or they had not thought about it. It was because these locations had always been strictly guarded.

The so-called strictly guarded was not because there were priest guards by the entrance, even the door and walls were cast by steel. It was not something that the rebels could break open in a short amount of time with simple and crude tools like a huge log.

That was up until the priest guards escaped due to firearm deterrence, even the rigid defense could not stop an intruder when left unguarded.

Let alone now the intruders had the key to open the door…

As Fang Ning expected, the imperial household really did spare some of the priests, and these priests obviously had keys to the palace.

As they were rummaging through the Alchemy Labs there was nothing out of the ordinary. When the soldiers were searching through the book collection halls that was when they started exclaiming.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

“Yi, where are the books?”

“Maybe the priests took them? They do have storage artifacts.”

“That’s impossible, they don’t have a lot of storage artifacts. Plus, those that are still available for use are even lesser, they would’ve used it to store pills and herbs and not these useless damaged books…”

Few of the soldiers discussed for a while and soon enough, someone reported the information to the army chief that was stationed outside the palace.

“Isn’t that impossible? We’ve investigated clearly beforehand and launched the attack quickly. Those demon priests had no time to take away anything else other than some herbs and pills.” The army chief that was wearing a bright silver-colored armor said to someone that looked like a military counselor angrily.

“Commander, it seems like someone took advantage of the situation and looted before us.” The military counselor was indeed a military counselor as he was able to answer in a short time.

“Cr*p, we spent a lot of effort to train the Skyfire squadron and herd the rebels. In the end, the fruits of our labor were stolen, troops…” The commander became furious and was about to give orders.

“Slow down commander, the one that took advantage must’ve been a cultivator of magical energy. As the pills are still here, let’s not do anything rash. The Skyfire team’s still weak as well…” The military counselor said in a low tone, “Besides, books are just books and there’s plenty in the imperial household. Those measly items are nothing but waste papers now, even if it’s gone no superior will bat an eye.”

“Fine then military counselor, remember to report that a rebel set fire to the books once we’ve returned…” The commander said as he felt a bit speechless.

“Yes, wise commander,” The military counselor said in flattery.

“Heh, should’ve just exterminated these cultivators. Otherwise, how’d the military people have an opportunity to rise in position?” The commander said ruthlessly.

The commander obviously felt some sort of resentment from being looted, it was not something that could be dispelled by few flattering words.

The military counselor said nothing in return and quietly sneered in his heart. A group of foolish cultivators was now gone and the one that would call shots in the future would be them, the scholars.

Without the scholars supervising and manufacturing the firearms, how would they have dealt with those priests?

Moments later, Vigilante A that had just finished looting was flying at high speed through the air.

“Hurry up, search through the entire Taoist palaces in Da Xing Nation once using the map.” Fang Ning urged. “If there’s no turmoil of war just copy and paste, but if there’s a turmoil then cut and paste. Do you understand?”

After he had gone through the turmoil of war, how would he still even have a little bit of mood to stroll around and go sightseeing?

“Understood but won’t this be a hindrance to the Chivalry Rules?” System No. 2 said in uncertainty.

“Just do as I say,” Fang Ning spoke forcefully, “Didn’t I mention before, this is to help them preserve their culture and thousands of years of accomplishment.”

“Oh, I just feel weird about it,” System No. 2 said in hesitation, “I couldn’t comprehend.”

“If you can’t understand then don’t think about it. If it’s going against the Chivalry Rules then we would’ve gotten a Maxim Notification. Now did we?” Fang Ning said in detest.

“No,” System No. 2 replied straightforwardly. Afterward, a palace was seen underneath and it stealthily went down once more.

Once reached, it discovered a flock of warblers and swallows accompanying an old man. It seemed like it was the imperial palace.

“I apologize, it seems like I’ve gone the wrong way.” System No. 2 admitted honestly.

“It’s not wrong, imperial palaces had always been a major location for war disasters. Hurry up and find the library.” Fang Ning ordered.

Vigilante A immediately went through doors and found such a place and began to copy and paste at high speed…

Seeing that the System No. 2 was very obedient and honest, Fang Ning was very pleased. He gave it a thought and exited spiritual mode and went back to System Space.

“Eh, why are you back again? I was just about to compliment you for being so hardworking,” Sir System said in astonishment.

“Nonsense, all that’s left to be done was duplication work. System No. 2 is not like you, it won’t frequently ponder over its ego. Why’d I waste my time there staring?” Fang Ning said as he exited the casket and laid on the sofa to take a rest.

“Oh, well that’s true. However, I’m still worried. You really have no problem doing this?” Sir System despaired. “This is obviously stealing books.”

“A wise man once said, stealing books is not considered as stealing. It is an intellectual matter, how can you call it stealing? This is to preserve cultural heritage and there’s no such thing as national boundaries in culture,” Fang Ning said forcefully.

“Eh, in history there were plenty of robbers that had stolen China’s precious ancient books, such as the story of Dunhuang. Was that considered as stealing?” Sir System asked sarcastically.

“Look at you, always so immature.” Fang Ning got angry after hearing what was said. “That certainly needs to be seized, if you hadn’t mentioned it I would’ve forgotten. I’ll have to remind Oldman Ren and the others someday.”

“Aren’t you being one of those double-standard dogs 1 that the people online had been saying lately?” Sir System asked gloomily.

“Fool, this isn’t double-standard, this is maturity,” Fang Ning said in hatred, “One of the signs of maturity is when one could act on his own and not act based on others’ standpoints due to consideration of others. Standards change all the time, the only thing constant would be your own standpoint and interests.”

“Is that so, then I’ve learned something new.” Sir System then realized something and continued. “And also, you don’t have to remind Oldman Ren. They might’ve seized all treasures and antique books that were lost during the big migration to the Land of Heritage…”

“Look at that, that’s why great minds think alike. Oldman Ren is surely more mature than me.” Fang Ning sighed.

“I feel like this Chivalry Rules, there’s always a method for you to evade them. Why can’t I be the same?” Sir System asked in bewilderment.

“No kidding, that’s the difference between you and me.” Fang Ning was too lazy to explain to Sir System. He then laid on the sofa and started to watch movies.

“Cr*p, of course. If I taught you everything, do I still have meaning in existing?” Fang Ning was surely not a fool.