Chapter 1104 - Taoist and Buddhist Scriptures

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Chapter 1104: Taoist and Buddhist Scriptures

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Fang Ning only laid down for five days and there was no way he could continue to lay down because a problem that System No. 2 could not solve had come up.

“Get up, Mr. Rich Boss.” Sir System urged. “There’s something wrong on the big screen.”

Fang Ning lazily got up and looked at the big screen.

As seen from the big screen, turns out something did come up.

Vigilante A was seen to have just arrived at a palace and it was already in a conflagration. The entire glorious palace was torched down, and those precious books were naturally burned down along with it.

The blazing flame and smoke that soared up to the sky almost symbolized the complete ending of an era.

“Oh no, my incarnation’s one step behind. Actually, I don’t know how many steps behind. There’s turmoil against cultivators everywhere. I don’t know how many outstanding Upper Realm cultures are lost. You need to hurriedly go back and figure out a way to settle this.” Sir System urged.

“Oh, sorry. I’ve forgotten all about it,” Fang Ning said as he patted his head. He thought it was just the beginning and there was still time to collect all the classic books. He did not expect that the whole Upper Realm was already signaling fire beacons everywhere.

It seemed like the cultivators were tyrannically abusing people and had accumulated millions of years of hatred and conflicts of interest. Once they had lost their power, if put into reference on earth’s history during the changing of a dynasty, it indeed was a tragic sight.

“You’re just lazy. Every time you’ve decided to work hard, you’ll only work hard for a couple of days. At most for a few months, then you’re back to your old self.” Sir System scolded. “Just now as well, you had such a great start then you quickly came back to rest. Are there any other heroes such as yourself?”

“…” Fang Ning was speechless and went back into the casket.

“Eh, I think there’s a deeper meaning to your casket design.” Fang Ning thought about it suddenly as he was about to start a spiritual connection.

“What deeper meaning?”

“Once I listen to your words I’d need to enter a casket.” Fang Ning flung out a sentence then slipped away without delay.

Once returned to the Upper Realm, Fang Ning looked at the fire below then gave it a thought. He probably should not play this arrogantly and be a little more low-keyed and probably should look for an agent.

After giving it a thought, he found Feng Yangzi those two doing experiments in a remote village.

There were two parts to the ‘Incense God Transformation Ability’, one was the believers’ sheet, the other was the owners’ sheet.

As the name implied, one was a client while the other was the server. It runs like how the Nets Above Snares Below collected spiritual forces, but more in line with the environmental conditions of the Upper Realm.

Fang Ning quickly discovered that it was different from when it was on Earth. Here, it would be even more difficult for the mortals that wanted to cultivate spiritual forces. In a village of more than two thousand people, only one or two would be able to cultivate spiritual forces.

Even though one could say that the time given was too short, the two sides had less than ten days difference. However, these results were personally led by someone.

“Either the people’s wisdom has yet to open or the Order of the Heavens and Earth had shifted.” Fang Ning guessed.

Now was not the time to solve this problem anyway, after all, Feng Yangzi had a very satisfied expression.

A ray of light in times of despair was not an easy thing to gain.

After all, spiritual forces were still Mysterious Power. Even though it was not as useful as magical energy as there was still a good deal of defects. For example, harder to achieve long life, harder for one to temper their body, etc. It also could not be used as energy to support the body.

On the contrary, in order to cultivate spiritual forces, it would even consume a lot of nutrients from the body.

This was the reason why in most fantasies, a mage’s physique was basically given 1 point.

“Mortals are ignorant, busy destroying ancient books everywhere. It’s really bitter and hateful. It’s best to establish a palace for Taoist scriptures and a pavilion for the Buddhist scriptures, and then gather up all the Taoist and Buddhist scriptures in the whole world. This way in the future there would be something to study and believe in.” Fang Ning instructed straightforwardly.

Since the two had mentioned before that they would be under his command, he was not being polite about it.

If it were the last time, he would have needed to consider the mood of others. Right now, people needed to consider his state of mind.

Feng Yangzi and Shui Qingzi took a glance at one another.

Afterward, Feng Yangzi respectfully added. “Supreme deity, if you’d allow us to teach our other Taoist friends the Immortal Ability before, it wouldn’t be difficult to accomplish.”

“That’d be fine, as long as you guys are able to save those ancient books on time.” Fang Ning naturally agreed.

“We thank the supreme deity for his generosity.”

On the surface, it seemed like Fang Ning had left the two alone. In reality, he was secretly peeping at how the two would carry on the task.

Once Vigilante A had left, the long-bearded young man Feng Yangzi and the white-haired old woman Shui Qingzi started to discuss.

“Brother, did you have an idea?”

“This is easy to handle, if we need to collect the whole world’s ancient books then we can’t leave this secular dynasty. So long as we pass on the supreme deity’s ability, and give them the believers’ sheet, I’m convinced that they’ll assist us in collecting those books.”

“Will this lead to a counter-attack, I heard they’ve started to exterminate Taoism and Buddhism. It’s crazy.”

“Heh heh, they might not be crazy. I’m afraid that it might’ve been an inspiration from the gods. If they don’t kill off some competitions, how’d they linger around longer?” Feng Yangzi said mockingly.

“It seems like the people in this dynasty have become the pawns of the gods.”

“It’s always been that way,” Feng Yangzi said in disdain.

Fang Ning knew what the other party needed to do after hearing all this.

Sure enough, a mighty dragon was no match for the native serpent 1. Even if the System No. 2 was tremendous, time was still limited.

Using these two guys who were familiar with the area, they would be able to link together a bigger network and gradually push them to his side. This would probably increase the efficiency more than if he were to do the job himself.

This might also be the reason why conquerors frequently exploited indigenous people.

However, he would not let System No. 2 slack of course. This Primary World was too big and these two agents were not enough. Also, it was surely not enough to rely on just the ‘Incense God Transformation Ability’.

After giving everything a thought, he exited spiritual mode and went back into System Space.

“Sir System, give me two hundred bottles of the Dragon Clan Honey-flavored Pill.”

“What do you want them for?” Sir System felt a bit of distress.

“I’ve told you earlier, you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Hurry and give them to me, you’re a God-level System, don’t be so stingy. I wanna use them as bait and mobilize those people to help us gather up those books.” Fang Ning persuaded.

“You’re wrong, many guys went bankrupt due to squandering,” Sir System said as it took out only a hundred bottles and gave them to him.

Afterward, Fang Ning went back to the Upper Realm’s Primary World.

“System No. 2, go to the nearest city and survey out if there’s a commercial organization known as the ‘Wan Bao Pavilion.’” Fang Ning instructed.

This ‘Wan Bao Pavilion’ was something he had seen from his travels. It was said to be a cross-border commercial organization that transversed across the Upper Realm of the world. There were twelve gods that were acting as patron behind it.

The purpose of it was to collect offerings for the gods and provide the gods with various other entertainments.

After all, the gods had millions of years of a good life. For such a long amount of time, in a situation where the Cultivation Base was unable to continue breakthrough, other than finding the one step further towards a long life, it was all kinds of pleasures and recreations. Otherwise, they would be pure and free like the stone. There would be no motivation to live, and it would be easy for them to enter the nirvana realm.

As for now, they were obviously not having great days… Even the masters were unable to fill their own stomachs, the pet dogs were naturally not far from being slaughtered.

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According to the travel notes recorded, their scale had already shrunk down. Before, they were able to cover the whole area. But now, they would only be able to see one or two branches in the big cities.

Furthermore, their position was currently in imminent danger because many eyes were watching them attentively.

As a result of this, he heard that they were undergoing a transformation. They were not fools. During troubled times, the gods would not overlook them. Wan Bao Pavilion had begun to collude with local influential officials and turned into local commercial organizations to serve the imperial household and the influential officials. They were no longer just the dogs of the Upper Bound’s gods.