Chapter 1105 - Looking for an Agent

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Chapter 1105: Looking for an Agent

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“Is this known as a big city? It looks really poor.” Fang Ning looked down from the sky above a city area and could not help but shun it.

The ground below had low-rise buildings and on most streets, tramps and beggars could be seen everywhere. The terrible pavements also had an overwhelming stench.

Only in the center of the city, there were two main streets that were paved with green flagstones. Two sides of the roads were excavated for gutters, it was still considered neat and flourished.

There were many three-story and two-story wooden-brick mixed-structure houses on both sides of the road. People that were walking on these roads were better dressed as well.

“The population of this city is approximately three hundred thousand people. In feudal times, it was considered a big city,” System No. 2 said with no expression.

“I’m just bullsh*ting, there’s no need to answer me seriously.” Fang Ning grew speechless.

“I’m unable to determine if the host’s just bullsh*ting or asking formally,” System No. 2 replied honestly.

Fang Ning did not want to bully the honest system, so he stayed silent. At this moment, he had already seen a tall building that had the sign ‘Wan Bao Pavilion’.

It was really hard to miss. It was the tallest building in a city with a population of three hundred thousand people. The building was probably no less than ninety-nine-stories.

If compared with the surrounding three-and-two-story high building, it was completely inhuman, it crushed and overlooked everything.

Just from the appearance of the building, any person that crossed over would be able to instinctively tell that this really was not the original feudal society.

Right now, just before this inhuman building, a conflict was erupting.

“The big guys had to use strength to break in, there must be a lot of things inside.”

A group of rebels were carrying clubs, brooms, hoes, cleavers, and the ones that were leading them were holding a metal sword. They were surrounding the 99-story inhuman building’s three floors by three layers of the crowd.

There were more than twenty people inside and they were carrying a brown-black log. They struggled to strike down the bronze cast door at the entrance of the first floor of the pavilion.

In front of the entrance door, several bodies had fallen and the smell of blood did not intimidate the impactors. Instead, it seemed to have made them went mad with excitement.

In the past, they had no qualifications to even get close to a hundred steps here. They would have been ejected by the pavilion troops. Hence, the urge to violently attack the building was completely impossible.

Now, not only did they successfully approach the pavilion but were also able to directly use a log to strike the door. This gave them enormous courage.

After being oppressed for countless years and lived far worse than the slaves on Earth. Now that Mars had fallen and the imperial household was agitating them from behind, it naturally soared their raging flames.

In order to find out how oppressed the people were, one had to observe how the oppressed were rebelling.

In the Upper Realm where gods ruled, it was evident that the oppressed ones lacked the ability to rebel. The treatment towards them were only enough to maintain the most basic population reproduction. It was unlikely that they would go as far as to have the upper world uninhabited.

Fang Ning shook his head and sighed at the scene he saw. “Haih, it’s becoming a routine, how sad. A bunch of pitiful people who can only be used by other people.”

“Does the host want to save them?” System No. 2 asked.

“Er, that’s too much trouble. I’m a very busy person.” Fang Ning immediately shook his head.

This kind of matter should not be taken lightly and dealing with people was just the most troublesome thing. Not to mention leading a group of people to fight for their interests, it would be something hard to get rid of once being involved. The most crucial point was that the ending was not for a certain would be a good one. If it did not end well you would even have to carry your blackened name for a lifetime.

What he wanted was to be free, to be able to live long and to eat, drink and be merry. He would not bully others and others would not have the ability to oppress me.

“I see, the real body remarked that one of your expertise was being a braggart. It seems it was correct,” System No. 2 said seriously.

“D*mn, how many bad things have that Sun Tzu wrote about me behind my back?” Fang Ning asked angrily.

“Not that much, just as thick as this book.” System No. 2 gestured out a book inside Fang Ning’s brain. Alas, it was the book that gave Fang Ning a headache for a long time, the ‘Atmospheric Morality Technique’ book. The thickness was probably similar to his height.

“No wonder God-level rules were required to constrain it. If there’s no such constraint, it probably would have gone against the heavens. Every day it grinds me behind my back, it’s possible that it’s trying to overthrow my ruling,” Fang Ning said in hatred.

“That is the truth,” System No. 2 said sincerely.

“Eh…” Fang Ning was speechless. Even the topic was ended by this guy, he had to forcibly shift the subject. “This would be troublesome, I thought the Wan Bao Pavilion was able to resist a little. It seems like their foundation is wavering.”

Fang Ning began to worry…

However, not long after, footsteps were heard from the distance.

Another group of firearm squadron appeared, the leader seemed to be a general. He wore bright armor, was riding a high horse, and had on a brilliantly red-colored cloak. He was very eye-catching.

The firearm squadron did not have huge numbers of people, only about three to four hundred. At this time, the people besieging the Wan Bao Pavilion were nearly ten thousand people and could be found throughout the surroundings of the street.

However, the firearm squadron was not afraid and they all carried a well-trained look on their faces.

“Everyone stop, the Wan Bao Pavilion is now the property of the imperial household. All you mobs need to retreat rapidly, otherwise, you’d turned into fine powder by the Skyfire team!”

The general that was leading, seemed like he was cultivator before as he had somewhat large windpipes that were able to vibrate far…

An average person could never do such a thing.

Many of them immediately halted and looked at the opponent in trepidation. The troops were in a neat formation and the soldiers looked serene, a single glance and one could see they were not to be trifled with.

The ostentation prior to a battle was essential. The strict disposition of troops did not necessarily mean the troops were made of elites, but elites inevitably had strict dispositions.

Few of those that were more frightened put their weapons down and stealthily slipped away.

Meanwhile, there were still people that refused to give up as the doors were almost knocked open. Seeing as there were people that were stopping them from fighting to the fullest, in the face of greed, their panic had been temporarily suppressed.

These people were the ones that often profited from others’ misfortune. The street that was filled with beggars, for them to give up on such easily obtained fortune would be harder than ascending to the heavens.

Let alone with their limited knowledge, it would be impossible for them to distinguish the power of the firearms in front of them.

They only knew that the gods had stopped appearing for hundreds of years. The mages that used to be high above the hierarchy had slowly pulled away and no longer arrogantly performed sorcery.

As a result, they instigated from behind, “Why’d we fear the hammers? There’s so many of us, for what reason can’t we fight?”

“That’s right, we’re relying on our own abilities to fight for things. Why should we be afraid of them?”

“Once we’re done snatching everything we’ll be feasting afterward!”

“Those imperial household’s henchmen used to push us around along with those mage masters. Now that those mage masters are on the point of death they’re just trembling in fear. Why should we be scared of those sticks they’re carrying, it’s not even longer than ours!”

Following these agitations, the people that were calming down were riled up all over again.

A group that consisted of the most courageous guys were taking the lead bringing forward the people that were around, directly clamoring towards the seemingly weak firearms squadron.

It was just that none of them took the initiative to move forward. It was obvious that they had also made up their minds to let others die before them.

“You reckless miserable wretches, must I kill lots of you then you’d know what’s fear,” the leading general said as he fiercely took a few steps forward.

He waved his hand and the firearm squadron behind him began to march forward.

At this moment, someone unknown amongst the crowd of people heard the words spoken and appeared to have their hearts stirred up with hatred. The person abruptly threw the brick he had on his hand.

Thump! It directly hit a firearm soldier’s forehead.

The firearm soldier then swayed before he fell to the ground.

“Haha, It looks like they don’t have muscles made of steel. Far worse than those mage masters as well, let’s attack them, guys!”

A clash of opposing forces then happened right before their eyes.

Meanwhile, from Fang Ning’s viewpoint, he was able to see through it all.

He was right, it was similar to before. The imperial court’s officials were confusing the rebels behind the scene to loot the Wan Bao Pavilion.

However, the only difference was that unlike the Taoist palaces that were pure consumption-based, the Wan Bao pavilion had a commercial production side. They wanted to use the smallest possible cost to gain the other party’s channel system to become their own industry. This was why conflict arose with the original establishers.

The original establishers used to have the gods as patrons. All things regarding the relationships between the imperial household were the dominant ones. Now that the patrons were gone, they would have to pay a lot more to gang up with the imperial household.

As a result, the officials in the imperial household had to incite the rebels into exerting pressure towards the Wan Bao Pavilion. They were awaiting the time that the other party would make a great compromise then dispatch troops to suppress the situation and preserve these industries.

It was all a plot but those that were able to see through this were only a few.

When all is said and done, the people below were short of information. They had no knowledge similar to Fang Ning’s. Those that were able to see through were only a small number of cultivators.

They also understood that if they voiced out, the rebels would not have believed them anyway. It was because they were of two different worlds anyway.

Fang Ning then had a headache regarding where to look for an agent.

One would be the people of the lowest rung that had started to rebel. They had great potential but lacked in organization. It would be troublesome and a great deal of effort would be expended in order to organize them.

Another one would be the old cultivators, they had a well-formed organization but they were practically old news. Moreover, the resentment towards them was too great, they no longer had the support of the masses.

The last one would be the rising forces of the imperial household that was beginning to accept old heritage. To a certain extent, one could say that only they had the highest possibility to become the victor in the end.

Fang Ning was just really reluctant to team up with these guys. As they were the most disgusting, the ones with the most schemes, unable to properly handle a matter and ones that loved to slow things down.

The cunning plots of the feudal emperor’s bureaucrats could make any people of current times stupefied. One should never underestimate their conservative rotten methods, they had the most extensive experience when it came down to scheming for people’s hearts.

Fang Ning was not inexperienced in reading historical novels, he was holding back bellyful of anger from earlier on.

“F*ck, I’m already a god. Can’t I do as I please?” Fang Ning exclaimed furiously.

“The one that’d became god was Sir System. Host, you’re only at Lake-level. There’s still a long way to go before you can do as you please,” System No. 2 said in a serious tone.

“You’re really not cute,” Fang Ning said grudgingly.

“Unable to comprehend.” System No. 2 said calmly.