Chapter 1106 - Spark

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At this moment, System No. 2 suddenly suggested, “Since you don’t want to find someone from below to become your agent, you can find an agent from above. Aren’t there plenty of gods up there currently living in their bitter days, plus the ancient books they have in their hands are probably the most abundant. Why’d you bother with these ordinary people?”

“Hehe, you’re stupid, really stupid.” Fang Ning threw out these words. “Do you think I hadn’t thought about it? At this time, sure enough, I can’t look for them to work together.”

“Could you please explain further?” System No. 2 asked in utter confusion.

“Mysteries of the heaven must not be revealed 1,” Fang Ning said pretentiously.

“Oh, the real body also remarked another item about the host. Likes to be deliberately mystifying and make something unnecessarily complicated. Yet in actual fact, it was frequently an attempt to overreach himself and end up with egg on his face. This seems to be accurate as well,” System No. 2 responded seriously.

“D*mn, how can that b*stard imbue you with all these malicious things about me? Did it say anything nice at all?” Fang Ning felt indignant.

“It did. The real body said that you have your own strong points, it was an impartial System.”

“What’d it say?” Fang Ning overjoyed at the unexpected news.

“It said that working together with you, there’s no need to worry that you’ll destroy the bridge after crossing the river 1. It’s because you’re such a lazy person that you’ll be too lazy to build another bridge…” System No. 2 said expressionlessly.

“…” Fang Ning was on the verge of collapsing.

At this moment, just when Fang Ning wanted to go and find a suitable agent. The conflict below was nearing to an end.

There were streams of blood, crowds of evil doers milling around like wild beasts and frightening screeches. With the accumulation of grievance, delusions as well as greed amongst the gathered rebels. They were quick to crumble in the hands of the strict organization’s imperial household’s army.

Fang Ning took a glance and carried a helpless expression on his face.

“Host, why are you not stopping the conflicts below? Is it really just because you’re lazy?” System No. 2 asked suddenly.

Fang Ning did not notice the slight change and subconsciously retorted. “How could it be because of this reason? The main reason is that my position is on Earth, in China, my friends and relatives, my subordinates and myself. I’m not of the Upper Realm. Sympathizing yes, but to throw my life for them is something that will not do.”

“I see, the real body mentioned that you’d be able to find a reason no matter what. It seems like it was right again.” System No. 2 stated in a flash.

“You need to stop mentioning that second-hand good.” Fang Ning then discovered the slight change in System No. 2 and asked in surprise, “What’s wrong with you today? Why are you actively asking questions? Are you becoming like the Heavenly Book baby, suddenly having your own independent consciousness?”

“Independent consciousness? What’s that, I am just a thread of intelligence of the System,” System No. 2 spoke with no expression.

Fang Ning was too lazy to investigate the changes in this guy, despite myriad changes the system would still cling to its original purpose and position anyway.

He looked below and gave it a thought, then threw a book down from the storage ring he was carrying for reciprocation. He was always someone that believed in equal exchange.

Even though he was disinclined to put the matter into his own hands, arranging a chess piece was still fine.

Dong Menqing was fleeing furiously as he relied on his familiarity with the city, he finally managed to escape the cruel firearm soldiers’ wipeout. He leaned back against a corner of a wall and gasped for air. If he continued without a break his heart would jump out of his chest.

He was thirty-three years old this year and read books before but he never went to school which meant that he had no scholarly honor.

Dong Menqing understood reasons and this time his reason for attacking the Wan Bao Pavilion was different from others. He went there for revenge.

The reason was that his fiancée was taken away by the Wan Bao Pavilion’s men ten years ago, to serve as an offering to the gods.

In reality, at the time, the gods had already stopped showing up for a long time. The offering was actually meaningless and was merely the last struggle made by the old forces.

It was just that his cries were insignificant in the light of the setting sun 1.

The people from Wan Bao Pavilion had collaborated with the feudal officials to take his fiancée away.

Therefore, he had no faith in the cultivators nor the feudal officials. In his eyes, the two were of the same kind.

Today’s conflict and bloodshed were further proof of this.

How does one avenge all that hatred? Could it be that one could only hope for one of those scenes from those legendary novels?

Falling down a precipice and taken pity by a god, then granted an ability. Let us just not talk about the fact that there were no more gods in this world since early on. Let us first mention the fact that the Wan Bao Pavilion was initially the gods’ pet. Why would the gods let outsiders slaughter their own pets?

Right at that moment, a ‘plop’ sound was heard. An unadorned and yellowed book fell right before his eyes, almost hitting his head.

“Yi, what’s this? A fortuitous encounter?” He felt pleasantly surprised and could not believe what was happening. He quickly grabbed the book and looked through.

‘What kind of celestial art does it have?’ He thought and opened a page of the book.

‘Who’s our enemy? Who’s our friend? This question…’

He began to read seriously and was quickly immersed in the atmosphere of the book.

What he did not know was that there was really a god watching over him from above.

“What are you doing now?” System No. 2 asked curiously.

“Teaching a man how to fish, scattering a piece of spark,” Fang Ning replied faintly.

“Oh, you’re saying that the Upper Realm is not in a huge enough mess as it is.” System No. 2 summed it up.

“Stop learning from that second-hand good, don’t smear filth on my good intention. I’ve already thought of a solution to the problem regarding the agent. Go and search for the Celestial Clan, I remembered Daqing mentioning that they still had little bits of human characteristics.” Fang Ning commanded.

“Oh, got it. Where’s the Celestial Clan though?”

“Go home and ask your daddy.”

Fang Ning returned once again, looking for Sir System to request for the location of the Celestial Clan.

“I dunno, we’d need to ask Chong Daqing. I don’t have the map for the Upper Realm.” Sir System argued.

“Eh, where’s Daqing now?” Fang Ning asked.

“Let me take a look? Oh, she’s now trapped with Qiao Zishan and his group in a world that’s on the verge of being in ruins” Sir System said in startlement.

On the big screen, it showed an endless dried up yellow wilderness. A row of people were walking on it and Qiao Zishan was taking the lead, while the one at the rear was Long Fan the Stygian Snake.

“F*ck…” Fang Ning said gloomily. “If I didn’t mention them today and asked on another day, these guys would’ve died?”

“Impossible, Qiao Zishan’s an elite Transmigrator and was recorded on the green-skinned frog. If he really hadn’t returned in time, it’d promptly notify me.” Sir System denied immediately.

“Haih, isn’t this a bit unfair? How ’bout those ordinary Transmigrators, were they left alone on their own?” Fang Ning asked as he felt uncomfortable.

“You need to speak less nonsense, fairness and efficiency are always inherently contradictory. Why don’t you do it?” Sir System replied in detest.

“Forget it, then I’ll add in a suggestion. Could those ordinary Transmigrator go to those worlds with lower difficulties levels?” Fang Ning inquired as he yielded.

“That’s still plausible. The task to save Chong Daqing will rest on your hands then,” Sir System casually said.

“Then what are you gonna do? Lie in your nest every day?” Fang Ning was discontent.

“Do you think I’m like you? If I’m not moving then it means I’m either cultivating, comprehending, or analyzing…” Sir System justified.

“Okay then, I’ll do it later.” Fang Ning no longer wanted to argue, then brought up something else. “Your System No. 2, how’d you create it? Why do I feel like it’s quite unstable now?”

“Which part is unstable?” Sir System asked immediately.

“It’s starting to ask questions frequently. Sometimes it swears a few words at me as well, the changes are a bit fast. Is it invaded by something?” Fang Ning looked solemn.

“Oh, nothing’s wrong with it. That’s because it’s learning to grow. After all, I’m a System that loves to learn and are diligent in thinking,” Sir System said proudly.

“It’s true you’re diligent in thinking, but I don’t see the loving to learn part…”

Direct translation from the idiom 天机不可泄漏, which meant some things must not be revealed and I am not at liberty to inform you

Directly translated from 过河拆桥, it means to abandon one’s benefactor upon achieving one’s goal.

The author was probably trying to convey that his cries were insignificant during those desperate times.