Chapter 1107 - A Quiet World

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Chapter 1107: A Quiet World

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Fang Ning almost entered into the casket to go to the world Chong Daqing transmigrated to.

At this moment, Sir System suddenly remembered something and reminded him. “Oh wait, regarding the whereabouts of the Celestial Clan, there’s no need for you to ask her. The River God of the Sky River definitely knows their location. That river of his once flowed through the heavens in the Upper Realm, it’s definitely a living map.”

“Oh, you’re really smart. I’m still gonna go save Daqing,” Fang Ning said as he entered the casket.

“Heh, you’re really soft-hearted. Can’t bear to look at someone you know be in trouble. But then, you’re talking about fairness and whatnot. It’s all hypocrisy,” Sir System said contemptuously.

“You stop deluding people with lies,” Fang Ning said gloomily, “The reason I’m saving her is not only for the whereabouts of the Celestial Clan but also to deepen the relationship with them. If someone they knew were around to be an agent, it’s easier to bargain.”

“In that case, then you should bring along with you those specters of Heavenly Spirits Clan you saved from the World of Spirits and Souls. They’re in any case also regarded as sons and grandsons of the Celestial Clan and might be of use,” Sir System said immediately.

“Eh, why’d you become really smart once again?” Fang Ning was astonished.

“Hahaha, actually I just didn’t want them to keep sponging off others at home. However, I just couldn’t think of what to do with them, after all, they’re just a bunch of specters,” Sir System stated in embarrassment.

Afterward, Fang Ning brought along System No. 2 and teleported to the world Chong Daqing was in.

An endless dried up yellow wilderness, crushed up trees and tens of thousands of spirits walking together in solitary. It was a scene that makes one felt fear and agitated.

In fact, a person could never stand this type of quiet environment. If they stayed for more than a few hours they might go crazy.

This wilderness was close to absolute quietness. There were no sounds of wind blowing, birds chirping or even an insect’s cry.

As soon as Fang Ning appeared here, he heard a few subtle sounds in his ears. After carefully discerning it, it was actually the sound of the great green insect.

“I’m so hungry…” She said weakly.

“Hmm, is the Earth’s Heavenly Axiom that powerful? It actually transported us directly to our destination. I feel like there’s something wrong because the cooperation from the Upper Realm Heavenly Axiom would be indispensable,” Fang Ning said to System No. 2.

“I don’t understand,” System No. 2 replied blankly.

“It’s like playing the lute to a cow 1.” Fang Ning felt helpless. “You really are an idiot.”

“The great green insect’s at least a thousand miles away from us. We have yet to reach the destination,” System No. 2 answered seriously.

“What? Is it that far, how’d you know?” Fang Ning replied awkwardly.

“You can use the body to listen for yourself. There’s no other sound in this world, so the tiniest sound was able to spread far and wide. I can clearly distinguish it.” System No. 2 explained.

Fang Ning took over the body and as soon as he did, he was able to discover the issue.

The surroundings were as expected, dead quiet.

He was only able to hear the sound of his own heartbeat, his blood flow and lastly the sound of his eyes blinking. It was utterly dreadful.

Under these circumstances, even a wee bit of sound would be magnified to the pinnacle.

“Could it be that this was the most difficult part of this world?” Fang Ning shook his head. “Just fly straight there, let’s not care too much for now.”

Vigilante A followed the direction of the sound coming from the great green insect and quickly flew towards it.

A thousand miles actually only took him a split second.

Right at that moment, Fang Ning seemed to have heard a sound whispering in his ears.

“Get me out, get me out…”

Whispers of a malevolent god?

Fang Ning felt a little dizzy and he could not help but recall popular novel contents in the last few years…

A pleasant voice then interrupted his thoughts.

“Eh, Great Azure Dragon, why are you here? Quickly give me something to eat.” A green insect with big palm flew over and hugged Vigilante A’s thigh, refusing to let go.

Fang Ning regained his consciousness from the whispers of the suspected malevolent god and subconsciously glanced around.

It was a vast and ruined historical remains of a temple, a huge white upright stone pillar stood tall in the middle of it. There were complicated decorative designs engraved on top of it, along with the faces of strange people and peculiar creatures.

Beside him were Qiao Zishan and the group who were watching Vigilante A with eyes filled with curiosity and surprise.

“Eh, didn’t the Great Venerable Dragon say that the Hero was dead? Looks like he’s still alive…” Qiao Zishan muttered, he had no idea what he was thinking.

“Er, I don’t understand as well. It’s probably one of the abilities of the gods, resurrection, and stuff?” Qiao Zijiang guessed.

“Big brother, you came…” Long Fan the Stygian Snake mustered up the last of its strength and flew over with a fawning look on its face.

“Oh, I’m one of the Great Venerable Dragon’s God-level Incarnation, there’s no need to be alarmed.” Fang Ning explained simply then proceeded to ask, “What is this place? Why did you all come here?”

Qiao Zijiang went forward and immediately replied, “Venerable one since we’ve entered this world we have been hearing a certain voice. It’s luring us to this place but we’re not clear what it really wants.”

“Not clear? Isn’t it clearly asking for you to save it?” Fang Ning asked strangely.

“Hiss…” Qiao Zishan was astonished. “Those words it’s been uttering, was that it?”

“Brother, since the Venerable one said it was, then it must be correct.” Qiao Zijiang gave her big brother a look, then continued, “Venerable one, as this was the case, then should we save this unknown entity?”

“Let me think about it for a while.” Fang Ning could not make a rash decision. If he rescued a demon hidden inside a bottle or an old malevolent god, then it would cause a big problem.

One should know that these guys were not sensible at all and they lacked the ability to communicate. Basically, they had no line of thought like humans.

Even though the gods in the Upper Realm were trash, they were still able to comprehend using humans’ line of thoughts and be dealt with.

“Then, we’ll go exploring nearby.” Qiao Zijiang pulled her big brother, Long Fan, as well as her demon pets aside. Leaving room for the God Incarnation to think.

The great green insect was of course, unable to be pulled away…

“Here you go, try to save some for later. I’m not carrying a lot with me. After all, this is not my real body and I don’t have much space.” Fang Ning took out some dry food from the interspatial artifact, found a piece of plastic cloth and put the food on it.

“Yes, um, I’ll remember.” As soon as her voice stopped, the great green insect opened her mouth and ate a few hundred pounds of bread, roast chicken, etc…

“…I shouldn’t have said that nonsense.” Fang Ning groaned, then looked at the surrounding environment.

Qiao Zijiang and the others were exploring every inch of the ruins of the temple. Though, Fang Ning had a feeling that the key point was not among these ruins.

However, what they were doing was not necessarily useless. At least they were able to understand more of this quiet world.

At this moment, the whispers in his ears became more frequent.

“Save me, get me out…”

It was as if it was only able to repeat these few words.

“Who are you?” Fang Ning transmitted spiritually.

“Stop repeating, if you don’t tell me clearly who you are, then why should I bother saving you?” Fang Ning said calmly.

The other party did not answer.

“Is the signal wrong? Incarnation, do you have a way to connect with this fool?” Fang Ning asked helplessly.

“Yes, there is. He’s right in front of us. You can see it from the System Map,” System No. 2 said blankly.

“Haih, even a wise man sometimes makes a mistake.” Fang Ning sighed and opened the System Map.

Sure enough, there was a big dot on the map that was so red it was almost turning black, standing right in front of his eyes.

He was so shocked at the scene and almost spiritually retreated back into System Space.

Once he had calmed down, he wondered, “Incarnation, isn’t your response a little too slow? Can’t you sense the danger?”

“There’s no danger, the guy’s trapped under the stone pillar,” System No. 2 answered seriously.

Fang Ning shook his head and went in front of the huge stone pillar.

He then remembered just now when Qiao Zijiang said that she was going around to explore, but she had not examined the most eye-catching pillar. Obviously, there was a reason behind it.

Needless to say, they knew that the weirdest and most dangerous thing in this temple was located just there. Naturally, it was a job for the Great God.

As expected of her, that shrewd girl…