Chapter 1108 - We are the Lightbulbs

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Chapter 1108: We are the Lightbulbs

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Fang Ning looked up at the towering pillar and suddenly frowned. He understood why the System Map was so red that it had turned black…

He had only taken a rough look at it before and had found strange human-faced statues on the pillar and a peculiar creature.

Now that he had taken a closer look, he discovered that all those strange human faces were all made from countless tiny little human faces!

The statues of those creatures were the same. Every part of their body was a miniature replica of the entire image — for instance, the little sheep-like creature among them.

If one looked closer, one would find that all the sheep’s horns and wool were full of densely arranged little lambs…

“No wonder I always felt that this pillar was somewhat odd,” Fang Ning said thoughtfully, “It turns out that this malevolent god had swallowed up all of the creatures in this world.”

“That’s why this world is so quiet and deserted.” System No. 2 continued.

“Precisely so,” Fang Ning nodded as he asked, “Can we bring the others out now?”

“Let me sense the area,” System No. 2 said stoically.

Thus, Fang Ning halted control of his body and waited patiently. This was his habit. Before doing anything, he would first ascertain an escape route and eventually win by default.

After a long while, System No. 2 responded.

“It is not possible to exit directly. There are only two ways; the first is to break out of this world; the second is to break ourselves,” System No. 2 responded monotonously.

“Why?” Fang Ning asked confused, “We were able to get in without a hitch, but we can’t get out of here easily?”

“Oh, this problem, it is like a person swallowing a light bulb. People can easily swallow a light bulb, but it is difficult to take it out again and we are the lightbulbs. After being swallowed by this strange world, without the help of external forces, it would be extremely difficult to get out of here without a scratch again…” System No. 2 gave an analogy.

“Eh, you could actually come up with such a vivid analogy…” Fang Ning thought as he listened. After he thought about it further, he was impressed. “Sir System said you were dumb, but it looks like that’s not the case at all.”

“Oh, I was not the one who came up with the analogy. It was one of the warnings left by the real body to me: Never try to put a light bulb into your mouth unless you have gone through training and there is a professional on the standby to help. The real body had personally attempted this before.” System No. 2 explained earnestly.

“Sh*t, this b*stard, what has it done to my body whilst I was sleeping?” Fang Ning exclaimed angrily.

“Many, many things, the real body is a very passionate thinker.” System No. 2 delivered another critical blow.

“…” Fang Ning was speechless. Such was the pitfalls of being seized by the System!

If it was not for the fact that the System was still bound by the System’s Chivalry Rules, god knows what his body would have turned into by now…

However, what else could he do besides moping? His only option was to forgive it.

He thought about it and said, “It seems that our only choice is to break through the world. It’s impossible to choose suicide anyway. Once the world is destroyed, we’ll be fine, but what about the others, will they be able to resist the impact?”

“They will certainly not be able to resist. We must protect them with treasures,” System No. 2 said as it produced a yellowish-brown stone monument, “This monument should be able to do it.”

“Yeah, you really are Sir System’s son, it’s given you all the good stuff.” Fang Ning moaned.

“I had originally used this Earthly Monument for self-protection, but once I had left it inside the System Space. I didn’t expect that it would be given to you by that b*stard.”

“Perhaps it is because I am more valuable.” System No. 2 explained.

“Alright, less nonsense, hurry up and destroy this world.” Fang Ning ordered.

“If this world is destroyed, then the malevolent god will be released too. Now that it had swallowed all the creatures in this world, it is also confined by the world.” System No. 2 warned.

“Then what should we do? Could we get rid of this malevolent god first? After all, it’s so red it’s turning black, it deserves to be killed,” Fang Ning said seriously.

System No. 2 agreed. “Let me try.”

At that moment it was as if it had sensed the arrival of its impending doom, the column suddenly trembled.

All of the eerie human faces appeared to have come alive and turned towards Vigilante A and tears began to flow.

The creepy entity began to repeat again and Fang Ning felt his ears hurt.

“Hmph, you weren’t saying this when you were eating others and now you’re begging for mercy? You deserved this.” He refused to squander away his sympathy.

It was only because the System No. 2 possessed God-level powers that the malevolent god had cowered its head. When it faced Qiao Zijiang and the others, it had employed deceptive tactics and even tried to confuse the others so that they would not be able to understand it, the extent of its evil, sinister intentions were obvious.

For System No. 2, however, a plead for mercy from an enemy was all the more futile as it possessed no such thing as sympathy…

System No. 2 did not launch its attack immediately. Instead, it began to accumulate power. It had finally come across a demon that could only endure being beaten up one-sidedly without the means to retaliate, of course, it had to land the perfect blow as much as it could.

The wind stirred around him and this desolate world was once again filled with the rustling sounds of wind.

Azure gusts of wind began to envelop the stone pillar.

Atop the stone pillar were howls of agony accompanied by the gusts of wind.

What followed after the gust of wind were flames, ice, and snow… It seems that the System No. 2 was going all out with the intention of delivering Sir System’s killing blow.

Meanwhile, Qiao Zijiang and the rest of the others had also made another discovery.

Long Fan, the Stygian Snake, had found an old azure slate and was about to deliver it like a piece of treasure when it suddenly stopped in midair.

Vigilante A had caused such a huge commotion and it knew from a glance that this former Big Brother of his was definitely taking on the strange stone pillar.

“Let me see it first.” Qiao Zijiang did not hesitate. She knew there was something wrong with the pillar.

All of them gathered together to observe the slate.

Only to see that there was a series of drawings carved onto the slate; a total of four pictures to be exact.

In the first picture, there was a dense, thick shadow and countless creatures could be seen faintly engraved inside of it.

The second picture was a vortex and innumerable creatures were enveloped inside that vortex.

The third picture was a temple and inside it was a pillar.

The fourth picture was a destructed world and then the shadow appeared.

Seeing here, they looked up to the stone pillar again. It was obvious that they knew now that inside the pillar lurked the shadow monster from the pictures.

“The Venerable One is the Venerable One, after all, he was able to find the source of the

problem at a glance.” Qiao Zishan could not help but feel impressed.

“I’m more curious about who’s the person who carved the slate? How did they preserve it?”

Qiao Zijiang, on the other hand, had asked with furrowed brows.

“That’s easy. It must be a survivor who had escaped being swallowed up by the shadow and decided to leave the drawings to warn others. It’s highly likely that this temple was also built for the purpose of suppressing that monster.” Long Fan said as a matter of fact.

“Things can’t be that easy,” Qiao Zijiang shook her head and said, “We need to gather more information, we can’t just rely on the Venerable One to get us out of here.”

Long Fan hurriedly scurried away and continued digging around inside the ruins of the temple in search of more things.

It had to work harder in order to earn more face in front of Big Brother.

The others were the same as one by one they all started searching through the temple meticulously; the temple was huge and it clearly harbored the essence of the entire world.

Aside from escaping, just these ruins alone held tremendous value, under the pretext that they were able to filter out the useful ones.

According to the self-defined direction and areas, the twelve demons, with the exception of the Third Son of the Dragon Clan who was not doing anything, the 11 others each had an area they were responsible for.

Long Fan was in charge of the fan-shaped area in the east; however, even after a while of searching, it was still unable to acquire any findings.

All that it was able to find were some lousy rocks, some strange patterns and not a single word in sight.

Which made him wonder, could this be a primitive civilization that had yet even to develop text and words?

It looked up to check on the others and suddenly found that in the northern area, the Big Cotton Ball that had never spoken before was currently standing still and unmoving before a low, ruined stone wall.

It quietly sneaked over, its intentions impure, of course; the sheep were all too honest and it would be easy to steal the other party’s credit.

Long Fan raised its head to face the stone wall and saw that there was yet another strange wall painting on it.

However, in the next moment, it once again understood the moral of penny wise, pound foolish.

“No wonder that stupid ball of cotton was in a daze…”

Long Fan thought to itself as its consciousness was already drawn away by the mural on the stone wall into a different world.