Chapter 1109 - Journey of Civilization

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Chapter 1109: Journey of Civilization

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Right at the moment when Long Fan and the Big Cotton Ball were about to be pulled into the strange world of the mural, Fang Ning had sensed something was off on the other end.

System No. 2 had used various moves, none of which were long-range, while it may seem like the damage area was not wide enough, in reality, the powers had been concentrated and focused on a single point.

However, as the blades of wind and flame intertwined and the snow and gravel stormed, the strange pillar remained steadfast and unmoving.

No matter how much damage was done, it appeared that the essence of the stone pillar received no significant damage.

Even though the human faces and creatures on top of it were still howling and groveling, its sounds had not decreased at all.

“This can’t go on, Sir System’s Incarnation, there’s still a relative gap between your capabilities and your dad’s,” Fang Ning could not help but say.

“I apologize, Host, I have exhausted all my abilities,” System No. 2 replied bluntly and honestly.

“Uh, you’re not supposed to use this to describe yourself.” Fang Ning was speechless. It really was an honest child.

“I see. Then have you any ideas, Host?” System No. 2 continued to ask.

“Me, I’m clueless too,” Fang Ning replied.

“Oh, then you, too, have exhausted your abilities, Host.” System No. 2 stated impassively.

“Aptly said,” Fang Ning said in a resigned tone, “How is that possible, what exactly is it, have you been using all God-level skills?”

A moment later, he said indignantly, “No wonder that bastard didn’t want to come along personally. It’s because it’s easier to get into messy troubles the further we go deeper into these sorts of environments; it’s highly dangerous and we might even have to starve to death inside here.”

“We can be resurrected after we die, but others may not.” System No. 2 said without a hint of fear in its tone.

“It’s because it’s the truth that my heart hurts,” Fang Ning said helplessly, “While this stone pillar may have lost its powers, it’s true essence remains high above the Gods, that’s why your skills are useless.”

Meanwhile, the eerie creatures on top of the stone pillar seemed to have realized this as well as they suddenly let out a piercing laugh.

“Hahaha, they have to be like us, trapped inside here forever…”

“They won’t be able to destroy this cage.”

“Looks like we’ll be able to enjoy a feast before we die…”

A moment ago, it was still crying and begging for mercy but now it had suddenly changed faces.

Fang Ning was not angered, this was to be expected, seeing as this creepy monster possessed a tendency to bully the weak but fear the strong.

“Alright, halt the attacks and give my body to me, I’ll search around to see if there’s a solution,” Fang Ning said calmly.

After all, there was nothing worse than death and he could not die for real right now; he would only lose a part of his spiritual senses and suffer a headache for a few days.

Of course, he would never give up; after all, there were others with him, a very close bunch of others.

After Fang Ning had regained control of his body, he started patrolling around.

“Long Fan and that bundle of cotton’s spiritual senses have disappeared, they were pulled into that mural.” System No. 2 cautioned him.

Fang Ning immediately arrived before the mural and began inspecting it.

Only to find that the mural before his eyes had depicted the journey and change of civilization.

A group of creatures born from the shadows began to form in the sea.

Then, they had gone from the sea into the lands, from the lands to the skies and then from the skies back to the sea… Finally, the sea had depleted and reached the end of its life.

“It’s no wonder we couldn’t find any words or text; this civilization has undergone a path of regression.” Fang Ning sighed.

After he had been looking at for a while, Qiao Zijiang and the others walked over.

“Venerable One, this is a slate that was discovered earlier.” Qiao Zijiang handed over the quaint stone slate. It was only at that moment, did she notice the change in Long Fan. “Eh, what’s with these two?”

“Their spiritual senses have been absorbed by this mural.” Fang Ning repeated. “Looks like there’s something more to this mural.”

“So, that’s how it was.” Qiao Zijiang faltered for a moment before she turned towards the mural.

This sort of situation was actually quite normal; things like the world inside of a painting was something that was written in ancient legends.

The imagination of the ancient people were actually quite fanciful. As for all kinds of nonsensical novels, those were not uncommon at all; however, it was rare for such texts to be handed down in formal texts and books, seeing as the scholar-bureaucrats who controlled the voices and rights to speech would have never allowed such tomfoolery to be made public.

Things like pipe dreams were the earliest forms of crossovers and time travel.

Fang Ning looked down at the stone slate and the four drawings.

His brows furrowed as he began to brainstorm.

Unfortunately, he had been seized by Sir System for so long and this idiot’s intelligence had never really improved; what’s more, his competitor – Sir System’s intelligence was only so little and he had always relied on brute force…without any pressure, naturally, there was

also no motivation whatsoever to evolve.

Which was why he was unable to come to any conclusion even after staring at it for a long period of time.

Qiao Zijiang, on the other hand, after a while of inspection, seemed to have made a discovery.

She spoke up, “Venerable One, this slate, it appears to have a connection with this mural world.”

In saying so, she pointed towards the vast, empty sky on the mural; there seemed to be nothing there but if one looked closer, there was a faint shadow in the shape that was appeared very consistent with the one on the slate.

“Not bad, let’s give it a try.” Fang Ning immediately placed the slate onto the area of the shadow.

Still, nothing happened. Fang Ning thought it over and placed his hand on top of it and infused some of his vitality into it.

Then, just like how parched, dry land met rainwater and the moment when a dried lake is met with a flood, the entire mural suddenly came alive.

Then, all the scenes and objects on the mural disappeared before gradually reappearing again.

The journey of a civilization formed by those shadow creatures had begun once more.

Born from the shadows, rising from the sea, crossing the land and through the skies, before finally falling from the sky onto the land and returning to the sea and from the desiccated sea back into the shadows.

Different from before, this time, Fang Ning found that it mixes two unique creatures.

What was different from before this, Fang Ning found that there were two unique creatures weaved in.

One was Long Fan and the other was the Big Cotton Ball…

Upon closer look, it appeared that Long Fan was even playing the role of a leader of a small force, with the Big Cotton Ball as its mount no less – leaving the shadow civilization with a tale of the legend of the sheep-riding warrior.

“Uh, the honest are honest no matter where they go…” Fang Ning said. Previously, the Big Cotton Ball used to be the mount and cushion for Daqing and even in this crossover, it was unable to escape the same fate.

“Host, have you found a way now?” System No. 2 asked persistently.

“I have, looks like we have to solve the mystery of this civilization’s downfall first,” Fang Ning stated confidently, “Keep infusing vitality into this mural, I’ll be back soon.”

Now, he had understood that previously, the power of this mural had declined to such a low level that was only able to lure in Long Fan and the white sheep, the two demon pets before exhausting its powers. By the time the others came over, it was unable to pull them in any longer.

Seeing this, Qiao Zijiang and Qiao Zishan could not help but turn to each other.

“Sister, can the Venerable One solve the mystery of this mural?” Qiao Zishan, too, seemed to have understood the mystery behind the mural; it intended to pull in all sorts of creatures to help it solve the problem of the degradation of its civilization.

“There shouldn’t be a problem after all the other is a God.” Although Qiao Zijiang had said this, she still felt a sense of unease in her heart.

So what if he was a God? There were plenty of Gods in the Upper Realm and none of them were able to solve the crisis of the collapse of the Upper Realm.

In the course of their conversation, the entire world inside the mural had been reincarnated and reformed hundreds of times.

Every cycle was different, some had seen the development of science and technology, some had deities and martial arts, some developed magic and others had simply done nothing but wait and die…the latter of which was of course due to Fang Ning’s laziness as he wanted to take a break.

At this time, Qiao Zishan and Qiao Zijiang had both also began to infuse their own magical powers into the mural to support the path of civilization’s consumption with each cycle.

Finally, by the one thousand and seven hundred fifty-something cycle, Fang Ning had successfully broken through!